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Trainer, Consultant, Middle Management experience

Charlotte, NC, 28269
Mid $30s annually
October 10, 2018

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Charolette, North Carolina



Curriculum Vitae

Interest is to provide a level of transferable skills, experiences and knowledge in a supportive role in the arena of customer, consumer and client services that would serve as an asset to the success of businesses, programs and organizations working with and serving people.

Qualified Health Professional (QHP): (Emeritus)

Certifications: Certified Addiction Counselor #6654 - Certifying Board, Pennsylvania Certification Board

Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) - Credential #5460 - Certifying

Board, New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services

Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS) - Certificate #2672 - Certifying Board, American Academy of

Health Care Providers In The Addictive Disorders

National Certified Addiction Counselor II (NCACII) - Certificate #010020 - Certifying Board

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP): Designated by the United States Department of Transportation

Metropolitan College of New York: Completion of Mental Health Certificate Program

Empire State College/SUNY- Associates toward Bachelors in Criminal Justice

Employment History:

June 2, 2016 – February,15 2017

Community Education Center

Bo Robinson Center

Trenton, New Jersey

Title: Operations Counselor

Under the supervision of Operations Supervisor, responsibilities include:

1.Performed the overall security of a secured residential housing units for male residents 18 years of age and older.

2.Acknowledged, recorded and supervised every individual entering the facility in general and the housing units in particular

3.Provided orientation to new residents advising them of the rules and regulations of the facility

4.Conducted daily counts of residents beginning, beginning and when ending assigned shifts

5.Recorded daily written reports of all events including of resident of issues behavior, safety of unit incident reports

6.Conducted random and/or for cause urine testing

7.Conducted searches of housing unit including residents person and/or property

8.Oversight and assignment of work details including the environmental maintenance of housing units

9.Monitored resident food service delivery overseeing daily nutritious meals and meal hours for each housing unit

Rescue Mission of Trenton/Vinces’s Place

September 9, 2015 – April 30, 2017

98 Carroll Street

Trenton, New Jersey 08609

Title: Resident Attendant

Under the supervision of the Resident Manager, responsibilities included:

1.Ensuring all resident compliance with rules and regulations of the facility

2.Prepared hourly shift reports regarding the status of facility operations

3.Conducted counts of residents and security checks of all facility grounds

4.Monitored resident meal times ensuring that all residents received nutritious meals and superior customer services

5.Monitored resident medication hours and intake

6.Ensured that all residents signed out to outside employment

7.Conducted the collection of random or for cause resident urine samples for drug testing

8.Completed and sent daily reports to the New Jersey Department of Corrections and the New Jersey Divisions of Probation and Parole

Ready, Willing & Able – Philadelphia, Inc.

1211 Bainbridge Street

Philadelphia, Pa. 19147

January 4, 2005 – October 3, 2014

Title: Program Director

Under the supervision of the Regional Director, responsibilities included:

1.Oversight of a multiphase transitional employment environmental custodial/janitorial workforce development social entrepreneurship program

2.Responsible for daily operations and fleet management of City Wide Clean Corridors Initiative and cleaning contracts including city shelters and offices

3.Perform general management functions and correlates the overall program of a comprehensive multi-service residential facility for homeless individuals with emphasis on work, training, social and substance abuse services including workforce development and soft skills and technical training, transitional paid work in the arena of environmental janitorial technician and sanitation practitioners

4.In conjunction with the Director of Human Resources, recruitment, interviewing, hiring and termination of staff

5.In conjunction with the Director of Human Resources, establishes, maintains and ensures personnel standards to include Equal Opportunity Employment and Pennsylvania Staff Code of Ethics

6.Ongoing development and implementation of staff training

7.General supervision of admissions, transfers, discharges, development and evaluation of resident services

8.Protection of resident's rights and development of appropriate policy and procedures to ensure protection

9.Administers the program's operations by overseeing and exercising fiscal controls

10.Insure contractual obligations to funding sources and insures accurate and timely submission of reporting requirements

11.Coordinating and networking with community agencies and institutions

Educational Alliance, Inc.

June 1, 2002 - December 31, 2004

Project Contact

310 East 10th Street

New York, New York 10009

Title: Assistant Site Director

Under the supervision of the Site Director, responsibilities included:

1.Oversight of the clinical operations of an Adult Day Treatment Program for Substance Abusers

2.Supervised Social Work Case Managers in the area of the Provision of Substance Abuse Services

3.Oversight of regulatory compliance of STARS electronic reporting system for all clients registered under the Department of Human Services for payment authorization

4.Facilitated weekly clinical meetings

5.Facilitated specialized criminal justice groups for probationer, parolees and pre-trial defendants

6.Oversight, facilitation and monitoring of morning meetings for clients

7.Managed/serviced a small caseload

Educational Alliance, Inc.

September 17, 2002 - May 31, 2004

Pride Site II Residential Facility

25 Avenue D

New York, New York 10009

Title: Assistant Site Director

Under the supervision of the Site Director responsibilities included:

1.Oversight and coordination of the daily operations of a 100 bed residential treatment facility

2.Quality assurance/regulatory compliance, conduct investigation of patient rights violations and oversight of service delivery and clinical record keeping

3.Oversight of all criminal justice initiatives; court, parolee and probationer/mandated client progress reports

4.Responsible for Parenting/Foster Care-ACS/OASAS Collaboration-Family Court Parent/Child Re-Unification Project

5.Supervision of case management and counseling staff

6.Review of all referrals and admissions

7.Staff development and training

8.Assisting in the development of program policies and procedures

9.Facilitation of criminal justice and men’s groups

October 1, 2001 – Present Jordan Consulting and Training Services

108 Hazelwood Circle

Willingboro, New Jersey 08046

Title: Independent Consultant/Trainer

Providing consultation and training services to organizations locally and nationally in areas related to:

1.Substance Abuse and Addiction; Gender sensitive and Culturally diverse and relevant service provision

2.Family Intervention Issue and Dynamics

3.Criminal and Juvenile Justice Issues

4.HIV/AIDS, STD’s, Sex and Safer Living

5.Violence Prevention, Intervention and Reduction

6.Youth Issues

7.Gang Awareness, Prevention, Intervention and Counseling

8.Men’s Issues

9.Group Work Facilitation

10.Organizational and Staff Development

July 1, 2000 - September 30, 2001 The Osborne Association, Inc.

LEGIT Program

175 Remsen Street

Brooklyn, New York 11201

Title: Program Director

Duties: Responsible for the daily implementation of program services for juvenile/adolescent, substance abusing, gang involved youth and their families

1.Supervision of case management, court, mentoring, educational and administrative components

2.Development of substance abuse screening, assessments, and group counseling paradigm

3.Design and implement group counseling curriculum

4.Oversight of Family Support Group, Interventions and Referrals

5.Oversight of reports, collateral investigations and mandates to New York City Corporation Counsel and Administration for Childrens Services and Family Court Cases

6.Designing and facilitating groups and workshop presentation for youth gang members and violent offenders

7.Staff Development and Organizational Development

8.Oversight of program budget and adherence to budgetary guidelines

9.Development of program procedures and protocols

10.Generating reports to executive management, private and government funding sources

February 1, 1998 - June 30, 2000 The Osborne Association, Inc.

LEGIT Program

175 Remsen Street

Brooklyn, New York

Title: Youth Services Director

Oversight and implementation of the daily operation of alternative to incarceration/placement and substance abuse assessments, screening and referrals for juvenile/adolescent delinquents and offenders.

1.Assessment and interviews of all court referred youth and families

2.Advocacy in the Family, Criminal and Supreme Courts

3.Advocacy within the Board of Education for school Placement

4.Oversight and the facilitation of all clinical and case management services

5.Design and implementation of substance abuse, counseling, education, prevention, intervention and referral paradigm

6.Design and implementation of special intervention paradigm for gang members

7.Writing extensive and detailed reports as to findings and progress of clients including pre-sentence/adjudication, post-sentence, pre-revocation and bail applications

8.Assisted in the development of proposals in response to RFPs

April 4, 2000 - April 10, 2001 VIP Community Services

1910 Arthur Avenue

Bronx, New York 10457

Title: Per Diem - Substance Abuse Counselor


1.Weekend site supervisor for 80 - bed men’s residence

2.Maintained a caseload of 12 - 15 adult men in treatment

3.Provision of individual and group counseling

4.Development and update of treatment plans

5.Assisted clients in developing discharge “(live out)” plans

August 3, 1997 - June 30, 1998 Bowery Restoration Corporation Human Services

Cecil Ivory House

149 West 132nd Street

New York, N.Y. 10026

Title: Per Diem - Residential Supervisor


1.Weekend site supervisor for a 24 - bed residence servicing a co-gender, homeless, mentally ill-substance abusing population

2.Supervise mental health technicians, security, nutritional and maintenance staff

3.Oversight of the dispensing and monitoring of medications

4.Responsible for the overall optimal functioning of the residence and assurance of consumer well being

July 1, 1993 - February 1, 1998 The Osborne Association, Inc.

LEGIT Program

383 Pearl Street

Brooklyn, New York 11201

Title: Clinical Coordinator


1.Development of clinical paradigm for juvenile delinquent drug dealers in Alternatives to Placement

2.Interview and assess all juveniles and their families for appropriateness for program participation

3.Provide substance abuse and other referrals for secondary (parents) clients

4.Obtain and review all court documentation including mental health examination and collateral/parental examinations

5.Obtain and review all Family Court Probation documentation including the Investigation and Report

6.Advocate for juveniles and their families at Family Court hearings

7.Provide individual and group counseling and general case management services

January 1, 1992 - June 30, 1993 Osborne Treatment Services, Inc.

807 Westchester Avenue,

Bronx, New York 10455

Title: Program Director


1.Responsible for the daily operation and implementation of substance abuse treatment services in a day/outpatient treatment program for parolees, probationers, and pre-trial felony defendants

2.Supervised substance abuse counseling and clinical staff

3.Facilitated staff development training

4.Insured compliance to guidelines of regulatory agencies and organizational standards

5.Developed special paradigms for engaging a criminal justice population in a substance abuse treatment setting

6.Designed and facilitated special groups for client population

July 1, 1989 - December 31, 1991 Osborne Treatment Services, Inc.

807 Westchester Avenue

Bronx, New York 10455

Title: Assistant Director of Court Services


1.Responsible for oversight of all admissions/intake of chemically dependent offender population into the program.

2.Conducted admission/intake interviews for pre-trial felony defendants, probationers and parolees.

3.Provided court advocacy, progress reports, bail applications, pre-revocation and pre-sentence memorandums, attending court proceedings and parole hearings on behalf of clients.

4.Responsible for monthly admission, discharge, population, and quality assurance reports to the former New York State Division of Substance Abuse Services.

5.Responsible for development of policies and procedures and program design.

6.Trained incoming staff on criminal justice related issues, policies and procedures and intake assessments.

7.Conducted specialized substance abuse and criminal justice workshops for clients and staff.

8.Participated in management and other staff meetings inclusive of staff development forums.

9.Participated in meeting with parole and probation officers, Parole Area Supervisors, Parole Regional Directors, Divisional Directors of New York City Department of Probation, Judges, Justices and other criminal justice officials city wide.

Other Certifications:

Certified Violence Prevention Specialist - Issued by National Center for Violence Interruption - Chicago, Illinois (Fort Worth, Texas - 1997)

Certified Violence Prevention Educator - Issued by National Center for Violence

Interruption - Chicago, Illinois (Chicago, Illinois - 1999)

Certified Gang Specialist - Issued by the National Gang Crime and Research Center, Chicago, Illinois (Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois - 2000)

Adjunct Instructor: Hostos Community College Continuing Education Program (Substance Abuse Education) - 1995 - 1997, Bronx New York


1 Forward: “The Malt Liquor Marketing Madness-New York City Style;” Message NA Bottle The Scandal Continues, Volume 2, principle author: Alfred "Coach" Powell

2 “Keeping It Real for Real;” Message from the Elders column, Harlem Overheard, Spring Issue 1997.

Publications/Featured, Consultations and Quotes:

1.“Don’t Give Up on Us:” Gang Symposium at New York Culture Center, November 17, 2000, World Tribune, Staff Writer, Yuko K. Grover

2.“Between Brothers,” and “The Harlem Getaway:” HARLEM OVERHEARD, UMOJA/UNITY 2000 Special Kwanzaa Edition

3.Youth Gang Series, Investigative Report; ABC Eyewitness News, November, 1999, Sarah Wallace, Executive Investigative Reporter

4.“From Crime to Capitalism:” Christian Science Monitor, Tuesday, March 2, 1999, Staff Writer Ron Scherer

5.“Where Have Your Neighborhood Drug Dealers Gone:” New York Times, August 17, 1997, Staff Writer, David Rhode

6.“Voice against violence a whisper:” The Call Local Newspaper, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 1/21/97, Staff Writer, Russ Olivo

Major Conference Presentations:

Invited presenter at local, national and international conferences for more than 50 organizations inclusive of:

New York State Association of Substance Abuse Providers Sixth Annual Conference, OnCenter, Syracuse, New York, October 28-30, 2002

Train The Trainer: “ A Gang Awareness Workshop” - Recognizing Gang Involvement in Your Community, New York Administration for Children’s Services at F.R.I. E. N. D. S., October 25, 2002.

A Journey In Justice: The 10th Annual Roundtable for Women In Prison, Lerner Hall, Columbia University, New York, New York, June 28, 2001..

Male Issues Conference at Wave Hill, Bronx, New York, June 4, 2002 and June 7, 2001 - Project Return Foundation, Inc.

Tavis Smiley FOUNDATION: Annual Youth to Leaders Conference, Hunter College, May 18, 2002.

.Black Alcoholism and Addictions Institute, Faculty Member, Atlanta, Georgia, May, 2000 and May, 1999.

Counseling and Treating People of Color Conference: An International Perspective, San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 1998.

Prior Consultant Initiatives:

Daytop Village - Adult Outpatient Substance Abuse 1990 - 1991; Rheedlen Centers for Children and Families: County Cullen Community Center; Motivation Room; EXCEL Program; Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership: 1997 - 1999; Women’s Prison Association: 1997 - 2000.

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