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Security Air Force

Bowie, MD
October 09, 2018

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Bowie, MD 20715


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It will be an honor to work for your company. Experiencing a new set of challenges and working in a team environment, will bring excellence toward the company’s future and assist with all angles of work to ensure responsibilities and deadlines are met.

Centurum, Inc.

4251 Suitland Road

Washington, DC 20395

May 2016-April 2018

Position: Administrative Support

Perform administrative and office support activities for the office. Serve multiple supervisors where eduties include fielding telephone calls, receiving and directing visitors; word processing; creating spreadsheets presentations and filing. Perform project management tasks such as:

(a)Assist in developing the project’s scope and requirements

(b)Break down projects into tasks and delegate tasks to relevant members of the staff

(c)Oversea integration and compilation of the planned product

(d)Implement the product, and take responsibility for receiving and getting the work out

Edit over 20 tasks for all Navy personnel daily; prepare 10 e-mails daily to alert offices to pick-up their tasks; communicate daily when tasks are given for logging; closing out over 15 tasks daily; making deadlines which is very important; handling tasks with suspense to make deadlines. Highly proficient in all applications.

MasyGroup, LLC

4600 Sangamore Drive

Bethesda, MD 20310

June 2015-May 2016

Position: Security Escort

Serve as main security escort working with various contractors for a DIA Project. Responsible for escorting and monitoring access in and out of the facilities. Operate and ensure proper administration and control of equipment designed for management of property, deliveries, packages, and controlled/prohibited items. Monitor the compliance with the established rules and regulations. Take all reasonable precautions for health and safety of persons, and promptly report or correct unsafe conditions, procedures, or activities. Walked with well over 5-6 uncleared workers per day.

Sentar, Inc

9800 Savage Road

Fort Meade, MD 20395

February 2015-May 2015

Position: Special Security Representative

Expert knowledge of JPAS automation systems and SIPR classified network. Huge knowledge of SCI requirements and security. Help desk labor category; similar to system administrative at SSO’s office. Use JPAS, SIPR and NIPR for in-processing. Schedule indoctrination and debriefs; monitor front desk for badge check and visitors. Knowledge of physical and basic security; solid understanding of National Security Administration (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency(DIA) and Marines SCI security regulatory procedures and guidelines. Excellent communications skills. Maintain records, filing, making folders, and prepare written memorandums and reports for individual’s files. Sat in as front desk monitor every Friday for sometimes uncleared personnel, and also for cleared personnel with their personnel credentials to meet with their counterpart(s) for meetings.

Sentrillion, Inc.

Army Research Laboratory(ARL), Aberdeen Proving Grounds

Aberdeen, Maryland

July 2014-January 2015

Position: Security Escort

Physical Security Escorting duty includes standing and walking in and out of the facility; ensuring no inadvertent disclosure or security breach. Escorting non-cleared visitors primarily maintenance, delivery, construction, or service personnel in secured spaces. Badges should be in plain site; monitoring cameras and walking to the next destination. Provide security and safety for personnel, property, facility, and

assets. Perform identification checks and access control to ensure only authorized personnel allowed access to facility. Employees must ensure performance meets the Aberdeen Proving Grounds standards and requirements and must act in accordance Aberdeen Proving Grounds Code of Conduct.

Prince George's County Schools

8000 Cherry Lane

Laurel, MD 20707

January 2014-June 2014

Position: Bus Attendant

Ensure the safety and well-being of children being transported to and from the school; follows and ensures mandated child restraint devise procedures, ensuring children are properly positioned and restrained (babies fastened in car seats, and seat belts for older children). Expert with children boarding the bus; Help children safely get off the bus and into the custody (only) of those individuals authorized to receive them and retrieving any fallen objects during the bus ride.

Complete accident reports, when appropriate; reports any traffic violations incurred by the bus driver to the Delegate Director or Site Supervisor. Attend staff meetings and team meetings. If there is an accident or emergency, assures the safe evacuation of children and adults passengers (following the Bus Evacuation Plan) and assists in assuring that all passengers are transported to the nearest hospital or to their private physician, as per Medical/Accident Emergency Plan. Gives parents any notes or written materials sent from the center and distributes notes from parents to the appropriate center staff. Assists in maintaining the interior of the vehicle in a clean and safe operating condition. Assures that no child is ever left unsupervised on a bus.

Organizational Strategies, Inc.

3801 Nebraska Ave N.W.

Washington, DC 20528

February 2012-April 2012

Position: Technical Writer

Proofread material prepared by other technical writers and/or contract staff. Edit documents for style and conformity to government deliverable requirements. Prepare written text and coordinate layout and organization of materials according to prepared outlines and specifications. Edit documents pertaining to floods and hurricanes. Responsible for maintaining information using spreadsheets. Write in a clear and concise manner to appropriately convey technical information to a variety of audiences. Apply both technical writing and document drafts for the industry standards in work products and deliverables. Consult on document creation, format, and presentation to foster effective written and presentation communications. Demonstrate/utilize working knowledge of configuration management principles, procedures, and tools. Maintain short and long term document storage/management and expert knowledge of the principles/practices involved in technical research and writing. Expert knowledge of products and services, customer requirements and purpose and structure of required documentation. Work in a team oriented environment as well as working independently. Provide guidance and work leadership to less-experienced technical writers and participate in special projects.

Visual Integrated Professionals, LLC

800 N Quincy St,

Arlington, VA 22217

July 2009-September 2009

Position: Technical Writer/Editing

Technical Writer for the National Security Program (NSPS) Review Team – (Task Force headed by the Department of Defense (DoD) and under the Boards and Commissions/Washington Headquarters Service (WHS)). Edit and summarize minutes for the Defense Business Board (DBB), National Security Personnel System review Task Group (NSPS). The minutes were very important and were heard from the public and held from 25-26 July 2009. The meetings were headed by prominent members of the Defense Business Board (DBB). Provide technical documentation support for the Defense Business Board (DBB). Understand complex ideas and communicate them to both customers and colleagues in a clear and concise manner; point of contact for key development projects. Proven ability to establish and cultivate relationships with key customers within the

Department of Defense. Work independently and effectively with little or no supervision. Understand complex ideas and communicate them to employers in a clear and concise manner.

New Age Protection

Bolling Air Force Base

Washington, DC 20340

December 2009-June 2011

Position: Security Manager

Maintain 4 databases: JPAS, PS3; Scattered Castles and Web Support. Responsible for overseeing DoD intelligence personnel and contractor personnel with badge loss and proper identification. Assisted with briefings and meetings of persons with proper identification; destruction of expired badges; responsible for checking property memorandums for computers and/or other equipment. Check pin numbers and names for personnel at turnstiles; monitor cameras; assist DIA's Federal Officers in assisting customers and/or employers or contractors to put material on machine to be screened; use Web Support database for last and first names for clearance check. Use PS3 for clearances and contractors use Scattered Castles. Escort badges are used for personnel with non-clearance. Responsible for destruction of expired badges; checking property memorandums for computers and/or other equipment; checking pin numbers and names when personnel get stuck at

turnstiles. Monitored cameras and assist DIA's Federal Officers in assisting customers and/or employers and contractors to put material on machine to be screened. Web Support Database was used for first and last names for clearance check. DIA employers used PS3 for clearances and contractors used Scattered Castles. Escort badges are used for personnel with non-clearance that have to be escorted once they call a point-of-contact located in the building. Report lost or stolen badges to the DIA badge facilities and a replacement badge will be issued. Deny entry into DIA-controlled areas to holders of questionable badges until the badge’s validity and identity of the bearer are satisfactorily resolved. Instruct personnel to have expired, worn out, mutilated or unrecognizable badges replaced; immediately report counterfeit badges and any other irregularities noted in the DIA badge system to the Special Security Officer (SSO). Process and enter incoming documents into the classified document database, including receipt records. Process outgoing transmittals, including receipt records, double wrapping, and facility verifications. Perform incidental typing and clerical work, filing, sorting and distributing mail as assigned. Perform additional clerical duties pertinent to the type of department, group or office. Enforces appropriate security directives including a visual inspection of common areas to prevent any hazards, ensuring proper safety procedures are followed, and assisting in the prevention of unauthorized entry in the company. Assist with planning and coordination of security services such as refresher briefings and related functions.

ODNI/International Biometric Group/Six3 Systems

8404 Greensboro Dr

McLean, VA 22102

November 2012-November 2012

Position: Watchlist Specialist (Training)

Reviewed and assessed information, including its accuracy and quality, in order to make recommendations on further processing requirements such as analysis or nomination. Work as a counterterrorism watch list analyst to provide analysis for a US government counterterrorism program. Conduct in-depth research while effectively using numerous intelligence community databases. Complete tasks while adhering to strict quality guidelines and within challenging timelines; manipulate, and analyze intelligence data. Maintain proficiency in current intelligence capabilities, develop new techniques, advise government clients, and provide expertise on a particular country, geographic region, or issue. Work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment.

Computer Science Corporation

Bolling Air Force Base

Washington, DC 20340

October 2005-February 2009

Position: All-Source Analyst-Junior Level

Link over 5,000 messages from WISE, put into Word Perfect format to submit to the Intelligence Community. Produce various intelligence products including standard DIA products, briefings and target folders. Perform research and analysis on data and writing reports. Adhere to tight time lines and strict quality guidelines. Use numerous U.S. Government and open source databases for research; WISE is used for the analysis and validation of a wide variety of information for various products. Organized intelligence information and preparing intelligence assessment reports. Analyze all-source information to assess foreign defense/military-related capabilities and intentions. Perform intelligence research support to assist DIA in knowledge discovery and maintain detailed intelligence information in DIA databases. Researching, reviewing, collating and evaluating raw information, and analyzing intelligence information to include conduct timeline and relationship to link analysis. Maintain target folders with insurgent and terrorists track IED messages for analyst and intelligence community to review. Evaluate information and sources for accuracy, validity credibility and relevance. Compile intelligence data on current events, developments and trends. Establish a knowledge base on a region, function or issue. Create analytical graphics, maps, charts and tables to display results of analysis. Develop intelligence collection requirements, and interface and Intelligence Community DoD and Military command representatives by developing and coordinating analysis and production requirements and assessments. Update and maintain all databases for office, prepare all-source analytical products. Use Geospatial to track the correct country and population. Provide quality control on all products that are delivered. Work with RFI’s and ad hoc products. Coordinate with analysts in planning and reviewing products of interest. Link IED messages to proper terrorist organizations. Link routine information in databases,historical records, and employee’s knowledge base to the knowledge management portal to ensure company information needs are met. Attend to detail and review content of knowledge management to ensure accuracy and applicability. Develop and maintain moderately complex knowledge assets/objects in web-based knowledge repositories leveraging templates and containers. Link IED messages to proper terrorist organizations. Link routine information in databases, historical records, and employee’s knowledge base to the knowledge management portal to ensure company information needs are met. Attend to detail and review content of knowledge management to ensure accuracy and applicability. Develop and maintain moderately complex knowledge assets/objects in web-based knowledge repositories leveraging templates and containers.

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

Biological Warfare and Assessments Division

Bolling Air Force Base

Washington, DC 20340

March 1998-September 2005

Position: Intelligence Technician

Serve as the gate-keeper for quality assurance of information entering the Biological Warfare (BW) databases. Operated and maintained various databases within DIA such as the Military Intelligence Database (MIDB) the Defense Intelligence Technical Database System, Athena and Gemini, updating facility sheets and target folders. Worked in a crisis task force at the Pentagon on a 24/7 watch, serving as the lead watch analyst. Duties were to ensure all pertinent information was captured and reported; assisted in putting together the morning brief for the J2; performs basic assessments of proliferation activities on Middle Eastern Countries, including writing various assessment reports and participated in intelligence exchanges. Maintained a national arms transfer and military trade database for the Transnational Proliferation Division and provided information on conventional arms sales and purchases by selecting countries through researching reports and providing assessments that were used internally and externally. Monitored and maintained three Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) country accounts, researched reports, updated the country databases and supported analysts by building target packages in addition to briefings and assessment papers. As the Activity Supply Coordinator and Property Manager, managing the accountability of the division’s property and conducting annual inventory for all property and equipment. Taking care of time for staff, travel orders, making travel arrangements, preparing travel vouchers. Coordinate travel arrangements, developing complete and comprehensive itineraries, booking flights and accommodation, and arranging meetings and visits.

NOTE: Travelled with office sometimes to assist with administrative duties, taking notes in meetings, xeroxing powerpoints and contributing all duties that were presented. Oversee internal staff calendar and reservations for conference rooms and other office spaces. Manage logistical arrangements, including virtual/conference call, food and beverage, room set-up/clean- up, and other needs for meetings held in various offices.

Special Reports: Prepare and format reports and on-line products on foreign nuclear programs for electronic publication (Athena); research and gather classified and unclassified information on biological issues; disseminates and tracks Coliseum and other taskers to meet suspense; provide Gemini imagery support; crisis/contingency operations; recommend new or revised ADP applications to intelligence processing. Assist analysts with scanning and HTML formatting of Defense Intelligence assessments, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) infrastructure reports, background papers, and Interlink reports. Formatted, completed a hardcopy of an intelligence report in HTML format to update a published report by DIA on Indonesia’s nuclear program.


Expert making travel arrangements; attending CONUS meetings, overseas and internationally; coordinating with overseas hotel making sure travel and hotel arrangements were accurate; interacting telephonically with international officials with time and schedules of meetings and hotel stay.

Proficient Database/Computer Skills: Microsoft Office Applications Adobe Acrobat; HTML; Web Publishing; Sun Solaris; Internet; Interlink; Imagery; Frame Maker; Photoshop; MIDB; Artemis; Gemini; Microsoft Office Applications; Adobe Acrobat; HTML; Web Publishing; Sun Solaris; Internet; Interlink; Imagery; Frame Maker; Proton; Analyst Notebook; WISE; SAFE; Apple; Windows Operating Systems;

Microsoft Excel; Powerpoint; Pathfinder; ARIES; UNIX Systems; Deltek Time System; JPAS, SIPR; Replicon

EDUCATION: High School Graduate;Principles of Management I and II; Northern Virginia Community College – 9 credits


Mentoring Orientation Microsoft PowerPoint XP Fundamentals

Financial Management of Intelligence (FMIT) Violence in the Workplace Briefing

APPLIX Desktop Fundamentals Intro Photoshop

APPLIX Spreadsheet and Graphics Intro to Micro/MS-DOS

WordPerfect Ethics Training

Time and Attendance UNIX Desktop Fundamentals

Automated Tasking System Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Writing for Action Effective Writing

Supply Coordinator Training PeopleSoft Overview for Special Security Contact Officers (SSCO)

Civilian Personnel System Speaking on the Job

Presenting Yourself and Ideas Writing for Action

Certificates of Service Awards:

30 years Government Service Award 20 Years Gov’t Service

African Crisis Working Group Award 10 Years Gov’t Service

Sustained Superior Performance Case Award

Special Act of Service Award

Letters of Appreciation (2)

Note of Appreciation (2)

Outstanding Performance Awards (4)

Sustained Superior Awards (2)

Certificates: Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of outstanding support as a Key Worker for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) – 2003; JPAS, Cyber Awareness, and PII Training. Certificate of

Commendation for outstanding support in the accomplishment of the mission of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), teamwork within the intelligence community – 2003

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