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Manager Engineer

Lodi, CA
October 09, 2018

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James B. Rogers

***** *. ******* ***, ********* Ca 95237


Aircraft Maintenance & Quality Assurance

Mechanic/Flight Engineer and Technical Inspector with a strong maintenance and Production Control background in Rotary Wing troubleshooting and repair for top quality team outcome to obtain fully mission capable aircraft with little or no supervision. Thorough understanding of production control coupled with a commitment to highest standards and excellence.

Professional Experience

Performance driven individual with over 17yrs of experience in the helicopter repair and troubleshooting field. Experience mechanic with the ability to motivate for overall efficiency and performance of personnel while compliance with standard procedures and regulations. Able to work unsupervised with a thorough understanding of policies, procedures, publications, troubleshooting, and operating system.

Quality Control and Maintenance

Extensive knowledge of the ULLA-E operating system. Understanding AWBS (Weight and Balance ) System, Amtracks tracking system, historicals and other numerous programs and software. Experienced, detail oriented individual with a focus on staying in compliance with all safety and operational policies and procedures. Prepares and oversees 100% accuracy of logs, records, and reports to ensure fully mission qualified aircraft.

Work History



Maintenance Mechanic, Stockton Ca (2000-2018)

Assisted in the upkeep of up to 12 Chinook Helicopters on the Flightline

Worked as part of a team in troubleshooting, repair and documentation

Knowledge of Track and Balance and Adjustment systems

Trained new personnel in systems and procedures for proper troubleshooting and repair

Ensured all aircraft forms and records are correct and maintained according to current regulations

Fall Protection Manager

Lockout / Tagout Manager

Technical Inspector

Flight Engineer, Stockton Ca (2004-2017)

Maintained a fully mission qualified aircraft

Performed duties pertaining to disaster relief, high altitude rescues, mission training, troop movement and equipment.

Assisted in cross country movement of several aircraft safely.

Assisted the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) with preflight planning, including inspections and checks of the aircraft systems, and providing support to the pilot by monitoring the operation of engines and aircraft systems throughout the flight, controlling aircraft systems, and performing related flight duties.

Ensured that the loading, tie-down, and proper weight distribution of the cargo is accomplished. Directed cargo and passenger loading and briefed passengers on emergency procedures such as egress and use of survival equipment.

During flight, continually monitors all aircraft systems, and airframe vibrations for abnormal indications.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Education and Training

CH47 NETT Training (2014-2015) Hunter Army Airfield, GA

Career Counselor Course (2011) San Luis Obispo, CA

Flight Engineer Qualification Course (2004) Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA

Helicopter Repair Course (2003) Ft. Eustis, VA


Hazardous waste management AOAP Manager

Safety training Publications Manager

Protective Clothing and Equipment Weight and Balance Manger

Spill response Safety Manager

Respirator fit

First Aid and CPR

Lockout / Tagout Manager

Fall Protection Manager

Leadership Management

Technical Inspector

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