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Human Resources Assistant

Bergantin, Anzoategui, 6001, Venezuela
October 15, 2018

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Víctor Hugo Valecillos Farías

Degree in Human Resources Management

Cellphone: +584*********/+584*********

Personal Data



Marital status:


Date of Birth:


Place of Birth:




Address of residence:

Entrance The Murallita, House No. 10


Studies done

University Education:

Universidad de Oriente (UDO), Núcleo Monagas

04-2.000 / 11-2.004

Degree in Human Resources Management

Average 7,36. Sixth place 30 graduates

Work experience

Freelancer Writer/Research: I have experience as a writer of essays with paragraphs that range from 1,000 words to 3,000 words, from 3 pages to 7 pages. I write essays according to APA and MLA standards, researching and writing about different disciplines of scientific knowledge and general knowledge.


01/12/2.017 – current.

Labour Relations Supervisor


01/09/2.017 – 31/10/2.017.

Labour Relations Supervisor


02/02/2.017 – 15/05/2.017.

Labour Relations Analyst

GMA Proyectos Siglo XXI, C.A.

01/03/2.016 – 06/05/2.016.

HR Analyst

SAMFOR, s.a.

24/03/2.015 – 30/06/2.015.


Costa Consultores 2030,C.A..

10/06/2.013 – 08/08/2.013

Assistant Labor Relations.


22/11/2.012 – 05/06/2.013.


Administrative and Management Pyramid.

04/11/2.011 – 30/11/2.011.

Reader Notifier assigned to the Billing Unit.


21/12/2.010 – 19/01/2.011

Teacher hired as academic tutor for Community Project of the School of Computing.

Graduate Institute of Industrial Technology "Rodolfo ArismendiLoero".

22/01/2.007 – 04/05/2.007.

Teacher hired to impart courses in Research Methodology I, Orientation Activity, Activity Cultural I and II, Language Communication I, 2005-II Semester.

University Polytechnic Institute "Santiago Mariño".

19/09/2.005 – 30/03/2.007.

Through the Recruitment and Development Unit.

ElectricalSystem Monagas and Delta Amacuro (SEMDA).

07/08/2.003 – 17/10/2.003.


Specialist Diploma in Labour Relations. Parafiscales systems(S.S.O., I.N.C.E.S., P.P.F.F., I.S.L.R.), payrollpublic sector and private sector payroll, CollectiveContracts (petroleum/construction), Social Benefits, Sources of Employment (Recruitment and Selection), Union and Resolution of Conflict, Legal ResponsabilitiesforVenezuelanemployer (TIUNA System, Food Bono Act, amongother).

FUNDAUDO. 120 Horas. 11/06/2.016– 15/10/2.016.

Payroll (L.O.T.T.T., C.C.C., C.C.P.). Payroll, wage rates, Contributions: SSO, RPE Law and LPH, Payroll Construction according to collective labor agreement for the construction and oil company payroll by collective labor agreement in force Petroleum Industry 2.015.

FUNDAUDO. 16 Horas. 03/10/2.015 – 04/10/2.015.

Calculation of social benefits. Law S.S.O., cash benefits, R.P.E. Law, FoodLaw T.T., pensionschemes, survivors and disabled, respites, permitsorpaidleave, workinghours, social benefitsordues, benefits, deposit, settlement and payment of thesame, maternity and paternity.

UPEL-IPM. 24 hours. 03/10 and 17/05/2014.

Calculations according to new oil business Oil Collective Agreement 2012-2013. Payroll Processing and settlement according to the provisions of the Collective Agreement Tanker 2012-2013..

ALMAGISTER. Training Center.

24 Hours. 10/06/2.013-12/06/2.013.

New Labor Law, Workers and Working (LOTTT). Impact on talent management. Legal aspects and practical implications..


8 Horas. 16/06/2.012.

Analyst Position. Techniques of job analysis, job description, job description and narrative final report on analysis of the company since.

National Institute of Educational Cooperation (INCE).

64 Hours. 25/06/2.008 – 06/08/2.008.

Spelling and Writing. Development of skills and knowledge of spelling, reading, comprehension and writing standards for letters, telegrams, memoranda and summaries.

National Institute of Educational Cooperation (INCE).

64 Hours. 06/05/2.008 – 09/07/2.008.

Teacher Training and Upgrading to Higher Level. Training program, upgrading and innovation to improve skills as a teacher in higher education..


180 Hours. 06/2.006 – 12/2.006.

Payroll Assistant Oil and Company. Payroll Processing based on Labor Law (LOT) and the Convention Collective Oil..

60 Hours. 18/02/2.006 – 22/04/2.006.

Organization and Warehouse Control. Seminar on the operation of the store, merchandise handling equipment, receipt and delivery of goods and identification of packages, labels and signs international.

National Institute of Educational Cooperation (INCE).

16 Hours. 12/08/2.005 – 14/08/2.005.

Warehouse Management. Course classification and coding of materials, packaging, inventory, inventory methods, health and safety and reporting.

National Institute of Educational Cooperation (INCE).

150 Hours. 18/05/2.005 – 28/07/2.005.

Integral Computer. Comprehensive computer course (Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point e Internet).


40 Hours. 23/04/2.002 – 23/05/2.002.

Abilities and Skills

Achievement of objectives focused on goals.

Processes ingress/egress of workers according to type law SISDEM/L.O.T.T.T.

Interview withcandidates and review of documents to be evaluated and then be hired.

Makingweekly and biweeklybillspaidworkers.

Incorporation of staff to the enjoyment of the medical service and social security.

Task essential for human resource management (reclassification of charges, pre-natal leave, medical leave and guarantee, registration and holiday enjoyment, etc.

Deduction of Compulsory Social Security contribution (S.S.O.), Housing Policy Act (L.P.H.) and Prestacional Employment Scheme (R.P.E.).

Calculation of Income Tax Natural Taxpayers employees.

Knowledge of articles of the Labor Law and Workers.

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