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Manufacturing Director/General Manager

Torrance, CA
October 11, 2018

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Cristiano Spina

Torrance, California *****

M: 310-***-****


Results-driven engineering professional with extensive technical experience leading plant operations for the food and beverage industries – generating significant growth in profit. Successful at developing and directing plant engineering and operations teams to achieve aggressive production goals. Highly effective leveraging key resources, lean process improvements, and multimillion-dollar budgets to maximize quality, safety, and delivery performance across plant operations. Excel at implementing maintenance, quality management, and safety programs to minimize workplace injuries, production downtime, and costs while meeting environmental / safety compliance requirements. Keen ability to recognize the value of each individual and the team with focus on creating a culture of pride, quality, and top performance in challenging environments.

Core Leadership Competencies

Technical / Plant Management

Research & Development

Lean Process Improvements

Staff Training & Development

P&L / Budget Accountability

Project Coordination & Execution

Plant Reorganizations / Realignment

Team Leadership & Collaboration

Quality & Safety Compliance

Professional Experience

Sugar Foods Corporation

October 2017– CURRENT

Commerce Facility Plant Manager

Manage plant operations: Planning, Production, Packaging, Maintenance, Administration, Human Resources, Health and Safety, Quality and Continuous Improvement for USA largest salads topping production facility.

Accountable for annual operation and capital budget, multi-year strategic plan. Supervision of a team of 6 managers with supporting departments totaling about 300 FTE.

Accountable for food safety, environment, health and safety and, legal compliance

Selected Achievements

Finalized Hoshin Planning for 2018

Implemented LDMS (Lean Daily Management System)

Reduced Yield for selected Raw Materials by 4%.


April 2016 – October 2017

World’s largest independent provider of airline catering and provisioning services.

Los Angeles Business Unit General Manager

Managed business unit of more than 1,000 employees producing hot and cold food, providing full service catering for more than 300 flights/day.

Accountable for annual operational and capital budget.

Supervision of a team of Directors and Senior Managers (Operation, Customer Service, Human Resources, Compliance, Supply Chain, Finance, Culinary).

Responsible for direct relationship with Airline’s local stations.

Selected Achievements

Finalized BU budget for $113M revenue.

Improved OTP (on time performance) by 2% while completely restructuring the organization, based on span of control, and completing an expansion’s project of $6M.

Introduced TOC (Theory of Constraint) in some of the operation processes to improve efficiency and OTP

Improved EBITDAM by 8% implementing saving project on labor, material and opex: 5S approach for the whole Supply Chain process, Kanban/Pull for material provisioning, Kanban/Pull for Dish Lines (still in progress)

Received Delta Airline 2017 Award for best Operation Improvement of the Year.

BONDUELLE July 2009 – April 2016

Multinational company producing canned, frozen and fresh vegetables with annual turnover of approximately $2.3 billion.

USA Manufacturing Director (2015-2016)

Managed plant operations for 4 processing and packaging facilities: Agriculture, Production, Packaging, Maintenance, Refrigeration, Administration, Human Resources, Health and Safety and Environmental, Engineering and Warehouse, for 285,000,000 lbs of frozen vegetables (Corn, Peas, Carrots and Celery).

Accountable for annual operation and capital budget, multi-year strategic plan for all USA plants. Supervision of a team of 4 plant managers and Regional Engineer for an aprox. total of 750 FT and seasonal employees.

Accountable for food safety, environment, health and safety, and legal compliance.

Selected Achievements

Finalized 4 plants budget for $53M and 500M lbs of frozen vegetables.

Completed final study for outsourcing sanitation service for the major USA packaging plant:

1.Value $1.1M,

2.Payback less than 1 year.

Completed and presented project for new packaging hall and frozen whse for one of the four USA plants:

1.Value $6.9M,

2.ROI 4.5 years,

3.Increased capacity to 150M lbs.

Plant Manager, Canned and Frozen Vegetables (Wisconsin: 2012-2015)

Managed plant operations: Agriculture, Production, Packaging, Maintenance, Refrigeration, Administration, Human Resources, Health and Safety and Environmental, Engineering and Warehouse, for 115,000,000 lbs of frozen vegetables (Corn, Peas, Carrots and Celery).

Accountable for annual operation and capital budget, multi-year strategic plan. Supervision of a team of 8 managers with supporting departments totaling about 300 FT and seasonal employees.

Accountable for food safety, environment, health and safety and, legal compliance.

Selected Achievements

Increased overall recovery 6% and productivity 11,5%,

Saved $ 500K on annual expenses budget,

Reduced production cost 13,5%,

Implemented $5M project for complete redesign of one processing department, respected timeline and budget, overachieving ROI KPI by 7%.

Designed and built new automated packaging department, got capital investment approved with a detailed ROI (less than 2 years) calculation, demonstrating reduction to an acceptable level of safety risks (design according to Lean Manufacturing and CELL concept) (approx. $800K)

Cut R&M cost $200K by introducing new Purchase Process and Cost Control at every level of Plant Organization,

Changed Plant Organization to assure performance achievements and legal compliance,

Introduced new techniques for Process Control (SPC and Mass Balance), Root Cause Analysis and LTS (Line Time Study).

Achieved SQF level 3 for both packaging and processing departments with 97/100 score.

Achieved 550 days without LTI.

Plant Manager, Fresh Salad (Italy: 2009-2012)

Oversaw day-to-day plant operations for global food manufacturer. Accountable for tracking and managing annual operating / capital budgets and expenses. Prepare three-year strategic plan for capital investments. Supervise and train a six-member leadership team supporting departments totaling 200+ employees. Define and align strategic projects in areas covering change management, six sigma, and organizational rebuilding to meet production goals. Served as Company Representative for IFS Certification (International Food Standard) - achieving 99.7% of full conformity. Accountable for meeting food, health and safety, sanitation, environmental, and legal compliance. Track and manage production of 8,000 tons of fresh-cut produce in 2010. Created and led a cross-functional team responsible for meeting HACCP requirements.

Selected Achievements

Saved $200,000 in packaging expenses while achieving annual financial targets against a $1 million maintenance budget.

Boosted productivity by 29% and yields by 7% versus previous year, while reducing the number of managers by 50% by creating a change management process in production department using a lean manufacturing approach.

Increased productivity by 30% and reduced staff by 25% by introducing a flexible work schedule to streamline and enhance operations for a logistics department.

Spearheaded a project to revamp production operations to accommodate three new products while ensuring quality and volume targets were met.

Cut maintenance costs by 10% by outsourcing maintenance operations and introducing a creative maintenance KPI and a statistical analysis approach to improve plant equipment reliability and performance.

Increased productivity by 30% by developing, testing, and implementing industrial automatic cutting processes supporting production of 8,000 tons of fresh-cut produce.

Improved the personal and professional growth of intermediate managers by implementing a plant-wide initiative that enabled them to rotate and learn leadership skills between jobs throughout the plant.

Averted costly labor strikes and disputes by successfully negotiating the terms and conditions with the food industry union to outsource a maintenance department in less than two months.

Implemented a team approach on problem solving with Production Managers to identify and resolve plant production issues.

Reduced industrial costs by 15% from previous year by simplifying processes / workflows across production


2003 – 2009

$400+ million turnover for a region of a multinational company with more than 100 plants worldwide.

Plant Manager

Managed daily operations for plant producing carbonated beverages. Accountable for meeting production, quality, maintenance, health and safety and environmental compliance requirements. Prepared and monitored annual budgets against actual operating and capital expenses. Led and trained five managers supporting departments with 150+ employees. Served as representative for firm’s quality system - OHSAS 18001 (International Safety Standard), and ISO 14000 (International Environmental Standard). Maintained food, health and safety, sanitation, environmental, and legal compliance. Responsible for the production of 20 million cases of beverage annually.

Selected Achievements

Increased performance and accountability across plant operations by restructuring a maintenance department into three distinct areas of responsibility with each having their own new preventive maintenance policies and procedures.

Produced a new sleek-shape can without loss of productivity (120,000 cans per hour) by researching, developing and industrializing existing can production line.

Generated 50% boost in the production of pasteurized products by leading efforts to reengineer and modify a syrup room for maximum output.

Raised plant’s overall equipment efficiency (OEE) by 7.5% by developing and industrializing the end of the line.

Developed and produced new product recipes for well-known beverage brands that included Fanta® (40 million liters per year), Sprite® (8 million liters per year), Coca Cola Light® (7.5 million liters per year).

Consistently achieved annual budget, financial and production targets.

Revamped a production line to deliver a new sleek-shape can design for Coca Cola brands.

Earned certification for a Coca Cola Quality System.

Eliminated conflict between the Maintenance and Production departments by promoting a team-oriented plant environment focused around problem identification and resolution.

VILLA MASSA – Sorrento (Naples), Italy

2000 – 2003

$15+ million Italian beverage company.

Plant Manager

Oversaw entire plant operations. Created and maintained $4 million budget. Directed 20 plant employees. Acted as firm’s representative for ISO 9001 Quality System. Managed food, safety, sanitation, environmental and legal compliance issues. Directed production of 1 million liters of beverage (i.e. Limoncello) per year. Achieved annual budget and financial targets

Selected Achievements

75% increase in plant OEE on average with one of the lines at 80% achieved by creating statistical analysis of production data and implementing OEE systematic evaluations.

30% improvement in stock capacity and quality of infusions accomplished by redesigning an alcohol room to deliver high-quality alcohol beverage products.

Planned and coordinated a project to create an electric vehicle that had been transformed into a mobile ice cream store for distribution of traditional ice creams during events and fairs as advertisement.

Received Italian and European Quality Award by European Foundation for Quality Management by spearheading an initiative to roll out Total Quality Management across operations.

$45,000 in estimated sales volume realized by creating a new distilled liquor made from recovered peels.

EXIDE EUROPE – Naples, Italy

1998 – 2000

Multinational company producing energy accumulators, with two plants in Italy.

Project & Development Leader

Project managed the battery design, preparation and implementation of quality management system procedures, and implementation of production processes based on ISO 9001.

Selected Achievements

Designed and deployed two diverse types of VRLA (new Absorbed Glass Material Batteries) for electric vehicles with added benefit of 70% reduction in scraps.

Devised and executed a Capability and Statistical Control Process based on Six Sigma theory that became the basis for the new method of data analysis for process control employed in the plant.


1997 – 1998

Medium-size Italian company producing starch, gluten and glucose syrup from wheat.

Technical Director Associate

Led the design and buildout of a lab-scale bleaching plant, a glucose syrup-cooling plant. Completely designed a management system for utilities with procedures and scheduling. Eliminated glucose syrup browning problems due to Maillard reactions by studying the production process and designing a heat exchanger to immediately reduce temperature of the syrup exiting from the concentrator.



Degree in Chemical Engineering. Major in Biochemical

Training: Change Management, ISVOR FIAT / Job Enrichment, Italgrani / Line Output Improvement, Coca Cola Plant;Team Building/Outdoor activities designed for Bonduelle (Italy) ; Hoshin Planning, Lean Daily Management and Development System; OSHA 30 hours certified; PSM; STOP Dupont certified, HACCP certified, FSMA certified

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