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Engineer Software

Longmont, CO
October 08, 2018

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Zuoli(Ronnie) Ning *

Tel: 303-***-****(h), 720-***-****(c),

Longmont, Colorado 80503, USA


Looking for a python based development role, especially in cloud, machine learning, and automation areas. PROFILE

10+ year python programming and data manipulation experience on Linux, Windows.

Thorough knowledge of agile/scrum /kanban/backlog software development.

Extensive API development, algorithm and optimization, software architecture design, and statistical data analysis experience.

Expert at automation, automation frame design, test development, and machine learning.

Strong analytical capability, creative problem-solving, and software debugging skills.

Self-motivated, work enthusiastically, independently, and effectively in teams.

Be well-organized, detail-oriented and able to handle and prioritize multiple tasks.

Strong capability to grasp new technology quickly.

Authorized to work in US. No need sponsorship.


Techniques: Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) and Design(OOD), numerical data Processing, modeling, interpretation, and real-time development.

Computer Languages or Scripts: Python(numpy, scipy, matplotlib, multi_threading, pymongo, pandas etc packages), Matlab, C/C++, wxPython, QT, Cshell, HTML, CSS, SQL etc.

AI & Big Data: Spark, Tensorflow, Keras, SKlearn, MXNet, Flask, Hadoop, Machine / Deep learning etc.

Cloud application, AWS, Google cloud.

Database: Relational databases such as Sqlite, Sqlalchemy, Oracle, MySQL, Mongodb

Computer Platforms: Windows, Unix/Linux.

Applications: GIT/GITHUB, PVCS, CVS, SubVersion, Slack, and Atlassian suite (Jira, SourceTree, Crucible, Stash, BitBucket, Bamboo).


Sr. System Engineer, Medical Science & Computing Apr, 2018 - Aug, 2018 Tools used: Python, numpy, Pandas, Tensorflow, Keras, Sklearn, Matplotlib, machine learning, deep learning, Docker, Kubernetes

Clustering medical image features using kmeans, dbscan, mean-shift etc algorithms.

Reduced the dimensions of medical image features using pca, tsne, and autoencoder.

Developed normalization methods in optimization and parallel.

Customized CSV reading in flexible ways.

Detected abnormal cells using auto-encoder.

Technical Lead, Charter Communication Mar, 2017 - Jan, 2018 Tools used: Automation, Ruby, Python, numpy, scipy, Soap, Selenium, Silverlight, TMC, StormTest, Rest, Postman, AWS, JSON, Boto

Designed one automation framework to make test case development and maintenance much easier, and modules more scalable and re-usable.

Developed media assets auditing and episode continuity checking in TV shows and video store, and reporting results to test work bench.

Developed a report automation to publish legacy charter and time warner cable asset auditing daily results.

Developed asset meta-data retrieving and validating on back end servers to monitor daily performances.

Developed report tracking and retrieving using selenium and xpath.

CPID validation and Asset validation based on asset distribution servers and providers.

Developed csv, json data parsers to convert data among different formats. Zuoli(Ronnie) Ning 2

Tel: 303-***-****(h), 720-***-****(c), Longmont, Colorado 80503, USA

Development Staff Engineer, Seagate LLC INC Feb, 2011 - Jan, 2017 Tools used: Python, Matlab, C/C++, QT, Atlassian tools, NSIS, numpy, scipy, Eclipse, scope, visual studio, google set(google drive, docs, aodocs etc), lucidchart, slack

Joined to design and develop a complex automation infrastructure. Built high quality and scalable code, designed and implemented test cases, and documenting them. Developed APIs to control hardware and communication.

Designed and developed pattern quality metrics tests, write current optimization test, SAM error test, gray code error test, fast-vga test, and modified SEAM test to check quality of media.

Developed Prism test based on python, matlab, and C/C++ on windows. It includes Prism server, client, and GUI development, and becomes one of the critical media quality tests.

Designed and developed Prism test purely based on QT, python, numpy, and scipy on fedora. It dramatically improves test performance.

Wrote documents, maintained, added new features, and released prism test for several years.

Developed APIs to call xyratex functions direct from python using C/C++ in Visual studio.

Porting FCL test scripts into python code.

Processed, analyzed, and interpreted the test results, then optimized them. Software engineer, Unisyn Medical Technologies 2009 - 2011 Tools used: C/C++, Python and packages, GUI, XML, SQLite, Ultra-sound systems, Scope, Subversion, NSIS, Jira, Eclipse

Developed FirstAssist to simulate different probes to detect defective channels in ultra-sound systems and report test results in PDF format.

Developed firmware for FirstAssist hardware using C, Silabs USBEXpress, and Keil embedded development tools.

Integrated SQL database with FirstAssist to keep test results.

Wrote documents for FirstAssist verification and validation. Senior Software engineer,Seagate LLC Inc 2008 – 2009 Tools used: Python, C/C++, Matlab, GUI, Bash, Linux, Eclipse, Scope, MDW

Developed new Aperio features to dramatically improve users’ convenience (online help, bi-ftp, package and distribution update, power auto-control etc).

Developed python and matlab programs for Aperio data post-processing, which is more than 10 times faster than the legacy code.


● M.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle WA

● Ph.D, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA

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