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Physician Assistant Medical

San Antonio, TX
October 08, 2018

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Courtney C. Brice, MPAS, PA-C

Email: Phone: 713-***-****


Seeking to obtain a position as a certified physician assistant in San Antonio, TX.


Providing outstanding and compassionate care with a wealth of gained knowledge and experience from working with underserved populations in the Rio Grande Valley.

Taking a leadership role in the immediate and long-term care of patients and providing direction for interdisciplinary specialty concerns.

Assessing patient needs, developing effective treatment plans, and performing various procedures.

Hardworking and energetic; flexible; adapt easily to change of environment and work schedule; eager to learn

Personable with a positive attitude; interface effectively with patients, families, and co-workers.

Dedicated to the promotion of health care delivery to a diverse and dynamic population

Able to communicate with some medical Spanish after living in the Rio Grande Valley ans San Antonio. Very passionate and determined to practice and learn more Spanish.


University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Edinburg, TX 08/14-12/16

Masters of Physician Assistant Studies – GPA: 3.68

Texas A&M University College Station, TX 06/08-05/12

Bachelors of Science in Allied Health


PA-C at Dr. Joseph Marotts’s internal medicine clinic 02/18 to present

Primary care provider at a fast-paced, low-income area of downtown San Antonio. Involved in all aspects of patient care including detailed history, physical exams, development and implementation of treatment plans, prescribing medication, ordering and interpreting laboratory tests and imaging studies. I refer patients to specialists when I think it is medically appropriate. I see about 15-20 patients on an average day. I am proficient with the EMR and complete all my charts in a timely manner. I have been trained to provide quality care while maintaining efficiency. I ensure that the patients are up to date with all preventative measures and are seeing their respected specialists. I review notes from specialists/hospital visits and ensure the patient is aware of the next step in their health plan.


Experience in treating and managing chronic illnesses including diabetes mellitus I & II, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, CAD, heart failure, thyroid disease, obesity, and vitamin deficiencies.

Diagnose and treat common acute illnesses including UTI’s, URI’s, pneumonia, sinusitis, asthma/COPD exacerbations, gastroenteritis, seasonal allergies, migraines

Diagnose and treat mental health diseases such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder

Efficient on management of transition of care of patients between multiple specialists.

(Before becoming a Physician Assistant)

Blue Fish Pediatrics; Medical Assistant 02/2014-07/2014

Duties included interviewing and vitalizing patients, administered vaccinations, performed newborn screens, performed hearing and visual screens for well child check ups, documentation, educated parents, patient education

Team Health; Emergency Room Scribe at Memorial Hermann Hospital NE 06/2012-01/2014

Increase efficiency and work flow in the emergency room by assisting physicians with documenting medical charts using an electronic medical record, which includes review of systems, history of present illness, medical history, social history, physical exam, labs, EKG’s, and progress notes.

Maintain work flow by tracking labs, radiology, and consistently updating results to the


The College Station Medical Center; Emergency Room Scribe 05/2011-04/2012

Duties include recording information obtained by the provider during the patient exam, interviewing patients on their current symptoms, medical history, surgical history, family history, and social information.

Gather and record information from the patient and input the data into the patient's chart using a computer program.

Assist patients with basic needs such as providing blankets, beverages, and snacks.


Texas Academy of Physician Assistants Member Fall 2014- present

American Academy of Physician Assistant Member Fall 2016- present


Capstone Family Medicine (12 week rotation)

I have had the privilege of working with a family medicine physician in McAllen, Texas. This was my longest rotation right before graduation, lasting 3 months. At the clinic we saw around 80 patients a day, treating many different high risk patients, diseases, and conditions. Some of the diseases we treated on a daily basis included hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, hypertriglyceridemia, chronic pain, neuropathies, urinary tract infections, upper respiratory infections, dermatological conditions, well child exams, mental health issues, etc. I was able to practice lab and imaging interpretation daily. I have also assisted in different procedures in the office such as mole removals, pap smears, well woman exams, abscess incision and drainage, and stitch removals. My preceptor also does OB so I have been exposed to several pregnancy visits and ultrasounds. I have also been able to be present and assist in multiple vaginal and Cesarean deliveries. This clinic is majority Spanish speaking so I have been able to practice and learn some medical Spanish.


During my elective rotation, I was able to work at an ears, nose, and throat clinic. This clinic specialized in treating allergies and sinusitis problems. I worked alongside the PA while working in the clinic to treat conditions such as acute and chronic sinusitis, allergies, otitis media, otitis externa, septal deviations, cerumen impactions, dizziness, vertigo, and ruptured eardrums. I was able to use laryngoscopies to examine the back of patients throats and vocal chords to diagnose GERD and possible malignancies. I also assisted the physician in balloon sinuplasty surgeries, septal deviation corrections, and shrinking hypertrophied turbinates. I was present in multiple tonsillectomies, adenoidectomies, and myringotomies. I learned an extensive amount about the ears, nose, and throat that I know will be beneficial in any area of practice.


On this rotation, I was in the clinic setting and at the hospital for deliveries and procedures. At the clinic, I gained patient experience by taking detailed histories, physicals, and performing routine pelvic and breast exams on women. Many of the patients seen at this clinic were high risk so I learned how to diagnose, manage, and take care of pregnant woman with comorbidities such as gestational diabetes, hypertension, and preeclampsia. I was able to assist in various procedures during this rotation such as D&C’s, fibroid removals, hysterectomies, and IUD placements. I was also able to assist in multiple cesarean and vaginal deliveries.


During my pediatric rotation, I learned how to diagnose, treat, and manage children with common and uncommon conditions. We diagnosed many viral and bacterial infections and did well child exams. I became extremely familiar with the common illnesses in pediatrics such as all upper/lower respiratory infections, otitis externa/media, common dermatological conditions, pharyngitis, urinary tract infections, and common viral syndromes.


I had a really wonderful experience during my psychology rotation. I worked at an inpatient hospital where we stabilized and treated patients with acute psych illnesses. In the mornings, we would round with the entire team, discussing each patient’s history, diagnosis, progress, and plan. I was exposed to several mental health diseases such as bipolar disorder, depression, suicidal ideation, multiple personality disorders, schizophrenia, substance abuse disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, etc. At this hospital, patients with acute episodes would be admitted and treated until stable. I also had the privilege to go with my preceptor to Origins Recovery Center, a drug and rehab facility as well as Hannah’s House, a drug and rehab facility just for women. At these facilities, I was able to experience interviews and treatment plans for patients who were being treated there.

Emergency Medicine

In this rotation, I learned how to efficiently and effectively manage acute, emergent conditions. I became proficient in various procedures such as laceration repair, incision and drainage of abscesses, splinting and stabilization of closed fractures, and pelvic exams. I was exposed to many acute conditions such as appendicitis, myocardial infarctions, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias, chest pain, abdominal pain, and orthopedic problems. I learned how to extract vital information from patients and/or their families in a short amount of time and also perform a detailed yet precise physical examination. I learned the importance of working as a team with the other medical professionals, in order to be efficient and provide wonderful care to the patients. My preceptors allowed me to see patients on my own, established the work-up, and come up with a diagnosis and plan on my own before presenting my case to them. I also obtained a lot of valuable experience with the electronic medical record and documentation.

Internal Medicine

During this rotation, I was assigned to a geriatric adult clinic in a small town in the Valley. I saw multiple patients a day and learned how to treat and manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and obesity. These chronic diseases are very prevalent in the Valley, so I had great exposure. I was able to practice lab and imaging interpretation daily. I learned the importance of establishing rapport and relationships with your patients, as many will come to see you routinely. I also learned the importance of patient education. I was able to see multiple patients on my own and work with the electronic medical record to practice documentation.

Family Medicine

In this rotation I was exposed to a lot of medical problems and diseases. We saw pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients. We managed chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and hypercholesterolemia. We also managed acute illnesses such as upper respiratory infections, GI infections, HEENT infections, viral and bacterial infections. I was able to repair lacerations, perform toe nail removal procedures, and extensively clean and dress wounds. During this rotation patient education was also a very important factor.

General Surgery

For this rotation, I worked with a general surgeon who performed a high volume of bariatric surgeries. I had the privilege to become his first assist during all the various surgeries which included gastric bypasses, gastric sleeves, lab bands, cholecystectomies, hernia repairs, and lipoma removals. I obtained proficient surgical skills during this rotation especially when performing laparoscopic surgeries. Some of my additional duties entailed daily academic research reports to my assigned surgeon, patient interviewing, and chart documentation. I also saw patients at his Bariatric Clinic which included a team of providers including a nutritionist, a doctor, and exercise instructors. At this clinic we educated patients on weight loss interventions and helped them individually establish a plan to lose weight and become healthier. I really enjoyed this rotation because encouraging healthy eating, exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight is very important to me as a provider.


During this rotation I worked alongside two different surgeons as well as two physician assistants in the clinic. I was able to assist in multiple orthopedic surgeries including total knee replacements, partial knee replacements, knee arthroscopies, ACL repairs, wrist and forearm fracture repairs, ankle ORIF’s, and rotator cuff repairs. I gained valuable surgery experience by learning the anatomy as well as the procedures and instruments used for the various surgeries. In clinic, I worked alongside the physician assistants and was seeing my own patients with multiple orthopedic problems such as knee pain, back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. I gained a lot of experience with the electronic medical record and daily practiced documentation.

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