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Lagos, Nigeria
250,000 and above
October 12, 2018

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Personal data:

Address: *, ********* *** **** ******* street, Akins bus- stop, Addo road, Ajah. Lagos


Phone no: 080********.

Summary of work Experience

I am a Geoscientist with proficiency in regional geological studies and prospect evaluation obtained from work experience on a range of assets from preliminary phase to project execution, with exposure to green and brown field development and redevelopment for IOCs and marginal field operators within Niger-delta basin, Dahomey Basin and Chad Basin. I possess advance petrophysical analysis skills (using Techlog, Prizm), Seismic interpretation skills (using Petrel and GeographixSeisvision), Fault seal analysis skill (using Traptester) and 3D static reservoir modeling (using Petrel), as well as strong uncertainty assessment and quantification capabilities. My cumulative years of experience with an integrated asset and study team has enabled me to accumulate a broad knowledge of petroleum geosciences, including sequence stratigraphy, well planning, reserve and resource estimation.

I have also had extensive experience using Microsoft office suit, such as Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

I am a hardworking and enthusiastic individual, effective team player and an adequate problem solver with a talent for details.

Key Skills and Personal Qualities

Proficiency in the use of Petrel, Landmark Geographix, Decision space technology for Petro physical Analysis of well-logs,2D & 3D Seismic interpretation and modeling.

Proficiency in the use of Crystal ball and @risk software for calculating Volumetrics, Oil Reserves.

Proficiency in the use of Neuralog for log digitization.

Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Packages MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook.

Proactive team player, quick to learn and adapt to changing environment

Outstanding analytical and problem solving ability

Excellent communication and presentation skills

Efficient in time management.

Education / Qualification

In View (Oct 2018) University of Lagos Applied Geophysics

2004-2008 University of Ilorin Geology and mineral sciences

Work Experience

Mosunmolu Limited

Well-Site Geologist- April 2011 till date


Project Manager/ Supervisor

Data Management- Seismic and well data loading.

Detailed Petrophysical Analysis of wire line logs.

Petrophysical data preparation, (Scanning and digitization of logs, data loading, depth-matching, environmental correction, log normalization, splicing of data etc).

2D/3D structural and stratigraphic Seismic Interpretation to generate various Time & Depth structural maps for prospectidentification, field development and reservoir management.

Basin Modeling

Log Scanning and digitization.

Client representative – sourcing for jobs and making presentations to client

Reserve identification and calculation.

Projects Undertaken

Petroleum system modeling of OML 38( Egbaoma Field).

Petrophysical Analysis of well logs:

Petrophysical Analysis of well logs(Review and QC of available data sets

Well correlation

Identified zones and defined petrophysical cutoff levels

Computed petrophysical parameters such as porosity, volume of Shale, water saturation, Net pay, and Net to Gross

Created Petrophysical reservoir summaries sorted by zone

Volumetrics Using Crystabol Software.

Seismic Interpretation of the 3D data given

Established Sequence stratigraphy framework


We Proposed to drill a deeper target andEgbaoma 9 was drilled and it was successful.

Chad Basin Studies/ Supervision of the Project in Nigeria & France.

Re-evaluation of 2D seismic data.

Petrophysical Analysis of 23 well logs

2D & 3D Seimic Interpretation of Chad Basin, Maiduguri and Gubio basin.

Integration of Geochemistry Analysis studies and Aeromagnetic studies for extensive knowledge of Chad basin reservoirs.

BasinModelling of Chad Basin

Volumetrics Calculations.

Fault Seal Analysis

Dharmattan Nigeria Limited

Geoscientist: Sept 2010 - March2011.

Integrated Reservoir Studies of Tebidaba field, OML 63, Niger Delta Basin

Client: Oando Energy Resources


Review and QC of available data sets Using (Techlog Software)

Well correlation

Identified zones and defined petrophysical cutoffs.

Computed petrophysical parameters such as porosity, volume of Shale, water saturation, Net pay, Net to Gross, and empirical permeability to serve as input for 3D static reservoir modeling

Created Petrophysical reservoir summaries sorted by zones

Generated Saturation Height models for all the reservoirs

Presented the report to OER team and drafted a comprehensive report of the analysis

Generated structural models from existing faults and depth maps

Generated stratigraphic models and distributed petrophysical properties using interpreted logs

Workstation Software Experience

Schlumberger Techlog

Fugro-Jason: Powerlog

Schlumberger Petrel

Landmark Applications: Geographix suite

Golden Software Application: Didger

Neuralog Applications: NeuraLog, NeuraMap

Badley Geoscience Applications: Traptester.


Microsoft suit: MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint

Courses and Software Trainings Attended.

Making a difference with 4D: Practical Applications of Time-Lapse Seismic data

Nigerian association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) Certificate in introduction to Exploration activities.

Nigerian association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) Certificate in Play to Prospect Exploration

Dharmattan Training School (Certificate in Petro physical Analysis, seismic Interpretation and database management).

Professional Affiliations.

1) American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), Active Member.

2) Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE), Active Member.

3) Nigeria Mining and Geosciences Society


1)Name: IrewoleAyodele

Designation Head Geosciences,

South Atlantic Petroleum Limited.


Mobile: On Request.

2)Name: Dr. OlabisiAdekeye

Mobile: 080********


Designation: Professor of Geology at the Department of Geology, UNILORIN.

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