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Manager Project

October 15, 2018

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Osama Mohamed Elsayed

Egypt +20-101*******, +20-111******* Email:

S EN I O R PROFESSIONAL - Executive Management / Technology Expert

Inspirational technology leader set to carve out a niche for organization by steering the team with values,

motivation & commitment.

Possessing 20+ years of rich experience in providing strategic technology direction to the business, commanding planning and execution of technology projects as well as implementation of the ground-breaking technology/ innovative ERP Solutions.

Spearheading large, complex ERP projects to on time and under budget completion. Proffering comprehensive suite of in-house solutions right from analysis, design, implementation and post deployment stages.

IT Thought Leader, managing a high-end portfolio of projects, driving business requirements analysis excellence, delivering solution that meets business needs, and ensuring that the project’s objectives are met while balancing the project constraints, including scope, budget, schedule, resources, quality and risks.

Veteran of business transformation, specializing building as well as enhancing business processes in diverse business areas across the private and public sectors.

Executive Synopsis

Instrumental in managing Big Solutions, exhibited expertise whilst working for Governmental Authorities in Egypt, Qatar and Kuwait and with big company in US.

Successfully built Logistics and established policies for Big Authorities beside ERP.

Championed Programming, PM and ERP Consultancy as Freelancer: Successfully rolled- out ERP Solutions, effectively managing technical/ functional side in ERP system.

Specializing business processes reengineering and authoring business transformation roadmap.

Hands-on experience of handling classified large-sized systems development projects.

Recognized as field expert, invited for delivering lectures at the Faculty of Computer and Information and Institute of Statistical and Studies Research – Cairo University and the Institute of Statistics.

Proven innovator, known for developing and implementing the best technology systems.

Executive Management Project Management System/ Application Development Systems / Business Analysis Financial & Resource Mgmt. ERP/ IT Consultancy Logistics Applications eLearning/ eCommerce Solutions Web Development Solutions Business Intelligence Leadership Staffing Training Knowledge Transfer Communication & Interpersonal Skills Analytical Skills, Critical Thinking, Conflict Resolution Group Dynamics

Technical Skills

Visual Basic (Project) Visual C++ Visual C#.NET Delphi., Java, PHP, COM's

Project Mgmt. Software (MS Project) Sybase Power Designer Paint Shop Pro. Photoshop 7.0.

ASP, ASPX, COMs, SCORM, XML Technologies Oracle Engine SQL Server Engine


IT/ERP Consultant, Freelancer May 2017 – Present

Champions ERP Consultancy

Recommending innovative IT/ERP solutions directly contributing to bottom line while spearheading operational improvements to increase productivity/reduce costs.

Commanded key project management and project coordination activities ensuring client expectations managed.

Recognized for delivering game changing solutions in the most dynamic industries.

IT Area Manager, GCS @ Agility Logistics, Kuwait October 2014 – May 2017

Project Excellence



Strategy/ Mission & Vision Planning

Logistics Applications


Cost Reduction

Projects which I Engaged in Customs

Provided visionary technical headship for Customs IT Solutions automations & enhancements, implementation of best practice architecture and frameworks.

Commanded all phases of Project Life Cycle and complex programs, ensuring integrity and delivery of multiple projects with respect to time, budget, scope, change, risk and resources in the most challenging environments.

Hand-selected to manage BOT Projects/ Customs IT Solutions between Agility & Kuwait General Administration of Customs (KGAC). Functioned as conduit of new technologies, successfully delivered mission-critical results.

Proffered global technology vision, strategy & leadership for developing/delivering value-added technology solutions. Supported in building company’s strategy for advancing, growth, profitability & market leadership.

Established the technology roadmap with key focus on strategic planning, technology reliability, compliance, budgetary adherence and operational excellence.

Managed program of projects to achieve business goals by fostering innovation, prioritizing IT initiatives, and coordinating the evaluation IT assessment and gap analysis deployment/management of current & future IT systems.

Endeavored to achieve operational efficiencies, cost optimization. Steered the organization's technological direction including planning, implementing and maintaining the IT best practices.

The Company Which I worked for “GCS@Agility” Manage all Work for Customs which Include (IT, Engineering “Building all Facilities for Customs”, Security and Operation) and we are Worked as Project Management Team and the Implementers was “Agility and PWC Companies”.

The Projects which I Engaged for:

- Free Zone Management Solution - include (Companies work in Free Zone, All Individuals works around, Locations for Companies in Free Zone, Goods Transfer “In and Out”, Customs Fees for Goods, Transfer Goods from/to Warehouses, Ports which Engaged with Free Zone, All Documents related for Goods Transfer to/from Free Zone).- Business -

- Requirements for Warehousing Solution - Include (Define requirements for Cargo Specifications, Setup Warehouse Locations and Zone Requirements, Define Goods Specifications for Storage “Refrigerated, Hazard, Dry”, Inventory Management Requirements, Warehouse Documents Requirements, Accounting Requirements, Transfer and Transportation “IN/Out”, Electronic Data Interchange “EDI”, Integration with Automated Customs Solution “Microclear”).

- Documents Management System (DMS) (it’s Called El-Soor) – Include (Documents Transfer Between all Customs Departments and that by Hierarchy and that means Document from Manager to Manager Directly, Transfer Document from Secretary to another, From/To all Employees are Engaged for this Solution, Integration between Internal DMS and G2G Solution “Governmental to Governmental Solution to Transfer Documents between Customs and Other Governmental Authorities”).

- Sheiba Port Management – Include (Ships Movement, Container Movement, Transportation, Individuals, Engage with Customs Transactions).

- Training Solution – Include (All Training Requirements for Customs Employees also for External Individuals)

- Analysis for Alternative Solution for MAXIMO Application “For Engineering Projects” – Include (All Processes included in MAXIMO “Engineering Transaction”, Financial Transactions for Projects which are not Included in MAXIMO)

- Service Solution – Include (All Employees Activities “Vacations, Advance Payments, Training, etc

- Build Many Gap Analysis for Some Solutions, make Standard Business Requirements Solution Documents “BRSD” with the Teams.

IT Consultant for ERP Solutions, Madenty + 4S systems, Egypt July 2013 – June 2014

Leveraged functional, industry and ERP knowledge to develop value propositions, define project scope, budgets and schedules to balance business needs, budgets and risks. Head-hunted for management and support of ERP and eCommerce Solutions.


Technical Excellence

Provided IT strategy consultancy, aligned IT vision and objectives with business goals and strategy, enabled organizations/ businesses gain competitive advantage by optimizing current investments & technology architecture.

Exhibited expertise in IT and ERP Process Design & Re-Engineer, assessed ERP Applications and recommended enhancement plan and implementation.

Head of Project Management and System Analysis Unit, Ministry of Endowments – Qatar May 2006 – March 2013

Joined the organization as System Analyst, Head of Systems Development, moved on upward career trajectories, to merit promotion to the position of Head of Project Management and System Analysis

Designation Chronology:

November 2010 - March 2013: Head of Project Management and System Analysis Unit

May 2006 - October 2010: System Analyst, Head of Systems Development unit







Successfully managed ERP Solutions for Ministry and facilitated solutions application in other Governmental Authorities including eGov Qatar.

Developed in-house ERP Systems including Human resources, Payroll, Inventory, Finance and Budgeting, eServices.

Delivered mission-critical projects. Served as bottom-line contributor who analyzes/ refurbish processes, initiates changes, and optimizes operations.

Established project schedules, managed resource requirements, budget development and oversight, and risk management for the entire project lifecycle.

Lead the development and implementation of a broad, coordinated set of plans and programs to meet the goals and priorities of the Ministry.

Spearheaded day-to-day administration of systems and application. Optimized operational excellence & efficiencies, fostered innovation, prioritized business/IT initiatives


January 2004 – April 2006: Manager and Partner, Professionals for Modern Technology (ProMT), Egypt

January 2004 – December 2004: Software Project Manager for ERP, ESG Consulting, US

January 2004 – April 2006: Software Project Manager for ERP, United States Agency of International Development (USAID) – National Population Council, “Ministry of Health”, Egypt

October 2001 – December 2003: Project Manager and Consultant, Technologica (Oracle Partner), Egypt

April 1998 – September 2000: Instructor and Programmer, Institute of Statistical and Studies Research (ISSR) and Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University, Egypt

December 1998 – March 2000: Developer for ERP, Ministry of Local Development, Egypt

1992 - 1994 +1996 - 1997: Programmer for Multimedia, Khalifa Soft, Egypt


ERP & Integrated Systems and Solutions

Title: Sherok System (Resources for Governmental Authorities “Capitals for Finance authorities, Governmental Projects”).

Client: Organization of Rural Development Egyptian Village (ORDEV), Ministry of Local Development.

Description: Facilitated management of resources for Governorates & whole Country states through the Ministry of Local Development.

- ERP Solution to Store, Manage, and Reporting for Country’s Resources Data about Governorates, Cities, and Villages, Much Kinds of data about "Humans, Schools, Social Organizations, Localization Data, Banks, Houses, and more"

Title: Archiving System for National Archives of Egypt

Client: Integration Between Allied Soft (AITS) Allied Information Technology Systems and IBM

Description: Archiving System to Hold all Historical Documents in National Archives of Egypt

Title: Dr. Badran's Hospital System (ERP).

Description: Hospital's System (Patient’s Data, Patients Accounts, Rooms “Accounts & Services”, Hospital’s Accounts, Hospital's Pharmacy, Doctors Accounts, Hospital's Inventory and Reporting System).

Title: S/W Interface for GLC Machine (Gas Liquid Chromatography)

Client: (NRC) National Researches Center

Description: Interface for GLC Machine (Gas Liquid Chromatography) Interfacing for Machine to In/Out data From/To Machine By using Port & get result output from it & make some calculation on it, make graph & put it in database system

Title: Pc Controller Built-in S/W inside Lectura System Program

Client: Technologica Company

Description: Pc Controller S/W, Built-on Lectura Program to Control the Clients by the Admin and Management Station Access the Clients from Server S/W to transfer Data between Nodes in Class, Send Snapshot Screens, and Access Programs from Admin Server S/W.

Title: eLearning Solution on the Web

Client: Technologica Company

Description: eLearning WEB Site to Make a Lecture, Courseware, Exams, and Online Sessions Divided into 4 Modules "Lectura, Courseware, eQuest, and VCR 'Virtual Class Room'". And Make Authoring tool Online On the WEB.

Title: Virtual Classroom Client / Server Application

Client: Technologica Company

Description: Build a Classroom on the Web between Teacher and his Students to make Lecture Life

Title: Flex Force Management (FMS)

Client: ESG Consulting, US

Description: FMS System used by IT services companies to manage consultant engagements at client sites, maintain information regarding clients, consultants, sales staff, purchase orders, engagements, time and expense cards, generate invoices, consultants’ payroll payments, commission and referral fees.

Title: Archiving System

Client: El-Safa Hospital

Description: Client/Server Application Divided into 3 Projects (Patient Data Registration, Image Catcher from Agfa System, Archiving Files Program), Archiving into Database, Generate Archive Files, & Generate XML Files (Data and Image).

Title: ERP Solution include (Finance, HR) & Standard’s Solution of Statistical Systems for Population Data and Researches System as Archiving System to include all kind of Researches about Population and Health-care & Web Site to View the Public Data

Client: National Population Center, Ministry of Health - National Population Center – Egypt "USAID Project"

Description: Client/Server Applications to Collecting the Data and Researches about Population, Health care, Women issues and Web Site to View all Public Data

Title: Complaints Project

Client: National Human Rights Committee, NHRC – Qatar

Description: Data Handling from Complainants about them Affairs and Problems which happened in Qatar related with Human Rights and Transfer the Complaints from Consultants and make some Virtual Meeting to Make a decision for it, and Integrate with Ministry of Interior to Know if the Complainant has a troubles or not “National Withdrawal, Exclusion, Problems with Sponsor, etc ” The Solution has Internal Archiving System to archive all Documents related to the matter.

Title: Raya Newspaper ERP Analysis

Client: Raya Newspaper – Qatar,

Description: ERP Solution Analysis include (HR, Payroll, Inventory, Printing Houses Mgmt., Distributions Management.

Title: Registration and Evaluation System for Students

Client: AlWajbah Independent Primary School for Girls – Qatar

Description: Register the student’s data and engage between student and classes, make evaluation for each term remotely through the teachers with them privileges and also with subject which they teach, and stamped from school management, then print the official record’s report.

Web, Internet and Mobile Applications

Title: eCommerce Solution for Handy Craft and Products for Productive Families Sponsored by Social Fund for Development. +

Title: (Implementer)

Title: Social Fund for Development – SFD (Sponsor)

Title: ( Web Site (eCommerce Solution), SG Group.

Selling, Buying and Exchanging. It also has features of sending SMS, Youth Projects, Employment, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Beauty Centers and many other things. (Under Publishing).

Title: Sites and SoftPro Company Selling, Buying Mobiles and Mobile's Services.

Scientific Projects:

Title: Solver for Mathematics Problems - OR (Operation Research) Project, Institute of Statistical and Studies

Research – Cairo University,

Operation Research Project to Solve Mathematics Simplex Problems (Fuzzy Duration & Resources) (in PHD Research).

Title: Simulator for New Scheme for Monitoring Attacker Routers in Communication Networks, Institute of Statistical and Studies Research – Cairo University,

Title: Simulator for Distributed Network of Mobile's PCs, Institute of Statistical and Studies Research – Cairo University.

Title: Program for Designing the Trajectory of Deviated well and Monitoring the progress while drilling in Petroleum's

Projects, BORAIS Petroleum Investment Co.,

Researches Program, Association of Scientists

Multimedia Applications

Holly Quraan (Quraan Sound - Tafseer - Trageem)., Al-siraj Company, Al-Bshaeer Company, ProMT Company

Encyclopedia Program (Desktop Application – Multimedia Programs), Compu-Globe Company.

Inter Build Program (Exhibition's Program to Register Companies, & Visitors & make Measurements), Compact Co.

Protection Component, Archiving Files to Compression and Protection, Aya Soft Company.

Encyclopedia's Programs and S/W for Kids learning, Khalifa Soft.

Custom Made for some Solutions to Some Companies, Cairo Univ.,


John Sulston Business School (UK), December 2017

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Thesis “under discussion” (Applying ERP Concepts on Warehouse Management System and Supply Chain).

Egyptian Chamber of Human Resources Accredited by Ain Shams University, June 2014

Mini Master Business Administration

Ain Shams University (Egypt), March 1997

Bachelor Degree in Commerce


Dbase III+, ISSR (Cairo University), 1994

Advanced C++, ISSR (Cairo University), 1994

Computer and Information Systems (UNISCO) Course for Post Graduate, 1998

Oracle Developer 2000, 2001

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), 2014

Date of Birth: 10th Feb 1972


Languages: Arabic & English


Mr. Tarek Haroun, Senior Manager of Agility Logistics (Kuwait), +965-****-****

Mr. Abdelsalam Tawfiq, GM of (Egypt),. +20-111-****-***

Mr. Tarek Atia, Founder of Technologica (Egypt),. +20-100-***-****

Mr. Yousry Tolba, Financial and Administration Consultant (Egypt), +20-100-****-***

Mr. Yasser Fayz, Financial Director (Emirates), +971-***-****-**

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