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Inpatient Pharmacist

San Francisco, CA
October 15, 2018

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Fatemeh S. Tahanejad

**** ******* **. # *, *** Francisco, CA 94130


Professional Summary

Licensed pharmacist in two countries with several years of experience

Worked in different pharmacy setting including: Long-term care, hospital-Based LTC, hospital, and retail for 20 years

Managed small outpatient pharmacy for 2 years

Taught pharmacology, pharmacy calculations, and clinical pharmacy at university for over 20 years

Performed research in pharmacology, drug design, computational chemistry, and structural biology

Published several International Pharmaceutical Articles


Pharmacy relevant skills:

Drug Utilization Review, Patient counseling, MTM, Immunization, Trained for Adult and Pediatric First Aid/ CPR/AED, Ability to multitask, Have analytical mind, Passionate to help patients and learn more and perfect my knowledge, Excellent interpersonal skills, communication style and team working

Computer skills:

Microsoft excel, Microsoft Word, power point, and any related software for pharmacy computer performance

Pharmacy softwares:

Qs1, Docutrack, Framework, Intercom, PDX

Operated on site Automated Dispensing Unit (ADU) medication system

Professional Experiences

Pharmacist, AlixaRx, San Francisco, CA Oct 2016- Present

Reviewed and interpreted physician orders for the geriatrics populations using DocuTrack, and Framework, evaluated for appropriateness of drug, dosage and potential interactions, therapeutic drug monitoring, pharmacokinetic evaluation, and make recommendations for therapy changes to the physician or nursing staff as needed

Verified technician order entry, preparation, and labeling of medications

Worked weekend shifts without the technicians, verified, entered, packaged (including bubble pack), labeled, and delivered medications to nursing stations

Worked with automated dispensing systems at nursing stations from loading medications, to technical problem solving

Consulted with physicians on drug usage and the drug regime of elderly patients particularly hypertensive, pain medications, and psychiatric patients; recommended changes in the drug or the dosage, and frequency prescribed for these patients

Answered questions and requests made by physicians, and performed drug utilization review

Complied with state and federal drug laws as regulated by the state board of pharmacy

Prepared IV,s and provided clinical consultation to the nursing staff including IVs ; supported/counseled nursing facility staff on the use of prescription and over-the-counter medications, and advised physicians about medication therapy

Counseled nursing facility staff about general health topics, such as diet, exercise, and stress management, and provided information on products, such as durable medical equipment or home healthcare supplies

Established and maintained methods and style of storage and record maintaining systems for providing safekeeping of medicines or pharmaceuticals, including controlled substances

Assisted in staff education on utilization management concepts and activities, pharmacy staff training evaluation and development

Ensured hard copies of narcotics and the storage of them were compliant with state and federal laws

Reviewed Clozaril labs and dispensed if appropriate

Review Procrit lab and dispense accordingly

Ordered and received prescription, control, and OTC meds

Pharmacist, Rx Relief, Fresno, CA June 2016- Sep. 2016

Reviewed drug therapy for contraindications, drug-drug interactions, drug-food interactions, and allergies

Performed medication clarifications via phone with physicians and nurses

Supervised technician workflow and verified processed prescription orders

Provided consultation for patients in understanding how to properly take their medications

Answered questions and provided information to pharmacy customers on drug interactions, side effects, dosage and storage of pharmaceuticals

Intern Pharmacist, Skilled Nursing Pharmacy, Hayward, CA Aug. 2014- July 2015

Processed medication orders from skilled nursing facilities

Communicating with nurses and doctors office to modify or get approval for the orders of medications

Made recommendations to the doctors and nurses to choose the right dosage, frequency, and administration of medications for patients at nursing homes

Provided information /advised regarding drug interactions, side effects, dosage and proper medication to nursing staff

Intern Pharmacist, Sal’s Pharmacy, Berkeley, CA Nov. 2013- Sep. 2014

Provided quality patient care with new prescription counseling and over-the counter recommendations

Assist in filling and dispensing medications as well as counseling patients on their prescriptions

Received new verbal, written orders and refill requests, and transfer prescriptions

Administering vaccinations, typing and filling new prescriptions, ordering store medications

Pharmacy Technology Instructor, Heald College, San Francisco, CA Jan. 2010- Mar. 2014

Taught courses for pharmacy technology program at Heald college, including; Pharmacology, pharmacy calculation, pharmacy administration and management, pharmacy lab, and more courses for the program

Instructing students how to operate retail and institutional pharmacy software and how to fill prescriptions, draw the right medication from the shelf, fill, perform calculations, create labels, and dispense medication to the patient

Help graduates to apply for the certification exam and registration process

Communicate with retail and institutional pharmacies for students’ rotation

Pharmacy Technician, Leo’s Pharmacy, Oakland, CA Jan. 2008- Jul.2009

Responsibilities included receiving and typing prescription requests, measuring and mixing medications and creating prescription labels

Prepared insurance claims and maintained patient profiles

Exercised independent judgment and discretion alongside HIPAA regulations and worked efficiently in a fast-paced environment

Pharmacology Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran Sep.1998- Dec. 2007

Delivered a wide range of effective and inclusive teaching and supporting learning activities

Assessed the work and progress of students and provided them with constructive feedback.

Engaged in professional development in relation to teaching, learning and assessment

Obtained external funding to support research activity

Presented research at national and/or international conferences and/ or at other appropriate events

Published research results in international and local journals

Postdoctoral fellow, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg, Germany April 1996-Aug. 1998

Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hartmut Oschkinat:

Researched Interaction of Proline-Rich Peptides and the Wild-type and L30K Mutant WW Domains of the Human YAP65 in solution using multidimensional NMR Spectroscopy methods.

Pharmacy Manager, Pharmacy, Tehran University Outpatient Clinic March 1993- Dec. 1995

Clinical Pharmacist, General Hospital, Tehran Oct. 1991- Feb. 1992


Ph. D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran 1992-1996

Doctor of Pharmacy, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran 1985-1991

Licenses and certifications

Pharmacist, License No. 74614, California board of pharmacy April 2016- April 2020

Adult and Pediatric First Aid/ CPR/AED 2016-2020

Pharmacist-administered Immunization, AphA 2016-2020


Selected Articles in Journals

1- Pires JR., Taha-Nejad F, Ast T., Kuhne R., Macias MJ. And Oschkinat H., Interaction of Proline-Rich Peptides and the Wild-type and L30K Mutant WW Domains of the Human YAP65 Studied in Solution by NMR Spectroscopy, In Rational Approaches to Drug Design, Eds. Hoeltje, H.-D., and Sippl, W., Prous Science S.A., Barcelona, Philadelphia, 2001.

2- Pires JR., Taha-Nejad F., Toepert F., Ast T., Hoffmuller U., Schneider-Mergener J., Kuhne R., Macias MJ. And Oschkinat H., Solution Structures of the YAP65 WW Domain and the Variant L30K in Complex with the Peptides GTPPPPYTVG, N-( n-octyl)-GPPPY and OLPPY and the Application of Peptide Libraries Reveal a Minimal Binding Epitope, J. Mol. Biol., 2001, 314, 1147-1156.

3- Tahanejad FS, Naderi-Manesh H., Habibinejad B. and Mahmoudian M., Homology-Based Modeling of the Pyridoxal-5’-Phosphate Histidine Decarboxylase from Morganella Morganii and Substrate Docking, Eur. J. Med. Chem., 2000, 35, 567-76.

4- Tahanejad FS and Naderi-Manesh H., Quantum Mechanical Study of the Intermediates Formed Following the Interaction of the Substrate and Some of Histidine Decarboxylase Inhibitors with Coenzyme. Eur. J. Med. Chem., 2000, 35, 283-289.

5- Naderi-Manesh H., and Tahanejad FS, Molecular Modeling and NMR Study of l-Histidine and its Analogues as Pyridoxal -5’-Phosphate Histidine Decarboxylase Inhibitors, J. Sci. I. R. I, 1998, 9, 136-142.

6- Mahmoudian M. and Tahanejad FS., Mode of Antifungal Agents’ Interaction with Cytochrome P-450, J. Sch. Pharm. Tehran Univ, 1991, 2, 203-210.

Selected Abstracts

1- Tahanejad FS., and Oschkinat H., Solution Structure of the Mutant YAP65 WW Domain in Complex with Peptide, Prot. Sci., July 1999.

2- Tahanejad FS., and Naderi-Manesh H., and Mahmoudian M., Modeling of the Spatial Structure of PLP-dependent Histidine Decarboxylase and Substrate Docking, Prot. Sci., July 1999.

3- Tahanejad FS, and Naderi-Manesh H., Quantum Mechanical Study of the Intermediates, Formed Following the Interaction of the Substrate and Some of the Histidine Decarboxylase Inhibitors with Coenzyme. Arch. Pharmacol., 1998, 358, 566.

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