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Customer Service Construction

Pearisburg, VA
40,000 to 50,000 a year
October 09, 2018

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TONY RIDDLE 540-***-****

*** ***** **., *******, ** 24124

Confident Physician Liaison promoting effective communication, relationship building and time management skills. Offering more than 5 years of calling on prospects and turning them into referral opportunities. Considered driven, talented, smart and a valuable addition to any team. Looking to getting off roof and using my strong points in other areas.

Materials preparation

Project management

Strong verbal communication


Inspection reviews

Team leadership

Working WorkingSupervisor Supervisor • Stevens Roofing Corp Norfolk, VA • September 2013 to August 2018

Researched and updated all required materials needed for firm and partners. SSSSuuuuppppeeeerrrrvvvviiiissssoooorrrr • Andrew's Roofing Portsmouth, VA • June 2010 to July 2013

Checked job sites for accuracy, quality and to ensure that all specifications for the project were met.

Fostered a positive work environment by consistently treating all employees and customers with respect and consideration.

Recognized and rewarded outstanding work performance to cultivate a positive and collaborative customer service culture. Documented and communicated all claim activity in a timely and effective manner, while supporting the outcome of claim files. Resolved all customer complaints in a professional manner while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Handled some customer relations issues in a gracious manner and in accordance with company policies.

Described product to customers and accurately explained details and care of merchandise.

Educated customers about the brand to incite excitement about the company's mission and values.

Strategically scheduled team members to maintain optimal staffing levels at all times.

Mentor new sales and roofers to contribute to the store's positive culture. Greeted customers in a timely fashion, while quickly determining their needs. Answered customer telephone calls promptly and in an appropriate manner. Preserved a perfect attendance record for 6 months intervals. Developed reputation as an efficient service provider with high levels of accuracy.

Provided an elevated customer experience to generate a loyal clientele. Recipient of multiple positive reviews acknowledging dedication to excellent customer service.

Supervised and directed all merchandise and shipment processing. Built long-term customer relationships and advised customers on purchases and promotions.

Asked open-ended questions to assess customer needs. Responded to all customer inquiries thoroughly and professionally. Managed wide variety of customer service and administrative tasks to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

Investigated and resolved customer inquiries and complaints in a timely and PROFESSIONAL




empathetic manner.

Communicated clear expectations and goals to each team member. FFFFrrrraaaammmmeeeerrrr • K H Construction (Rick Hardy) Elktan, MD • 2001 to 2005

Selected materials, equipment and tools that would be needed on a job site. Installed wall, roof and floor structures according to blueprints. Efficiently met deadlines under weather and time constraints. Cleaned and organized job sites.

Used machines and tools such as nail guns, saws and grinders safely and with accuracy.

Examined wood for defects and damage.

Maintained a daily work record.

Maintained excellent performance while working on group projects. Cut, measured and shaped wood.

Understood steps needed to complete a home from the start to the finish. Performed basic machine set up.

Met production goals by maintaining cost effective levels of spare parts inventory.

Maintained documentation for areas such as orders, activities, schedules and employee performance.

Informed supervisors when machines needed major service. Read work orders to prepare for machine setup.

Promoted shop safety by working in a safe manner.

Maintained compliance with company standards to perform all maintenance activities.

Used hand tools to change worn cutting tools.

Attended monthly safety meetings to ensure machine operation safety. Operated wide variety of equipment including power saws, sanders, grinders, cranes drill press, forklift and basic hand tools. Employed wide variety of hand and power tools including hoists, drills, precision measuring instruments and electronic testing devices. Dug trenches, backfilled holes and compacted earth to prepare for new construction.

Responsible for wide variety of duties including, pipe fitting, painting, carpentry, electrical repair, installation, building repair. Operated equipment such as backhoes and lull and forklifts. Completed tear-down of existing structures and prepared for new construction.

Inspected machine parts for conformance to product specifications. Provided accurate measurements and estimates for all projects. Performed routine preventive maintenance to ensure that building systems operated efficiently.

Requisitioned new supplies and equipment.

Safe and efficient operation of backhoes, lulls,and forklifts . Followed company procedures to maintain work environment in a neat and orderly condition.

Repaired and tested fire hydrants.

Prepared and cleaned construction sites by removing debris. Followed standards and procedures to maintain safe work environment. Used hoists and cranes to lift work pieces to machine. Maintained positive relationships with all customers. Loaded and unloaded building materials used for construction. Ensured proper installations through accurate reading of blueprints. Cleared drains and downspouts and cleaned gutters. Set ladders, scaffolds and hoists in place for taking supplies to roofs. Unpacked and assembled all new merchandise using variety of power tools. Sprayed walls with waterproof compound.

Provided outstanding customer service.

Accurately completed service reports and warranty forms. Safely operated mowers, snow blowers, chain saws, electric clippers, sod cutters and pruning saws.

Manually carried roofing materials up ladders.

Consistently assumed additional responsibilities and worked extended hours to meet project deadlines.

Communicated operational issues and changes to supervisor on regular basis.

Collaborated with roofing and framing crews to ensure smooth work flow and efficient organization operations.

Kept site work safe and in line with budget, schedule and applicable building codes.

Monitored inventory and reported items to be restocked for each job. Accurately read, understood, and carried out written instructions. GGGGEEEEDDDD • University Of Albany NY

Albany NY • 1990


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