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Mechanical Engineer Customer Service

Farmington, MI
October 15, 2018

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Mechanical Engineer with years of experience and academic background in designing, 3D modeling and thermal engineering, seeking full-time opportunities.


Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering August 2016- May 2018

The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX. GPA: 3.50


CAD Packages: Catia V5, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Pro-E and Rhino.

Analysis Packages: FEA Abaqus, Ansys ICEPACK (CFD), SixSigmaRoom and MATLAB.

Quality Tools: Six Sigma, 6S, DMAIC, DFMEA & FMEA, QFD, Design of Experiments (DOE), Root Cause analysis, and other quality tools.

Thermal: Thermal design & modeling, Heat & Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics, HVAC & Data Center Cooling.

Manufacturing: Experience with Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) including Reverse Engineering and manufacturing processes like injection molding, casting and machining (including CNC).

Excellent working experience with DFM, DFA, GD&T and Bill of Materials (BOM).

Computer skills: C, C++ and MS Office.


Design & 3D Modeling Projects:

Custom-Fit Exoskeleton Cast

Designed and manufactured a custom fit exoskeleton cast using 3D CAD and Additive Manufacturing Technology (3D Printing).

The topology of the cast was optimized according to the loads acting on the wrist on daily basis.

The exo-skeleton cast proved to be lighter, had more strength and allowed the skin to breathe.

Industrial Screw Conveyor

For Martin Sprocket & Gear

Designed and modelled an industrial screw conveyor to replace the roller belt conveyor using 3D CAD.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFM& DFA) guidelines and DFMEA were followed to model the screw conveyor.

GD&T and Tolerance stack-up analysis was also done in the design phase.

Bill of Materials (BOM), QFD and design documents were also delivered.

The screw conveyor proved to last longer and work efficiently.

FEA Analysis Projects:

Designed, Analyzed and Optimized Automotive parts using FEA

Designed and analysed a Retaining Ring for Von Mises stress, chose appropriate material for withstanding the stress using Abaqus.

Optimized the design of Compressor Reed Valve by choosing appropriate thickness and material that can avoid failure, using Abaqus.

Manufacturing Projects:

Investigation of Tribological Characteristics of Al7075-SiCp Metal Matrix Composites

Fabricated the Al7075-SiCp Metal Matrix Composites.

Silicon particulate concentration was varied as 5% 10% and 15%

Used pin on disc method to study the tribological characteristics at different disc speeds.

Presence of SiCp reduces the wear but excess presence compromises the strength.

Improve Surface Finish and Reduce Tool Wear Rate in the Machining of Ti-6Al-4V

Prepared the samples of Nano coolants by varying the concentration of Carbon nanotubes.

Programmed the CNC milling machine to machine the alloy using Diamond tipped tools.

Optimal concentration of nanotubes required to efficiently machine the alloy were found out.

The surface roughness and the tool wear rate decreased by almost 50% using Nano-coolants.


Graduate Research Assistant at Electronics MEMS & Nanoelectronics Systems Packaging Centre

At University of Texas at Arlington September 2016 to May 2018

Thesis on Data Center Cooling, where new strategies for the cooling of hot Data Centres were required.

Developed the general methods for the thermal design of data centres following the ASHRAE guidelines.

Work based on the thermodynamic laws and heat and mass transfer equations and refrigeration cycles, applicable at different levels.

Used MATLAB extensively to write the codes and develop an app using APP DESIGNER, to provide a GUI for the methods developed.

Used SixSigmaRoom to do the CFD simulations.

Results showed around 30% improvement in the PUE, when switched to Evaporative Cooling.

Analyst at Hexagon AB August 2015 to July 2016

Designed and 3D modeled the mechanical systems inside ships and powerplants, using SMART3D.

Designed and modeled the HVAC ducts and piping systems for ships and powerplants, using SMART3D.

SMART3D is like Solidworks, Catia and other 3D CAD packages, but a product of HEXAGON AB.

Provided support to customers by resolving their issues while using the features of the product.

I was also responsible for the documentation of the product features.

Was honored by “Performer of the Sprint” award twice in a row.


Worked as a Student Assistant and got experience at first-hand customer service.

Article published in “The Shorthorn” Newspaper, published by the university for my extra-curricular activities.

Unanimously won the “Performer of the Sprint” twice in a row, in my previous organization.

Worked in several automotive engineering workshops and labs.

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