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Electronics Engineer

Buffalo Grove, IL
October 05, 2018

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Premalatha Singh

Chicago, IL


6+ years of experience in the area of Electronics Instrumentation in Aerospace Industry.

Experience in Analog and Digital Electronics design, testing and troubleshooting.

Strong skills in electronic circuit board assembly and testing.

Experience in schematic Capture and Design solutions for the creation of electrical circuits.

Working knowledge of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout design, Printed Circuit Board Assembly(PCBA) and Surface Mount Technology(SMT).

Coordinated with other engineering and science departments for the end to end testing of various electronics packages of a payload in Cleanroom Facility.

Extensive experience in use of test equipment- oscilloscopes, signal generator, meters, power supplies and laboratory equipment (soldering iron).

Work Experience

Research Fellow

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Satellite Centre, Bangalore

High Energy X-ray(HEX) Payload onboard CHANDRAYAAN-1 Satellite

The primary objective of Chandrayana-1 is to carry out the most detailed description about the chemical, mineralogical and topographic mapping of the lunar surfaces to date. The HEX [High Energy X-ray]-Spectrometer covers the hard X-RAY region from 20Kev to 250Kev. This is the first Lunar experiment to carry out spectral studies at hard X-ray energies using a good resolution detector.

Involved in design & testing of Front End Electronics [Analog & Digital circuits] which include Operational Amplifiers, Analog to digital converter (ADC), Amplifiers, Filters, and Regulators.

Delivered schematics and technical support to PCB layout design teams.

Executed daily engineering activities, including design and implementation of manufacturing processes and layouts.

Contributed to data collection for reviewing designs and related materials.

Involved in preparation of Internal wiring details of Electronics Packages from card level to package level in a standard format for Flight model onboard Satellite.

Used the "GNU plot" plotting tool for generating the Test reports during card level, package level and End to End integrated testing of various packages.

Assisted the Engineering team during the Thermal Vacuum (thermovac) chamber test of electronics package to monitor the test performance under different temperatures.

Involved in Preliminary Design Review document (PDR) for HEX payload proposed onboard CHANDRAYAAN-1 Satellite.

Electronics Engineer

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Satellite Centre, Bangalore

Scanning Sky Monitor(SSM) payload onboard ASTROSAT Satellite

The Scanning Sky Monitor (SSM) is one of the Electronic Instrumentation payloads onboard the ASTROSAT, a First Indian Multiwavelength Astronomy Satellite Mission. ASTROSAT spacecraft acts as a platform for conducting observations of celestial objects in a range of wavelengths spanning optical, UV, soft X-rays and hard X-rays. The SSM experiment will detect and monitor soft X-ray transients.

Created schematics and designs for analog and digital circuits.

Monitored electrical components to ensure optimal performance.

Assisted in PCB layout design for high-speed Digital and Analog electronics, verification of PCB layouts, testing and troubleshooting at the card level.

Manually tested electronics circuits, diagnosed and isolated malfunctions to component level, and determined solutions with schematic and troubleshooting guides.

Provided technical assistance in the area of Power distribution circuits consisting of DC/DC converter [High Voltage & Low Voltage] in design and testing for Front End and Processing Electronics.

Participated in technical documentation for SSM payload proposed onboard ASTROSAT Satellite.


Hardware: 89C51 micro controller

Language(s): ‘C’, Assembly Language.

Description: The project 89C51 FLASH EPROM PROGRAMMER deals with programming of variety of ROM chips ranging from PROMS to EPROM. The work is essentially concentrated in programming of microcontroller ATMEL 89C51 with flash EPROM. In this project particularly, stress is given on ATMEL 89C51 micro-controller.

The development of software includes the writing of monitor routine interface of C.P.U board with PC and software of EPROM programming. Monitor routine takes care of loading the Programmable data onto external RAM. This then later is programmed onto the flash EPROM of 89C51.

The monitor program is loaded onto external EPROM. This setup of external RAM and external EPROM was project set up board which was interfaced to PC as well the controller with flash EPROM that needs to be programmed.

Role: Complete monitor routine development, with software for flash EPROM programming. Include driver development for flash EPROM

Other Skills

Assembly, C, C++, Microcontroller 8051, VHDL, PSPICE, OrCAD

Experience with engineering/office tools (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.)






Visveswariah Technological University(VTU), Karnataka INDIA

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication

Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology- Bangalore



Team Excellence Award – 2008

Indian Space Research Organization[ISRO]

Contribution to the “CHANDRAYAAN-1 Payload Instruments, Science Data Centre, and Mission Operations” Project as a team member.

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