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ios developer

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
7k - 8k
October 15, 2018

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Phone: 010********



Address: Al Fustat Al Gdida-Misr Al Qadima.


Faculty Of Electronic Engineering

-Minufiyah .

Bachelor in Computer Science and

Engineering, 2009-2014

Android Developer

Content Group Company. ( May 2016 - June 2018)

Responsible for mobile development department .

Responsible for training and support new fresh developers. Design, build and Test advanced applications.

collaborate with team to define, design and ship new features. Android Developer & Owner

Iperfect Company. (Feb 2016 - December 2016)

Responsible for mobile development department as member of owners of the company.

Responsible for training and support new fresh developers. Design, build and Test advanced applications with my team . Responsible for Java and Android Courses in the Company as instructor .

I am Mobile developer with +3 years

experience in android and new in ios

with solid background in creating

mobile applications for Android and

iphone recently I can work

independently and respect a deadline.

I feel comfortable working

with a good team of developers.

I am passionate about the mobile

marketing and have knowledge



Android Developer

Unlimited Solutions Company. ( July 2015 - January 2016) Design, build Android applications.

Technical Support

TE - Data. ( October 2014 - June 2015)

Responsible for solving technical problems of customers. IOS


Objective C





Udemy iOS 11 & Swift 4: From Beginner to Paid Professional Course. Udemy Swift Course For Beginners Course.

IOS 11 & Swift 4 App development Hussien Al Robeay. IOS Course "Objective-c, Swift" in Developers 2 Be . Advanced Android app development Nanodegree Course Android Nanodegree Course for beginners .

Udacity Advanced Android App Development Course .

Udacity Android Basics "User interface - User input" Course . Android Course Hussien Al Robeay .

Java and Android diploma Abdullah Eid .

Android and Java Diploma in TIEC "Smart Village" 2014 . C# Diploma 2012 .

GSM Diploma 2012.





1- BreakPoint App

It is a great social media app, there is a Feed section which is can apply a large feed of everybod 's posts

if you have the app you can post publicly in the feed group. If someone post a feed all info and updates will appear in realtime . If you want you can create private group and invite members who have account in breakpoint(you can search by username there is automatically filters)

and inside this group this is a private chat with only the people you have invited.

There is a profile section to show your info and our posts. Features Used:

Firebase backend

2- Goal-Post App

It is app to create goals, save it and restore all saved data. Features Used:


3- Pixel-City App

It displays your current location on mapview.

you can double - tap anywhere and add a pin then pass the coordinates for it into Flicker API.

you can download any photos within a one my radius of the pin. then you can display photos in CollectionView.

you can preview each photo as you can add 3D Touch peek and pop to UICollectionView.

Features Used:

Working with MapKit,FlickerAPI, Alamofire and AlamofireImage Cocoapods.


MIE "Made In Egypt" 2014.

Mobile Developer Training in ITI 2014 .

Attended HR(Time management & Leadership) seminar with

"Ahmed Ragheb" instructor 2013 .

Leader of HR Committe in IEEE 2012.

Attended IEEE-MSB (Menofia Student Branch ) Summer Training 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013.


4- Chat App

It is a great chat app which has slide sidemenu.

There is Authentication login/register and profile sections. you can add channels and send messages to specific one. Features Used:

working with API, TableViews, CollectionViews, Socket Technology . 5- Coder-Swag App

It is online store that shows products.

Features Used:

working with TableView, CollectionView and Data Models . 6- Swoosh App

It is app to learn some features like :

Features Used:

Working With Version Control With Git (Terminal Basics), Setting up Github, working with Local & Remote Repositories

Working with frames, AutoLayout (support multiple screen sizes), StackViews, Segues(changing screes),

Debugging, Programmatic Segues, Data Models, Size classes, Custom textfields,

input accessory views & @ IBDesignable, Unit Testing,Calculation Algorithm, Custom drawing with drawRect. .

7- Notes App

It is app to create Notes, save and restore it

Features Used:


8- Movies App

It is app to display some favorite movies with info for each one in Tableview and CollectionView

9- Some Small Apps for ( swift - objective c ) basics

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