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Developer Project

Mason, Ohio, United States
October 15, 2018

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James F. Chams

Phone: 1-513-***-****


Skype: james_chams

Professional Summary:

A culmination of nineteen (19) years combined experience in IT Project Management, Development, and Infrastructure Support Solutions, with a total of twenty-four (24) years served as an IT Consultant in various Enterprise Industrial-Level, Banking, IT Warehouse, Small Business, Financial, Medical, and Collegiate environments, with work experiences ranging from Project Management, Sr. Design/Architecture/Analysis, Sr. Lead Programming Developer and L2/L3 Systems Administration & Operations Support with proven knowledge and strong skills in the following areas:

• IT - Architecting & Design Solutions.

• IT - Project Management & Business Solutions.

• IT - Cloud Operations & System Administration.

• IT - Cloud Infrastructure Developer.

• IT – Administration for Middleware Application Support & Data Warehousing Solutions.

• IT - DevOps – Middleware Application Development & Database Integration Solutions.

• IT - Technical Writing & Support Documentation.

• IT - ServiceNOW - ITIL Worker-Level L2/L3 Ticket and Desk-Side Support Solutions. Administration, Development, & Operations duties include automation scripting, documentation, and coding in various scripting/programming languages on Cloud-based Server Network infrastructures, hosted Databases, and tool/utility Platforms. These also include internal LAN/external WAN mixed- Domain Networked integrations of Multi-Server-Desktop Architect installation/operations, deployments of iOT/iiOT Predix solutions with Web-based interface plugin design/integrations solutions to Middleware application platform Development, Data warehousing with ETL/ELT workflow management, ObjectStorage API development, and Back-End ongoing patching/code lifecycle maintenance, within various Enterprise-Business level in-house and 3rd Party OS & Middleware platform/tool development frameworks of JAVA, Oracle, MuleSoft, Apache, and Microsoft .NET based platforms tech-stack solutions.


• Over Nineteen (19) years of experience in Operations, Systems Administration, Architectural- Design & Analysis, Project Management, Development (Coding) Applications and Tools using industrial standards of best practice development methodologies with scripting, coding, & security solution provisioning.

• Total of twenty-four (24) years of software development and IT solutions experience in Enterprise-level, Small-business, College-level, and Personal- home/business computing support services.

• Demonstrated experience with all phases of Virtual Machine (VM) installation, deployments, patching, orchestration, and Middleware Platform/API Server management within Cloud Computing, Database, and Local Clustered environments.

• Strong understanding of system development and deployment lifecycles, and security and policy governance at an enterprise level. Design and develop provisioning and de-provisioning processes / workflows for accounts across various internal and external systems.

• Professional Communication/Management skills in working with various businesses and application teams with their User Lifecycle Management provisioning requirements, CRM, End- to-End delivery provisioning and monitoring to enhance IAM capabilities in addressing new business needs.

• Strong administration, operations and scripting in multiple (OS) server operating systems environments, network protocols, LDAP Security, W3C, Enterprise GitHub/GitREPO directory/Code-repository/registry structures, web-based applications and platforms infrastructure, development-platforms and application tools, administrative tools, Business Intelligence (BI) & Management and reporting/notification communication utilities. Configure and develop adapters, connectors, queries, mapping, synchronization and orchestration with various system’s directories, registries, objects, tables, and databases for account provisioning, de-provisioning and updates to user accounts.

• Demonstrating Scripting and Coding techniques with best practices on Linux Ubuntu/RHEL Server Multi-boot Linux/Windows installations with multiple VM population of VM-based OS’, databases, and Developer-based IDE Application, ETL, iIOT/iiOT – Predix, Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline and SOA Architecture packages spanning across multiple domain networks and Cloud environments with OS, Platforms, and App patching updating/installations.

• Strong Knowledge in Aviation Aerospace Systems, CRM, ATC, and Avionics Glass/GPS technologies with Aviation Navigation capabilities. Good Communication Skills & knowledge of Aviation Language terminology and Weather Meteorological Systems & technologies.

• Experience managing the IAM infrastructure and provide Level 2/3 support with ITIL Worker- Level Access. Work with help desk and other teams to troubleshoot and resolve/ fix issues and bugs. After-hours work as needed for Level 3 escalations and/or deployments.

• Experience working with Security, Vault, and Compliance teams to provide network topology with infrastructure diagrams/documentation, auditing and reporting facilities and processes & operations to deploy and integrate new technologies into the current environments including working in PCI/SOX controlled environments.

Technical Skills:

– Enterprise Level Architect and Design implementation solutions.

• Network Diagraming & topology mapping.

• Infrastructure security design & modeling.

– Project Management:

• Agile-Scrum & Waterfall Methodologies.

• Project Assignment/Tasking, and Tracking.

• CRM, BI, & PMP scope management duties.

– Cloud (IaaS, IIS) Network Operations & Platform (PaaS) Security & Administration, & SOA Dev/Administration.

• Amazon Web Services (AWS)

• Microsoft Azure / Windows Server (Cloud/Site Hosted)

• Data Center (PrivateCloud)

• Website Hosting / PHP-based Inventory cataloging

• ServiceNOW, CMDB, & SupportCentral – ITIL Worker Level access.

– Operating System Administration/Cloud Hosting/Storage/Hardware Specialist –

• Linux/Unix

• Windows & Mac OS

• AWS EC2, S3 ObjectStorage

• VMWare NSX, ESXi, vRO, vCD, vCenter

• Veeam, NFS, vSAN

• Novell Netware

• Hardware: Server RACK, IPMI over LAN, Remote Desktop, & PC Motherboard.

– DevOps Automation and Bucket Object Storage Operations:

• Chef/Ruby/WebMethods/RAMPS/Predix/JAVA/Oracle

• +180 additional Tool Tech-Stack dependencies.

• OS Utilities and tool integrations.

• AWS EC2, S3 Object Data and ObjectStorage solutions.

• Azure Dev/Ops and Storage Hosting solutions.

• Network topology, WC3, SAML, SSL & Apache-Tomcat security implementations.

– Middleware Platform tools, Data Warehousing, Databases, API Dev-Testing/Stiching, Integrations, and Script configuration:

• Enterprise Big Data/Real Time Data Solutions:

• Talend/Informatica with ETL or ELT workflow.

• Hadoop (Installation/Administration) Enterprise Pivotal, Cloudera, IBM/HortonWorks, and OpenSource distributions.

• Data Management - HortonWorks & NiFi.

• Data warehousing – Apache HIVE & HVR.

• AWS EC2 integration and S3 REST APIs.

• SOA Development & Web-based IBM WebSphere interface support integrations.

• HP Systinet – SOA governance.

• REST API, RESTFul Services, Maven ESB & Java

JDK/.NET Framework.

• Hadoop HDFS, Ambari, Yarn, Oracle DB, Cassandra, NOSql, MySql, BigSQL with Schemas, & Java JVM’s

• Platform deployments.

• Admin/Dev installation/configuration solutions.

• Development Scripting/workflows - Spark, SQL queries, Talend ETL jobs, R/RStudio, Oozie with Java Binaries.

• DataModeling and Design.

• Ingestion with ELT/ETL to/from DB's, Code reviews and stiching/testing frameworks.

• Kafka, Rabbit MQ, and TWS implementations.

• Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD) Pipeline solution provisioning.

• Jenkins Pipeline Implementations.

• Enterprise GitHUB and Gitlab Code archiving.

• ClearQuest repository.

• Artifactory Binary repository management.

• PREDIX – IOT/IIOT integration with Java-based Hosted technologies.

• RAMPS Cloud deployment solutions.

• Database hosting solutions – FlywayDB & PostGreSQL.

• Cloud-based Technology Solutions

• ObjectStorage Solutions:

• NetAPP StorageGRID, SwiftStack, Cloudian and AWS S3.

• vSphere Virtualization Hosting Solutions:

• VMWare NSX, ESXi, vCenter, vCD, vRO

• vSAN and NFS

• Backup/Archiving:

• Veeam

• LDAP, SSL, SSH, SAML, CA Siteminder, W3C, ActiveDirectory, and various other cyber Web-hosted security implementations.

• L2/L3 process Ticketing and ITIL Worker Level Access support for customer tools: ServiceNOW, CMDB, and SupportCentral.

• Strong Knowledge in emerging technologies, IOT/IIOT, and Automation build tools

& processes.

Other skillset areas:

Project Management and Manufacturing Methodology - IT / Scrum & Agile/Waterfall Management:

• PMP (TechMahindra Internal) Courses attended (73 Total Hours; 37 Hours fully accredited, 36 certified, & +195Hours self-study).

• Lean Six Sigma Training/Certification. (GE/TechMahindra Internal).

• Technical Writing, Diagram drafting, Presenting, and Documentation.

• Scope management and Metrics Reporting technics.

• ITIL Worker Level Training/Certification (GE Internal).

• Global Information Security Awareness Certification (TechMahindra Internal). FAA – Certification: Aviator (Pilot)

• Experienced in Aviation Aerospace Systems, CRM, ATC, and Avionics Glass/GPS technologies,

• Strong Communication Skills and knowledge in Aviation Language terminology and Weather Meteorological Systems & technologies.

• Experienced Aviation Navigation capabilities.

High-to-Moderate level Communication and Written skills:

• Functional linguistic abilities with various languages

• Proficiency in English

• Functional/Basic: Arabic, French, Korean, Spanish & a little Hindi. Other areas skill:

Music, Athletics, Martial Arts and various (licensed) vehicle operator qualifications.

Programming Languages

: JAVA (w/ EE & Spring, JVM & Node.js), VB, C/C++, J++, REST API, Python, WebMethods (Mapping), Informatica and Talend (ETL Job) IDE coding; Java, XML/XAML/DQL/SQL/VB, Ruby-Chef deployment

& Query Scripting; (LINUX/UNIX) Bash-Shell and (DOS) BASIC & Batch Shell Scripting.


IDE (GUI) / API Browsers

: Eclipse, JEE/J2EE (Oracle-Java), WebMethods, Talend ETL/ELT, Python, DataStage, Postman/Newman, APIGee, GlobalScape, Oracle Designer, MS Visual Studios J++/VB/C/C++/C#, MS Visual Basic, MS Visio, Borland C/C++, Sublime Text Editor w/ Chef/Ruby Mine/Rails. Web Editor(s)/Scripting

: MS FrontPage, Visual Studio JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, XML Notepad, HTML Editor, EMACs, Vi, MS-DOS Basic.

Reporting : Pivotal, GitBook, Rally, Jira, LucidChart, MS Visio, Adobe Acrobat, FoxIT PDF Editor, XML Publisher, VB Crystal Reports, and MS OutLook (SMTP automated reporting).

Data Warehousing : Talend (Big Data & Real Time Big Data), Cloudera, Apache NiFi, HIVE, PIG, HVR, & Informatica.


: Hadoop, Oracle 7/8i/9i, Oracle DB/ OnDemand/ RDBMS/ AsmLib, PostGreSQL, FlywayDB, FirebirdDB, BigSQL, HortonWorks, GreenPlum, Cassandra, HAWQ, Teradata, NOSql, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS FoxPro, DB/DB2, SOA – HP Systinet, Predix core iOT/iiOT, Apache Ant, Mulesoft ESB, Maven ESB, Activator, Java EE & Spring Platforms, Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline, Artifactory, Talend Real Time Big Data & Talend Enterprise Big Data.


: Unix/Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS) AMI, Hadoop HDFS, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, RestFul Services, REST API, SOAP Services, Linux, RHEL, Solaria, CentOS, Linux – Ubuntu, Mate & Mint Desktop/Server.

: Windows 3.1/3.11/95/98/2000/XP/7/8/10, MS-DOS 4/5/6, .Net Framework.

: MacOS 6->10/X, MS Windows Server 2003/7/8/8 RT/Azure with Active Directory Services, MS ISS 4/5/6.

: Virtual Machines Emulators - Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Node.js/Spring, VirtualBox, VMWare - (ESXi, NSX, vCD, vRO & vCenter), MulSoft ESB, & Maven ESB.

: Novell Netware 3/3.51/4/4.51 with edirectory services, Security MS ActiveDirectory, LDAP, CA SiteMinder, W3C, SAML, & SSL Authentication, Amazon Web Services (AWS) & GEA Vault Networking with L2/L3 System Administration support. Utilities : GitHub Enterprise, Git (+ GitHUB Repo), GitLab (GitBook), Subversion SVN

& CVS Code repos, ConEMU, PuTTY, Windows Pageant, Remote desktop, SCP, WSCP, WS-FTP, SFTP, FTP, Telnet, SSH, Sudo & Grub command-line utilities, Bash Shell, REST API with curl CLI and S3 Browsers, MuleSoft & Maven Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), SOAP, Remote Desktop, Symantec Enterprise Ghost, Symantec Enterprise Endpoint.

Applications : ArcGIS, Oracle Designer, .PHP, JSON, Java JDK, IBM WebSphere, MS Windows Azure Tools (Cloud-Computing), IPCop Firewall Server, MS Project, MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Outlook, Photo Editor), Corel Draw & Illustrator, Aldus PageMaker, MS Paint.NET, KanBan, WebEx, TeamSpeak Server/Client.

Professional Experiences:

SIS, LLC. March '2018 to Present

Cloud Infrastructure Developer

Role responsibilities required the setup, administrator, testing and development of multiple cloud-based environments hosted within geo-located data centers. This included all necessary deployment documentation of all End-to-End required process steps. These data centers utilize secure Cloud-hosted vSphere Lab and Production environments. My primary purpose was demonstrating technologies, their toolchain and dependencies, and teaching best-practises, industrial standards, API implementation and code execution examples to leadership and clients for marketing these platforms as SaaS. Work performed on these projects include:

• Creation of entire Jenkins CI/CD pipeline for Automation of Puppet Master executions.

• Complete Hadoop/YARN Clustered toolchain, with Spark job, R libraries, and Scala job executions. Also included DB and Apache Tomcat security and hosting.

• POC evaluation of ObjectStorage platforms, including SwiftStack, NetAPP's StorageGRID, and Cloudian. Including installation, configuration, and API method-call testing using AWS S3 API and wrapper curl CLI and web-based (Postman/Newman) API calls.

• Additionally, API integration with backup automation using Veeam and documentation to Gitbook, architecture diagrams using Visio/LucidChart, with all tracking using Pivotal dashboards was a major part of all implementations. All hosting utilized the VMWare vSphere set of Cloud technologies with automated platform/code deployments.

FIfthThird Bank Corp. Feb '2017 - Jan '2018

Sr. BigData Architect

Lead, monitor, and assist in coding data migration development activities, with in-house and contractor teams, to perform process workflows for bank tranactions and security. This included daily banking tranactions, historical capture and reporting, with archiving of metadata, etc. Data migrated from legacy IBM mainframes (using DataStage) to IBM/HortonWorks Enterprise Hadoop distribution toolchain leveraging Spark, Scala, Oozie and Talend ETL jobs along with multiple workflows conversions. Furthermore, Ranger and Kerberos security was implemented using JAVA binary drivers and/or REST API calls to perform necessary Vault authentication and flat- file landings for R-based analytics to be performed.

• Tasks included, Project management activities, Hadoop Administration and security, DB monitoring, ETL job development, leading training efforts, and Vendor evaluation and task management activities.

• Conducting Java Code reviews (with ClearQuest check-in/out) & ETL/ELT job (DataStage/Talend) and linux-based CLI scripting verification with scrum management activities.

• PROD Readiness - "sanity check" Testing and review.

• Various Policy and Regalatory administrative and eductional activities.

• Vendor toolchain technology evalution and reporting. Sr. Infrastructure Architect

Install, integrate, administer, test, and document vendor adopted Talend ETL RealTime BigData platform, DevOps toolchain automation, GitHub Enterprise code repository into the Hadoop ecosystem. This included vendor coordionation activities, and training of all in-house teams for support, maintenance, and development activities. Tasks included:

• Lead full Project deployment activities and report status to leadership.

• Process ticketing for all required assets.

• Troubleshoot and document all installation, setup, and configuration steps, plus all solutions test-criteria.

• Train and certify all in-house teams for Administration and Development purposes.

• Develop workflows and verify success criteria.

General Electric Company (GE) July’2013 to Aug. 12th ‘2016 Contractor from Tech Mahindra (Americas), Inc.

Sr. Lead Design Architect, System Administrator, Project Mgr. & DevOps Developer (Consultant)

• Sr. Lead Design Architect and Talend L2 Support System Administrator, Feb ‘2016 – Aug.’2016 Aviation - Digital Data Services (DDS) - Data Lake.

• Sr. Lead System Administrator/Developer - GlobalScape L2 Support, Jan. ‘2015 - Feb


Aviation - Digital Data Services (DDS) - Data Lake.

• Sr. DevOps Architect/Project Mgr. (SysAdmin/Dev), Mar.’2015 to Jan. ‘2016

Transportation – Global Service Solutions (GSS).

• Project Mgr. - webMethods Integration, Nov.’2014 to Mar. ‘2015 Aviation - Supply Chain (SC).

• Project Mgr. –SysAdmin/LDAP Integration, Nov. ’2014 to Jan.‘2015

Aviation Enterprise Architecture (AEA).

• SOA Governance Developer/SysAdmin, Sept’2014 to Nov. ‘2014 Aviation Enterprise Architecture (AEA).

• L2 Lead Project Operations Developer - Chef Automation, July ‘2013 – Oct’2013 Aviation Infrastructure Platform & Product Services - ISS/P&PS. NOTE: Additional IT Consultant position information (other than GE/TechM) can be provided upon request. Awards:

Tech Mahindra:

• BRAVO Award 2015.

• Data Lake Team Excellence Award 2016.


• Academic Excellence Awards.

• Dean’s List Awards, University of Cincinnati (UC).

• Foreign Language Honors Award – Spanish.

• Music Honors Award.


• ‘2018-Present:


• Vendor Site-hosted Training on ObjectStorage S3 API based Cloud/Hybrid- Cloud Technologies.

• VMWare: NSX, ESXi, vRO, vCD, vCenter.

• FIfth Third Bankcorp.

• Vendor Certified Training

• Talend Admin Certification.

• Talend ETL Developer

• GE Aviation / Tech Mahindra (iLearning):

• PMP – Project Management Professional – Course Training completed.

• Lean Six Sigma Certification Training.

• Global Information Security Awareness Certification.

• Digital Infrastructure Training.

• Certified Informatica Developer Training.

• GEGDC Certified.

• Online Courses - edX Online Dashboard. [In-progress with Certificate Verification upon completion]: -

• Linux System Administrator (LFSTBA)

• Cloud Infrastructure (LFS151x)

• Linux Foundation (LFS101x).

• Agile Ruby on Rails Basic & Advanced (CS169.1x).

• ‘2011-TBC: Computer Science/ Global Information Systems (CS/GIS Geography), University of Cincinnati, OH. [Transfer and Pending completion].

• ‘1995-‘1999: Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, University of Cincinnati, OH.

• ‘1994-‘1995: Associates of Science, Computer Networking Technologies, University of Cincinnati, OH. [Final year to be completed].

• F.A.A. Part 91 - Certified Pilot (Aviator) Graduation & Licensed Certification.

• A.O.P.A. / F.A.A. Aviation Wings Credit Course Accreditations.

*Further clarification or additional credentials information available upon request.

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