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Engineer Manager

Manchester, NH
October 12, 2018

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Richard Botting

Project Manager/OSP Engineer

Manchester, NH 03102


To gain employment and to expand my knowledge in my field in order to achieve greater satisfaction in my job performance while obtaining required objectives set. Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Sr. Specialist-Ran Engineer

AT&T Mobility/Entertainment - Nashua, NH

November 2013 to June 2018

Designs, plans and oversees installation, maintenance, and optimization, and/or performance of wireless radio access network communications systems, including radio propagation modeling and prediction, microwave path analysis, interference analysis, frequency coordination, cell site equipment layout, parameter definition and ancillary equipment. Provide radio frequency, and or, radio access network design. Analyze RAN data to recommend optimal changes to RAN network to improve all key indexes and performance indicators. Develop process documentation on Mandatory Cell Site Replacements and RF Modifications to post on organizations share-point. Successfully attended and passed all 31 training classes required for 2014 towards bronze LTE certification Ran Engineer. Manager OSP Planning and Engineering

AT&T Mobility - Nashua, NH

March 2011 to November 2013

Accountable for upgrading AT&T's Mobility Network with the Fiber to the Cell backhaul initiative. Responsible and accountable for the detailed, high level and low level, design of the outside plant

(underground and aerial fiber cable, conduit systems, and associated facilities) within the highly urbanized area of New Jersey and Delaware. Responsible for working with aerial photos, Google Earth, DEM maps, GPS Coordinates, topographical and other maps to determine where outside plant fiber infrastructure should be placed. Determine if infrastructure should be underground or aerial, as well as the best laid routing process. Design a proposed fiber placement in a GIS system using geographical layer overlays to direct field personnel on construction.Work with the GIS systems (EGIS, GEOLink, and NovaEON) for the development or modification of OSP drawings. Identify the location of splice points. Identify any underground obstructions (other utilities, rock, other telco cabling, water, electrical, etc.) and reflect on drawings with call-outs. Calculate the work units for the construction of said pathway. Identify and ensure materials are ordered to the appropriate lengths to reduce wastage. Perform Cost analysis, and submit complete engineering planning work packages, and records research. Enter data for fiber designs and attach design templates into a web based application named LROPP for distribution to field construction forces. Recipient of AT&T “2011 Key Contributor Award” for leading and driving operational simplification and cost saving initiatives. This recognition is given to only top few percent of above and beyond employees. AT&T also rated as “Far Exceeds” for 2011 annual review. Engineering Consultant

Verizon Wireless

April 2010 to March 2011

Design and build 1550 switch to Cell Ethernet Backhaul 1 Gig circuits in Granite/Xng. Correct and maintain existing data in Granite/Xng. Design Optical paths and build transport equipment from Switch to Cell sites in Granite/Xng. Design and build 1550 Segment Circuits into Granite Xng for Ethernet LTE Project.

Design and build over 4800 T1 IPBH and EVDO circuits, as well as 10 Gig switch circuits for router service for voice and data for the Ethernet LTE Project in Granite/Xng. Process and track all T1 Segment Disconnects for Ethernet LTE Project in Verizon CSG. Issue and track all Change Control Documents to Verizon for Adds, Changes and Updates for all circuits at Cell sites within the Ethernet LTE Project. Log into EMS for Alcatel 7750's at Switch sites for configuration of Alcatel 7705 routers at all I-Pipe and E- Pipe Cell sites for verification and correction items. Set standards for the Ethernet LTE Project builds in Granite/Xng OSS. Create E-node B for Ethernet service connectivity for backhaul over microwave. Build Ethernet Backhaul Transport, CDM T1's for Data and Voice, as well as last mile segments, switch site router paths, and equipment for cell sites into Granite/XNG for LTE Project. This involves several flavors of EBH including Microwave Hub/Spoke configurations with ENODEB, Dark Fiber, as well as Leased Facilities. Create fabric switching designs utilizing Cisco products. Obtain data from Excel spreadsheets and verify data using EMS system logon for configuration of Network Equipment. Build templates for equipment in Granite/XNG. Verify T1 disconnects for Cell Conversions and process ASR's through Verizon CSG for disconnects of T1 facilities. Issue Change Control requests for site adds, updates, and changes for existing new Cell Sites and Ethernet Circuits. Maintain circuit data and equipment builds in Granite/Xng for quality standards. Train Facilities Engineers as well as Cell Technicians on build out of EBH paths in Granite/XNG. Consultant

EMC Consulting Massachusetts

December 2007 to January 2009

Consult for OSS system integration for Time Warner and Cox Communications client across America. Validate and quantify data for market assessment. Conduct visual inventory at client sites to build equipment into new OSS system, Granite Xng. Build in circuit paths on provisioned equipment from data sources (Lucent, Nortel, Cisco, Fujitsu, and Tellabs). Verify data by logging into EMS systems for all telephony equipment such as Cisco Routers, Juniper Routers, and Fujitsu Multiplexors. Interface with various client departments to gather data needed for complete standardized build across footprint. Create training documentation to provide for Engineers and used this to perform training classes. Provide customer support in use of new OSS system. Apply analytical and evaluative methods and techniques to issues or studies concerning the efficiency and effectiveness of program operations. Circuit Design Engineer

One Communications - Waltham, MA

May 2004 to December 2007

Design circuits using a web-based system know as Granite/Xpercom/XNG. Design DS1 to DS3 level circuits as well as optical levels of OC3 to OC48 through ATM and TDM Networks using Sonet Rings. Area of coverage was all of New England and New York. Direct inventory used for turn up of circuits to customers. Place equipment and monitor capacity for future growth. Issue Design Layout Records in order to provide service for data and voice packages for our customer base. Help with troubleshooting down circuits with NOC and follow up with direct customer testing of troubled circuits. Convert DLR's to HTML for field operations. Assign local T1 CFA for either HDSL, ADSL. Re-arrange on rolls, circuits for identified capacity relief in area co-locations. Build Voice and Data feeders assigned to Lucent Anymedia equipment for integrated products. Provision circuits through an OSS system Otis. Homeland Security/U.S. Government Lead

US Homeland Security - Manchester, NH

September 2001 to May 2004

Federal employee responsible for providing security services at Manchester Airport. Provide physical and property searches using x-ray, magnetometer, and hand techniques. Act as lead support person handling complaints from staff and airport passengers and resolving them in a timely manner. Assist new employees on staff with on job training and help develop team-building techniques. Ensure all under my lead follows FAA/TSA security guidelines. Perform testing and calibration of magnetometer, x-ray and explosive trace device to ensure proper operation. Conduct detailed analyses of complex functions and work processes. Read and interpret laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Communicate with a variety of individuals using tact and diplomacy. Operations Manager (Contract)

Lucent Technologies - Providence, RI

December 2000 to September 2001

Develop processes, and document them for supporting a new telecommunication switch named

"Softswitch". Maintain and administer a new database for tracking and creating ECO and ECR solutions for software and hardwire problems. Order and inventory all hardware needed for customer staging on premises. Troubleshoot EDGE Server issues. Interview and identify qualified new hires for the Operations Department. Write new technical documentation as called for all new installation procedures. Work closely with the Quality Department to identify all defects from manufacturing and to correct them before deliverance to customers. Main point of contact for field support worldwide to install, and upgrade switch software. Screen resume and conduct initial phone interviews of job applicants and made recommendations to hiring managers on individual applicants' continuation in hiring process. Source major on-line job boards for potential candidates and initiated first contact to present employment opportunities to job seekers. Evaluated results of applicant background checks and drug screens within company guidelines and ensured consistent application of adjudication practices. Conduct internal audits of staffing procedure to ensure compliance with ethical and legal regulations. Manage applicant flow through PeopleClick applicant management system. Develop training documentation centering on applicant tracking system, background check processes, and procedures for placement of surplus employees. Develop job descriptions, desired qualifications, and automated pre-screen questions and applicant correspondence in preparation for rollout of new online job site and applicant tracking system. Manage online job postings on major job boards as well as various college career sites.

Tester for TIRKS (Contract)

Telcordia Technologies - Piscataway, NJ

August 2000 to December 2000

Performed acceptance testing, release specific testing and regression testing. Created and implemented test cases based on system and GUI requirements. Maintained statistics and followed- up with development to insure proper fixes are implemented. Work in dynamic team environment applying Telcordia Quality Method of Operation (QMO) to insure release date commitment with quality results. Telcordia is registered as ISO 9001 compliant and has achieved a Level 5 rating on the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) standards. Unix Scripting for automation of data loading process for TIRKS, an inventory database. Enhance existing UNIX scripts to achieve better performance and throughput. Daily maintenance of an inventory database that involves monitoring the daily run of scripts, as well as troubleshooting in event of errors in entire process. Temporary Contract Position. OSP Design and Traffic Engineer

USWEST - Tempe, AZ

October 1999 to August 2000

Designed projects for Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) broadband expansion services and as team leader of design and assembly, to ensure all projects are within capital budget while maintaining the highest quality product. Achieved 300,000 home sites passed for service in USWESTS VDSL high-speed Internet and video services. Secured within 2% of budget for the year while maintaining goals set. Redesigned the process for the Final Design and Assembly department and succeeded in bypassing last year's results. Maintain and provide facilities for residence and business customers. Design T1, T3, SLC-96, SLC-series-5, ISC-303, and SONET ring hierarchies in TIRKS database. Provide facility relief and growth to my turf areas via placement of fiber cables, and installation of various DLC units and multiplexers. Efficient in FACS, COSMOS, LEIS, OPERA, TIRKS, ECRIS, WINDOWS-95, LOTUS 123, MICROSOFT WORKS and NOTES.

OSP Staff Manager

Bell Atlantic Boston - Boston, MA

January 1997 to October 1999

Project Manager in the Data Management Group, I tracked and corrected, defective pairs in my particular region of Maryland, Washington DC, West Virginia, and Virginia. I met monthly with each support group from the respective states and supplied them with results and direction in how to decrease the creation of defectives while designing new preventive procedures for them to follow. Succeed in building a database for a preventive defective pair process for the state of Maryland. This was successful in recovering three million dollars in revenue for Bell Atlantic. This database was handed over to the Maryland FMC and it is currently being used. Project Manager responsible in the implementation of Requestnet, a tracking and provisioning system for all Hicap services throughout all of Bell Atlantic North region. Develop new Hicap provisioning processes for entire Bell Atlantic North region. Designed and implemented training courses for Hicap provisioning for Bell Atlantic North employees. Implement REQUESTNET system on time for the entire Bell Atlantic North Region. Develop a training process and redesign the flow through process re-engineering for provisioning Hicap in the Greater Manhattan. Project Management skills used to deliver order flow through procedures throughout footprint. Project Management skills used. OSP Engineer

Nynex Framingham - Framingham, MA

January 1992 to January 1997

Maintained and provided facilities for residence and business customers. Design T1, T3, SLC-96, SLC- series-5, ISC-303, and SONET ring hierarchies in TIRKS database. Provide facility relief to my turf areas via placement of copper and fiber cables, and installation of various DLC units and multiplexers. Efficient in FACS, COSMOS, LEIS, OPERA, TIRKS, ECRIS, WINDOWS-95, LOTUS 123, MICROSOFT WORKS and NOTES. Develop into a capable engineer who handled heavy high-level business traffic. My turf areas were Mansfield MA, North Attleboro MA, Plainville MA, and Medfield MA. While my time in this position I achieved all of the objectives set for me and had high level results in all customer service levels. Local Windows Desktop Administrator providing setup and support with LAN and TCP/ IP Network. Updated and loaded Device Drivers as needed as well as update new applications. Worked with setting VPN Configurations for remote access. Ma Splice Technician

Nynex Framingham - Framingham, MA

January 1990 to January 1992

Installed and maintained all outside facilities. Perform all SLC and multiplexer maintenance for all remote terminals in southeastern Massachusetts. Train technicians in Central District on troubleshooting procedures on all T1 and T3 carriers utilizing the T-BERD test set. Volunteered for long- term setups as Splice Repair Foreman and supervised 25 Splice Technicians. Installed and maintained all interoffice carriers and business circuits. T1 and T2 and T3 level testing involving multiplexers and all remote terminals. Installed and maintained all interoffice carriers and business circuits. Tested and built D4 carriers, repeatered spans, and special circuits. I had set a training class for technicians on how to use the T_BERD test set for testing all high level circuits (T1 and T3). Skilled in Multiplexer 1840, SLC series 5, SLC 96, Hi Gain wireless repeaters, ISC 303, Fox Multiplexers, Spartan Alarm systems and D4 Carrier systems providing ISDN circuits. Ma Toll Test Technician

Nynex Waltham

January 1984 to January 1990

Installed and maintained all interoffice carriers and business circuits. Tested and built D4 carriers, repeatered spans, and special circuits. I had set a training class for technicians on how to use the T_BERD test set for testing all high level circuits (T1 through OC48). Skilled in Multiplexer 1840, SLC series 5, SLC 96, Hi Gain wireless repeaters, ISC 303, Fox Multiplexers, Spartan Alarm systems and D4 Carrier systems providing ISDN circuits.

Campus Police Officer Wheaton College

Nynex Waltham - Norton, MA

September 1984 to September 1986


Communications, Campus safety, Patrol, Report Writing, Incident Investigations, Student Transportation, Campus Event Security.


New England School of Law US-Massachusetts - New Bedford, MA June 1999

Bachelor's in Psychology

Framingham State College US-Massachusetts - Framingham, MA May 1993

Associate in Communications

Dean College

May 1990


Circuit Provisioning, Windows XA/2000/NT/97/95, Granite/Xpercom/Xng, Hicap Provision and Maint.,IDGS, EGIS, NOVA, GeoLink, TIRKS, LFACS, IDGS, SDLC, Six Sigma Certified Yellow Belt, Network LAN/WAN,Unix Based Servers, Alcatel Routers Cisco Routers, Juniper Routers, SONET/SDH, UNIX, TCP/IP, ROW, RequestNet, Project Management, Desktop Support and Admin. FTTN, FTTP, Ethernet to Cell, Lucent 7705/7750, All Microsoft Office and Suite Products Additional Information


Skill Name Skill Level Last Used/Experience

Circuit Provisioning Expert Currently used / 5 years Windows XA/2000/NT/97/95 Intermediate +4 years ago / 4 years Granite/Xpercom/Xng Intermediate Currently used / 6 years Hicap Provision and Maint. Expert 2 years ago / 10 years Homeland Security Screening Expert 2 years ago / 3 years IDGS Intermediate +4 years ago / 5 years

LFACS Expert +4 years ago / 10 years

Routing/Traffic Expert 1 years ago / 8 years

Microsoft Access Intermediate 3 years ago / 4 years Microsoft Explorer Expert Currently used / 20 years Microsoft Office Expert Currently used / 20 years

Microsoft Word Expert Currently used / 20 years

OSP Design (FTTP) Expert Currently used / 15 years Desktop Support and Admin. Expert +4 years ago / 4 years Project Management Intermediate 2 years ago / 5 years RequestNet Expert +4 years ago / 2 years

Right Of Way Intermediate +4 years ago / 5 years

TCP/IP Intermediate +4 years ago / 8 years

UNIX Intermediate +4 years ago / 2 years

Service Order Negotiations Expert +4 years ago / 15 years SLC Maint. Equipment Handler Expert +4 years ago / 7 years T-Berd T1 Testing Expert 3 years ago / 15 years

TIRKS Expert +4 years ago / 15 years

SONET/SDH Expert +4 years ago / 4 years

Cisco Switch Intermediate 2 years ago / 8 years

NOC Intermediate +4 years ago / 4 years

Alcatel Routers Expert 1 years ago / 4 years

Unix Based Servers Expert +4 years ago / 4 years

Network LAN/WAN Intermediate Currently / 8 years

Six Sigma Certified Yellow Belt Expert Currently / 1 year SDLC Intermediate +4 years ago / 2 years

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