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Network Engineer

Edison, NJ, 08817
October 09, 2018

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Shankar Network



Cisco Certified Network professional with around 8 of experience in in the field of Networking with strong and extensive knowledge of Design, configuration, implementation, operation, and support of Cisco Routers, Switches, and VPN devices.

Substantial knowledge in configuring and troubleshooting Dynamic routing protocol (Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) such as Distance Vector routing protocol (RIPv1, RIPv2 and IGRP), Link-State routing protocols (OSPF and IS-IS) and Hybrid protocol (EIGRP).

Significant knowledge in configuring and troubleshooting Exterior Gateway protocols such as BGPv4 including internal BGP (iBGP) and external BGP (eBGP).

Generous Knowledge in configuring Redundant router protocols like HSRP, VRRP and GLBP.

Indulgent in configuring Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), Per VLAN Spanning Tree (PVST), Rapid STP (RSTP) and Rapid per VLAN Spanning Tree (PVST+).

Assist EMs/TAMs/STMs with Mandiant/FireEye appliance provisioning’s and on-boarding

Specified and launched numerous Fireeye security appliances

Oversee & resolve all FireEye Security account escalations

Developing leads and new accounts for FireEye territory managers

Ample experience in configuring Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) with IEEE 802.1Q, VLAN trunking protocol (VTP), shortest path bridging, Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol and VLAN Cross Connect (CC).

Worked on Network topologies and configurations, TCP/IP, UDP, Frame Relay, ATM, Bridges, Routers, Hubs and Switches.

Routing, Switching, Firewall technologies, System design, Implementation and Troubleshooting of complex network systems.

Configured Cisco Catalyst 6500, 4500, 3850, 3750, 2960 switches and Cisco 3600, 7200& ASR 1K & 9k Routers for an enterprise network.

Engineered PCI, clustering, and virtual chassis baseline configurations for Juniper MX and EX multilayer switches as well as SRX firewalls to lay groundwork for new device installation

Worked on Juniper Net Screen Firewalls like, NS50, SSG 550M, SSG520M, ISG 1000, and ISG 200

Implementation of Juniper Firewall, SSG Series, Net screen Series ISG 1000, SRX Series

Developed and implemented core network consolidation plan. Included redundant configuration of Juniper EX8200.

In-depth knowledge and experience in WAN Technologies including OC3, E3/T3, E1/T1, Point to Point, MPLS and Frame Relay

Worked on latest Cisco Switches like Nexus 9000, 7018, 5548, 5020 and 5010, Implemented advanced features like VDC, VPC, OTV and configured top of the row Fabric Extenders 2248 and 2232

Cisco AMP Administration for Malware Protection and Comodo for Antivirus protection

Validation of Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention systems(IDS/IPS) of Cisco network security ASA products/Sensors, Cisco Firepower Management Center, Cisco switches and routers

Validation of Cisco IDS/IPS products in Cloud environment like Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Experience in Implementing, Maintaining, and Troubleshooting L2 Switching tasks: VLANs, VTP, VLAN Trunking (ISL/802.1Q), STP, RSTP, PVST, PVST+, CST, CEF and DCEF.

Experience in T1/E1/T3 technologies and different LAN & WAN technologies.

Managed F5 BigIP GTM/LTM load balancer appliances to include writing iRules, SSL offload and everyday task of creating WIP and VIPs

Planned and worked on design with Network team to Re-architect F5 load-balancers to load-balance traffic anywhere in the company network.

A good knowledge on operational aspects load balancing & WAF devices.

Actively participated in upgrading Fast Ethernet, Layer 3 switched/routed LAN Infrastructure from Cisco 3640 to Cisco 2811 ISR Routers and Switches at access level to 2950, 3550.

Well understanding of Cisco UCS and M-Series Modular servers to enable centralized management of highly scalable system and to Speed-up IT operations.

Worked extensively in Configuring, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Checkpoint security appliance, Failover DMZ zoning & configuring VLANs/routing/NATing with the firewalls per design.

Hands on Experience on security devices and firewall infrastructure under enterprise level network.

Experience in Cisco: Physical cabling, IP addressing, Wide Area Network configurations (Frame-relay & MPLS), Routing protocol configurations (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP)

Proficiency in Configuration of VLAN setup on various CISCO Routers and Switches.

Knowledge of Implementing and troubleshooting complex layer 2 technologies such as VLAN Trunks, VTP Ether channel, STP, RSTP and MST.

Extensive hands on Experience with Complex routed LAN networks, CISCO Routers and Switches.

In-depth expertise in the Analysis, Implementation, Troubleshooting & Documentation of LAN/WAN architecture and good experience on IP services.

Basic Experience with configuring and Managing on Snort and Suricata detection systems.

Experience through Hands-on Experience with Configuring T1.5, Gigabit Ethernet, Channelized T3 and full T3, OCX, ATM, Frame-Relay.

Experienced working on network monitoring and analysis tools like, SOLAR WINDS, CISCO works and RIVER BED and Wireshark.

Configured SolarWinds Orion NPM and used it to monitor traffic on a network

Extensive experience in Configuring and troubleshooting of protocols RIP v1/v2, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP and MPLS.

Well experienced in Configuring HSRP, GLBP, ICMP, PPP, PAP, CHAP and SNMP.

Experience in Installing and Configuring DNS, DHCP server.


Networking Technologies

LAN/WAN Architecture, TCP/IP, Frame Relay, VPN, VLAN, L2VPN, VTP

Networking Hardware

Cisco Switches, Cisco Routers, Pix firewalls, Gigamon

Routing Protocols


Security Technologies


Network Monitoring Tools

Cisco Works 2000, Wire Shark

Operating Systems

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, LINUX, Cisco IOS, IOS XR

Network Simulators

GNS3, Packet Tracer


CISCO 2600, Juniper M & T Series, Cisco CRS-1, CRS -3, GSR

Management Tools

SNMP, Syslog, Sniffer, and Wire shark


CISCO 2900, Nexus 7k,5k,2k,1k

Simulation Tools

Qualnet Developer, OPNET IT GURU, OPNET Modeler, Cadence, Fireeye


Checkpoint 4000 series, juniper net screen, Juniper SRX Pix, Cisco ASA, Cisco FWSM/PIX/ASDM, IPsec, Nokia Checkpoint NG, IPS/IDS (Snor), IPS 4260, Juniper SRX & VPN

Load Balancer

Cisco CSS, F5 Networks (Big-IP)


E series, J series and M series. MX960, M10i, T1600, T640


Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)


Bachelor of Engineering


Biogen, Boston, MA May 2017 - Present

Sr. Network Engineer


Involved in the Configuration & Troubleshooting of Routing Protocols MP-BGP, OSPF, LDP, EIGRP, RIP, BGP v4. Configured IP access Filter policies.

F5 Big-IP load balancer Configuration, layer 7 load balancing using I-Rules (TCL)

Experience in design, Deploying & Troubleshooting F5 Load Balancer Includes BIGIP Series 5050V, 10000V, 8900, 6900, and 3900

Experienced with Palo Alto Networks Firewall systems, Cisco routers, switches, (to include 2600, 2500, 3600, 3800 series) Pix 515 and ASA 5510 series firewalls, and Voice over IP telephony using Cisco Call Manager 4.3

Design & Implementations of Data Center /ACI solutions/ Virtualization solutions like EAP using Cisco ACI, Nexus 9k/7k/5k/2k/1k

Migrated from a Cisco/Nortel switching environment to a Cisco/Meraki environment with full Meraki wireless.

Managed fast Layer 3 switched/routed LAN/WAN infrastructure as a part of Network team, Cisco Prime Infrastructure. The LAN consisted of Cisco campus model of Cisco 3550 at access layer, Cisco 6513 at distribution/core layer.

Configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco catalyst 6509, 7613 with supervisor cards.

Configuration and management of NEXUS network in the existing Cisco network infrastructure.

Created LAB Setup with 7k and 5K NEXUS switches for application testing.

Experience on Bluecoat proxy server.

Configuring routing protocols OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, MPBGP, LDP and BGPV4

Hands on Experience in configuring F5 objects, components and provisioning various modules like LTM. GTM, APM

Installing and configuring 16 Meraki Access Points, 8 MerakiMS350 switches, 2 Cisco 4000 ISRs and 2 Meraki MX400 Firewalls including an in premises and off premises Data Center for disaster recovery, fail-over links (Dedicated fiber link and VPN). re-configured Cisco Access Points, Cisco catalyst switches and ASA 5512x

Configure Cisco Meraki wireless access points MR18, MR32, MR34, and MR42 in different offices.

Working experiences with Routers, Switches, Load Balancers, Firewalls and Proxies

Installing the F5 TMOS upgrades, Hot-fix installations depending on Business need

Prepare test plans for checking the configuration on the CLI, and GUI. writing iRules, scripts

Configuring of Virtual Servers, Pools, Nodes and load balancing methods on F5 LTM

Comfortable working with both command line interface and the GUI access of an F5

Configured F5 GTM Wide IP, Pool Load Balancing Methods, probers and monitors recreating Http and https redirect VIP's to client from data servers

Worked on F5 issues using packet capture like TCP dump, Wireshark and SolarWinds and curl commands

Experienced in F5 LTM and GTM series 6400, 6800, 8800, 7250 (VIPRION) for corporate applications and their availability.

Determining the functionality with the DNS naming conventions and migrations from old load balancing environments to the F5 environment both 10.x and 11.x

Experience on design, implement, support and maintain all aspects related to Citrix NetScaler using WAF

Hands-on operations and engineering activities to ensure the successful implementation of mission critical Citrix NetScaler and Imperva projects and work with application teams to create solutions spanning multiple data centers.

Working on Web Application Firewall (WAF) with transitional experience to Imperva WAF solutions. Working on Refine processes to efficiently protect new applications by the WAF infrastructure

Worked extensively in configuring, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Cisco's ASA 5500/PIX security appliance, Failover DMZ zoning & configuring VLANs/routing/NATing with the firewalls as per the design

Troubleshooting of routers and switches to establish connectivity to Tripwire

Checking for firewall denies in the Splunk for routers and switches for tripwire connectivity

Software Updation of xi50 devices and adding/renewing the certificates

Configuring F5 LTM, GTM of new Applications by writing scripts and inserting through tmsh commands.

Downloading of qkview files and providing them to F5 team

Planned and implemented major network overhaul replacing aging Cisco router configured with sub-interfaces to new Meraki Layer 3 Switches in a Warm Spare Failover configuration adding increased bandwidth, speed and redundancy

Environment: Cisco 3750/3550/3500/2960 switches and Cisco 3640/12000 /7200/3845/3600/2800 routers, Cisco ASA5510, Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Cisco Nexus7K/5K,2248/3560/5020/6509, ASA, Checkpoint, LAN, OSPF, BGP, RIP, EIGRP

ATOS, Irvine, CA Feb 2016 – Apr 2017

Sr. Network Engineer


Responsible for turning up new sites this includes designing, configuring, and coordinating in turning up the new circuits on Routers and switches.

Using Tanium and other automation tools we were able to significantly reduce response time and man hours spent on network vulnerability's

Built custom Tanium sensors to fill the gaps that where left by our other data collection tools.

Provided accreditation support for a new Tanium installation on a large Core network

Experiences in creating vision, defining technology strategy, and creating innovative products and solutions for SDN, NFV, cloud, and virtualization for enterprises and service providers

Monitor and respond to alarms for all network and security infrastructure including Cisco 2800, 2900, 3000, and Nexus 7k series routers and equivalent switches, Aruba wireless networking devices, Riverbed load balancers, firewalls

Troubleshoot and track offline node in Tripwire.

Validated changes downloaded by Tripwire Logger and analyzed changes for adds, removed, and timestamp changes.

Analyzed customer requirements, process, and challenges to develop and enhance Tanium capabilities.

Installing the F5 TMOS upgrades, Hot-fix installations depending on Business need

Experience working with Nexus 9k, 7K, 5K and 2K.

Deploying and maintaining ACI data centers lab utilized by the global support team

Exhibited knowledge of Wireshark to capture and analyze packet information, NMAP and TCP dump to assist in network connectivity issues and analysis, Check Point Firewall logs and rule base to analyze network behavior and isolate potential threats, and handle virus and OS updates

Troubleshoot and document infrastructure changes that support AV and VTC systems to include CAD drawings

Utilize Firemon to run traffic analysis and other reports from the firewall

Provide design and SDN/NFV networking support using Cisco ACI, Cisco wireless controllers, Open-Stack, Juniper Contrail and Big Switch Networks LABs and using Apple Configurator.

Migrate Open stack underlay network from Standalone Nexus to ACI

Hands on Experience on Riverbed 250, 555, 570, 5050.

Designed and configured Local Area Networks consisting of Cisco Catalyst Switches 6509E, 4500s, 3750, 3560 Wired Switches, Wide Area Networks consisting of Cisco Routers 3900s, 2951s, and Wireless LAN Networks using controllers of Cisco 5508s with Cisco APs 3502Es

Performed Pilot Test on Cisco Nexus Data Center Switches 7000s for compatibility issues, Cisco Carrier Routing System (CRS), Cisco Aggregation Service Routers, and Cisco 12000 GSR.

Performed configuration and maintenance of LAN/WAN technologies such as Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. Securing the network with access lists applied on interfaces.

Knowledge of modifying and maintaining the Bluecoat Proxy Pac file.

Managed LAN & WAN and Bluecoat proxy servers.

Black listing and White listing of web URL on BlueCoat Proxy servers.

Adding Websites to the URL filtering blocklist in Bluecoat Proxies and upgrading firmware on the bluecoat proxies.

Implemented IP Routing protocols EIGRP, OSPF, BGP on Cisco Routers 7600, 3600, 2800.

Produce shell and Perl scripts to automate tasks wherever possible

Configured and managed Windows Firewalls, Cisco PIX, and Checkpoint firewalls.

Generate a wide variety of reports on firewall and IDS activity notifying the end customer concerning suspicious traffic.

Monitor IDS logs filtering potentially threatening activity from normal network traffic.

Planned, designed, and configured ASA 5580 Firewalls with software version 8.0, Cisco Load balancers, VPN concentrators, and implemented QoS and performing traffic engineering.

Responsible for daily administration of Windows servers including creation/deletion of new user accounts, print services, and backups.

Installed and Maintained software license agreements: administering patch management and operating system deployment with SCCM and SCOM

VPC to Arista MLAG migration – Designed 3-tier leaf spine network with L3 switches, configured IP subnets, MLAG Peers, VLANs, routing (OSPF, BGP peering with ISP) and VARP for router redundancy and tested for traffic loss.

Configuring and troubleshooting Layer 2 Ethernet switch and router interfaces for Arista, Cisco, and Juniper.

Configuring and troubleshooting Layer 4 VPN on Cisco, Juniper, and Arista.

Configured Arista switches out of the box and installed PDUs in the Datacenter

Key player in deployment of nationwide corporate upgrade: migrating from legacy equipment to Cisco Meraki indoor/outdoor wide area mesh networks (Cisco’s largest Meraki rollout to date)

Experience with Cisco's Guest Wi-Fi solution using ISE and Meraki Firewall.

Meraki Roll-out from Design/Configured/Implementation (MX80, MS320-48, MS220-48)

Set up and managed the Cloud based monitoring of all Cisco Meraki wireless Aps and networks

Deployed F5 Load balancer Edge Gateways for SSL, remote access load balancing. Created templates, SSL profiles and network ACLs.

Designed and Implemented DMZ for FTP, Web and Mail Servers with CISCO PIX 506, PIX515.

Built VPN tunnel and VPN encryption.

Involved in Configuration of Access lists (ACL) on ASA firewall for the proper network routing for the B2B network connectivity.

To secure configurations of load balancing in F5, SSL/VPN connections, troubleshooting CISCO ASA firewalls, and related network security measures

Working experience with Load Balancers F5 LTM like 3900, 6900, 4200V over various environments

Configuration, migrations, upgrades of F5 Big IP LTM 3400, 6400, 8900 running v4.x to 10.2.x, Active/Standby

Environment: Net Flow, TACACS, EIGRP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, VPN, MPLS, CSM, SUP720, Ether Channels, Cisco 7200/3845/3600/2800 routers, Fluke and Sniffer, Cisco 6509/ 3750/3550/3500/2950 switches, Checkpoint firewalls (SPLAT).

Lam Research June 2015 – Dec 2015

Sr. Network Engineer


Responsible for Internal and external accounts and, managing LAN/WAN and checking for Security Settings of the networking devices (Cisco Router, switches) co-coordinating with the system/Network administrator during any major changes and implementation

Worked with Complex Routed IP networks, routers, layer 2/3 switches, firewalls, LAN/WAN networking hardware and protocols.

Comprehensive elementary configurations on the F5 Big-IP LTMs load balancer on prevailing network to divide traffic on web-servers.

Security Operations and implementation, integration & operation of SIEM via QRadar, ArcSight and Splunk

Analyze QRadar and Sourcefire events for security analysis security events

Partnered with field teams to execute NFV and SDN Proof of Concepts demonstrating software abstraction and componentization, service onboarding, service chaining, and service provisioning

Implemented flow installation in SDN enabled switches for Cisco and Bigswitch using REST

Also doing feasibility study of now virtualization will impact LTE RAN and Packet Core side (vEPC and vIMS). Hands on experience in Configuring overlay networks, troubleshooting networking issues related to software-defined networking (SDN) with Open vSwitch (OVS), vRouter OpenContrail, Load Balancers, Firewalls, Switches and Routers

Provided Tier III level support for Verisign IDS/IPS and Host Log Monitoring offerings with enterprise security devices Including but not limited to Sourcefire, Snort, ISS, Juniper, Cisco IDS/IPS, McAfee NSM, Enterasys, Tipping Point and Cisco ASA for the past few years.

Provide recommendations on IPS and IDS placement and configuration in conjunction with best practice and current network design/standards

Design security system using Fortinet appliances

Design and deployed F5 LTM and GTM load balancer infrastructure per business needs from the ground up approach

Configuring Access list rules Fortinet 100 firewall

Working as Wifi Lead engineer to design, deploy Wireless Networks as per the client requirement

Designing and deploying the campus Wifi, Guest-Wifi

Configuring the Wireless Lan Controllers for the Corporate Wi-Fi according to the radio frequencies with respect to the Site survey

Worked on enterprise controller based Wifi design and implantation

Worked on Guest WIFI implementation with Cisco Meraki firewall for multiple clients

Manage and configure Checkpoint Firewall (IPS/IDS)

Worked on Cisco 2950,2960,4507,6509 series switch for LAN requirements, that includes managing VLANs, Inter-VLAN Routing, VTP, STP, RSTP, PVST+, Port-Securities and troubleshooting LAN issues.

Responsible for Level 3 support Firewall Engineer (Cisco ASA).

Enabled STP attack mitigation (BPDU Guard, Root Guard), using MD5 authentication for VTP, disabling all unused ports and putting them in unused VLAN and ensuring DHCP attack prevention where needed.

Troubleshoot TCP/IP and troubleshoot connectivity issues in multi-protocol Ethernet.

Replaced Citrix Access Gateway with Citrix Netscalar including full VPN gateway.

Create Load Balancing configuration in F5 LTM and Citrix Netscaler per requirement

Experienced and configured firewall administration including BLUECOAT, F5 load balancer, Checkpoint, Citrix NetScaler App and Fortinet.

Troubleshooting the issues and outages on Trunks and Router interfaces comprehensively.

Provided technical assistance for LAN/WAN management & troubleshooting.

Fortinet Firewall configuration for ECC Network, Traffic shaping and Content filtering. Routing and others.

Developed deployment solutions for network technologies, including Optical, VoIP, VPN, switching and routing.

Experience configuring VPC, Virtual Device Context in Nexus 7010

Configuring STP for loop deterrence and VTP for Inter-VLAN Routing.

Facilitated Continuous Integration for scenarios tagged as Sanity & Regression and Continuous Delivery (CICD) including GitHub, Jenkins

Hands on experience working on Ansible Automation environments, supporting containers, Dockers and writing Python Scripts for Pre-ingest, post-ingest, migration tests.

Troubleshoot firewall related packet drops and reachability issues using Netscout & Checkpoint's Smart Tracker.

Installing and configuring Routers, Switches and CSU/DSU's to support WAN links.

Product analysis and support for Access-layer switches such as Cisco 4510, 4948, 4507, distribution layer switches such as 6513, 6509, 6504 and a routed core.

Configured Aruba access points, troubleshoot connectivity issues with Aruba access points. Prepared wireless survey reports, reports documenting completed projects and AP placement maps

Design Cisco, Meraki, and Aruba WLAN/WIFI infrastructures.

Setting VLANS and configuring trunk on Fast-Ethernet channel between switches.

Installed and maintained CISCO 3600, 2600, 2900 and provided Gateway Redundancy by HSRP, VRRP.

Expanding the network and providing proper routing such as OSPF, EIGRP, static route and default route.

Troubleshooting issues and outages on Trunks and Router interfaces extensively.

Environment: Cisco Routers 7600, 7200, 3800, 3700, 2800, 2500; Cisco Catalyst switches: 6500, 4500, 3500, 3750, 3850, 2900; Cisco ASA 5550, 5520; VTP, VLAN and 802.1Q trunking; Routing Protocols OSPF, EIGRP, Static Route; Sniffer tools: Wire shark, MS Visio

BSNL, Hyderabad, India Nov 2012 – May 2015

Network Engineer/Intern


Connected switches using trunk links and Ether Channel

Converted network with multiple routing protocols RIP, IGRP, EIGRP into a single OSPF domain, thus providing for future network scalability

Configuring of IP Allocation and sub netting for all applications and servers and other needs throughout company using FLSM, VLSM addressing

Configuration changes automation with Ansible

Implemented redundant Load balancing technique with Internet applications for switches and routers

Configured Cisco IOS Feature Set, NAT and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for Network Security implementation

Addition and removal of services from virtual server configuration on Citrix Netscalar load-balancer

Maintaining SSL certificate on Citrix Netscalar load balancer and managing the virtual servers

SIEM monitoring and investigation of any alerts using tools like Arcsight ESM, Arcsight Logger, HBSS, NetScout, Site Protector IDS, and Wireshark Protocol Analyzer.

Functional Management of the Azure Network in customer as well as production perspective.

Cloud design: Participate in Amazon AWS / Microsoft Azure network design and implementation

Documenting and Log analyzing the Cisco ASA 5500 series firewalls

Used Network Monitoring tool to manage, monitor and troubleshoot the network

Experience in HSRP standby troubleshooting & Experience in configuring & upgrading of Cisco IOS.

Received inbound calls of technical nature, independently resolved customer complaints, concerns and inquiries regarding their Internet connection.

Troubleshoot a wide range of technical support issues and connectivity problems such as authentication, connection speed, e-mail configuration, and loss of synchronization.

Worked on FTP, HTTP, DNS, DHCP servers in windows server-client environment with resource allocation to desired Virtual LANs of network.

Experience in new employee mentoring, training and coaching.

Environment: Net Flow, EIGRP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, VPN, MPLS, CSM, SUP720, Anisible, Ether Channels, Cisco 7200/3845/3600/2800 routers, Cisco 6509/ 3750/3550/3500/2950 switches, Github

Erudite Soft Private Ltd, Hyderabad, India July 2011 – Oct 2012

Network Support Engineer/Intern


Involved in Product analysis and support for Access-layer switches such as Cisco 4510, 4948, 4507, distribution layer switches such as 6513, 6509, 6504 and a routed core.

Participates in network planning and provides input on network design and the selection of network equipment.

Configured site to site VPN for connecting student lab to training and development centers.

Configured various LAN switches such as CISCO CAT 2900, 3550, 4500, 6509 switches and Access layer switches such as CISCO 4510, 4948, 4507 switches for VLAN, Fast Ether Channel configuration.

Installation, configuration and operation of the Nessus security assessment tool for STIG/SCAP compliance and vulnerability scans on various operating systems, COTS, FOSS, network devices, and databases.

Worked on IP control for management and optimal allocation of IP addresses.

Perform any required interface, VLAN, trunking, and routing moves, adds, and changes for existing services.

Enabled STP attack (BPDU Guard, Root Guard) using MD5authentication for VTP, disabling all unused ports and putting them in unused VLAN.

Monitor and analyze network threats through Palo Alto Panorama; run vulnerability assessment on machines with anomalous behavior, monitor firewall for incoming and outgoing threats.

Optimized and configured performance of the WAN network consisting of Cisco Nexus 5000 series Switches by configuring VLANs.

Environment: Cisco 7200/3845/3600/2800 routers, TACACS, EIGRP, RIP and Vulnerability Assessment tools like Nessus, Red Hat, Solaris, VPN's and SSL.

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