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Data System Abalyst

Ronkonkoma, NY
October 15, 2018

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An experienced professional with a solid background in designing IT solutions for improving the efficiency of daily business processes. Analytical strategist skilled in successfully implementing and supporting systems, conducting extensive testing to identify the root causes of any potential issues, and determining real solutions. Collaborative communicator continually focused on building relationships and promoting synergy across business lines and global units to drive positive change, cohesive, comprehensive business approaches and enhanced profitability.

System Data Analyst Consultant, PSEG – LI (2016-2018)

Assessed business needs, requirements, and administration of interval meters for data acquisition and processing which will support customer billing, load research and other operating processing,

Contributions, Process & Key Accomplishments:

Supported and changed Billing system to utilize data from web interfaces. This involved program design and changes to Cobol/CICS mainframe systems.

Supported and maintained data communications and retrieval, processing and reporting of meter information to support customer billing.

Responsible for providing Meter Data Management and Customer Accounting System billing data to various departments for billing and analysis.

National Grid, Keyspan, Lilco (1996 -2016)

Business Analyst Consultant, (2014-2016)

Assess business needs and requirements, identifying areas where updating technology will increase efficiency. Implement new technology solutions that meet company’s changing needs, and provide support for new programs or updates.

Contributions, Process & Key Accomplishments:

Created 3000 test scripts for a new gas billing system preparing to roll out. Testing and verifying that all aspects of the programs are working correctly, and documenting any discrepancies.

System Analyst Consultant, (2012-2014)

Defined and analyzed the CAS Billing system for the CAS/CSS gas removal conversion project, designing and testing standards and solutions to issues encountered.

Contributions, Process & Key Accomplishments:

Analyzed and coded billing system programs written in Cobol/CICS and Assembler, JCL and procedures to ensure that anything gas related would be removed and still work with only electric.

Validated results with quality control tests.

Worked with Offshore to have them understand what needed to be done and completed.

Conducted daily testing on all scheduled jobs, concentrating on the cash jobs to ensure functiona

Analyzed approximately 1200 jobs, procedures, Cobol/CICS/Assembler programs, databases and files to ensure electronic data performed as required by company specifications.

Determined necessary changes to 978 jobs and 82 programs.

Oversaw the transfer of all data to and from the CAS Billing system.

System Analyst Consultant, (2004-2012)

Conducted detailed analyses of their outdated Gas Transportation System; gathering and organizing program specifications; and designing a new system to meet the changing needs of the company and industry.

Contributions, Process & Key Accomplishments:

Utilized Cobol, DB2 and CICS to create new code for the new gas transportation system, and tested it using expeditor and intertest.

Coordinated the efforts of 30 internal users during code testing.

Developed expertise-level knowledge of the Customer Accounting System to test the new processes and system.

Managed the development, testing and implementation of several new cash streams, developing the inbound and outbound processing for more than 10 new jobs in each stream.

Participated in the conversion and testing of all Cobol/Cobol II/CICS and DB2 Cobol programs to Enterprise Cobol, comparing production and test results to ensure functionality.

Established process standards to create the seamless implementation of changed modules.

System Analyst Consultant, (1996-2004)

Led the efforts for changing all the code necessary during the Y2K conversion period, and oversaw the merging of six companies into a new system.

Contributions, Process & Key Accomplishments:

Maintained the Special Ledger System and the Block Reporting System utilized by multiple companies.

Identified and implemented all necessary Y2K changes for all systems coded in Cobol/Cobol2/CICS and Assembler. This involved all batch and online code with extensive testing to ensure coding succeeded in revolving any potential Y2K failures.

Updated the Special Ledger System and Block Reporting System, analyzing PLI and Assembler

programs requirements, and writing new code so that six new companies could begin utilizing the system without effecting current users.


CICS, Cobol, Cobol 2, DB2 Database, SQL, OS/JCL, TSO/SPF, VSAM, Panvalet, Liberian, Abend Aid, Intertest, Xpeditor, File Aid, SAS, MQ, AS-400, Smartest, Megacalc, FTP, PL1, PDF, Visual Basic, Data Expert, ICCF, IMS, Access, Microsoft Office – Excel, Word and Powerpoint, MS Visio


Laptops, Desktops, 3033, 370/168, AS/400, DATA 100, SEQUOIA, 4381, PC’s and laptops.


Furnished upon request.

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