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Manager Sql Server

October 10, 2018

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Jose J. Moran 336-***-****


More than 20 years of experience in system analysis and programming in a wide range of industries that includes manufacturing, retail, financial and education corporations. Expert knowledge of the software development life cycle combined with an excellent understanding of the major programming languages and operating systems.

Resourceful set of skills in the areas of infrastructure development and strategic planning. Strong background in user support and training blended with a very dynamic self-starter mind set. Well developed negotiating abilities, a relentless commitment to quality and an endless willingness to learn.

Possesses a thorough knowledge of PC and server assembly with hands on troubleshooting and repair skills.

Leverages a strong mathematics background in calculus and physics to quickly learn and utilize any computer language or find a solution to any business problem.

Considerable working knowledge of technologies like WPF, WCF, Web Services, SharePoint, Active Directory, SOA, SOAP, WCF, XML, XSLT, OOP, XAML, SSIS, SSRS, ETL, HTML 5, JavaScript, Silverlight, CSS 3.0, ASP .NET 4.0, .NET 4.0 and PHP, Java, Sybase, SQL Server.

Data Annotations MVC, Extensions MVC3, Entity Framework 4.1, JQuery 1.6+, UI 1.8+, Validation 1.8+, Json, Knockout Mapping, JS 1.2+, Modernizr 2.0+, Ninject 2.2+, MVC3, UnderscoreJS 1.1+, T-SQL, Data Modeling/Data Abstraction, Metadata, TFS, Data Warehouse

Experienced in the AGILE/SCRUM development process. Power user administration skill set on Unix, Linux and AIX, Shell, Cron, CUP/LDP configuration. Oracle and Java development, PL/SQL, Java 7 Virtual Machine and JDK. VOIP, Mac Addressing and Network Configurations., ORACLE, Teradata.


Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering 2001

Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra. Dominican Republic


CompTIA A+, Network+ and Project+


Programming Languages C#, VB, C, C++, Java, Objective C, JavaScript, Perl, Python,

Visual FoxPro, Assembler

Databases Sybase, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, Oracle, mySQL

Operating Systems UNIX, AIX, LINUX, MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, Vista,

2000, 2003 and 2008, MAC OS X

Other Applications Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Outlook, QuickBooks,

Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, SharePoint.

Hardware Configuration HP, IBM, COMPAQ, DELL Servers, Desktop, Laptops, Macs.

Additional Technologies WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, .NET 3.5, Expression Web, Expression Blend, HTML, CSS, XML, XAML, RPG, T-SQL, PL/SQL


Senior Technical Consultant 04/2010 - Present

Independent Contractor

During this period worked for several companies on contract and W2 roles using a myriad of technologies including HTML, Javascript, PHP, VB, ASP.NET, SQL Server and more. Most of the roles span only a few months.

●All State Consulting - 2017: Use of VB, SQL Server, ASP.NET, IIS to modify an application to control documents and configuration of products in manufacturing machines.

●InfusionPoints - 2017: Creation of documentation for FEDRAMP certification. Update company website contact forms. Analysis and evaluation of AlienVault cybersecurity suite.

●Robert Half - 2014: Analysis of application to report status of warehouse robots routes.

●Dorsette Technologies - 2013: Maintenance of application to control climate on NASA buildings and other government locations.

●Dacentec - 2012: Creation of web front end to allow users order services. Configuration of different packages and price for monthly rental of servers.

●BB&T:Short assignment to install branch network printer.

●SSRS and SSIS experience designing reports and pulling data from other sources.

●Database development, design and programming experience at DBA level.

●Certified Linux professional with experience with RHEL, CentOS, Fedora and other Linux distributions.

Senior Application Developer 11/ 2009-04/2010

Zempleo, Inc

●Assigned to work at Duke Energy to develop an application to transfer banks financial information to the Treasury department.

●The new application now in place saves time, resources and a considerable amount of money. It also streamlines the process of transferring information from and to the banks.

●Created the project plan and coordinated the retirement process of a VisiFAX server.

●Created the project plan and initially coordinated the Active Directory update and cleanup process of some intricate process IDs in our group.

●Created application to decrypt all passwords used by the whole finance and IT department using Visual Studio 2010 with an SQL server 2008 backend running on Windows Server 2008.

●Use of C#, ASP.Net, .NET 3.5, CSS for redesigning the password control system for the Duke Finance department.

●Use of Perl for the creation of some scripts dedicated to transfer, encrypt, decrypt, copy, backup and delete financial information transferred from and to the banks within Duke Energy financial department

●Worked in some modules in C# for the automation of the handling of financial information that included data reported to shareholders.

●Use of XAML, Silverlight and Blend to create new UI for password control application

Software Development Manager 02/2009-03/2009

Elastic Therapy

●Modified program that calculated the waste in the production plant.

●Initiated the design of a new system to take control of the whole operation of the company. The main goal of the project was to manage every aspect of the production, receiving, shipping and customer relations with an online front end.

●Submitted a proposal to update the IT infrastructure to replace existing servers for cutting edge technology that supports Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008. The new hardware will allow the company to grow all areas of the business which had been stagnant by the hardware configuration in place.

●Started the analysis of the different processes involved in the production of the finished products.

●Use of Crystal Reports to generate some production data and make it available on the corporate intranet.

●Use of Visual Studio 2008, WPF, T-SQL, XML to prototype application to replace legacy system.

●Worked with Silverlight, WPF, XAML and Blend to create prototype of some new applications.

Senior Programmer Analyst 08/2008-02/2009

Computer Software Innovations

●Designed scripts for the conversion of a system from UBL to Visual FoxPro. The logic of the script was to just click once and all conversion and needed tables should be generated.

●Coded scripts for the conversion of existing Visual FoxPro application to a third-party application named NWS.

●Generated text files of write-off accounts to feed the system of an external collection company.

Senior Programmer Analyst 03/2006-03/2008

Mercury Data Systems, Inc.

●Assigned to work at Lowe’s Corporate Offices in the Distribution Department

●Collaborated in the creation of business system designs and technical system documentation for the distribution system based on the business requirements.

●Generated specifications for program customizations.

●Created systems test plans for validation of programs heading to production servers.

●Performed systems tests of customized programs.

●Handled the testing on the AIX side of a corporate wide application dedicated to transfer data from AIX to the Mainframes servers with zero defect reported.

●Analyzed, designed and co-developed a program to cancel work assignments, improving the management of daily operations at the Distribution Centers.

●Coded application using C language and Sybase T-SQL

●Wrote user and training documentation to support the programs destined for production.

●Use of Triggers, Stored Procedures and Database Functions for maintaining the integrity of the database

Senior Programmer Analyst 07/2005-11/2005

CompuSmart Solutions, Inc.

●Developed new and maintained existing code created in Visual FoxPro with an SQL Server backend.

●Use of COM objects to create reports in Excel according to the different departments needs.

●Provided support for the business major clients like FEDEX, PEPSI, etc.

●Responsible for generating the necessary files to feed an AS/400 to create the invoices for all clients every month.

●Created a program to supply FEDEX the totals of all invoices by region reducing the time in their side from almost 3 days of work into just receiving an email with an electronic invoice.

Office Manager/IT Manager 02/2002-05/2005

Kamos Leather Corp.

●Responsible of negotiating prices and technical support with software vendor reducing dramatically the cost of operation.

●Took over the support of hardware and software saving the company thousands of dollars.

●Configured and supported a LAN in the office and upgraded all computers from Win 95/98/Me/2000 to Windows XP.

●Maintained the company’s website using Frontpage, Adobe Photoshop and other programs.

●Saved thousands of dollars in service fees after assuming the responsibility of all accounting related operations Payroll, A/R, A/P, Banks Reconciliations, sales taxes and the generation of all financial statements using QuickBooks.

●Supervised the performance of 15 store managers.

Computer Science Teacher 04/2000-08/2001

Centro de Estudios y Servicios Empresariales (CEYSE)

●Taught a wide spectrum of technology courses, including software design and analysis.

●Instructed computer-applied accounting and business administration.

●Facilitated computer accounting projects.

●Lectured students and other colleagues on the use of Internet and its power to move a business.

●Established and maintained a network for a lab of windows based computers to share a single internet connection.

●In charge of a course to teach students how to use of the Internet, search engines, e-mail and other web related technologies.

Programmer Analyst 03/1998-11/2000

Accelerated Computer Technologies (ACT)

●Provided customizations and built new programs using C and Informix in a UNIX environment.

●Installed HP, IBM and Compaq servers’ hardware and software.

●Upgraded multiple servers running SCO UNIX and Informix RDBMS for the Y2K.

●Served as the first programmer working with a proprietary programming language called WebTML. Reported bugs and performance issues while developing a windows application with connectivity to the Informix database running on UNIX.

●Ensured the flawless operation of Internet access, a LAN, a UNIX server and several Windows PCs running windows 95/98.

●Eliminated the need to move resources from Florida to Dominican Republic to assist clients by assuming all responsibilities of software and hardware installation and support. This reduced the company response time to the clients dramatically and saved thousands of dollars in travel expenses.

Computer Science Teacher and Hardware Technician 04/1989-11/1997

Centro Especializado de Computacion (CECOMSA)

●Instructed beginners and advanced students in programming languages like Pascal, C, FoxPro, Dbase and Clipper.

●Taught MS-DOS, WordStar, WordPerfect and Lotus 123 in a package oriented to teach office users the advantages of using computers in their day to day tasks.

●Installed windows 3.1 when it was released and created a new course generating thousands of dollars for the company.

●Also created a new course for Office 95 teaching Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint as a second level for students with knowledge of the DOS applications counterparts.

●Upgraded from Windows 3.1 to 95, Me and 98 creating special classes to introduce the new technologies generating, as a result, more sources of income for the company.

●Serviced and upgraded all PCs in 8 labs significantly reducing the cost of operations.

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