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Supply Chain Manager

Vancouver, WA
October 05, 2018

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Yehuda Bentov

*** ** **** *** #*** ● Portland, OR 97209

Mobile: 503●914●7657 E-Mail:


Result oriented Director of Operations and Supply Chain offering 18 years of comprehensive achievements within Global Operations Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Global Procurement, and Production Control. Proven record of achieving bottom-line results. Solid History of utilizing out-of-the-box approaches, adapting to always-changing mew business environments, and negotiating win-win global multi-cultural agreements. Recognized for the ability to incorporate innovative management techniques resulting in enhanced business practices increased productivity, and profits. Focused on teamwork, high service level, and cost improvement. Leader and mentor in directing others to contribute to the collaboration of team efforts, at all levels of the organization and in Japan and the Philippines. Fluent in Hebrew and intermediate level Spanish and Japanese.


● Operations Management ● Leadership/Team Building ● International Operations

● Inventory Management ● Creative Problem Solving ● International Outsourcing

● Project Management ● Quality Assurance ● International Technology Transfer

● Change Management ● ERP Implementation ● Strategic Supplier Development

● Supplier Consolidation ● Cost Optimization & Control ● Supply Chain Analysis

MBA, Management ● DeSales University, Center Valley, PA

BS, Industrial Engineering ● Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel



Supply Chain Innovations is a consulting firm specializing in establishing and improving of the Operation and the Supply Chain of our customers.


Career Highlights:

Write proposals for potential customers.

Develop and improve new cost reduction plans.

Develop inventory reduction plans.

Develop and implement a new layout.

Develop and qualify a list of potential new suppliers.

Recommend and implement new ERP system.

Develop a procurement strategy Domestic and International.

Develop capacity planning for the operations.

Improve automation of the operation processes.


RICON INC, San Fernando, CA (10/2014 – 7/2017)

Ricon innovation is a leading supplier of the industry in the design, manufacture and installation of wheelchair lifts and ramps for commercial, Paratransit, transit, motorcoach and passenger rail vehicles. Ricon A Wabtec Subsidiary has also become a leading supplier of graffiti-fighting transit windows. Ricon Corp. is the largest manufacturer of its kind in the world.

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER (10/2014 – 7/2017)

Career Highlights:

Developed an ISO compliance functioning Supply Chain Department.

Developed a network of new suppliers to optimize the insourcing of parts from a Mexican supplier (sister company) to local suppliers.

Evaluated existing suppliers (Gap Analysis) and either eliminating the non-conforming or help improving their performance.

Developed a new system for recording and posting supply chain KPI.

Established a weekly channel of communication with all the main suppliers regarding performance and forecast.

Established a new distribution center in Elkhart, IN for manufacturing and distribution of Titanium lifts.

Established a purchasing strategy of Dual sourcing for all major components.

Established a purchasing strategy of placing Blanket orders with all key suppliers to prevent shortage for the production line.

Established a purchasing strategy of Vendor Management Inventory at the key supplier for fast deployment. Sign a multy-year agreement with key suppliers.

Achieved cost savings and PPV of 5% per year. Finding new suppliers and negotiations with the existing suppliers.

Established a new MRP system for ordering material in 24 hrs. from the inception of the demand in the ERP system (Oracle).

Increased OTD from 55% to 92% with a target of 98% by the end of 2017.

Reduced level of Inventory by 25% from 11 million to around 8.5 million. While extending the level of Min-Max.

Reduced Lead-time for shipping new orders from 8-12 weeks to 4 weeks.

Developed and monitor a new level of Min Max inventory to comply with the business forecast.

Developed and monitor a new system for receiving 4,000 p.o. lines and around 500,000 pcs. per month in 48 hrs. Or less, utilizing barcodes.

Outsourced the production of all Electrical assemblies to local suppliers.

Developed a system for returning non-conforming Material to the suppliers in 5 working days or less.

EXELIS INC, Van Nuys, CA (07/2013 – 10/2014)

Exelis is a diversified, top-tier global aerospace, defense, information and services company that leverages a 50-year of customer knowledge and technical expertise to deliver affordable, mission-critical solutions for global customers. Exelis is a leader in navigation, sensors, air traffic management solutions, image processing and distribution, communications and information systems; and focused on critical networks, electronic warfare and composite aero-structures. Exelis employs about 17,000 people and generated 2013 sales of $4.8 billion.

SUBCONTRACTS MANAGER (Subcontracts/Strategic Sourcing III) (07/2013 – 10/2014)

Career Highlights:

Worked closely with internal clients of 2 major Radar-based programs to identify sourcing needs, conduct buy/market profiles and define acceptable service levels.

Developed sourcing strategies for 2 major Radar-based programs; solicit/analyze request for proposals; negotiate contracts and coordinate supplier integration plan with internal clients. A good example will be a development of dual source for PCB assemblies.

Established a supplier relationship management process with continuous improvement goals/programs.

Negotiated prices, analyzed cost models and conducts cost/price analysis. Resulting in procurement of 3 systems in 2013 with the same cost level per system as of 15 the systems purchased back in 2009. This is 7% less than the budget.

Monitored market dynamics and communicate changes that affect internal client needs. An example will be following some parts such as Transistors that are going to be obsolete, and recommending to the Program Manager signing a multi-year blanket agreement with the supplier to mitigate any shortages.

Applied standard purchasing/procurement methodology to direct and indirect spends categories to achieve organizational objectives, best value for the enterprise and achievement of target return of investments (ROI). An example will be a decision of Make or Buy to acquire tools and fixtures.

Developed subcontract specifications, work statements and terms and conditions for the procurement of 2 major Radar-based programs.

Prepared bid packages for a future 15 Radar systems over a 5 years’ contract period, conducts bidders' conferences, analyzes and evaluates proposals, negotiate subcontract provisions, select or recommend subcontractors, write awards and administer resulting subcontracts.

Prepared proposal requests in accordance with established terms and conditions of the contract and Government regulations.

Negotiated and coordinated additions, deletions or modifications to existing subcontracts.

Managed project schedules of 2 major Radar-based programs, to ensure that all stakeholders receive regular status reports. The results were on time material deliveries to the program.

Identified major risks to 2 major Radar-based programs and develop and implement risk mitigation plans. An example that one supplier may not be able to meet the demand and recommending to the supplier that it needs to implement a program to increase capacity.

Developed strategies to develop new suppliers, define supplier improvement path and ensure progress is made.

Exerted strategic influence on the overall objectives and long-range goals of the supply Chain organization. An example of developing a capacity matrix for the supply chain organization that presents a number of requisitions vs. number of buyers.

Participated with contracts administration and purchasing to develop subcontract policies and procedures. Examples of developing a BVD (Best Value Decision) matrix.

Mentored new Buyers in the Supply Chain organization.

ROC Industries, Escondido, CA (2012 – 03/2013)

ROC Industries Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fire protection systems for gas turbines and other power generating machinery. With more than 10,000 units and nearly a billion operating hours in 90 countries, products, systems, services and solutions from KEVTA Fire Systems play an important role protecting life and property in oil, natural gas and power generation projects around the world.

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER (2012 – 03/2013)

Career Highlights:

Developed procurement strategies for domestic and international sourcing.

Negotiated cost savings with existing suppliers and with new ones.

Developed Suppliers Monthly Scorecards based on the following: OTD, Quality, and Responsiveness of the suppliers.

Improved working relationships with other departments.

Mentored new Buyers/Planners in the Supply Chain Department.

Improved On Time Deliveries from 95% to 98% by working directly with the suppliers and eliminating suppliers that do not improve their performance.

Developed Vendor Supply Inventory to reduce shortage in production, reduce the number of purchase orders generated, and reduce our cost of material handling.

Analyzed the supply chain constrains to avoid shortages of material in production or poor quality material.

Established a VMI system for hardware and shop-supplies.

Developed Supply Chain for new products.

Developed ERP improvement strategies.

Improved the material management by establishing physical and cycle-count inventory.

Improved inventory turns from 9 to 13

Established a new KANBAN system

DRS POWER TECHNOLOGIES, Cincinnati, OH (2009 - 2012)

DRS Technologies provides leading edge products and services to military and commercial customers worldwide.

Manager of Subcontract\SUPPLY CHAIN (2009 – 2012)

Career Highlights:

Develop Supply Chain for new products, according to DFAR and ITAR regulation.

Manage major subcontracts from R&D stage to full production stage, getting the suppliers involved during the design stage.

Select and Develop new suppliers including suppliers in Mexico, China, Italy, Hong Kong, Canada and the US.

Develop material deliveries plan based on production building stages.

Develop a cost estimate system for new proposals based on 90% quoted and 10% estimated. It helps eliminating any over budget mistakes.

Negotiate multi-year contracts for cost reduction purpose, resulting in 5-10% material savings per year.

Value map and benchmark the supply chain organization for optimizing and leaning the number of suppliers by 50%.

Develop procurement strategies for domestic and international outsourcing

Develop make or buy decision matrix.

Develop reports for KPI as the following: On Time Deliveries, Procurement and Planning Utilization, and Cost reduction by product line.

Develop Suppliers Monthly Scorecards based on the following: OTD, Quality, and Responsiveness of the suppliers.

Improve On Time Deliveries from 63% to 95% by working directly with the suppliers and eliminating suppliers that do not improve their performance.

Develop Vendor Supply Inventory to reduce shortage in production, reduce the number of purchase orders generated, and reduce our cost of material handling.

Analyze the supply chain constrains to avoid shortages of material in production or poor quality material.


Career Highlights:

Developed Supply Chain for new products, according to DFAR and ITAR regulation.

Negotiated multi-year contracts with existing and new suppliers to maximize cost savings.

Developed sub-contracting management program.

Developed supplier quality program.

Managed the supply chain department.


Leading international Cryogenics Company with a presence around the globe. Provides Cryo-coolers for various markets, including the medical industries (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), semiconductor, optical coating, Solar Panels, large screen TV, and research labs.


Career Highlights:

Delivered 5% yearly in cost savings; including 6-8% in efficiency gains and 3-4% on material cost reduction, although the prices of commodities increased drastically.

Established and developed cross-cultural relations with international procurement and manufacturing team members in Japan & the Philippines.

Developed the “Tiered Vendoring” program in the UK facility, resulting in consolidating the procurement and reducing number of suppliers to one of our main customers by 100; increasing our revenue by $6 million a year. Currently, developing a similar program for another major OEM customer.

Reduced lead-time from 18 weeks to 5 weeks for major OEM customers through the use of inter-company supply-chain domestic and international teams, involving strategic-suppliers and multi-year contracts.

Transferred Technology from Japan to the US and from the US to the Philippines, resulting in at least 20% Gross Margins improvement.

Optimized procurement process from the US for Japanese divisions, reduced the number of suppliers by 20% and achieved cost reduction of 5% yearly.

Improved the production processes during a period that the production output doubled and the manpower increased only by 10%.

Introduced “Lean Manufacturing” concept to the company and participated in several Kaizen events with sister companies in the US and in Japan.


Career Highlights:

Delivered 3-4% in cost savings yearly.

Developed and maintained the “Pay per Productivity” program for our unionized work force, resulting in positive gains of 7% efficiency improvement yearly.

Established and facilitated the Continuous Improvement Team.

Introduced new products through the steps of participating in the R&D process, establishing the supply-chain, and designing and implementing the production line.

Built and maintained the Operations team from a dysfunctional team at onset by team building technique and training.

Adapted to working for a Japanese management, including submitting and presenting reports of profitability, efficiency gain, cost-reduction, budgets, and new product development.

Stabilized the production line and established a production control team.


Career Highlights:

Delivered 2% in cost saving yearly.

Developed a new stand-alone factory for the “Cryo-Tiger” product based on customer’s forecast. It was the only plant that was making money.

Prepared the “Cryo-Tiger” plant for a technology transfers to a sister company while I was selected to stay with the new Japanese ownership.


Career Highlights:

Developed a new factory to accommodate an increase of 50% of production.

Developed a new quality system that included: reporting to top management and identifying trends in the performance of the equipment that can indicate quality problems; resulting in reduction of the number of field failures by 20% yearly.

Implemented new ERP system that helped with tracking of financial results, production control, efficiency measurements, QA, and Service revenue.


Leading International Company with a presence in California and Canada. Provides circular saws for the lumber industry and industrialized knives for food processing companies around the globe.


Career Highlights:

Developed a new scheduling and reporting system that enabled the company to double its capacity in 6 years.

Developed a training program for production employees using a training matrix by employee and operations to identify areas where cross training is needed.

Improved lead-time of the main product; saws for the lumber industries from 5 weeks to 4 weeks for the main OEM customers.

Developed a safety program based on SB198 that reduced the injuries by 60% and saved the company $100,000 annually in compensation for injured employees.

BANK HAPOALIM, ORGANIZATION and SYSTEMS, Tel-Aviv, Israel (1987 – 1988)

Leading International Bank in Israel


Career Highlights:

Evaluated and implemented new processes for banking.

Designed more effective bank layout.

ELISRA ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS, Tel-Aviv, Israel (1984 – 1986)

Leading International manufacturer of military electronic equipment.


Career Highlights:

Maintained and improved existing processes for assembly line.

Designed factory floor layout for installation of SMD equipment.

Professional Training & Development

Lean Manufacturing and Lean Sigma• TBM Consulting

Project Management Certificate• UC Berkeley

Japanese Language • Student at the Japanese Language School of Philadelphia

Six Sigma • General Training in Japan

Team Building for Managers • 3 one-week sessions

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