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Electrical Engineering Software

Ottawa, ON, Canada
October 04, 2018

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Nelson Martins



Core Expertise


A bilingual, detail-oriented Engineer and proud Canadian citizen-to-be who gets work done. Over 5 years of experience in IT, with intercontinental teamwork and a proven track record of peer-reviewed published work. Expert in Electrical Engineering, Signal Processing and Machine Learning. Skilled in developing work plans, finding the appropriate documentation, developing the required software, and pushing the resources to the extreme, to execute the plans. Quick learner known as a “human library”, engages peers to achieve success, with an effective communication, having acted as the face of the team in conferences and fairs. Interested in a challenging technical track career in an innovative IT environment.

Systems/network administration.

Linux and UNIX servers, Scripting,

Matlab, C/C++, Smalltalk, Windows OS


Microsoft Suite (including Excel, Word,

PowerPoint and OneNote).

Risk analysis for the roofing industry.

PhD in Electrical Engineering,

specialization in Signal Processing.

Statistical data analysis.

Oceanographic data fusion/integration.

Implementation of software for

processing measured physical data.

Support of multiple projects and theses


High adaptation to different fields, from

Electrical to Civil Engineering, with very

strong organizational and analytical


• Has been working at SageTea Software in systems/network administration, to maintain AWS-based web portals, ensure information security, and analyze data to demonstrate software products to clients and prepare project proposals.

• 5+ years of experience in computer engineering/science, working and developing software in the UNIX/Linux and Windows operating systems.

• 5+ years of experience in scripting languages such as Linux shell and Matlab (a predecessor of Python).

• 1 year of experience in C++ (a predecessor of Java) and 6 months of experience in Smalltalk.

• Applied machine learning data modeling techniques to find the relationship between physical variables and the input parameters of acoustic propagation simulators.

• Designed an automated data analysis program for the National Research Council Canada, which reduced human involvement from weeks to hours (using Matlab, with outputs in MS Excel format for posterior integration).

• High proficiency in using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

• Translated a computer program from Matlab to C++, allowing field data collected on the ocean to be analyzed in a desktop computer, due to a reduction of 40% in memory usage.

• Played the role of co-supervisor to an undergrad student, on signal processing/analysis and filtering, and was voluntarily the co-supervisor of master and PhD students, working with Linux, evolutionary computation, inverse problems and algorithm programming in Matlab. Nelson Martins

Work Experience

Technical Support Engineer December 2017-present

SageTea Software, Ottawa

• Provides system level software technical support on cloud virtual Debian-based Linux servers and network, to ensure the security of the computer network.

• Performs database administration tasks in Postgres, to prepare web portals for clients and data analytics.

• Configures regularly the firewall to enable/disable access from clients to the company’s servers on the physical infrastructure.

• Configures the Apache web server for use in client web portals.

• Programs automated software tests to link SageTea software modules to business partners through a REST API interface.

• Organizes the workflow using the Jira project management software.

• Configures the Jenkins platform to automatically build/upgrade software products in a collaborative software development team.

• Works on software development in the object-oriented language Smalltalk, including packaging and building Windows installation packages of enterprise products.

• Collaborates in maintaining the company’s website, using Wordpress.

• Provides technical assistance to clients in a timely manner, including debugging and re- launching web portals.

Research Assistant January 2014-June 2016

National Research Council Canada - University of Ottawa, Ottawa

• Worked on the national project “Roof Edge Systems and Technologies. o The role consisted of modeling the pressure coefficient as a random variable, whose extreme value was considered for risk analysis. o Different statistical models in wind engineering were compared and applied to different roof systems.

• The results were used in a proposal for updating the National Building Code of Canada.

• Developed scripts using the programming language Matlab.

• Presented regularly relevant results in meetings with the Canadian industry and US research partners.

Researcher August 2009-January 2012

Brazilian Navy, Admiral Paulo Moreira Marine Research Institute, Arraial do Cabo (Brazil)

• Worked on the project “Ocean Acoustic Exploration”.

• Participated on the setup of the acoustic emission system, electrical parameters and software, using Matlab.

• Worked on 3D principal component analysis to estimate 3D temperature fields with a single antenna.

• Innovatively used model calibration: 1) inverse modeling to characterize the environment; 2) sound propagation forward modeling using the previous estimates. Nelson Martins

Academic Profile

Additional Elements


Contact Information

Co-supervisor to Undergraduate/Graduate Students September 2007-January 2015 University of Algarve, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department Faro (Portugal)

• Supervised parts of theses regarding the implementation and writing aspects of acoustic propagation modeling, marine mammal sound processing, and inverse problems.

French: fluent;

English: fluent;

Italian: conversant;

Portuguese: native speaker.

University of Algarve, Faro (Portugal)

Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering and Telecommunications. (2010-2015) M.Sc. in Systems and Electronics Engineering (1998-2001) B.Eng. in Systems and Electronics Engineering (1993-1998)

28 years of experience in public piano performance in bands and as a soloist, with an extensive customer facing experience in hotels (external and internal customers with conflicting interests).

Certificate in Piano Performance from the Regional Conservatory of Algarve Maria Campina

(Faro, Portugal).

Phone: 613-***-****


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