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Akron, OH
October 10, 2018

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DeWayne Lockhart

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Dr. Pepper Snapple Company - Dallas, TX

era DSD Beverage Division April ’09 –

Regional Vice President / General Manager Sales & Operations, Northeast Responsible for an organizational structure of 1,200 DSD region personnel: Sales, Key Accounts and Sales Operations. Customer base: Grocery Supermarket Channel (Chain Independent), Specialty Grocery, Drug, Mass, Clubs, Value Channel, Convenience (C- Stores) and the Food Service Channel: Business & Industrial Cafeteria, Restaurants, Schools K-12, Colleges Universities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, etc. Develop channel strategies, tactics to accomplish each channel sales and profit goals objectives. Improved sales effectiveness and execution through territory market planning supported by syndicated market data. (IRI Nielsen Shipment trends by customers, by market, by territory) Develop promotional programs for the field sales, sales routes and branches to achieve financial and volume goals through Independent Sales Operators (IOs) and the Direct Sales Team. Implement pricing and the integration of new products to increase distribution and consumption on all new and existing products.

Established sales, promotional, merchandising, and marketing strategy across the organization encompassing different routes to market strategies, varied by customer market conditions customers through a multitude of brands. Including, the development of retail and account programs, field training, sales incentives and execution plans to drive consumption trips. Develop strategies for price increases, recalls and implemented effective promotion strategies to minimize reductions in lost sales volume and distribution. Develop and manage chain pricing and spending and promotional strategies, sales budget including business unit expenses and organizational headcount. Develop strategy and plans for integrating routes territories and distributor acquisitions when necessary. Led and evaluated personnel performance either directly or through direct subordinates. (Both Sales & Operations)

Directed Sales & Operations Independent Operators (Bottlers) and Brokers (direct indirect) sales & profits activities through retail, wholesale, distributors, branch operations, logistics, fleet & maintenance daily performance across all channels segments.

Total P&L Responsibility for Sales execution & Ops (Plants Production, Warehouse Operations, Branch Depot performance).

Supported corporate in executing strategic plans, analyzing performance issues and requiring the needed resources to achieve goals by monthly periods, by quarter to meet the Region and the Company annual plan.

Worked closely with corporate business partners e.g., operations, finance, national accounts to achieve business objectives.

Union Collective Bargaining Agreements -- Negotiate all Region Union Contracts & Union Avoidance DSD Strategy for the Company.

Northeast Region DSD annual revenue approximately $800 MM.

Grew total sales (Retail Branded, Non Branded & Private Label) versus PY 2.3% and Retail Branded Sales by 5.6% to PY.

Improved Operating Profit $256M versus PY, Profit % Return on Net Sales +3.6%, % Gross Margin +4.4%

Operational experience working with consumer and customer performance data: Nielsen, IRI, BI Gathering, SAP and

Directed all sales forecasting activities and set performance goals accordingly. Responsible for staffing, training, and performance evaluations to develop and control sales and marketing programs. Implemented market channel development activities and coordinated sales distribution by establishing sales territories quotas, and goals. Sara Lee Company - Chicago, IL

Fresh Bakery Food and Beverage DSD Division October ’07 – December ‘08 Zone Vice President Sales & Operation, East Iowa Zone Duties included the retail and food services business units and total P&L DSD division. Strategic Business Units (SBU): Mass, Clubs, Supermarkets, Specialty Grocery, Convenience Stores, Alternative Discount Outlets. (Large, Small & UDS formats) Food Service Channel: Restaurants, QSRs outlets, Institutions, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Business & Industrial Cafeterias, Military Venues and Concessionaires Operators, etc., for all Retail Branded, Non-Retail Branded and Private Label Sales. Led, managed a front-line Sales Force of Independent DSD Operators (IOs) and Direct (Unionized) Route Sales personnel daily activities. The total Zone consisted of 16 District Managers, Sales Reps, Warehouse Manager & warehouse Personnel, Zone Operations Manager, an Admin, Fleet Manager, and Bakery Store Managers supported by HR Manager and a HR Generalist. The Zone Sales Team consisted of approximately -- 250 direct and indirect employees and (15) multiple Depots Branches locations across the East Iowa Zone.

Managed and directed all DSD Sales & Operations activities included sales execution, logistics, bakery stores, fleet maintenance, etc.

Total P&L Responsibility (Sales & Operations and (7) Bakery Plants Production & Performance). Troubleshoot Plants and Zone problems and opportunities in Retail Branded, Non-Retail Branded & Private Label business – all Retail and Food Services channels (including Bakery Outlets) large, small & UDS formats. Support Corporate in executing strategic plans, analyzing performance issues and requiring needed resources and data to achieve goals focal points by period, by quarter to meet the Zone, Bakery Plants and the Company operating annual plans. By working closely with business partners e.g., operations, finance, national accounts, diversified products groups in order to achieve business objectives.

Collective Bargaining Agreements (Union Depot Contracts) -- Negotiate DSD Union Depot Sales Contracts for the Zone Company.

Accountable for over $75.5 MM in sales revenue, $10.4 MM Operating Profit (DSD food beverage Sales) for all channels.

Grew total sales (Retail Branded, Non Branded & Private Label) versus PY +7.3% and Retail Branded Sales by +2.3% to PY.

Improved Operating Profit $600 M versus PY, Profit % Return on Net Sales +2.8%, % Gross Margin +2.54%

Improved Net Sales (After EITF) +$57 M and Reduced % Retail Branded Stale - 2.25%, Reduced % Selling Expense -0.09% and Reduced % Distribution Expense by -1.23% points.

Hy-Vee Supermarket DSD Vendor of the Year – FY’ 08 * Walmart Q’1 & Q’2 DSD Vendor of the Quarter – FY’09 DeWayne Lockhart

930 Mercer Ave. Telephone: 330-***-****

Akron, OH 44320 E-mail:

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Frito-Lay Company, Dallas, TX

Division of PEPSICO

Zone Sales Leader – Akron, OH May ‘06 - October ’07 A Zone Sales Leader for a 10 billion dollar-consumer product marketer and manufacturer of national and internationally known snack brands. Sales zone is accountable for $50.0 MM in DSD sales and operations. Overseen day-to-day sales and sales operations, expense accountability, logistics, zone branch depot inventory, scheduling, training, and performance management and people development for total field sales and operations zone personnel (approximately 20).

As a regional sales team member, responsible for directing all sales & safety activity for the northeast (Ohio) zone -- across 12 routes (large, small & UDS formats),

$500 million in annual region sales and $100M in operating budget overseen financial budgeting and reporting activities for the zone.

Developed budget templates that standardized our cost and efficiency in reporting results.

Led and directed weekly retail planning sessions – resulting in year-to-date sales growth: 6.0% over PY and 2.3% versus Plan. Provided internal versus external cost analysis to support strategic (period quarterly) operating & forecast decisions to drive category growth in Supermarkets, Discounts Channels, Mass Merchants, Club Accounts, C-Stores, Food Service: QSR, Hospitals, Business & Industrial cafeterias and all other independent outlets in the large, small & UDS channels formats. Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee, WI

Division of South Africa Breweries PLC May ‘00 – December ’03 National Military & Concessions (Food Service) Eastern Sales Manager, Corporate Duties & Responsibilities: National Food Service Account Sales for a 10 billion dollar-consumer product marketer and manufacturer of national & internationally brands

Accountable for over $87.5 MM concentrated sale revenue, $10.0 MM profitability and $2.5 MM operating budget (Packaged & draft Beer Sales) for the Military class of trade and National Food Serve Concessionaires Operators (on & off premise outlets) in the Eastern United States.

Strategically align resources against operations, marketing mix and sales elements to ensure volume and profit performance maximizing the brand portfolio, as a member of National Strategic Account Department. Led the day-to-day sales, sales operations, inventory and training of approximately 90 plus sales territories and 300 customer account base outlets. Direct reports included chain account managers, retail sales managers, and working directly with a network of distributor sales managers (65 –75 independent distributors) Eastern United States.

Improved and drove customer satisfaction through cross-functional teams (internal externally) through direct account sales, eight Market Area Sales offices, and distributorships’ to implement retail execution initiatives. Territory of National Military HQ calls, Military account base calls, Military off premise retail outlets (c-store and/or small format) and Military Social Clubs (on premise). The On-premise operators Customers: ARAMARK, Sport Service, Center Plate, Levy, Boston Concessions, CA-One/Delaware North Co., Fine Host, Concession International and Independent Concessionaires, etc.. Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee, WI

Division of South Africa Breweries PLC May '00 – July ‘02 National Draft & Packaged (On-Premise) Sales Manager, Sports Venues Directed, led and coached a team of eight Chain Account Managers (direct reports), 40 Field Sales Managers (in-direct reports) and leading a network of 60 on premise sales distributors. Drove packaged & draft sales volume and profit through our distributor partners (Food Service Channel) and On-Premise Sales Team.

Provided strategic planning and leadership direction for 75+ sales territories; through direct and customers' corporate calls (venues: stadiums, arenas, racetracks, airports, convention centers, ski resorts and amphitheaters, etc.).

Accountable for over $65 MM concentrated sales revenue, $15.6 MM profitability and $1.6MM operating budget.

Developed implemented new sales vertical call coverage structure that increased sales output by + 8.0% while improving service and coverage at the outlet and regional account call points. Successfully, integrated a trimester concessions sales plan that enabled this class of trade to take advantage of category management techniques, clear-cut and concise (by trimester) national call objectives. The new trimester plan resulted in + 15% business increase and + 27% saving in trade and custom promotion dollars among the largest U.S. National on premise concessionaires, retailers (Small & C-Store formats) and foodservice customers.

Directed annual planning sessions and new item introduction meetings with the Market Areas Managers and the Distributors field sales teams that secured all 2002 new product placements and drove volume up by 0.5% in the 1st half of 2002. Achieved new product placement in the top “key” accounts that generate 80% of the volume and merchandising support -- faster than any other on premise class of trade.

In addition, exceeded budget volume goals set for this channel. Maintained a market share of 3.0 percentage points above the national average in a flat market, outperforming the company trends in 5 out of 6 trimesters while staying within budget.

Overachieved on new item placement of Flavored Malt Beverages: Stoli Citrona, Sauza Diablo, Jack Daniel's Hard Cola and SKYY Blue

(+13%), profit (+5.5%) & distribution (+7.5%) each of these measures was significantly ahead of company's expectations/objectives.

Awarded the Miller Ring Sales Award FY’02; The Diamond Sales Award FY’03

Recognized and Awarded (6) Trimester Sales Awards – for Customer Retail Execution and Excellent. DeWayne Lockhart

930 Mercer Ave. Telephone: 330-***-****

Akron, OH 44320 E-mail:

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The Gillette Company, Boston, MA July '96 – December '99 Gillette North America

Retail Operations Sales Manager - Kroger & Winn Dixie National Account Team, Atlanta, GA Led, directed and managed all customer retail communications retail initiatives budget expenses sales operations on behalf of the Kroger and Winn Dixie Account Team. Duties included division and corporate calls, retail field market visits (work-with), performance evaluations, field training, on-boarding, market sales meeting and business customer reviews, etc. Responsibility also included managing (6) PIA Broker Divisions

(Southern and Central US), (8) Gillette Retail Sales Managers and approximately 80 – 90 retail sales territories. Subcontracted (out sourced) and managed budget for all other broker retail services on an as needed basis (i.e., Acosta, Empire etc.) for special projects. The revenue was approx.

$100 MM in concentrated total unit sales volume. The Kroger Account ($65 MM) and Winn Dixie ($35 MM) and with a total call-base of 2,500 retail outlets nationally, 25 field sales division headquarter calls and two corporate HQ account calls.

Led the Kroger and Winn Dixie Retail Team to the # 1 ranking nationally for a two-year period (1996 – 1998), surpassing all other sales districts

(26) in sales volume increases versus PY.

Total Kroger and Winn Dixie consumption up +18% and shipments up +26%. Provided consistent leadership results through a comprehensive analytical approach to the business, which focused on customer-based strategy and a business plan development, coupled with excellent direct

(headquarters, operations & retail sales) execution.

Designed and initiated a corporate business planning and category management programs specially for and with Kroger and Winn Dixie Corporate which delivered Kroger’s retail sales consumption + 12.4% while shipments were up + 32.8% and total Winn Dixie retail sales were up + 6.1% and shipments up + 11.5% points, while outperforming the company national accounts average. Monitored and evaluated all Broker Sales Divisions (PIA and all others) readiness and effectiveness and recommended changes on an as needed basis against the Company and Customer's national objectives and special projects.

Operated the district within assigned retail budget guidelines. Developed and monitored call-based objectives and account plans with Account Managers to ensure effective and efficient account coverage. Prepared and conducted effective market meetings with field sales on a monthly or quarterly basis. Worked 60 -to- 70% in the field with District and Broker personnel to achieve sales plan established for each trip. Provided feedback to appropriate District and Broker personnel (reps, account managers, management & customers) via call evaluation reports follow- up letters, etc.

Led the nation in the development of talent by promoting (3) Retail Sales Managers to the position of Category Manager, a Sales Planner and Account Manager Role. Signed-offed on promoting four Retail Sales Reps to Account Manager Assignment, accounting for 28.0% of the Division's total need.

The Pillsbury Company, Minneapolis, MN

Division of Grand Metropolitan PLC

May '86 – July '96

Region (Sales & Operations) Business Manager, Atlanta, GA Primary responsibility: Kroger Atlanta, Kroger Nashville KMA and Winn Dixie Atlanta Division in the southeast quadrant of the United States. Led, directed and motivated a 20-member sales team, category management support staff and direct broker retail support (Acosta).

Developed sales plans, customized promotional marketing programs designed to drive volume in grocery category (Pillsbury & Hungry Jack), canned vegetable category (Green Giant), and Pillsbury Refrigerated Dough product category in the southeast quadrants of the United States. Grew consolidated volume + 101% versus LY and 102% versus Plan in 1995. Increased accounts (Kroger Nashville, Atlanta KMAs and Winn Dixie Atlanta Division) profit contribution (P&L) by 102% vs. Plan through the management of sales trade promotions and category management techniques.

Maintained the base of an account headquarters authorization and retail distribution with the market condition and region's marketing goals and sales objectives through 1994 – 1996. Obtained 88.5% of new items accepted (23 of 26) and sold 14 new existing items in distribution during same time period to close distribution voids. Initiated a major core brand distribution drive program in Georgia and Tennessee which secured the 14 new items (combination of grocery, refrigerated-dough and canned vegetable) placements and drove overall market volume up

+ 24% and + 30% versus PY, respectively.

Developed strong consultative customer relationships through partnering and developing collaborative plans. Directed brokers & field sales where appropriate to ensure the needs of our Customers and Company strategies are satisfied. Collaborated with Customer Planning to understand promotions features & benefits to leverage market account fact based data and insights as a selling tool. Leverage Shopper Insights/Marketing Programs to design & execute (various) customer account customized, in-store promotional programs.

Prepared business updates (for customers and/or management) by evaluating product and promotion performances and providing solutions to maximize growth & profitability. Developed, track and load sales forecast to ensure accuracy and data integrity. DeWayne Lockhart

930 Mercer Ave. Telephone: 330-***-****

Akron, OH 44320 E-mail:

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The Pillsbury Company, Minneapolis, MN

Division of Grand Metropolitan PLC

Region Sales Planner (Trade Marketing Manager), Atlanta, GA August ’92 – June ’94 Responsible for the development, implementation and leading the region annual strategic planning process, sales process, marketing initiatives, all Region trade spending, tactical plan performance and measurement against assigned criteria for the total region customer account base. Provided leadership direction and focus to all region personnel pertaining to the business sales and operations activities – direct & cross-functional teams, implemented, managed and oversee trade spending to ensure achievement of the region's volume plan exceeded last year sales and profits actuals. Serve as the liaison and communication link between filed sales and the various cross functional groups as well as upper management Corporate. Managed, assigned, and distributed all account regional funds (e.g., trade dollars, promotional marketing funds, & broker/retail merchandising dollars etc.). Secured the necessary additional funding and incentive programs for all class-of-trades: retail & food service accounts, wholesalers, distributors, brokers, sales districts and all retail sales territories -- from the company corporate marketing groups.

Exceeded annual volume plan goals for the region by driving shipments up + 104.2% consolidated plan growth (first time in 4 years to achieve maximum pay out) and gained a 3.2 share points in each of the two years. The region finished 4th in the country in 1994 versus 8th LY in 1993), Surpassing all other regions (16) in sales volume increases versus PY. Accomplished this by strategically aligning resources against operations, marketing mix with the right customer base (districts accounts) to ensure the business accomplishes the volume and profit performance against each brand segment, category, in which the company and the region competed.

Directed and motivated a 75-member region sales team. Assigned plans (volume and dollars) to all trade customers and managed trade consumer promotional dollars (regional volume of $150MM in sales). Directly managed and approved all broker-related retail activities, broker-turnkey activities, and administration reporting, scorecards, and budgets for the region, while staying within budget (2) years in a row.

Developed and implemented trade market specific programs for the top key account customers along with the Account Executives and District Managers to gain incremental volume, market share and to grow the % ACV in key categories headquarters. Analyzed sales and syndicated market data, (IRI Nielsen Shipment trends by customers, by market, by territory) communicated, and disseminated information to all region personnel and cross-functional teams (i.e., Districts, Account Managers and Corporate Marketing & Finance Team) to manage their respective business.

Coordinated, developed and distributed sales materials for field sales utilization which focused on fact based selling that were consistent with Category Management best practices for all distribution, pricing, shelving and merchandising initiatives. Ensured specific, agreed upon SBU strategies were consistent with consumer marketing, customer marketing, account trade promotions and operations from corporate-to-field sales.

Evaluated all trade promotion strategies and events (merchandising, assortment, distribution, pricing and shelving activities) in coordination with Marketing, Finance and other cross-functional groups. To ensured field sales had the appropriate lead time, sales information, sales materials prior to fielding any activity or request from the cross-functional teams requiring field sales execution.

Ensured the annual operating plan and the assumptions utilized to develop the plans for the brand category portfolio, sales districts and the against the Region’s forecast were reasonable attainable from a sales perspective. Ensured SBU new items, distribution, strategies, tactics and assumptions were financially sound, assigned reasonable volume, share, headquarters % ACV, retail distribution & objectives -- as well as obtaining the necessary tools (budgets, equipment and point of sales) for retail & accounts headquarter sales execution. DeWayne Lockhart

930 Mercer Ave. Telephone: 330-***-****

Akron, OH 44320 E-mail:

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The Pillsbury Company, Minneapolis, MN

Division of Grand Metropolitan PLC

Key Account Executive, Montgomery, AL May ’91 – July ’92 Responsible for key account sales volume and category growth in three customer accounts: $15 MM Winn Dixie Montgomery, AL Division

$8.0 MM Hudson Thompson (Montgomery, AL) and $3.5 MM Stewart King (Salem, AL) annual sales results 10.8% growth versus previous year.

• Finished 3rd in the Region's Key Account Ranking vs. Plan FY’92

• Awarded the Q’3 Direct Account Sales FY’92 Award Retail Sales Supervisor, Birmingham, AL January ’89 – April ’91 Primary responsibility: Managed Recruited Trained (12) entry-level retail sales representatives, assigned retail brokers and full-time & part- time merchandisers - All sales reps territories were activity performance-based built on around sales volume and retail plan objectives retail initiatives, etc. Example: distribution, displays, promotions, pricing, assortment, merchandising, shelving, special projects, customer store resets and new item distribution cut-ins. Prepared business updates (for customers and/or management team) by evaluating product and promotion performances and providing solutions to maximize growth & profitability, in each sales territory.

• Conducted monthly & quarterly team sales meetings.

• Market visits & Audits Work-with On-boarding Annual Performance Reviews Region Store Reset Trainer

• Hired, trained, and promoted two full-time merchandisers to a sales rep position.

• Promoted four entry level sales reps to a customer account position and a category account management role during my tenure.

• Retail Team Achievement Award – FY”90

• New Item Retail Execution Awards – FY”90 (Q’2 & Q’3)

• Display Achievement Team Award (Corporate National Retail Sales Contest Executions Award, FY’89) The Pillsbury Company, Minneapolis, MN

Account Manager, Birmingham, AL January ’88 – January ’89 Responsible for the sell-in of Pillsbury Dry Groceries, Green Giant Canned Vegetables Frozen Vegetables Pillsbury Refrigerated key account selling. Direct sales responsibility in southeast region: $10 M Piggly Wiggly (Birmingham, AL), $8 M Associated Grocers (Bessemer, AL)

• Finished 2nd in the Region's Key Account Sales Ranking vs. Plan +18.0% PY F’88

• FY’88 Received the Q'1 & Q'2 Direct Sales Award – Direct Customer Accounts Sales

• Q'1 Retail Execution Award in F'’88

Retail Sales Representative, Tuscaloosa, AL May '86 – January '88 Sold Pillsbury portfolio of brands (Pillsbury’s Dry Groceries Green Giant Canned Frozen Pillsbury Refrigerated Products) in the West Alabama and East Mississippi market area at the Retail and Ad Group level; serviced, managed a $1.5MM wholesale Account (IGA Graves, Demopolis, AL) grew customer sales volume versus last year by + 48%.

Managed six independent (wholesale Accounts) and several retail Ad Groups

Salesperson of the Year Award FY’87

Awarded the Best New Item Retail Execution Award (distribution & display contest event) in FY’87

Awarded the Q'4 Retail Execution Award FY’86


University of Akron, Akron, OH

BA, Marketing and Communication

Associated Degree Business Technology

Interests and Activities

SCORE Organization of America, Prepare & Conduct Sales & Marketing Workshops (Students and Entrepreneurs) SCORE Organization of America, Broad Member – Akron Ohio Chapter Urban League Advisory Board of Director Steering Committee, Akron Urban League Chapter -- PMBA Program NYC Beverage Association, Board of Director Member Officer Toast Master Organization

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