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Oracle Data

Laurel, MD
October 10, 2018

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*+ yrs Oracle Database Administrator


NW Washington DC

Willing to Relocate


Over 6 years of hands-on experience as an Oracle Database Administrator. I have complete life cycle knowledge including Installation. I have worked on Oracle 12c, 11g, and 10g versions involving production and project support, installation, configuration, upgrades, patches, migration, backup and recovery, performance tuning, refreshes, space management and security administration.

Proficient experience as an IT professional along with extensive experience as an Oracle Database Analyst.

Proficient in Oracle 12c, 11g, 10g

Experienced in Oracle installations, upgrades, migration, configuring logical/physical architecture, SQL, Tuning, database access, Security and auditing.

Highly experienced in Oracle 11g, 10g Automatic Storage Management (ASM) required to fulfill the storage needs.

High ability to analyze and understand the AWR reports and can fine tune the databases for maximum performance.

Performed database administration, production support, installation, configuration, upgrades, patches, migration, backup and recovery, performance tuning and cloning on the above said versions.

Installed and Administered Oracle 11g ASM & 10g RAC software with ASM.

Strong experience in migrating database from Non-ASM to ASM and Non-RAC to RAC.

Administered Oracle ASM disk groups (mirroring, compatibility) with Oracle ASM Configuration Assistant (ASMCA).

Proficiency in Installation, maintenance and replication on Golden Gate, creating extract process, extract pump, and replicate.

Laid hands on new tools and have experienced features like Flashback data Archive, Schema Management, Data guard and RMAN in Oracle 11g.

Performed backups and crash recoveries using conventional hot/cold backups and RMAN

Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database through Database Tuning; Tuning Applications, Tuning Instance, and Tuning Disk Usage.

Implemented Data guard in the production environment for high availability, data protection and disaster recovery.

Excellent experience in various migration techniques like export/import, Data pump, backup restore, cloning, and data guard.

Proficient in setting up Standby Database supported by ORACLE DATAGUARD for disaster recovery purpose.

Implementing FSFO (Fast start failover) on databases and configuring disaster recovery site using Dataguard. Also proficient with new 11g features such as Active Dataguard and Snapshot standby database

UNIX Systems Administration - Database and application integration efforts.

Proficient in complete, incomplete recovery of the database, Point in Time Recovery (PITR), and Tablespace Point in Time Recovery (TSPITR) using RMAN utility.

Expertise in implementing partitioning methodologies (Range partitioning, List partitioning, Hash partitioning, Composite partitioning) on tables and indexes for high performance.

Delivered SQL and Database performance tuning services via Explain Plan, have used tools like TKPROF, AWR (Stats pack) reports, ADDM, SQL Tuning Advisor, SQL Access advisor, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Grid control.

Hands on experience in cloning the non-multitenant container database to pluggable database in 12c using the PDB Metadata clone, PDB Remote Clone and PDB Snapshot Cloning feature.

Have been exposed to Oracle SQL server databases using sql server management studio.

I have tuned DML subquery: Oracle DML statements, have used the whereclause, optimizing the subquery for improve DML performance.

Have used bulking: Oracle PL/SQL


Databases: Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c

Database Tools: Oracle (Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL*Plus, SQL Loader utility, DB Configuration Assistant) Toad, OEM Grid, RMAN, SQL*Loader, Exp/Imp/Data Pump, Log miner, Statspack/AWR, DBCA, DBUA, ADDM, Oracle Migration Workbench, ERwin, Service now, Remedy

Operating Systems: MS Windows, UNIX (Solaris 8/9/10, AIX, HP-UX), LINUX

Hardware: Sun Fire 15K, Sun 6320 Storage, Sun Enterprise Servers 890/880/420/450, Sun StorEdge 6320, Hitachi, EMC, Dell Servers, Compaq Servers 6000/3000/1600/800, HP/UX-9000, Red Hat Linux 6.2


First Tennessee Bank - Charlotte, NC August 2015 – June 2018

Oracle Database Administrator

Installation of oracle 11g databases in production, development and test environments depending on project requirements.

Capacity planning: Allocate system storage and plan future storage requirements.

Configured and Managed Oracle 11gR2 Data Guard (Active Physical Standby on 2 nodes RAC)

Design and Maintaining Physical standby maintenance (Switch over - using Data Guard Broker).

Installed and currently Managing Oracle 12c Grid Control (OEM) for monitoring Production, Active Data guard (DG Broker), Stage and Dev systems.

Upgrade DBs from to 12.1. Responsible for setting and managing USER MANAGEMENT, SPACE MANAGEMENT Granting required privileges to users.

Applying upgrade and patches for bug fixes, using (opatch utility) maintenance, quarterly patches on all the databases.

Refreshing Dev and Test instances with data from Production on a regular basis.

Have performed security; have created and managed 2 tier users, have granted and revoked privileges to them where and when necessary.

Creating and assigning appropriate roles and privileges to users depending on the user activity.

Experience with Logical backups EXPDP/IMPDP and extensively used for Re-hosting the application using Golden Gate and worked with conventional EXP/IMP for migrating data from 10G to 12c.

Have scheduled RMAN backups, purge jobs, Maintained databases using DBMS_JOBS, DBMS_SCHEDULER.

Defragmented tables and indexes for improved performance and effective space management.

Responsible for database maintenance, backups, recovery, patching, upgrades and performance tuning, user access control.

Successfully implemented physical standby database using Oracle Data guard and Active Data guard feature for High availability configuration in RAC environment.

Setup notifications (various levels for Cluster activities, tablespace utilizations, Listener alerts) using OEM

Monitored and troubleshooted database issues with OEM grid control.

Have belt physical standby using RMAN Active duplication method as well for Disaster recovery sites.

Performed database recovery using GRP (Guarantee Restore Point)

Very comfortable in using ASM for creating diskgroups, adding additional storage (DISKS) and troubleshooting ASM issues.Setup the unidirectional replication on oracle 11g databases using Goldengate.

Successfully upgraded the databases from 11g to non CDB 12c.

Successfully migrated 12c Non Container databases to pluggable databases.

Created Oracle Wallets and implemented Tablespace level TDE security.

Managed Database Maintenance Activities to achieve optimum database uptime.

Configuration of Listener and Tnsnames.

Responsible for Maintenance and Support of multi-terabyte databases in production, testing and development environments. (Sun Solaris, Linux Redhat)

Successfully installed Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) including; Grid infrastructure (Clusterware and ASM) and Oracle rdbms software on a 3 nodes RAC architecture in development and UAT running oracle.

Experience in designing and configuring high-availability systems using DataGuard with physical standby effectively configured and used DataGuard Broker utility.

Configured 12c Oracle grid infrastructures & Oracle database software to meet the current needs and upgraded as required to meet the expansion needs of the company.

Performed logical backups using Export/Import and Data Pump

Doing the regular activities like monitoring the alert logs, redo log status, listener. Log and checking the space for normal segments, rollback segments and tablespaces.

Created database link between two databases to access the table data from one local database to remote database using distributed database feature.

Experience in Space Management, Database Upgrades / Migration Data Extraction

Performance Tuning of SQL statements and Database Tuning using tools like Explain plan, TKPROF, STATSPACK, ADDM, AWR reports etc

Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database through Database Tuning - Tuning Applications, Tuning Instance, and Tuning Disk Usage. Debugging SQL tuning.

Plan for contingency, disaster management that includes standby databases, data guard and cloning/refresh of the databases

Administered databases of various sizes from 5GB to 2TB

Planned database backups (operating system, full/partial backups, and export/import) using various types of backups and designed the backup methodology for the organization.

Performed other Oracle DBA responsibilities performance tuning, monitoring tablespaces, monitoring users, etc. as well as much problem solving.

Designed Logical and physical database for business transaction functionality.

Provide production support for the deployed project till it is stabilized.

Created database objects like tables, views and sequences.

Created procedures and functions using PL/SQL.

• Have been exposed to Oracle SQL server databases using sql server management studio.

GE Healthcare - Richmond, VA June 2012 – August 2015

Oracle Database Administrator

Performed Installation and configuration of Oracle database on HP-UX platform.

Successfully performed migrations from Oracle 10g/11g to 11gR2 RAC (Real Application) Database.

Implemented Logical and Physical Standby Databases for RAC cluster on Sun Solaris platform using Data Guard feature of Oracle 11g R2.

Successfully performed data replication using Materialized views and Oracle Streams in Oracle 11gR2.

Responsible for Creating Users, Groups, Roles, Profiles and assigning the users to groups and grant necessary privileges to the relevant groups.

Supported off-hour on call support for database related issues.

Created logical and physical design installed and upgraded databases.

Constantly monitor the performance (V$ dynamic performance views at peak load) of the Databases and viewing Alert log files & Trace files.

Cloned/Migrated databases using RMAN and traditional Data pump export/import utilities in Oracle 11gR2.

Upgraded single instance database to multiple instance databases using export/import, data pump.

Configure Data Guard on both standby and primary for production databases.

Fail over and switch over between standby and primary databases.

Refresh schema using export/import, Creating the database, table spaces, tables, indexes, setting privileges and user logins.

Hands-on experience for various performance tuning issues.

Experience in migrating from multiple Oracle 10gR2 database to oracle 12cR2 on virtual machine (VM Ware).

Hands-on experience in taking snapshots and rebooting the server's and performance monitoring for Oracle databases in virtual machines (VM Ware).

Experience in adding and expanding the disk volumes to oracle serves on virtual machines (VM Ware).

Experience in installing oracle software and creating standalone databases on virtual machines (VM Ware).

Hands-on experience in working with virtual machine (VM Ware) under different operating system like Linux, sun Solaris and windows.

Setup RMAN solutions for all Oracle Databases -- created rman repository, provided best practices, optimizations and data guard and cloning techniques -- restore and recovery.

Implemented and maintained Oracle 11g Data Guard/standby databases for switch-over and fail-over purposes.

Experience in Implementation of High Availability solutions with Oracle 10g &11g RAC, Physical Standby Databases (Data Guard). Scheduling the Physical backups (hot & cold) in CRON tab using RMAN utility and monitoring the scheduled jobs.

Applied patches and,

Used to run the scripts to check the status of databases such as growing table sizes, extent allocation, free space, used space, fragmentation etc.

Performed space management, capacity planning, disaster recovery and overall maintenance of the databases.

Used SQL TRACE, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN utilities for optimizing and tuning SQL queries.

Maintained the data integrity and security using integrity constraints and database triggers.

Provided 24X7 support for all the production and development databases.



(from the university of YAOUNDE II-CAMEROON)


(from the university of YAOUNDE II-CAMEROON)

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