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Engineer Civil Engineering

Sherbrooke, QC, Canada
October 09, 2018

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Ahmed Omran, P.Eng., Ph.D. +1-819-***-**** 973 Paul-Desruisseaux, Sherbrooke (QC) Canada J1J4M2



R&D innovation QC Civil Engineer Project Manager/assistant Technical Representative in Concrete, Cement, Civil Engineering Materials Field Construction Executive Consultant Structure Repair NDT Assessment


Project Management Plan, Goal Setting, Coordination Write Proposals Control Budgets, Contract Negotiations Field Supervision Client Presentations Employee Supervision, Training Build cooperative teams Safety Inspections Blueprint Reading & Analysis Maintain updated knowledge of building codes/specifications of Canada & US.


11- Omran Construction Services, Sherbrooke (QC) Canada

Founder and director

[01/2017 present]

Give consultations for special construction projects:

A project for MTQ, Gen. Cont. (Construction Interlag Inc.), and concrete producer (Mont-Carmel, MC), I characterized 2 SCC mixtures and give estimation of formwork pressure used for strengthening Bridge piers in highway 40 (KM 187.5) in Trois-Rivières (QC). This saved > 50% of formwork design loads.

A project for MTQ, Gen. Cont. (Mohawk Bridge Consortium, MBC), and concrete producer (Demix Béton), I characterized different SCC mixtures and monitored formwork pressure used for strengthening Mercier Bridge piers in Kahnawake (QC) Canada. This saved 75% of casting hours and ended up very nice concrete surface.

22- Research Center on Cement and Concrete, Sherbrooke (QC) Canada

Project Engineer Materials, R&D, Structure, Concrete, Restoration Engineer

[01/2005 07/2018]

Technical experience:

Technical expert on behavior and performance of construction materials & concrete structures.

Conduct projects for construction industries, including laboratory investigation, ending up with field applications in real structures and monitoring after installation.

Perform material characterization (chemical and physical testing, grading, density, absorption, …).

Develop new construction materials (new cements, GP, Adcim materials, BFA, BBA, limestone powder, new SF, Nano-cellulose filaments [CF], flax fibers, LWA, SRA, water-hyacinth ash [WHA]).

Design and evaluate paste, mortar, and different concrete types (NC, super-workable/ecological SCC, FMC, RCC, PCC, DCC, HPC, UHPC, FRC [with steel, synthetic, natural fibers, Nano filaments], and concrete with ASCM [GP, LF, BFA, and CalsiFrit]).

Perform QC testing on fresh concrete (rheology, slump, unit weight, air content, temperature, setting time, bleeding, segregation mechanical testing (compressive, tensile, and flexural strengths, elasticity modulus), durability (permeability, corrosion, creep, shrinkage, sulfate attack, alkali-silica reaction, absorption,

If pertinent for certain projects, I can develop novel test methods for material evaluation. Examples: PV, IP, Undisturbed Slump Spread, Cone Penetration, K-slump, PRAT, Portable Pressure Device].

Write technical reports and make oral presentations to the customers.

Execute projects for:

Materials suppliers: (SAQ, Oriens Technologies Inc., Kruger Inc., Premier construction products group, Center of Tricentris, encore3, BHS composites, les sables OLIMAG, Omya Canada, Elkom Chicoutimi.

Chemical admixture producers: Sika Euclid, BASF, Master Builders.

Cement companies: Lafarge, LafargeHolcem, McInnis, Colacem Canada Inc.

Concrete suppliers: LafargeHolcem, Lecuyer Innovation Béton, Boisclair & fils Inc., Béton provincial Quebec, Bétons Genial Inc., Demix Béton, Canada building materials (CBM) in Toronto, Meyer Material Co. in Skokie-Illinois, Les Entreprises chartier Inc., C.P.C.O. in Montreal, paving and construction in Eastern Ottawa.

Construction companies and consulting firms (CIMA partenaire de génie, Qualitas Group Inc., CTLGroup, Ellisdon construction.

Municipalities: Towns of Sherbrooke, Montreal, Quebec, Laval, Ottawa.

Government authorities: MTQ, MTO, NRMCA, SDC of ACI, Hydro-Québec, institute de recherché d’hydro-Québec, Swedish CBI, Architectural Bureau of the University of Sherbrooke.

Management skills:

Managed a teamwork composed of 5 technicians, and about 60 engineer employees (with MSc and PhD degrees).

Prepared the weekly planning schedule for cement & concrete research group at U. of Sherbrooke (4 professors, 5 technicians, and > 60 persons).

Managed tens of site/field concrete and structural projects for various construction companies.

Prepared research proposals and grants (> 21 applications), estimated project costs, established, negotiated and finalized contracts with the industrial companies.

Conducted Q/C, concrete casting, security inspections, building evaluation and inspections, repair and restoration of deteriorated structures, and environmental reporting.

Sample of construction projects:

Precast underground manholes using GP-concretes for Hydro-Quebec, Lecuyer Innovation Béton, Boisclair & fils Inc., QC-Canada, 2014-2016.

2 bedstrain precast arch bridges using UHPGC and installation in U. of Sherbrooke Campus, with Béton Genial (one of the famous UHPC precaster in North America), 2014-2015.

R/C columns with SCC in Toronto (ON), Ellisdon Const. & Canada Building Materials (CBM), 2014.

Repair Jolicoeur Bridge in Montreal-Canada using Fiber-SCC, 2013.

Ottawa Hunt club pathway bridge using SCC, Town of Ottawa, Doka formwork, MTO, Louis W. Bray Construction, Lafarge Paving & Construction, 2012.

Structural walls using SCC, Swedish CBI, Beri formwork, Betongindustri-heidelberg cement, 2012.

Montreal museum of fine art in Canada, exterior exhibition area, Unibéton and Demix Béton, 2011.

Bridge in Highway 108-143 in Sherbrooke (QC) Canada, using super-workable SCC, Demix Béton and MTQ, 2011.

Maison du développement durable, Montreal-Canada, awarded LEED® Canada NC Platinum certification (1st in QC), Unibéton and Demix Béton, 2010-2011.

FCI laboratory (cutting-edge technology) at the U of Sherbrooke campus, Demix Béton, 2007-2009, 16 M $.

Tri Centre by Tricentris, in Gatineau (QC) Canada, with Lafarge concrete, 2012,

R/C columns with SCC at CTLGroup Corporate in Skokie (IL) USA, and Mayer Material Co., 2008.

Construction and monitoring the structural behavior of sidewalks, on-ground slabs using (i) GP-concretes for different municipalities (Sherbrooke, Montreal, Quebec, Laval), (ii) BFA-concretes in Louisville, Bromptonville, and Trois-Rivières (QC-Canada), 2006-2016.

Repair a tunnel using special HPC & SCC, intersection of Blvd Cavendish & Maisonnneuve W in Montréal (QC) Canada, 2005.

3- Consulting research center, strength & testing of materials Lab, Shebin El-Kom, Egypt

Consultant in structure, concrete, and restoration engineering

[03/2001 01/2005]

Characterization, inspection, and testing of new civil engineering materials (steel, cement, aggregate, bricks).

Executed field-inspection & assessed different structural elements using NDT.

Designed structural elements and supervised in-situ construction.

Q/C testing of concrete for local contractors.

Constructed elevated water tank in Town of Sirs Ellayan, Minoufia, Egypt.

Constructed 3 private multi-story residential houses [4 levels] in Egypt.

Wrote and submitted technical reports.

4- Ministry of National Defense (during the military service), Ismaelia, Egypt

Construction engineer

[01/2000 03/2001]

Executed underground irrigation networks for a 10-km2 farm (design pumping water stations, sand filtration systems, network pipes and hoses, and greenhouses).

35- Islamco Construction Co., Cairo, Egypt

Project & construction engineer

[05/1999 01/2000]

Coordinated projects and managed multiple sites (labor and material procurement), conducted maintenance and renovation of > 14 school buildings including (sanitary works, drink-water supply, electricity works, architectural finishing, strengthening of foundation, columns, and slab elements).

Headed a team for inspection, assessment, and repair of school buildings under the supervision of the Educational Buildings Authority, belonging to Ministry of Housing, Egypt.

Managed a team for repair & renovation of historic mosques in the city of Sirs Ellayan, Egypt.

Reviewed contracts and prepared action lists for projects, created schedules, negotiated change orders.

Constructed (structure & architecture) new 2 school buildings [cost 500K and 820K $ CAD].

Worked closely with supervisor engineers and contactors regarding constructability, timing, costs, and quality.

Designed various structural elements.

6- Faculty of Eng., U. of Minoufia, Shebin Elkom, Egypt

Engineer-In-training, EIT (during the B.Sc. study)

[09/1997 05/1999]

Designed structural elements [bridges, dams, and culverts], roads and airports, and traffic and transportation during the Graduation Projects at Faculty of Eng., U. of Minoufia, Egypt, 1999.

Constructed of 11 multi-story Hospital for Hassan Allam Holdings/Group/Sons, Egypt, 1997.

Constructed sanitary network systems, Town of SirsEllayan, Egypt, The Arab Contractors [AC], Egypt, 1997.


> 30 technical reports:

KH Khayat, AF Omran [12/2009] State-of-the-Art Review of Form Pressure Exerted by SCC. Final Report, NRMCA Research & Education Foundation, SDC of the ACI: pp 549. [].

A Omran, A Tagnit-Hamou (7/2016) Characterization of McInnis cement and testing in mortar and concrete, interim technical report submitted to Alexandre Rail (Plant Manager of Cement McInnis, Montreal (QC) Canada: pp 19.

A Omran, A Tagnit-Hamou (2/2016) Preliminary evaluation of Oriens material in paste and mortar, ORIENS Technologies Inc., Bécancour, (QC) Canada: pp 8.

A Omran, A Tagnit-Hamou (6/2015) Évaluation du comportement du béton avec poudre de verre dans les trottoirs en milieu municipal Ville de Montréal, Technical report submitted to Ville de Montréal Laboratory, Montreal (QC) Canada : pp 76.

A Omran, A Tagnit-Hamou (March 2015) Formulation des bétons avec poudre de verre pour puits d’acces hydro-québec, Technical report submitted to Laboratoire IREQ, Hydro-Quebec, Montréal (QC) Canada : pp 35.

A Omran, A Tagnit-Hamou (6/2014) Effect of using Anti-Shrinkage Admixtures: Product of Premier Construction Products Group to Reduce Concrete Shrinkage, Interim report for 3rd project, submitted to Premier Construction Products Group, Huntersville, NC, USA: pp 20.

> 100 technical papers/books/chapters (

> 50 presentations/posters in Conferences, Workshops, Meetings, and Seminars.


Ph.D. in Concrete Technology (Rheology and formwork pressure of concrete), U. of Sherbrooke (Canada), 2009.

M.Sc. in Structural Eng. (Using water-hyacinth ash as a cementitious material), U. of Minoufia (Egypt), 2003.

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (general), U. of Minoufia (Egypt), 1999.


Engineering Project Management (15-cr diploma) at U. of Sherbrooke (9/2017-present)

Graduate Certificate in Management (GCM) from Williams School of Business at Bishop’s U. (5/2017-present)

Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute (PMI), PA- USA (present)

Cours de santé et sécurité générale sur les chantiers de construction (6/2011)

WHMIS and Laboratory Safety course from U. of Sherbrooke (9/2017)


Honored with ACI Wason Medal for most Meritorious Paper (2017)

Recognized/Outstanding Reviewer from Elsevier Journals of CBM & Cleaner Production (2017 & 2018).

Awarded Best Presentation from ICCSGE 2018 in Dubai–UAE (2018).


P.Eng. of PEO Ontario since 2015 P.Eng. of OIQ [in final process] P.Eng. of Egyptian Engineer Syndicate since 1999

ASCE CSA ASTM ACI NRMCA PMI Research Center on Concrete Infrastructures (CRIB) Réunion Internationale des Laboratoires d’Essais et de recherché sur les Matériaux et les constructions (RILEM) Laboratoires International Associé – Écomatériaux pour les infrastructures et le bâtiment (LIA- Écomat)


Computer: Microsoft Office AutoCAD SAP STAAD Design expert JMP NCC Labfit Matlab (basic)

Language: English French Arabic

Hobbies: soccer basketball bin bong drawing painting reading travel photographing Willing to relocate

Citizen: Canadian Egyptian

References: available upon request

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