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Chemical Engineering Water Treatment

Maharashtra, India
October 10, 2018

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Ganesh Mohan Bhoite


Mob. : 997-***-****/877-***-****


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (Thesis submitted) -2014-18; Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai.

Master of Technology (M.Tech.) Green Technology – 2011- 13;

Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai. (8.75/10 CGPA)

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Chemical Engg. – 2006 -10;

Padmabhooshan Vasantraodada Patil Institute of Technology, Budhgaon, Sangli. (65.6%)

HSC (12th) – 2006

Yashwantrao Chavhan Jr. College,

Phaltan. (84.83%)

SSC (10th) – 2004

Mudhoji High School, Phaltan. (80.2%)

Additional Qualification

Post Graduate Diploma in Chemical Technology Management (PGD-CTM) – 2015-17

Institute of Chemical Technology

(ICT), Mumbai. (7.48/10 CGPA)

Certificate Course in Safety and Risk Management (CCSRM) – 6 months, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai. (9/10 CGPA)


1. Ph.D. (Chem. Engg.):

Title: Pre-treatment of bio-methanated distillery waste by catalytic wet air oxidation and Fenton oxidation to enhance further biomethanation.

Objective: Generation of biogas from biomethanated distillery spent wash and its biodegradability over Iron based catalysts by catalytic wet air oxidation and Fenton oxidation.

2. M. Tech. (Green Technology):

Title: Synthesis of polyester based polyurethane membrane and its applications.

Objective: Synthesis of polyester based polyurethane membrane and its application in pervaporation process for the separation of ethanol/water mixture or butanol/water mixture.


Date of Birth: 16.11.1988

Marital status: Single

Languages Known: English, Marathi and Hindi

Hobbies: Travelling, reading books, listening to music.


Room No. 503, Hostel No. 5,

Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT),

Nathalal Parekh Marg,

Matunga, Mumbai- 400 019.



1.Dr. P. D. Vaidya

RCF Associate Professor,

Chemical Engineering Dept.,

Institute of Chemical Technology,

Matunga, Mumbai – 19.

Mob. : +91-986*******.

Email ID-

2. Prof. R. N. Jagtap

Head- Dept. Polymer & surface Engg.,

Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga, Mumbai -19

Mob.: +91-982*******

Email id:

Experience of laboratory level research projects handling and safety norms. Experience of process development for advanced separation processes such as membrane technology, Fenton process and catalytic wet air oxidation. Experience of chemical operations, reaction kinetics, basic modelling, catalysts preparation and characterizations etc.


Excellent Communication and presentation skills.

In-depth knowledge and experience regarding advanced water treatment technologies and instruments.

Knowledge of independently handling instruments like COD, BOD, TOC, TDS etc. and basics of HPLC, GC, GC-MS, FTIR, UV spectroscopy analysis.

Hands on experience to handle lab scale, high pressurized autoclave, glass reactors etc.

Well verse with experimental design & planning, data analysis, data interpretation and procurement.

Well verse with management skills like project and technology management, human resources development, marketing, product design & development, finance and laboratory as well as industrial safety norms.

Computer Skills: Operating Systems: Windows XP/7/8/10, MS Office: 2007/10/13 version.


1. Varroc Exhaust Systems Pvt. Ltd., Chakan, Pune. (Feb-2011 to July 2011) : Trainee Engineer: Production Department


1. Handling the shift work in production.

2. Responsible for shift planning and distribution of work among

the operators.

3. Handling SAP software for data entering of daily production.

2. Consultant – Atul Ltd. at Institute of Chemical Technology,

Mumbai. (Sept 2016- March 2018 )

Project Title: Oxidation of p-cresol top-hydroxy benzaldehyde.

Role: Catalyst preparation, reaction planning, execution of plan,

product analysis, results interpretation etc.

3. Consultant – Aquapahrm Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. (March 2017- April 2017)

Role: Analysis of waste water from industry, designing of

experiments, product analysis etc.

4. Research Assistant – TEQIP sponsored project at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. ( Feb 2016- March 2017)

Project Title: Sorption-Enhanced Reforming Processes.

Role: Catalyst preparation, reaction planning, execution of plan,

product analysis etc.


1. G. M. Bhoite and P. D. Vaidya, Improved biogas generation from biomethanated distillery wastewater by pretreatment with Catalytic wet air oxidation, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 2018, 57, 2698-2704.

2. G. M. Bhoite and P. D. Vaidya, Iron-catalyzed wet air oxidation of biomethanated distillery wastewater for enhanced biogas recovery, J. Environ. Manage. 2018, 226, 241-248.

3. G. M. Bhoite and P. D. Vaidya, Fenton oxidation pre-treatment for superior biogas recovery from biomethanated spent wash. (Manuscript is in communication with Chem. Eng. Commun.)

4. G. M. Bhoite and P. D. Vaidya, Improved biodegradability of distillery spent wash by catalytic wet air oxidation over ferrous sulphate catalyst – A model compound study. (Manuscript is in communication with Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.)


Attended one day Hands-on workshop on MATLAB arranged by Dept. of Mathematics in ICT, Mumbai on 23rd Jan, 2018.

Participated in the 11th International workshop on Crystallization, Filtration, Granulation & Drying (WFCFD) organized by ICT, Mumbai from 9th -11th March, 2017.

Successfully completed the Orientation program on Chemical Security Risk Management from 5th – 7th October 2016 organized by Sandia National Laboratories, USA.

Participated in a two day workshop on Process Intensification, at ICT, Mumbai from 9th to 10th of Sept.-2016.

Participated in the 4th Conference on Waste-Uninterrupted resource and encouraging opportunities organized by ICT, Mumbai and Waste to Energy Research and Technology Council – India from 26th – 27th November 2015.

Participated in the Budget Analysis event organized by Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College on 7th March 2015.

Participated in the One day Workshop on Reactive Distillation, on 21st March, 2012 at Bharati Vidyapeeth

College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai.

Organized and volunteered for National conference for polymers Rangostav 2012 at ICT, Mumbai

Attended conference on Green Chemistry and Engineering, on 7th December, 2011 at IIT Bombay.

Participated in University level technical symposium “Vena Contracta-08”.

Declaration: I hereby declare that all information furnished above is true according to my knowledge and belief.

Ganesh Mohan Bhoite

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