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Front Desk Customer Service

Bensalem Township, PA
October 11, 2018

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Silvette Rios

Bens lem, PA *****




Seeking position in medic l pr ctice where I m y be ble to pply my skills. I bring over ten ye rs of cleric l nd billing experience . I m Bilingu l with

rticul te fluency in English nd Sp nish. I, m ble to meet ch llenges he d on

nd work well in stressful sitiu tions in f st-p ced setting. I m int in excellent org niz tion, time-m n gement nd problem ssestment / resolution skills. I m n extremely outgoing individu l with strong te m work

nd communic tion skills.

Work Experience

P tient Access / Te m le d

ShrinersHospit lsforChildren - Phil delphi,PA June 2017 to Present Responsible with p tient scheduling nd registr tion processes for services provided by Shriners Hospit l .

Checking in nd out Admissions, r diology, surgeries, ther py nd office visits encounters Responsibly pplies resources to m ximize the benefits to our p tients, nd their f milies. Ensure QA nd registr tions for ll re s of P tient Access

M int in, cre te nd n lyze p tient demogr phics Verify insur nce pl ns/ N vi net /Knowledge of insur nce pl ns M int in policies nd procedures

Support the str tegic pl n by working together with the org niz tion to re ch its go ls Knowledge of billing process

Knowledge of Hipp

Schedule nd process w lk in p tients with fr ctures Knowledge of medic l terminology

F xing, scheduling ppointments, returning mess ges, sc nning . Knowledge of EMR -CERNER

Surgic l Coordin tor

Adv nceC rePodi try/ICL serEyeC re - Bens lem,PA June 2017 to July 2017 Responsible for coordin ting nd scheduling podi try / eye surgeries . M int ining nd upd ting p tient records, entering post surgic l d t nd ordering surgic l equipment for surgeries / procedures when required Verifying benefits, retrieving uthoriz tions when required, nd determining p tient fin nci l responsibility

Notifying p tients of ppointments nd instructions prior to surgery Responsible for sc nning ll history nd physic ls, l bs, EKG,MRI, X-R ys, nd consents to KAREO (EMR) nd f xing to scheduled f cility Entering CPT CODES AND ICD -10, rr nging surgeries with different f cilities, Holy Tedeemer, Ari He lth, Robert Wood Johnson,, Huntington V lley Surgic l, H milton, New Jersey Surgic l Center, Temple nd C pit l He lth Knowledge of requirements for ll surgic l f cilities Check in nd out of scheduled office visits

F xing, sc nning, scheduling ppointments nd billing Knowledge of EMR - Next Gen nd K reo

Donor Support Technici n

CSLPl sm - Columbi,SC December 2016 to Febru ry 2017 Responsible for prep ring the donor re nd equipment for the process Prep re the utopheresis m chine for the pherisis process Monitor the donor nd the pherisis process, responds to specific l rms or sign ls th t m y occur durinf the process

Disconnect the donor when the process is completed M int in lertness nd w reness to ny re ction the donor m y be h ving during the process nd notify the ppropri te st ff Use PDA (person l digit l ssist nt)?to link equipment nd soft goods used in the pheresis process to the ppropri te donor

Dispose nd tr ck Bio H z rd

Front Desk Administr tion

Columbi He rtClinic - Columbi,SC August 2015 to Febru ry 2016 Responsible for front desk support

Greeted p tients, obt ined, verified nd entered p tient inform tion, scheduled, confirmed ppointments

Check in nd out p tients

Verified insur nce inform tion, processed uthoriz tions when required Collected cop ys, b l nces, nd pplic ble co-insur nce mounts when

pplic ble Knowledge of medic l terminology

Knowledge of Hipp, medic l records nd it process Interpreted for hisp nic p tients th t did not spe k English Knowledge of EMR - Next Gen, Cerner;Mysis,K reo

Knowledge of insur nce

Front Desk Administr tion

P lmettoPedi tricsG stroenterology - Columbi,SC December 2012 to Febru ry 2016

Front desk support

Responsible for greeting p tients, cheking in nd out p tients Verify,m int in nd upd te p tient demogr phics nd insur nce inform tion Billing - processed cl ims, collected co p ys, b l nces, deductibles nd co - insur nces when pplic ble

Answered phones, expedited mess ges, returned c lls, m int ined doctors schedules, nd confirmed ppointments

Referr l Coordin tion - h ndled ll inconing referr ls with processing demos, insur nce nd coordin tion of ppointment

Knowledge of billing, medic l terminology,Hipp policies nd procedures Scheduled surgeries, l bs nd r diology ppointments Interpreted for Hisp nic p tients th t did not spe k English Nurse Scheduler

Constell tionHe lthServices - Norw lk,CT J nu ry 2010 to September 2012 Responsible for scheduling employees (Registered nurses, LPN's, home he lth

ides, nurses ides, MSW nd ther pist to provide home c re for p tients Gener ted, m int ined nd upd ted schedules in Am zing Ch rts s

djustments needed ccording to p tient needs, c ll ins nd constr ints Upd ted nd m int ined Registered nurses orders

Assigned resumption nd st rts of c res for new nd existing p tients Expedites nd cre ted schedules

Knowledge of EMR - Am zing ch rts

Educ tion

Ac demics High school diplom

Escuel LuisF.Crespo - C muy,PR

August 1991 to M y 1992

Ac demics

Bull rdH vensTechnic lHighSchool - Bridgeport,CT

August 1984 to M y 1991 Skills

Or cle certified, Powerpoint, Microsoft word, Excel, Electronic Medic l Records, Hipp poicies nd regul tions, Medic l Terminology, Medic l Billing, Medic l Records

Certific tions/Licenses

Medic l Assist nt

Addition l Inform tion

Bilingu l fluent English nd Sp nish both or l nd written Core qu lific tions

Medic l terminology

P tient Confidenti lity

Office dministr tion

Schedule m n gement

Electronic he lth records m n gement

Accounts receiv ble

Customer service

P tient flow m n gement

EMR experience in the following Cerner, EHS, Next Gen, Mysis, K reo, Am zing Ch rts

Billing Knowledge of All insur nce pl ns /submitting/ processing cl ims/COB Prior uthoriz tion process for procedures

Knowledge of NAVINET nd other insur nce port ls

References upon request

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