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Redmond, WA
October 09, 2018

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SAP HANA BW/BI Consultant Email:


Over 11 years of software development experience including SAP (BI/BW) business Intelligence with Over 3 years in SAP HANA & BOBJ 4.0 reporting (Webi). Involved in design, development (ETL), testing, Performance tuning and Production Support.

Implemented Many full life cycle implementations for different modules (FI/CO, SD, MM, CPM, PS, PP, HR, CRM, PM) in SAP BI/BW in all phases like Gap analysis, Blue-printing, design specification, development, performance tuning, testing, documentation, maintenance, training, Security authorizations and trouble-shooting.

Upgrade Experience BI 7.0 to BI 7.3 during the implementation of BO 4.0 and BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 in depth knowledge of migrating data sources from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0. And Involved BI responsibilities when ECC upgrade.

Expertise in ETL activities like Data Extraction, Data Modeling, and Loading (Full/Delta upload).

Involved in creating and managing of Info Areas, Info Object Catalogs, Characteristics, Key Figures, Application Components, Transfer Rules, Update Rules, PSA, DSOs, Info Cubes, DTP, Info package, transformation, Info Sources, MutliProviders, Info sets and Process Chains.

Well versed in several areas of BW/BI in the Logistics and Financials applications (SD, FI/CO, MM, PM, PP).

Proficient in Data Extraction from SAP ECC (FI/CO, MM, SD, PP, PM), BW/BI using extraction structures such as LIS, LO Cockpit, FI and Generic Extractors.

Excellent experience in activating & enhancing the standard Datasources with structural changes & User Exits with complex ABAP coding, Extracted Data from Flat files & DB Connect source systems for legacy data.

Worked on Complex routines (start routines and update routines) to update characteristics and key figures in the InfoCubes.

Expertise in creating and maintaining Process Chains and Meta Chains for automating data loads.

Expertise in front-end Business Warehouse components (BEx Analyzer, Query Designer) for Queries, workbooks, Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, Structures, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions, Ad-hoc Queries and Web application designer.

Worked extensively on Business Objects (BO 4.0) using IDT (Information Design tool) directly on Bex Queries and Cubes by BICS Connection.

Experience using Universe Designer, Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports Enterprise, Xcelsius and BW OLAP Universes.

Experience in developing Web Intelligence reports for sales and media end users by analyzing according to their requirements.

Proficient in performance tuning techniques which involves the evaluation of statistical performance, data load improvisation and query performance using compression, aggregates and partitioning techniques, OLAP cache.

Experience using Open hub service extracted Data from BI and transferred to other Systems.

Good skills in dealing with production support issues, which involved debugging of data loads, update routines and transfer routines, process chains and monitoring and scheduling data loads.

Strong planner and organizer with demonstrated ability to develop business solutions that increase efficiency, productivity.


Master of Computer Applications (MCA).


SAP BI/BW/BO Skills:

SAP BW/BI Operations - Extensive knowledge in Design/Implementation, Data Load Management, Process Chain and Reporting.

Data Modelling - Excellent knowledge extended star schema including Info Cubes design, ODS design, Info Objects, InfoSource, Transfer/Update rules and building MutliProviders for reporting purpose.

Extractions - Data extraction from R/3 systems using LO COCKPIT, CO-PA, Generic DataSources as well as non-R/3 systems such as Flat Files.

BW Reporting - Worked extensively in BEx Analyzer in building Queries and saving it in Workbooks. Expertise in front-end Business Warehouse Components like variables, calculated key figures, restricted key figures, Structures, Exceptions, Conditions and RRI.

Business Content- Extensively involved in installing and customizing the standard BW business content to pull information from various source systems including SAP R/3 and flat files to load the data into InfoProviders.

Performance Tuning- Evaluated statistical performance and suggested recommendations to basis support for optimization. Improved data load and query performance using compression, aggregates and partitioning.

Process Chain - Proficient in configuring Process Chains to automate data load into data targets.

Production Support - Handled tickets posted by users and monitored daily, weekly, monthly loads using process chains

Webi: Web Intelligence: Having Experience on Query filters, Prompts, Breaks, Sections, Organized data in Reports by using Filters, Sorting, Merging Dimensions, Combined Queries, Formulas, Variables and scheduling’s.


Good understanding of various components of SAP HANA.

Having strong knowledge on SAP HANA Data Modelling using Attribute Views, Analytic Views and Calculation Views (both Graphical & SQL script based) & SAP HANA Data Provisioning using SAP SLT Replication Server.

Good exposure on Schemas, table definitions, Attributes, Measures & Hierarchies in HANA.

Good Knowledge in SAP HANA security including User Management, Roles and Privileges.

Extending SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP S/4HANA.

Project Methodology in Data Scientist - SAP Predictive Analytics.

Core Data Services (CDS) and SQL Scripts.

Professional Experience:

Project #

Client : Microsoft (Redmond, WA & working through Ksoft Systems Inc.).

Duration : February 2018 to till date.

Industry : Software products.

Role : SAP BW/BI Consultant



SAP BI Techno Functional Lead having strong BI knowledge and functional knowledge on SAP modules like SAP CPM, SAP FI, SAP SD and SAP MM.

Understanding business reporting requirements and tracing down to a technical solution and identifying the standard/custom extractors.

Working on Development/enhancements of Logistics (SAP SD), Project systems (SAP PS) and Finance (SAP FI) extractors.

Design and Develop to send the SAP data to downstream for reporting by BODS (Data Services) tool.

Responsible for coordinating between different teams in the project and making sure the deliverables are met on time.

Developing the objects/Report for SD, FI and CPM business user by using SAP BusinessObjects Data Services, SAP Data Services and SAP BW (Business Warehouse).

Implementing SAP CPM (Commercial Project Management) for professional services organization including time and expense tracking, project status management, resource management, and financial reporting.

Troubleshooting existing SQL scripts, Fixing the issues and enhancing the programs.

Advising SAP BW-HANA Blend scenario solutions for specific requirements where a high volume of detailed data reporting is required in real time.

Creating custom views to push the calculations to the HANA DB engine. And Optimizing the Design of the data flows in BW, HANA for the requirements.

Involved design phase and collecting requirements from business (SD, PS-PD, FICO and CPM) teams.

Enhancement: Added field Grouping Indicator field in the 2LIS_13_VDHDR extractor to facilitate finance revenue recognition report.

SAP PD: Involved requirements phase for BIF (Business Investment Funded) attributes for WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data table/extractor.

Involved Write-off report design and development solution (SAP SD).

Involved production data issues and updated complete analysis to downstream owners (SAP FI, PD and SD).

Working with the offshore team, daily SyncUP calls and sharing the requirement.

Project #

Client : T-Mobile (Bellevue, WA. & worked through Ksoft Systems Inc.).

Duration : November 2013 to January 2018.

Industry : Telecommunications Services

Role : SAP HANA BI/BW Consultant

Environment : SAP BI/BW 7.5, SAP OER, SAP EM, ECC 6.0, SAP HANA 1.0 (SP10), ABAP, BEx, SD, OTC, COPA, MM, FI-GL, FI-AP, FI-AR and BOBJ 4.0 (Webi), DB connect & non-SAP systems.


Involved design phase and collecting requirements from business (FI, CO, SD, MM and EM) teams.

Setting up HANA SLT Server Configuration Connection between ECC & HANA (ECC-SLT-HANA) by using LTR & LTRC T-codes.

Attending everyday business meeting with the users and other track leads (like SAP ECC, OER and Oracle teams…).

Expertise in HANA SQL scripting and Good Knowledge on the Debugging SQL procedures.

Involved preparing functional and technical specification.

Maintained multiple ETL integrations using SAP Data Services and smart data integration (SDI).

SAP Landscape Transformation: MARA, COBK, CE4V001 and COEP data replicated from SAP ECC to SAP HANA for Inventory, Finance and Controlling reporting requirements by using SAP SLT technique.

SAP EM: Enhanced Event handler and message (Item) data sources 0SCEM_1 and 0SCEM_2.

Gathered and analyzed the requirement to replicate the ECC content in HANA using data provisioning.

Expert on SAP HANA modeling and SQL scripting which includes ability to write complex stored procedures and scripted based HANA views using SQL.

Implemented SLT Transformations logic (Data Filtering & Transforming Data) using LRTS Transaction code.

Converted standard extractors to ODP (Operational Data Provisioning) Extractors using RODPS_OS_EXPOSE Program.

Worked on purchasing related Data sources 2LIS_02_SCL, 2LIS_02_ITM and 2LIS_02_ACC (Item Level, Schedule and Account) and changed existing reports (RSD Financial Report (WBS) and RSD Financial Report (Cost Center)) as per user’s request.

Worked HANA modeling, using Attribute View, Analytic View, Calculation View, and SQL Scripting.

Expertise in using Open ODS, Advanced DSO (ADSO) & Composite provider where ever it’s necessary.

Worked on Sales and Inventory Quality improvements SAP Bex / BO reports.

Developed Custom CO-PA Account-Based extractor (1_CO_PA_AC_01).

Monitored delta queue of ODP execrators in ODQMON T-code and test the ODP data source by using RODPS_REPL_TEST Program.

Expertise in native SAP HANA hands-on development including creating SAP HANA information models such as calculation views, analytical views, star views with graphical and SQL scripting.

Worked on Open Hub extractors for generating files (Via Celera path or SAP BODS) to downstream systems (Like ScopsBI & TDFADS).

Worked HANA Modular for Views (Calculation, Analytical and Attributes views).

Worked on COPA Reconciliation report, Developed Calculation views by using SAP ECC table (COEP) and SAP BW tables.

Strong knowledge to Fixing errors, analyze Data Issues, using filters to restrict data in SAP SLT process.

Worked with Projection & Aggregation node in HANA Calculation views.

COPA Account Based Extraction/Reports: Created Attribute Views and Calculation Views using following tables COEP, COBK, COEPR and CE4V001.

Created Attributes Views on top of the 0MATERIAL and 0CUSTOMER.

Developed Calculation view for COPA Report - Statistical Key figures information (ZTFI_COPA_DCHL).

Developed HANA views for In-Transit Report, Top down Report and Handset Sales Reports.

Developed reports for inventory details information (Company code, Material Standard price, GL account, plant, chart of accounts, Total stock Quantity, Unrestricted stock, stock in transit and blocked stocks.)

Developed Open ODS objects by taking reference of Data sources and transformations.

Created BW Virtual Cubes & info objects based on the HANA Attribute/Analytic/Calculation views.

Worked on Data source enhancement following fields Standard price (MBWE), GL Account (T030) (2LIS_03_BX, 2LIS_03_UM and 2LIS_03_BF).

Designed HANA data model using Attribute, Analytic, Projection & calculated views based on the requirement and worked with Projection & Aggregation node in HANA Calculation views.

SAP BW 7.4 on HANA 1.0 Upgrade:

Worked on SAP BW 7.4 HANA migration project and involved in pre & post migration steps and Archived data from oracle data base to Sybase data base.

Worked on data archiving Process (DAP) as part of SAP BW HANA migration (SAP HANA – Data Archive, verification, Data deletion process) steps.

Identified the list of transformations and applied the NLS (HANA – Near Line Storage) code.

Implemented NLS coding (Changed start routines and end routines code in SAP BW 7.4 transformations) for optimize the HANA database size.

Implemented OSS notes as part of SAP HANA migration (Note 1035373, 1042182, 1102626 etc

Migrated HANA content from development, testing environment to Production environment using delivery units.

Project #

Client : SanDisk (Milpitas, CA. & India, worked through NTT Data)

Duration : December 2010 to September 2013.

Industry : Memory Storage Devices

Role : SAP BI/BW Consultant

Environment : SAP BI 7.0, BW 7.3, SAP ECC 6.0, ABAP, BEx, SD, HR, COPA, MM, FI, HCM, SAP BOBJ 3.1, BOBJ 4.0 (Webi), SSIS, Support (Production activities) and BI upgrade project.


Involved in full life cycle implementation, which includes Gap Analysis, Requirements Gathering, and Blueprinting, Development, Testing, Reporting, Go-live and Post Go-live support.

Understood the business challenges, translated them into requirements, and developed Analytics and Reporting Queries according to Business Requirements.

Involved in End to End implementations with Non-SAP legacy systems Admarc and Dart (Media legacy Systems) to BW for reporting on digital and print publications.

Involved in security and technical upgrade to BI 7.3 during the implementation of BO 4.0 in Co - ordination with Basis team.

Benefits: worked 0HR_PA_BN_1 for employee benefits benefit plans and their costs for employer and employee per calendar month.

Involved SAP HCM (HR) requirements for Family dependents, Terminations and Headcount data.

Extensive involvement in integrating BI with Sales Force in order to provide daily files and reports to sales team for analyzation.

Worked on CO DS: 1_CO_PA_CS_SD0P4 and created Gross Margin Report.

Involved in modules majorly Accounts payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Sales and Distribution (SD) in order to enter billings in R/3 tables and pulling to BW for reports to end users and sales team by customizing them as per the client requirement.

Worked on Funds Management (FM) summary reports as per business request and 0PU_IS_PS_31.

Performed LO-Cockpit extraction to pull data from ECC SD modules into BI system extracting the Header and Line item data from the Sales and Distribution modules Sales Order “2LIS_11_VAHDR / VAITM”, Shipping/Delivery “2LIS_12_VCHDR/VCITM” and Billing 2LIS_13_VDHDR/VDITM”.

Involved in development and Extracted employee personnel actions (0HR_PA_0 and 0HR_PA_1) data and Payroll information for each employee data (0HR_PY_1, 0HR_PY_2, 0HR_PY_CE).

Designed and developed various BI Objects like Info objects, Multi providers, Info cubes, DSOs, (Direct update, Write-optimized, Standard) Extractors for sales, accounts receivables, Accounts payables.

Used APD’s (Analysis process designer) in generating files and reports for project Sustainability and sales force team by doing complex routines (ABAP) and critical joins according to end users and sales team requirements in a quick time.

Created BEx queries for reporting on Info Cubes, Info Sets, DSOs and Multi Provider.

Created Daily Sales Reports which involves Daily Sales Orders, Order Reasons, Customer Group and other important sales data.

Created Daily Invoicing Report involving all import billing data and created Daily Back Order Report involving import sales, material and date.

Created reports Revenue Monitor Exchange in order to analyze admin fee, Billable subscribers per exchange, Ratio of subscribers to customers and many reports by monthly and yearly.

Created and developed many Queries and workbooks using General Ledger and Non-SAP Legacy systems integration with BW like Monthly reports, close reports (Media Specific) etc…

BOBJ 4.0: Developed interactive Web Intelligence reports directly on BEx queries using Query Panel and Report Panel (direct connectivity through BICS).

Developed WebI reports regarding media projects and sales forecast details with various features drill down, functions, formulas etc.

Having end-to-end testing experience following areas like developed objects, review test cases with users, performance testing, data loads, Reports analysis & Query runtime testing.

Created Process Chains and Meta-Chains for periodic upload of Text data, Master data and Transactional data, and monitored data loads with full update and Delta mechanisms.

Worked extensively on various production support issues and administration of BI back-end operations to ensure data is successfully extracted from source systems, transformed, loaded into the warehouse and available for business use when needed.

Created BI OLAP universes over BEx queries using Universe Designer.

SAP BI/BW upgrade 7.0 to BI 7.3 responsibilities:

I have involved following BI upgrade activities Pre-Upgrade, post upgrade, data loading and reports testing.

SAP BI - Pre-Upgrade:

Audit reports and the pre-validation reports are copied to folder in BPP 7.0

Stopped all scheduled in Enterprise process chains.

Run all the Audit, Prevalidation and identified executive and user reports.

Clear all delta queues before the downtime-- Run the infopackages or PC's.

Request Security team to lock the background users.

SAP BI - Post Upgrade:

Run Enterprise Bex Queries, Run Audit and Pre-validation reports for validate of all reports.

Run the process chains and data reconciliations.

Make sure all the process chains are back to schedule.

Release reports and Communication to users.

Performance Benchmark Reports and Data Validation Reports (Audited Reports).

Ran following SAP standard programs RSBKDTP_BDLS, RSTRAN_BDLS and RSBK_REPAIR_BDLS.

Applied required OSS notes with the help of Basis team (1636155, 1612875 and 1690541 etc…).

Project #

Client : Corbis (Seattle, WA & India, worked through NTT Data).

Duration : April 2010 to November 2010.

Industry : Corbis Images, Corbis Motion and Corbis Entertainment.

Role : SAP BI/BW Consultant

Environment : SAP BI/BW 7.0, SAP ECC 6.0, SD, MM, HR, ABAP, FI, CO SAP Bex Analyzer.


Involved in complete lifecycle implementation of the project from gathering user requirements, preparation of technical specifications documents, designing and developing reports, unit testing (UAT) to Go live production support.

Implemented SAP BI 7.0 for SD, PP, MM modules.

Concept, blueprint, design and development of SAP BI-IP applications (BI 7.0 with NW 2004s)

Conceptual design of planning components to be migrated from SAP BW-BPS 3.5 to BI-IP 7.0

Created reports Finance “Days Overdue analysis” “Payment History by Document Type”, “DSO Analysis by Period” reports.

Involved in analyzing and designing the data flow from ECC to BI and responsible for deployment.

Responsible for design, development and extraction of data from ECC source system into BI from SD, PP and MM using LO cockpit extraction methods.

Extracted data from Production (PP) and Process Orders (PP-PI) to analyze manufacturing orders.

Created setup tables for the LO-Cockpit extraction, performing V3 update using LBWE to get the data from the outbound queue of the ECC system to the delta queue of the BI system.

Configured Inventory Management for both make-to-stock and made-to-order.

Created Open Hub Extractors ZSD_SALES_OHUB, ZSD_BILL_HUB AND ZSD_DEL_HUB Info Spokes Using Data Sources Info Cubes, ODS Objects, Info Object Attribute and Text. After Data loads are done In Info Spokes Data is transferred In to Down Streams.

Developed Transformations (ABAP) with Start Routine, Update Routine and End Routine. Created Generic DataSources with ability of Delta Functionality.

Created reports like confirmed quantity, item purchase orders as requested, complete purchase order quantities delivered and purchase order values.

Activated the Business Content for Accounts payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), General Ledger (GL), Cost Center Accounting (CO-CCA) and customizing them as per the client requirement.

Initialized and Extracted deltas from the data sources 0FI_AR_4 from the tables BSAD/BSID loading Finance Line Items and Payment History details to the ODS ZFIAR_O02.

Developed reports in SD module like open sales order report which included all organization levels, delivery status, shipping details and partner function details.

Worked with Security team to Test and Document the access of different Roles (Power user and End user) with Queries and Workbooks on the new Security Authorization in BI (Analysis Authorization).

Extensively used Calculations, Variables, Prompts and Sorted inputs, Drill down, Slice and Dice, Alerts for creating Business Objects reports.

Worked Extensively on Various production support issues and administration of BI back-end operations to ensure data is successfully extracted from source systems, transformed, loaded into the warehouse and available for business use when needed.

Project #

Client : ITOCHU (India, Worked through NTT Data)

Duration : Oct 2009 to Mar 2010.

Industry : Network Solutions

Role : SAP BI/BW Consultant

Environment : SAP BI/BW 7.0, SAP ECC 6.0, BW 3.5, SAP upgrade, Bex, ABAP, SD, MM, PP, FI and CO.


Actively involved in requirement gathering, gap analysis, Design and implementation.

Prepared Gap Analysis Documents to drive enhancements, Design Documents and Technical Specifications Documents.

Involved in Up gradation of the system from 3.5 to BI 7.0, migrated BW 3.5 data sources to BI 7.0 data sources

Installed the Business Content for Plant Maintenance, Customer Service, Accounts Payable, Cost center Accounting (CO-CA), and Customized as per Client Requirement.

Extensively Migrated the Installed Business Content Objects and Dataflow to BI.

Developed Write Optimized DSO’s for EDW layers and Standard DSO for Consolidation Layers.

Created Direct Update DSO’s for creating history data and for snapshot scenario reports.

Developed Transformations with Start Routine, Update Routine and End Routine. Created Generic DataSources with ability of Delta Functionality.

Enhanced the Master Data and Transaction DataSources with Z-fields and populated using User Exits.

Created flat files for Hierarchies and Custom Hierarchies in R/3 and loaded them to BI.

Extracted Maintenance and Service orders data (Plant Maintenance, Customer Service), Purchasing Requisitions using LO-Cockpit extraction.

Also Extracted Accounts Payable Line Items data (FIAP).

Created Process Chains and Meta-Chains for periodic upload of Text data, Master data and Transactional data, and Monitored data loads with full update and delta mechanisms.

Created Number of Orders Closed, Past Due Rolling 12 - Month reports for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Orders.

Created Exception Aggregations, Formula Variables, RKF’s and CKF’s in the Queries.

Extensively used Information broadcasting for broadcasting web reports, workbooks to end users and power user.

Project #

Client : HUL (India, Worked through NTT Data)

Duration : July 2009 to Sep 2009

Industry : Consumer goods Company

Role : SAP BI/BW Consultant

Environment : SAP BI/BW 7.0, ECC 6.0, MM, PP, ABAP and SD.


Worked extensively on standard and custom defined LO extractors. Installed relevant SAP business content. Used LO structures for extracting sales order, delivery information. Logistics Cockpit configuration and customization

Managed and monitored data loads with Full update and Delta update

Created reports, which displays sales orders and line items, which needed to be delivered by a certain date

Involved in extraction of data from PM.

Created Data Transfer Process(DTP) to schedule the update in BI 7.0

Experienced in formatting various changes in WAD like converting Bar graph to line graph during the upgrade

Worked on ABAP data dictionary and improved performance on some of the reports

Created Real-time info cubes for loading the BPS (Business Planning Simulation) data into it from RDA Data sources.

Extracted data from SAP R/3 using LO Cockpit, Generic and Business Content Extractors

Enhanced new Info Objects to be attached/mapped in Info Sources/Communication structures. Changed transformation rules as per customer requirements (ABAP routines)

Designed, developed ETL, extracted BW Data to Non- SAP System using Open Hub service

Maintained Process chains to automate and schedule the background performance tuning jobs of BW query using Indices, aggregates, Compression, Achieving and Partition

Evaluated statistical performance on OLAP using BW Statistics

Rescheduled the failed request from the cube by deleting the requests in the Info Cubes

Developed flexible queries using filters and navigational attributes to facilitate data analysis in a drill down or summarized way to give detailed levels of information, required in areas of SD and MM. Worked on Currency conversion as per user requirements.

Project #

Client : HD Supply (San Diego, CA and Worked through SmileSys Inc.).

Duration : Aug 2007 to July 2009

Industry : Home Improvement Retailer

Role : SAP BI/BW Consultant

Environment : SAP BI 7.0, SAP ECC 6.0, BEx, FICO, AR, AP and GL.


Actively involved in requirement analysis, data modeling and technical implementation.

Installed Business Content for Financial and Profit Center Accounting Info Cubes and customized the FI-GL, FI-AR, FI-AP and PCA business content cubes for meeting the business requirements.

Extensively worked with General ledger, Accounts payable data sources for extraction and loading of data from FI to BW.

Created and Designed DSO’s for SD module for Sales Header, Sales order Item, Billing Items, Schedule line, Sales History, Sales Quota, FI/GL etc.

Installed DataSources Customers: Line Items with Delta Extraction (0FI_AR_4) and Customer Credit Management. Controlling Area Data via Delta Extraction (0FI_AR_9) from business content.

Created custom Info Cubes such as ZFIGL_C01 for GL Line item data and ZFIAP_C03for AP Line item data over standard business content DSO.

Defined and maintained transformations created DTP’s and Info package for scheduling the loads to data targets.

Extracted data from SAP (FI & PCA extractions) and legacy systems (using DB connect). Involved in Generic Extraction of PCA data.

Used ETL for data staging, cleansing and consolidation.

Created Start routines and End routine in transformations to update characteristics and key figures in the Info Cubes.

Performed Remodeling on existing cubes to accommodate new key figures and characteristics.

Responsible for loading Master data (Texts, Attributes and Hierarchies) and Transaction data from R/3 Data Sources, Non – SAP systems and from Flat Files.

Created Process Chains and Meta-Chains for periodic upload of Text data, Master data and Transactional data, and Monitored data loads with full update and delta mechanisms.

Expertise in troubleshooting the load failures and extensively used Error-DTP for correcting the loads.

Improved query performance and data load using aggregates, compression and partitioning techniques.

Generated reports to display the debit and credit total and the balances of a FIGL account interval for the individual posting period of the specified fiscal year.

Involved in creation of different types of reports such as month to date (MTD) reports, year to date (YTD) reports, monthly reports, quarterly reports and annual reports for a facility analysis

Created Customer Exit Variables for MTD and YTD reports. Expertise in debugging the Start routines and end routines.

Extensively used formula variables, conditions, exceptions, exception aggregation and Cell editors for developing complex custom reports.

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