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Electrical Engineering Computer Science

Berkeley, CA
October 08, 2018

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Raspberry Pi

Android Development

Machine Learning

Arti cial Intelligence


API Development

Object Oriented Programming

Spring Boot

Relational Data Modeling

Data Structures

E cient Algorithms

Circuit Design


Navy Metrology in Unmanned

Systems, Danielle Sams, Subrata

Sanyal, Ria Shiv, and David Garcia,

manuscript in preparation for journal

publication (2018).


Circle K International

A- Board Member

Sept. 2015

to June 2016

Norco, CA

Organized community events

and fundraisers for various

causes like cancer, homeless

shelters, animal shelters, old age

homes etc.

Held a-board position

responsibilities which included

helping the members participate

in service events, keeping log of

the service hours,

communicating with sister

schools to organize joint events.

Arranged large-scale service

events for members including

events such as bubble run,

community centres, MS walk,

food banks etc.

Awarded the Outstanding

Leadership award for my

dedication, initiative, and

communication as a part of the

a-board member


University of California, Berkeley 2017 to Current B.S Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 2019 Norco College 2015 to 2017

Transferred to UC Berkeley

Delhi Public School, Indirapuram

HighSchool Degree

CBSE Class 12th - 95% in PCM, CBSE Class 10th - 96% Employment

Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona Division Corona CA Software Intern June 2018 to Aug. 2018

Developed various models to facilitate automated calibration Models included di erent algorithms like Neural Networks, SVM, Ramdom Forest Classi er, K Nearest Neighbours and Seven Digit Segmentation

Analyzed the accuracy of each model on the Modi ed National Institute of Standards and Technology database (MNIST) handwritten digits data set.

Used various external libraries such as Tensor ow, Sklearn and Keras STEM, Norco College Norco, CA

Supplementary Instructor, Math Feb. 2016 to June 2016 Facilitated weekly scheduled extra lecture series for students enrolled in Calculus math Created worksheets for the weekly session and ensuring the students can solve the questions related to the content covered in class Generated study guides for 3 hour marathon session before midterms and nal exams to help students get extra practise on the material for the exams

STEM, Norco College

STEM Tutor Aug. 2016 to June 2017

Held one-on-one sessions weekly in subjects Math, Physics, and Computer Science Held express sessions on these subjects with small batches on a weekly Helped students improve their grade by creating study guides and worksheets for practise. Projects

Scanner Planner Feb. 2018

Android application that scans a handwritten planner and syncs with an in-app calendar and to-do list Integrated Google's Cloud Vision API for OCR functionality Developed the back-end to store the information read by the camera and link it to the calendar and in Android Studio using Java Puddle Bot (Robotics @ UC Berkeley) Jan. 2018 to April 2018 Created a robot, called PuddleBot which diagnoses charge in water bodies during natural disasters such as hurricanes to reduce the danger of getting electrocuted by stepping into an active puddles. The bot uses a fan to go around the puddle. When the puddle bot detects signi cant amount of charge in a puddle, it releases a dye in the water and ashes light to portray that the puddle is unsafe. Designed the circuit of the puddle bot which would be placed inside the puddle bot which included op amps, leds, resistors, fan, pump and battery.

Coded an Arduino mirco circuit to make the puddle bot light up when a charge is detached and release the dye. Sixteen Voice Control Car Jan. 2018 to May 2018

Build a voice control car which runs on human voice commands by using voice recognition technology Utilizes a mic board circuit to recognize commands. Programmed a Launchpad which allows the car to follow the command given by human. Flashcard App Aug. 2018 to Current

Currently, working on an Android App using Android studios to create ashcards for various subjects for reviewing and quizzing during exams.

Used SpringBoot to program REST API and JPA for a cloud database for the app by using amazon web services. Currently, data model contains 8 tables with many to one relationships Awards

Norco College Dean's Honors List

Awarded for excellence in academia for Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Circle K International Outstanding Leadership Award June 2016 Awarded for of my dedication, initiative, and communication as a part of the a-board members in Circle K International Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Awarded for excellence in academia in Norco College International School Award 2014

Awarded rst place in Bits and Bytes C++ competition which assessed analytical talent for programming, during TechSpree 2014 in Gurukul School

SilverZone Computer Science Olympiad 2015

Recevied bronze medal from Silverzone Olympiad

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