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Mechanical / Robotics Engineering Student looking for Internships

Waterloo, ON, Canada
October 11, 2018

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Nikhil Melgiri

Mechanical Engineering Student with a heavy Software Background


Midland, MI, US

Summary of Qualifications

Firm background in software as demonstrated through side projects; includes standard algorithms and neural networks (

Highly experienced in mechanical engineering as demonstrated through work experiences; optimized electromechanical and CNC products


SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, MATLAB, OnShape, CNC, Machine Shop, G-code, G-code senders, Git, GitHub, Object-Oriented-Programming, Machine Learning, Neural Networks

Side Projects

Neural Network

Apr 2018 – Present

Simulates neural networks using backpropagation and is to be used as a general framework for all future neural network projects.

Machine Learning Market Trader

Apr 2017 – Present

A rudimentary stock market trader optimizing the RSI indicator for every industry with a success rate of 60%.

Web Scraper

Jan 2017 – Present

Using web scraping for automated market trades using C++ and Python; currently scrapes and parses up to thousands of live market datapoints.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C++, Python


Bachelor's degree

Mechanical Engineering

University of Waterloo 2017 – 2022

Work Experience

Engineering Intern Intelline

Aug 2018 – Sep 2018 Waterloo, ON

Decreased total base volume by over 30%, enabling high capacity storage of cryocooling systems via OnShape.

Decreased total base weight by over 40%, fulfilling the company's goal of making cryocoolers marketable for hobbyists and low-budget programs by optimizing the designs

Reduced product milling time by 45% by increasing tolerances and decreasing required precision in design.

Refined drill accuracy and precision of CNC machine by approximately 70% by making critical repairs.

Engineering Intern Sienci Labs

Jul 2018 – Aug 2018 Waterloo, ON

Enhanced the CNC sensory systems by over 1000% by optimizing a platform for a piezoelectric sensor with Solidworks and Arduino testing

Improved hardware durability of core computer components by over 2000%.

Improved packaging rate of components by over 300% from designing a custom 3D printed specialized spool.

Expanded CNC milling area by 10% by 3D modeling and lathing new couplers and pulleys.

Improved marketability by milling out a model rocket.

Design Sprint Intern

Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business

Jul 2018 – Jul 2018 Waterloo, ON

Conducted a series of design sprints to help entrepreneurs overcome obstacles

Increased user retention by approximately 20% in SheLeads by creating new games and collaborating with students and instructors.

Simplified UI/UX for SheLeads to be approximately 20% less ‘strain’ on average per user

Created a website framework for Notonian.


2016 Breakthrough Junior Challenge top 60 out of 8000

Khan Academy

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is an annual global competition for students to inspire creative thinking about science. Students from countries across the globe are invited to create and submit original videos that bring to life a concept or theory in the life sciences, physics or mathematics. The submissions are judged on the student’s ability to communicate complex scientific ideas in engaging, illuminating, and imaginative ways.

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