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Test Engineer

Lansdale, PA
October 05, 2018

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Samuel G. Kommaraj

*** ********** **

Lansdale PA - 19446

Mobile: 201- 400 - 7505

Email :

Summary of Experience:

Over 12 years of diversified IT experience including system analysis, testing Client / Server and Web based applications in a variety of industries such as Cable, Financials, Health Care Retail Chain Management and Xfinity Mobile Apps.

Strong Experience in Information Technology with emphasis on Quality Assurance, Strong Database and Testing concepts, GUI Testing, Smoke and End to End tests, System Testing, Functional Testing, Integration Testing, Database and Regression Testing of Web based and Client/Server applications. Excellent professional ability to work independently and as a team member.

Excellent analytical, problem-solving and documentation skills with extensive knowledge of QA methodology proficient in manual testing of client/server systems and Web based applications.

Analyzed logs, creating bugs, logging these into defect tracking tools.

Triaged and assisted in debugging issues. Validated and vefified fixes

Regression tests for code releases and upgrades

Experience with and troubleshooted issues

Experience in an Agile environment.

Served as liaison for users, product managers, vendors and systems to meet various technological needs. Installed and Managed Test Labs. Interacted with End users gathering and analyzing requirements to develop URS and QA Testing Strategy. Documented and translated functional specifications into test objectives. Excellent (Written and Verbal) communication and interpersonal skills.

Mentored colleagues and juniors and trained them on provisioning systems CSG and AMDOCS, created documents, test cases and job aids.

Expertise includes designing and writing Test Plans, Test Cases and generating Test Reports and Test Case Documents for UAT (UI/UX) from Document generator tool of HPQC.

Interacted with the Business community, Development team, stake holders, Test Engineers and the end users to gather requirements and developed User Requirement Specification URS documents. Vefifying the same for Acceptance and testability to all interfacing applications.

Experienced in Functional, Regression, Integration, System, and UAT testing.

Experienced in Black Box, Grey Box and White Box testing

Extensively executed SQL queries / sub queries, stored procedures on Oracle and SQL server and DB2 tables in order to view successful transactions of data and to validate data at the back end.

Ran SQL queries to verify and validate Data. Created test data, Used DML and DDL statements to input and update records as required. PL/SQL code was tested by changing data and parameters in the variables to test positive and negative tests. Also checked syntactics of the PL/SQL code.

Tested complex business logic on Web as well as Client / Server applications.

Testing devices ARRIS XB3, XB6, PACE XF3, XI5,XID and other mobile WIFIi clients, such as IMobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops.

Worked closely with the business community, development team and test engineers on technologies such as Docsis3.0, Moca, WiFi (WAP, WAP2), TR69, SMNP, Voice, CMTS, CMTA, Voice, CPE Used Dmcli and web-api commands for querying, Simulating CPE conditions.


QA Process & Methodology Data Quality Business Requirement Analysis

Test Planning & Execution Web Services Testing (SOA) Functional Testing

UAT Testing Database Testing Production Support

Retail Chain (POS) Billing / Provisioning Test Data Creation


Databases & Tools

Oracle 8i/9i MS SQL Server 2000/7/6.5 Sybase MS-Access TOAD SQL Worksheet, SQL * Plus,ClearCase Sql Server Mgmt Studio





QA Tools

SOAP, Mercury Service Test, IBM Rational DOORS, Confluence, Xconf, Destructo, STB Infra, Team Viewer, Visio

Bug Tracking Tools

Test Director, Bugzilla, Quality Center10.0, JIRA, ALM, Zephyr, CLM, Jenkins

Operating Systems

Windows 95/2000/NT/XP,Windows 7


DOCSIS 3.0 Xfinity Wireless, DLNA,TR69, SNMP, DOCSIS, WiFi / RF, MoCA,Emta, CDV (Voice) Xfinity, IPv4 / IPv6

Additional Skills (Billing / Provisioning Systems)

AMDOCS, DDP Comtrack, CSG, RUMBA, UAT, Business Requirement Documents, Test Cases, Linking Defects to TC’s and Requirements, User Stories and Use Cases. Installation of Equipment at Customer Premises (CPE)m POS


STB’s, Gateways,Cable Modems, Routers, eMTA’s, DTA’s, XR Remotes and WIFI client devices such as XI5, XI6,Mobile phones, Ipads, Tablets and Laptops

Organisation: Arris Group Inc. ( 2014 – 2018)

Test Engineer On Comcast site at Center City

Worked with Comcast RDK-B engineering team to support development and Integration to make Arris CPE devices compliant with RDK-B platform. The products are tested in a DOCSIS 3.0 environment to ensure very few defects before the products get deployed. Also supported field release products as part of ongoing support activities. The test team had to be familiar with technologies such as DOCSIS, Moca, WiFi, TR69, SMNP, Voice, CMTS, CMTA, Voice, CPE, etc. Well experience with Data & voice devices, Gateways and Cable Modems.

Duties and responsibilities

Defining and preparing the testbed based on the desired configuration for the home under test..

The Whole Home product and Test House (for testing consumer use of products)

knowledge and understanding of 802.11ac wireless standards and spec, Inter-Op testing(CE, CPE, etc.), used Chambers (RF/ Isolation), Octoscope, Ixia. Used Traffic Generators( iPerf, etc.)

Installing factory fresh devices simulating customer home installation, with base software and upgrading to the release/test versions using different required methods such as RDK portals, downloading images from Jenkins and upgrading through local tftp servers, SNMP,Xconf, Confluence and also remote upgrades using Jump servers.

Verify Software upgrades/downgrades to ARRIS CPE devices such as the home gateway, Client video systems, eMTA’s.

Verify network capability using speed tests on both RF and Fiber to confirm upstream/downstream data rate configuration for homes under test.

Verified connectivity in the home network with WiFi / Ethernet connectivity to the home devices such as laptops, tablets, Wireless phones, other mobile devices etc

Worked with IPv4 / IPv6 modes, Used Web UI to test Brdge mode and router modes. Wireless connectivity to clients executed through Web UI.(WPA2 etc)

Collecting logs from remote servers for devices that report issues to be made available to the development team. Reproducing, Debugging and documenting field/lab issues

Troubleshoot data /voice/video issues in a lab environment

Verified external Battery connectivity for features such as power save mode, call features etc.

Root Cause Anylysis done with logs gathered, created issues in ALM, JIRA and triaged issues and supported debuging issues.

Organization: Comcast Communications Inc. Downingtown PA (March 2009- Feb 2014)

Test Engineer

Domain : Xfinity Video / High Speed Internet / Wireless and Xfinity Connect Mobile App

Downingtown QA Lab is a testing facility for JVR releases with various Xfinity and Legacy set top device of vendors such as Motorola, SA / Cisco, Samsung, PACE, Humax etc., Facility has controllers from Motorola and Cisco, testing Integration and upgrades of firmware from the STB vendors with Guide Navigators and VOD Systems such as Seachange and Tandberg along with IPPV(Impulsive Pay Per View Purchases) in both RF and IP Networks.Designed, developed and tested STB lifecycle through Billing Systems such AMDOCS DDP Emulator, DDP Comtrak, CSG (ACSR) and RUMBA. Some of the test functions are as mentioned below. Regression On Guide maps using Navigator applications such as Barcelona, SARA, Apache. Installed STB racks connecting to both headends, trouble shooting and managing issues while doing so.


Maintenance of issue creation, reporting, tracking, Verification and Validations adding results in issue tracking system(ALM)

Interacted Constantly with vendors (Motorola, Cisco,PACE,SAMSUNGand Humax) for JVR (Joint Venture Releases), status and defect resolutions.

Daily reporting of the progress/status of the test execution

Develop and maintain test cases to ensure products specifications

Execute test cases manually or through the use of automated tools, documenting results.

Identified test scenarios for Automation.

Assist with the maintenance of the automated test script repository as required

Train colleagues in use of Provisioning as required

Setup and maintain test environments for internal testing

Provide suggestions for improvement to all phases of the testing process.

Constructed Test Beds.

Performed installation, upgrades, unit, functional, system integration, and regression testing.

Developed / Maintained tests for AMDOCS / CSG billing systems.

Interact with AMDOCS / CSG developers provided analys input for compliancy with Comcast specs.

Interacted with Business community, Development team, Stake holders and Test associates and Engineers.

Projects :

Linear Video:

Tested video quality of STB's against Motorola DAC and Cisco DNCS Video Controller environments.

Created and tested various parameters and data points using QAM, MQAM and GQAM stream sources, including normal, impaired and Sencore pattern type streams.

Measured and insured proper STB performance and tolerances to various RF levels and frequencies seen by the STB’s.

Test data points included, HD, SD, Audio, MPEG2, MPEG4 and H264.

VOD (Video on Demand,Seachange, Tandberg) :

Authorized Free Content : Verified Streaming Free Non Suspended Movies with Lock PIN’s along with all Program indicators.

Authorized Premium Content : Verified all Packages are displayed as subcategories. And packages not subscribed would be grayed out.

Order Purchasable Content : Verified with a “Thank You” Notice orderable programs

VOD Access : Verified by launching VOD through,channen maps, Menus & IR

VOD Main Menu Navigation : Saved Programs, Premium Channels, New Releases, Movie Posters & HD Navigation.

Secondary Audio programming (Spanish/English) wherever available.

Tested VOD through sub menus such as “New This weeK”, “Top Selling”, “New Releases”, “Movie Deals”, “Collections”, “By Titles” “

Audio :

Tested audio on various formats of video including PPV-Interstitial,Preview,SD and HD formats,HDMI pass through, copy never, copy once and copy freely with AC3SD, HD on VOD, DVR and Trick play, Using a Dolby digital 7 channel output system with coaxial and optical connections. Also tested SAP (Secondary Audio Programming, Spanish) on VOD as well as linear channels.

AC-3, EAC3 and AAC were the three main audio codec types.

2 ch Stereo and DolbyDigital 5.1 supports 5+1 channels.

SAP - Secondary audio program had spanish audio.

Guide Basic Functionality :

Guide Access :Channel tuning, Flip Bar, Key Presses, Smart Bar etc.,

HMDI Tests : 480,720 & 1020 resolutions. All smoke tests.

IPPV : Ordering, Cancellations, Reschedule, Credits maxed out, Future purchases and Reminders.

Parental Controls : Create / Delete Access and Purchase PIN’s, Rating Locks, Tuning to locked programs and Title Locks.

EAS Trilithic / Monroe :

While EAS event is active, press keys: VOD Rewind, Play Fast Forward, Stop, Pause, Record, Skip Backward, My DVR, Live, Lock, Day Backward, Day Forward, Page Up, Page Down, Up Arrow, Right Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow, OK/Select, Guide, Info, Menu, Exit, Help, Last, FAV, Channel Up, Channel Down, Digit keys (0-9), Swap, Channel Override, EAS on Pause, Screen Saver, Preview, OMP Banner, Locks Option Overlay, ON Demand Menu, Order Program Overlay, Service Upgrade Confirmation Overlay, Thank You Banner, On Exception Channels (EAS is suppressed)

Navigator Applications :


UDB (Universal Database) :

Tested for Status, Rate Codes of the Devices in the DB with Device SN’s, Mac’s,Account #’s, whether inhibited or authorized for Adult services, MDTA’s --- Vecima / Bulk Conversion, Cable Card, Code Download, Close Captioning, EAS & Provisioning, UCID, GUIDE Regression.


Cancel Purchase, Reminders, Overlays, Consecutive Purchases, Future Purchases, Program Missed, Out Of Credit, Purchase Window

Parental Controls :

Channel Locks, Enter Purchase PIN’s, Hide Adult Titles, Lock Options, Master Locks, Bypass Locks, Clear Locks, Max Titles Lock Set, PIN’s Incorrect, Ratings Locks, Service Locks & Title Locks.

Tests and verification on subscriber owned STB’s

Tivo - Cardio, PANASONIC- T2W TV Subscriber Owned Devices, VOD Systems, Seachange / Tandberg, UAT, Doors, HPQC, PROVISIONING BAAC

DAC& DNCS Headend Controllers :

Tested through DNCS & DAC Web User Interface 4.3 _R2 Add / Delete / Refresh / Disconnect / Initialize / Cold Initialize / Clear Orphan Purchases / Clear All PIN’s / Clear Parental Control PIN’s / Clear Event PIN / Validate Cable Card Host validation/ Revalidation / Refresh Authorization, Reset Client NV RAM, Cable Card Override. Adding MCards To Inventory / Adding Non MCard STB’s to Inventory / Parental and Purchase PIN’s Creation / upgrade, downgrade Services / initialize, reset,warm install, ippv access,refresh services,clear psswd, cold initialize, warm reset, factory reset,, cable card host validation & revalidation

VOD Autodiscovery :

STB Performs auto discovery on at designated time every 24 hours while on various states such as Navigation to VOD, Reboot when the services xml files is updated and VOD xml file displays the updates to the TSID’s.

X1 Project - Bootloader :

Tested all major STB’s such as Motorola / Arris XG1, PACE XG1, PACE RNG150N and SAMSUNG RNG150N for B-DRI (Back up disaster recovery image) and P-DRI (Protected disaster recovery image) downloads, also tested both the above for Bad images logging and triaging all issues observed while bootloader downloaded “Too Large”, “Bad Image” and “Unsigned” “Hang At Boot”, “Reboot” files. Loading “TOKENS” on to the devices with Root access to get the Prod deivces into Dev mode to capture logs, used SNMP commads to delete B-DRI and P-DRI images and the PCI as well. Upgraded the PCI (Platform Code Image) while the B-DRI AND P-DRI images were in control of device, via XMON tftp server and via SNMP triggering code downloads to above devices.(Trained other engineers as well on the use of SNMP).

DIFD - Device Initiated Firmware Download was also tested where the devices would talk to the XRE server requesting a download of the firmware from the tftp or the http server.

STB Lifecycle through Billing Systems (AMDOCS & CSG) : This is continuous testing for all new versions of Joint Venture Release firmware and upgrades to vendor STB’s and EPG’s (Channel Map’s) :

Business Requirement Documents forvAddition of MCard’s & subscriber owned and retail non-addressable STB’s, TV’s with / without MCards to both Billing system Inventories having different equipment types, to different HUBS on DAC & DNCS. Moving them through various stages of inventory and verifying that these appear on the DAC & DNCS headend controllers having basic services, status’s and resource authorizations. Created accounts on both billing systems, adding / pairing MCard’s and STB’s to the account. Checking the downstream and upstream dBmv and SNR levels on the diagnostic screens. Verified Firmware, Monitor application, Guide versions through STB diags, also verified Cable Modem IP’s, STB IP’s, CM Configuration file through Diags. Provisioning and authorizing set tops for various packages and encrypted services and verifying the same on the STB’s. Verified Service / Tier upgrade / downgrades. Authorized and verified PPV,IPPV and VOD purchases from billing and STB’s. Tested and verified Soft and Hard disconnect’s and reconnections of STB’s. Purchased and polled IPPV and VOD events made through biling and STB’s. Created / Deleted and verified through billing systems, STB’s, DAC & DNCS parental control and purchase PIN’s. Verified Making Payments for purchases through billing systems including setting of credit limits. Switched headend controllers through Billing systems / manual modes.

RA (Resource Authorization) :

The primary delivery vehicle for resource authorization is to leverage existing billing rate codes to deliver appropriate sets of RA tiers to subscribed devices. In effect, resource authorizations are auth codes that can be appended to current billing rate codes that instruct the DAC/DNCS whether to enable or disable a video service, for example, the HD outputs of HD capable devices or DVR interface for DVR capable devices or AR-DVR for MoCA capable devices. Presently, Resource Authorization is a function enabled by the DAC in Motorola markets. By applying Resource Authorization In effect tier (RA tier 259) to an account, all default features or services enabled for a given firmware or platform are effectively disabled, and can then be selectively re-enabled by application of the required resource authorization code(s).The deployment of Resource Authorization will primarily involve back office changes in both the CSG and AMDOCS billing systems. The methodology of the change is different in the CSG and Amdocs billing systems and possibly varies market to market pending local implementation of billing system design and configuration.

Motorola Mcard Firm Upgrade :

Verified MCard firmware upgrade tests on Motorola Legacy STB’s, Samsung T2W STB’s Subscriber owned PAN TV& TIVO Cardio STB. Verified Headend interactions such as 1.Hunt and Lock on all 10 OOB frequencies, 2. Refresh sequences without interruption to subscriber experiences,

Verified for an MCard that has previously worked inRF-OOB modes:

1. On initial power up to tune to first OOB frequency and achieve a carrier lock.

2. if not tune to the next frequency in 2 seconds.

3. If locked successfully dwell on that frequency looking for valid EMM stream

Verified for an MCard that has previously worked on DSG mode :

1. On initial power up, Verified Host will tune to the channels defined in NTSC frequency table and forward DCDs found in the channels. MCard will evaluate the DCD for Client ID of type CA System ID in the ranges 0x0700-0x07FF or 0x4700-0x47ff, and the UCID list.

2. If a valid DSG Tunnel was not found in the DCD, Verified the Mcard will notify the Host for the Invalid DSG Channel status. This will prompt the Host to find another DSG Channel and possibly a new DCD.

3. If the forwarded DCD is valid, The downstream carrier lock is successful, the MCard should be able to receive control messages sent by the Controller to the Card through the CA tunnel. The MCARD will establish 2-way communication through the opening of socket flow.

Completes Re-Vallidation Sequence

Verified on the DAC GUI / Web tool by Un-validating and Validating (Re-validation).

Support for Premium Service Authorization Addition

Addition and Removal of Premium Services through DAC / AMDOCS / CSG Billing system, Verified Host streaming premium services.

Support for Package Authorization Addition.

Added several high value packages through DAC / AMDOCS / CSG Billing system and verified the Host streaming.

Completing Validation Sequence

Validate Mcard from AMDOCS / CSG Billing or DAC. Verified Mcard should be able to stream high value content only after validation)

Upgrade Tests for Motorola MCard

Load Base Code Configuration : Verified by SNMP Trigger and INIT from code was downloaded.

Set User Configuration : Verified user settings such as CC and PIN’s were displayed and enforced.

Load Upgrade Code : Verified by Guide Message count and tuning to Etv channel.

Verify User Configuration : Verified CC, PIN’s, IPPV & VOD Purchases, CCI Values, Movie and TV Rating Locks

Requests Reset from Host at conclusion of firmware upgrade

Verified after upgrade of Mcard, all Hosts are reset. MMI Screens display the new time after the MCard is reset

Verified MCard and Host validation is Required when moved to a new Host.

Verified all Authorizations are Retained when moved to a new Host.

Verified Updates of all Package Authorizations done when Refreshed.

Verified Updates of all Package Authorizations done when Initialized.

EDTA’s - Cavalry Project messaging and commands, targeted code download, mode transitions, service packaging

Organization Comcast Communications Inc. West Chester PA. (Nov 2007 - May 2008)

Test Engineer

Projects : Grand Slam (Various Functionalities of the Legacy systems built into this application)

Tested the UI developed in both HTML & Java as well as the back end .Net & XML using SOAP and Mercury’s Service Test.

Comcast Communications is a Digital Communication Organization. Having Digital Voice(Xfinity Wireless), High speed Internet and Cable.

The Grand Slam application would integrate all the legacy systems under one application for the CAE (Customer Assistance Executive) to access a customer’s account and check the state of transmission health of the devices Cable Modem, mta and Emta (Motorola, Scientific Atlanta, RF and Thomson (Via Satellite)) for the account and rectify the problems encountered by the customers basing on the recommended corrective actions (Ping and Trace Route)

Provided by the data generated from Grand Slam Application.

In case the problems were not resolved by the RCA(Recommended Corrective Actions Software) the system was used to schedule a truck roll to the customers residence.

The application is CPNI compliant for the privacy and authentication of the customer. Tested both the UI developed in HTML & Java as well as the back end .Net & XML using SOAP and Mercury’s Service Test.

Project was developed using the Agile / Scrum Methodologies in a System Orient Architecture (SOA) having extensive and rapid interaction (Daily meetings, IM, Mail and Call) with the Project Managers, Stake holders, Development team, User community and Testing team as well

Created Requirements in the Quality Center and linked them to Test Cases.

Used Quality Center to track bugs, link them to test cases, log and prioritize according to impact on application.

Used SOAP UI 1.71 and Mercury Service Test Tools to test the web services from the back end.

Accessed the Oracle Database (Version 10g) with SQL Queries to extract test data.

Conducted discussions and Presentations in UAT to elicit business logic from actual user perspective (CAE’s).

Tested the Grand Slam User Interface for functionalities.

Logged and Tracked Defects in the Quality Center.

Enhanced Business logic in meetings for design review.

Performed Regression as well as Progression tests.

Updated the QA manger with timely updates on status of the projects.

Used STUB files to simulate the video and high speed internet testing.

Tested both back end and GUI

QTP was used for Automating Regression on modules deemed stable and robust.

Video On Demand (VOD)

This service contract will enable a CAE to view the parameters for the “Video on Demand” Health Check (QOS Quality of Service) functionality through Grand Slam. This service will be accessed from the Grand Slam application via an HTTPS SOAP request to the Comcast Enterprise Services Platform (ESP). Upon receipt of the request from the Grandlslam CAE, the end-to-end invocation and response to this service should occur in less than 4 seconds.

Video Channel Look Up

In the process of identifying and resolving a customer problem, the CAE uses the channel Lineup to capture what specific channels were out for the customer. Presumably if the same channel or range of channels was out for multiple users they could create an outage ticket. For example, if the customer states “I don’t have Discovery Channel”, the CAE would use the channel Lineup to determine that Discovery Channel is 53.

TIVO Health Check

This service will be accessed from the Grand Slam application via an HTTPS SOAP request to the Comcast Enterprise Services Platform (ESP). The check Health or the performHSIHealthCheck contract is triggered.Once the Health Check Result comes back from SCOUT, it will be examined by the boot file to crosscheck for a CM embedded within the STB.

If identified, the Health Check of the CM is done with respect to the thresholds in the document.

Perform a match up of the Class of service from the returns of the DOCSIS and DEMI service.

If there is mismatch, send the service levels from both DOCSIS and DEMI in the Health Check Result with a message “Mismatch of Class of Service” with appropriate condition ID.

If no mismatch, check for the IP address of the CM from the DOCSIS response.

If blank, send Health Check Result “IP address blank” with appropriate condition ID.

If, send Health Check Result “IP address is” with appropriate condition ID.

If present, trigger the SCOUT service for the SNMP walk response.

Trigger the SCOUT service for the DSG MIB’s (total filtered packets)

Send the SNMP walk result and DSG MIB’s to the UI.

Emta Modem Reset

This service will be accessed from the Grand Slam client application via an HTTPS SOAP request to the Comcast Enterprise Services Platform (ESP).

This service can also be accessed via IVR client application or any other client application, for example .NET client or simple Java client by using some kind of intermediary SOAP server (Axis or Xfire, etc). W-Security and HTTPS can be handled and configured locally at client level.

STB Hits

The CAE should be able to perform the different Hits(on the STB whose serial number is

Provided (Types of hits were (WRM, LWM, HIT, PAR, CCV, INT etc).Used STUB files to simulate testing of this contract.

Roll Modem

When the STB is reported as not working the CAE will roll a temporary modem number which takes out the original modem and replaces with a temporary modem to the customer. Helps perform the successful Roll of a Cable Modem in any particular market. Used STUB files to simulate testing of this contract.

Home Networking Tool

Enables the CAE to access the SVP Home Networking Tool through Grand Slam to check health(Signal Quality) conditions of the digital voice and internet connections

Historical Plots

Grand Slam implements a solution that will display the historical plot data currently used by the CAE during troubleshooting.

Set Top Box Health Checks

The Video Scout STB Health Service provides a physical layer of abstraction between the calling application and the low-level protocols used to retrieve health status from set top box (STB) devices. The service is wrapped with a selectable list of datasets that correspond to the Motorola STDC specification or a list of OIDs for the SA case

CDV (Xfinity Wireless) & HSI Health Checks

The makes health checks (Signal Quality) for the digital voice and high speed internet through the application via satellite.

Truck Roll Enhancements

CAE find that a customers problem is not solved online a truck is physically rolled to the customers home

Escalate Fix

The CAE is able to escalate the problem the customer is having through the application.

Organization: STANDARD & POORS, New York, New York (July 2005 – Sept 2007)

QA Analyst

Projects: RatingsDirect, RatingsIQuery, RatingsXpress – Ratings, RatingsXpress – Research, WebServices


Standard & Poor’s Investment Research offers investment advisors, investors and institutions an authoritative voice issuing clear, actionable opinions. Their popular investment research product, Standard & Poor’s enhanced Advisor Insight, provides Investors with unparalleled access to Standard & Poor’s data, analytics and commentary – information that need to make informed investment decisions.Created test data in Oracle database for positive and negative tests with DML statements.

Developed test plans and test cases for functional testing of Sectors (Global Issuers, Public Finance and Structured Finance) using Test Director. Created Requirements and linked them against test cases. Created Database enhancements and definition for assigned Projects.

Manually executed test cases against SOAP Test Tools for Web Services software. Used SQL queries to validate test case results for back-end test cases. Closely monitoring performance on databases with developers and DBA’s for bottleneck usage and testing.Verified transaction details from S&P Financial software against transactions posted to LINX and CORE (Ratings and Research Management Tool).Executed secure demons for Ratings and Research Transactions Binary files in Sector Mapped database (Oracle) against transaction records from Rating Express Web services software. Project Developed and tested with Agile Methodology.

Supported the new enhancements by troubleshooting and resolving issues, fixing data/setup problems, and answering any questions or concerns the Oracle database, CORE and LINX Development Team and users

Manually Checked XML Scripts for WSDL (Web Services Description Language) day/night batch jobs.

Performed regression testing on front-end and back-end test cases.

Provided QA Manager with period status reports on Defects, Requirements Test Coverage and Testing Status.

Trained business users for User Acceptance Testing .

Also created Test Plan and Test Cases for Various Projects that would integrate the Forms data with S&P Internal and Web Based software. Ran adhoc tests and logged defects.

Manually Conducted Functional, Regression, Integration, System, and UAT testing.

Protocol used was FIX (Financial Information Exchange)

Used VISIO for use cases.

Technology used:

Unix (Solaris platform), Oracle 8i, WebLogic

Web and App servers. Data is replicated from source db To (Production DB) final DB using SharePlex. (Using TNT, Transform & Transact)


Oracle 8i, SQL Navigator, Mercury Quick Test Professional 8.0,8.02, Test Director 8.0, Load

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