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Project Engineering

San Jose, CA
October 10, 2018

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Avinash Dhulehole

+1-720-***-**** 2916 Glenwood Dr, Boulder, CO, USA – 80301


MS in Embedded Systems Engineering BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering,

ECEE Dept., CU Boulder, CO, USA Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan, KA, India.

Aug. 2016 - May 2018 Sept. 2007 - June 2011


Languages : Embedded C C++ Python VHDL Verilog

Skills : RISC-V ISA, Codasip Studio, Domain Specific Architecture, UVM TensorFlow

Altium Designer, Schematics, Board Bring-Up, Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer GDB, JTAG

Machine Vision ARM Cortex M0+, A8 Architecture Git Anaconda ADCs, PWMs

OrCad Capture CIS Lite Kinetis Design Studio KEIL MATLAB WinCUPL GCC, SDCC

Quartus Prime, Libero UART, I2C, SPI, DMA, CAN, FlexRay (knowledgeable) OpenCV

Platforms : MSP 430 FRDM KL25Z Microsemi SmartFusion BeMicro MAX10 FPGA Altera DE1-SoC

Atmega 89C51 Siemens C501 NVIDIA Tegra-K1 Leopard Gecko, Blue Gecko


In Grad School:

RISC-V Vector Processor: Modelled a 4-lane wide, 5-stage pipelined processor around Matrix Multiplication. Added new instructions to support MAC on given custom base RISC-V Integer ISA (RV32I). Designed TCM for data locality. Assembly and C-code Regression Tests, with IDE given Test suite tests were successfully performed.

Auto-Pilot Concept: Performed Video Analytics to identify lane markings, detect vehicles in range, calculate their distance and issue collision warning, detect traffic signals and signs, detect pedestrians and issue warning when necessary. Threads were used to achieve real-time deadlines.

SkyCam: It is a low power embedded system designed to capture QCIF images at an interval and relay them to cloud. Built on a custom 2-layer, 3.5” X 3.5” PCB designed with signal integrity constraints. Had external sensor interfacing. Components were hand-placed on PCB. External programming capability was provided via SWD.

Motion Planning Algorithm study: Study/comparison of motion planning algorithms, A*, D* and D*-Lite.

Teaching Machines Reading Comprehension: A Machine Learning project using Neural Networks to teach machines inference. LSTMs were used for their capability to retain memory over long span. Dataset comprised of a question and a set of possible answers for a support paragraph.

Two-Player Tetris game: Implemented on DE1-SoC Board (built around Altera SoC FPGA). Verilog and System Verilog was used. All the Tetris Blocks, Graphics displayed on monitor were stored in RAM. A PS/2 keyboard was interfaced to get gaming inputs from players.

Co-operative Task Scheduler: Designed and implemented a run-to-completion co-operative task scheduler on 8051. Fixed time Interrupts from Timers were used to populate 6 tasks into a FIFO Circular Buffer data structure. External interfacing of Temperature and Accelerometer sensors to PCB via SPI. Current task running, and its output were displayed on LCD on-board.

Free-Fall detection: On-board accelerometer on FRDM KL25Z was used to get inputs to detect free-fall detection. Software development included Structures, Pre-processor Macros, Interrupts, Software Abstraction, Communication and Messaging, and State Machine.

At HCL Technologies Ltd:

Project 1: Integration of modules for Telematics Application.

Contribution: Developing source code for Network History Buffer Module with performing both module level and integration level testing. Testing and integrating the modules with different configuration.

Project 2: Maintenance of BSW Modules

Contribution: Analysis of Issues Reported, Enhancements Requested. Fixing the issues and testing the modules with different

Configuration. Developing source code for enhancements requested and perform module level testing.

During Undergraduate Studies:

Eye Tracking System: An award-winning Human-Computer Interface method developed mainly for physically challenged. Using OpenCV filters, a human face is detected and locked. Then within the face, eyes are detected. Within eyes, pupils are detected, and their movement is tracked. This output is then interfaced to mouse tracker.

Temperature based water-level detection – This module was developed as part of an IEEE Workshop.


Awarded SILVER Medal on passing National Mathematics Olympiad with 91% marks, held by All India Schools Mathematics Teachers Association in 2006.

Acquired top grade with Best Project Award for our project; ‘EYE Tracking System’, in intra-collegiate project competition.

Best Performer Award at HCL Technologies Ltd for years 2014, 2015.

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