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English Teacher Sales

Harare, Zimbabwe
October 12, 2018

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Mr Tapuwa Kitchen

Resume ID: 2795256

1. Account Details

Name: Mr Tapuwa Kitchen

Address: *** ******** ******




2. Permanent Contact Details

Permanent Address: 13 Tarlington





Permanent Phone: 077********

Permanent Mobile Phone: 077********

Interested in Summer Teaching in: UK, USA, EUROPE

3. Personal Details

Employment Status: Currently not employed

Date available for employment: Tue 10 Jul 2018

Date of birth: Mon 17 Feb 1992

Country of Birth:

Town/City of birth: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nationality at birth:

Nationality now: Zimbabwe

Dual nationality: No

Permission to work in EU: No

Gender: Male

Marital status: Single

Passport: Applicant holds a passport

Passport Number: CN220739

Passport Date of Issue: Wed 05 Nov 2008

Passport Place of Issue: Harare

Passport Date of Expiry: Thu 10 Jun 2021

Driving Licence: Applicant does not hold a current driving licence

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4. Languages/Cultures

English Speaker: Applicant is a native level English speaker Visits to other countries: China Nov 2011, length of stay 6years Nature of visit: Student/ English


United States Jan 2001, length of stay 5years

Nature of visit: Student

Foreign languages spoken: English Reading ability: FLUENT Speaking ability: FLUENT

Writing ability: FLUENT

Native speaker? Yes

Simultaneously translate? Yes

5. Employment Preferences


Seeking a teaching position?: Yes

Has previously held teaching position?: Yes

Teaching experience: 2 years

Experienced in teaching: English for Teachers, Young Learners, General English to Adults, English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Specific Exam preparation for: Cambridge Exams


Seeking a management position? No

Has previously held an EFL/ESL management post? No Teacher Training

Seeking a Teacher Training Position No

Held a Teacher Training post? Not specified

Administrator Position

Seeking an Administrator Position No

Seeking a Sales & Marketing Position

Seeking an Administrator Position Yes

Held a Sales & Marketing post? Yes

Interned at Penny's Pet Foods was part of Sales and marketing team and had to interact with customers directly and selling the products. I had to explain how to order food through the app and do other various task!

Sales & Marketing (years experience) 1 years

Countries You Wish To Work In

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Applicant expressed an interest in working in All countries 6. Education

University of International Business and Economics From Aug 2013 to Jul 2017 Has degree Yes

Academic Merit, Scholarships and other distinctions Tefl 120hr Master Degree Titles of any Thesis/Culminative projects Thesis Zimbabwean and China Relations I wrote about Zimbabwe and Chinese Relation. The main point of the Thesis was to analyse the overall relationships between the two nations and decide if it is a mutual beneficial relationship or is it one sided. The relationship proved to be beneficial but Zimbabwe has a number of issues that needs to be addressed to rep the full benefits of the aid being given by China!

7. English Language Training

English Language Teaching Certification

Various Location across Beijing From Jan 2015 to Dec 2017 Type of training: On The Job

Subjects studied: English

Qualifications gained: MA TEFL

9. Employment History/Referees/Other Information

Pennys Foods From Dec 2016 to Dec 2017

Country: China

Employer Activity: Manager

Position/s held: Internship

Mingmen Winter Camp From Jan 2016 to Feb 2016

Country: China

Employer Activity: Teaching

Position/s held: English Teacher

Miss Wang English Teaching school From Dec 2015 to Dec 2017 Country: China

Employer Activity: Teaching

Position/s held: Employee

Mingmen Summer Camp From Jun 2015 to Jul 2015

Country: China

Employer Activity: Teacher

Position/s held: English Teacher

Ms Jenny English Teacher Agency From Jan 2015 to Dec 2017 Country: China

Employer Activity: Agent for English Teacher

Position/s held: Teacher

Pactera From May 2014 to Jun 2014

Country: China

Employer Activity: Human Reasources

Position/s held: Data inscription

Further Information

Hobbies and any other interests: I enjoy spending time watching football with my friends and family. I believe that this time is very important. I also enjoy watching movies and reading. I am a big supporter and lover of football my favorite team being Manchester City. By default I play football and enjoy the workout of running up and down the field. Skateboarding was one of my bigger hobbies but years of football injuries made it difficult

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to do tricks so I was forced to just use it as a form of transportation only while I was in Beijing! I also developed a taste for languages while in Beijing I picked up some Mandarin and also learned some Spanish. Traveling is another hobby I tried to start, though it wasn't easy I have been able to see a number of places id hoped.

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