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Manager Project

October 13, 2018

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Enhance instructions of assignments (S..O.Ps) standard operational procedure as drafted from our client/company regulation to encourage or discourage any subject contravening the insurance policy for fires or accidents or administrative rules and code of conduct according to rules/Qatar labour laws Discipline and disciplinary procedures to be followed to the latter without fear or favor by after clear guidelines with content as been deliberated to the recipient to up hold it as a collective measure in place of punishment

• To oversee that the general basic outlook of guards/guardet are in their respective assignments and client compliant at all times in company attires.

• Enhance smartness/clearness in body/uniform, serving guard rooms; meet the house keeping Standard of hygiene requirement

• To correct/address the scaling of guards in good time. And make sure they have the right equipment.

• Maintain security spot checks to all assignments as early as possible. And report of Absenteeism before it’s realized by the customer/client

• Maintaining of good records/ bookings at all times, to avoid loses/damages for the company and client.

• To regulate the flow out of guards from assignments after and before time. During taking/hanging over.

• To make sure that deployments tally’s with the establishment required.

• Strength of all assignments and report promptly on any irregularities to the OPS, desk, Customer Complaints are addressed accordingly and Mistakes noted and corrected before time.

• Liarsing with the day/night supervisors for the openings and closing of gates/doors of all assignments in town and its out skirts accordingly.

• Keys Movement registers and custody for the-same are well maintained throughout the shifts. And including coverage to events, holidays and extended client’s nature of duties request.

• Briefing /De-briefing to new guards /guardets are well assigned after deployment by the supervisor. With emphasizes on the same

• The challenges of various assignments should be on fingertips at all times as a Caretaker, Estate manager in team lead for efficiency and as an example. With drill training, as content to the field trainer is reviewed from time to time.

• Parades /drills at our managerial and other outside grounds e.g. at malls/hot spot areas should be regularly visited to remind on remedial training (remainder trainings) at random in an organized manner and training continued to field level to minimize guard’s negative reflection and lower indiscipline cases.

• To encourage, promote human intelligence and observation, when on search to Motor Vehicle and personnels from the terror and counter terror perspective, in the hospitality industry and other business premises in general

• Enhance prompt security safety concept and view reporting on duty of all guard force in both shifts is empressing throughout without fail.

• Create a motivational approach through communication skills to promote good public relations under customer care as long as it will not jeopardice ones integrity and duty.

• Constantly advice on how to use their inherited and useful values. To prove their sense of belonging to all and growth of their job security in the company.

• Field reports of personnel performance indicator communicated, for update of appraisal periodic performance forms.

• Make sure and ensure peace and tranquility prevails in all assignments with a motto of creating a conducive working environment inclusively or everybody on board internally and out there.

• Must be able to measure /gauge performance against personnel and consult the operation desk for re-deployment as a result of who fits where (gender sensitive). Fairly without bias.

• With transferable attributes to spearhead change that must start positively from within to activate impact with values that will add to business in security competitive measure ahead of us. For AL JABER’S GUARDS; "AS A FORCE of good ." Under code of business conduct, aguard/ guardet product should commensurate to market value as to be advocate for more orders and clients in the job market. Self-drafted and confirmation on the same by,


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