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Project Engineer

Aluva, Kerala, India
October 04, 2018

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Kind the kind Attention to

Sub: Application for the Post of

Inspection Engineer/TPI/API/Welding/Coating/Vendor/QA-QC Inspector/NDT & Metallographic Technician

Respected Sir,

I enclose my resume as a first step in exploring the possibilities of employment in an esteemed organization. I have passed below following:

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

API 570: Certified Piping Inspector

API 510: Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector

API 653: Certified Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector

AWS: Certified Welding Inspector (AWS-CWI)

BGAS Grade-2: Certified Painting Inspector

ASNT Level II - RT, UT, PT & MPI.

I have an overall experience of 15 years experience (12 years in Gulf/Overseas) in Projects, QA/QC, NDT, Metallurgy and Engineering related to construction, commissioning, maintenance as well as shutdowns and in-service inspection of petrochemical industries.

At present, working for China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau.

Previously, worked for MPN Nigeria (EXXON MOBIL) seconded through Petrostuff Nigeria as an API Inspector, period 2013 to 2016.

I am currently seeking job prospects which are compatible with my qualification and experience in your reputable organization and would welcome the opportunity to further discuss how I can best meet the needs of your organization. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,






P.O. Box: 1565, P.C.: 132

Muscat, Oman

E-mail: Contact Number: +968******** (OMAN)

+919********* (IND)


To become a part of a good organization and to deliver my best knowledge and skills for the reputation of the organization


Diploma in Mechanical ENGG.


API 510: Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector – Certification Number: 45530

API 570: Certified Piping Inspector – Certification Number: 55472

API 653: Certified Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector–Certification Number: 42226

AWS: Certified Welding Inspector (AWS-CWI) – Certification Number: 09113231

BGAS Grade-2:Certified Painting Inspector – Certification Number: 31116

ASNT Level II - RT, UT, PT & MPI.


Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET & OPITO APPROVED)

HSE Induction Course-Dubai Petroleum Corporation (DPC), ExxonMobil (Nigeria), Qatar Petroleum, etc.

Breathing Apparatus and H2S Trained-SOLAS Marine Services CO.LLC


Having around 15 year’s experience (12 years in Gulf) in Inspection, QA/QC, NDT, Metallurgy and Engineering projects related to construction, commissioning as well as maintenance of petrochemical industries. Having extensive inspection experience in plant inspection (On stream / off stream), Fabrication, installation of Onshore Piping, industrial equipments, Vessels, Tanks, pipe lines and structural components and having good exposure to international codes and standards. Gained experience in different Vendor Inspection, welding processes, NDT and in Metallographic method. Outstanding Leadership performed throughout the carrier.


Over all Inspection Activities carried out in Accordance with Project/Shutdown & Company Specifications, such as: -

Plant & Tank Inspection

On Stream / off stream Visual Inspection of Vessels/Pipes/Equipments.

Carryout Inspection of Tank Refurbishment work. (Witness / verification of Corrosion Mapping, UT Scanning, MFL/SLOFEC Scanning, Welding, Bottom /Annular /Shell/ Roof Plate Replacement & Painting)

Welding Monitoring, Coating / wrapping Inspection, GRE/GRV Pipe Inspection, Hydro test Witness and Valves Inspection.

Review of Project Dossiers / Contractors Method Statements

Witness / Monitor of Tie-in and Hot tapping Welding and review of Procedures.

RT film Review / NDT report review.

Structural Inspection.

Shutdown Experience

Inspecting plant stationary equipment, including pressure vessels, columns, drums, heat exchangers, boilers, coolers, tanks, and valves and piping systems throughout the plant. Preparation of inspection reports as per client format Reviewing/Witnessing/Carry out examination and testing at all identified stages of repairs and modification.

Having Thorough Knowledge in Isometric Drawing to perform the work activities as per the Drawing.

Internal inspection of Column, Vessels and heat exchangers.

Hydro test witness and record findings of all type of heat exchangers.

Visual Inspection, Witnessing of Hydro testing & preparing inspection reports for Pressure Vessels, Pipe Lines, etc.

Monitoring the heat treatment methods and reviewing the Inspection Reports and coordinating with the client for completion of the entire test.

Performs Pipes line up check, ensuring that all installed pipe/fittings are to the correct specification and that the material is in accordance with the specified Material Traceability requirements.

Carry out visual inspections, Monitors defect removal by Magnetic Permeability Inspection (MPI)

Reviewing of NDT Reports and recommendation for repairs, liaising with client.

Reviewing of daily progress on NDE.

Overall responsibility ensuring NDT equipment are kept in as serviceable, calibrated and safe to operate condition and to manage all maintenance activities on equipment.

Overall responsibility ensuring timely reviews, issuance and distribution of reports related to NDT activities.

Overall responsibility for effective management of NDT personnel and equipment.

Overall responsibility for monitoring performance and reporting of NDT works are carried out in effective manner.

Accepts Non Destructive Test-NDT inspection, Checks readiness of NDT equipments.

Fluency in preparing and writing technical reports, Expediting and reporting progress.

Ensure all the documents are kept updated and are traceable.

Involved in inspection of Furnace, Vessels, Column, Air Fin Coolers, Reactors, Re Generators, Chambers, Boilers, Heat Exchanger, and Storage Tanks.


Carry out Material identification and correlate Mill Test Certificates of supplied materials as per Engineering Specifications / Project requirements

Carry out visual and dimensional Inspection

Review of Material Receipt Vouchers & Material Test Certificates.

Recommend remedial measures for non-compliance of materials according to the Project requirements.

Prepare/Review welding Procedure Specifications as required by Contract / Project Specifications.

Conduct / Witness Procedure Qualification and Welder Qualification Tests.

(ASME Sec IX, AWS D1.1, API 1104 & EN Standards)

Prepare/Review Weld Joint History & Welder Control

Witness of Destructive Testing of Specimens.

Ensure Welding works are performed as per Welding Procedure Qualification and the deployment of approved welders.

Monitor the Storage, handling and baking of Welding Consumables.

Periodic renewal of Welder Qualification Certificates.


Carryout Inspection as per contract’s Inspection and Test Plan submitted to the Clients.

Ensure that fabrication is carried out as per approved Project’s drawings.

Pipes fit up inspection and monitoring the welding activities.

Carry out visual and dimensional checks of piping spools, equipment, skid and offshore structures as per approved drawings.

Review/approve PWHT (post weld heat treatment procedure) & ensure PWHT is carried out as per project’s requirements.

Review/Approve final Hydro test package / Witness pressure testing of piping / vessel as per Specification

Follow-up/Expedite of Project activities to meet the Project Schedule.

Witness calibration of various instruments like pressure gauges, pressure switches, pressure transmitters and pressure safety valves etc.

Maintain/Verify of Master Calibration List.

Monitor the level and standard of production activities and report Non-compliance if any, against of project specifications.

Carryout Inspection at Sub-Vendor premises.

Prepare final punch list for Well Head Jackets / Decks / Piping, exchanger, tanks & vessel

Verify/Review As-Built drawings, Material reconciliation reports and preparation of QA/QC dossiers.


Review/Approve painting work procedure / Inspection Test Plan

Verify the size of grit used for blasting. Carry out inspection of surface profile as per applicable Project requirements.

Verify the readings of weather conditions and the surface preparation ( Press-O-Film)

Ensure that paint materials are used from approved paint manufacturers and verification of valid pot life.

Verify the Storage of Paint Materials & Calibration of Instruments.

Ensure that the application of coating is carried out as per the technical data-sheet of the manufacturer and approved

Painting specification.

Ensure that proper time intervals are given between intermediate coats for proper chemical and mechanical bonding.

Witness / checking of Dry Film Thickness and Holiday detection / Pin hole.

Witness paint testing like Adhesion / Salt Test.

Review Inspection Test Reports.


Review of Third Party NDT procedures and PT, MT, UT,RT Reports.

Verification of NDT Technician’s Certifications.

Radiographic film Interpretation and Witness of Ultrasonic Flaw detection of Weld.

Carried out Ultrasonic Scanning of Welds, in structures, Pipelines and vessels.

NDT on various kinds of components like boiler tubes, turbines, pressure vessels etc.

Thickness survey on marine vessels (hull), marine boilers and other components.


Witnessing test and review of Mechanical tests report for various metallic materials for material confirmation and welded coupons for Welding Procedure Qualification and Welder Qualification as per various codes such as ASTM, BS, API ASME and other Classification Codes (LRS, BV, DNV, etc.). The tests include Tensile test, charpy Impact Test, Hardness (Field and In-house) test, Nick- Break test, Fracture Test, Flattening Test, Load test.

Having thorough knowledge and Carried out In-situ Replica Metallography and on Tubes, Pipes, shell plate and other equipments of Marine, Oil and Gas Refineries and on Engineering components and equipments to find out the micro structural changes and to assess metallurgical conditions of the equipment. Area of expertise includes Creep Inspection and Hardness as per client requirement.

Carried out Corrosion Tests on various material coupons as per NACE specification and codes to determine the susceptibility of material to corrosion in various service conditions. The test includes Sulphide Stress Cracking test as per NACE TM 0177, Intergranular Cracking (IGC) as per ASTM A262 (Methods A, B, C, E & F), Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC) as per NACE TM 0284.


1.At present, working for China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau from Oct 2016 to till date and coordinating with the following job :-

Project: Raysut Terminal Revamp Project, Oman

Client: ORPIC

Position: Engineer-Inspection/Quality

Duties and Responsibilities:

Monitor the implementation of Quality plan, Welding procedures, Painting procedure, witnessing PQR, welder qualification tests, etc.

Witnessing and sentencing of all site inspections within their disciplines

Liaise with the Client for the quality integrity verification, inspection visits and review and approval of test reports.

Coordinate all the quality site inspections through the site QC inspectors

Monitor the implementation of the approved site QC Plan.

Verify that the quality related site activities are in accordance with the applicable codes and standards. .

Ensure that all inspection reports are accurate and that all attached documents are current status

Coordinate with quality inspections with all the site sub contractors and vendors coordinate all non destructive testing on site.

Ensure that all inspection reports are accurate and that all attached documents are current status & review all inspection reports for compliance

Liaise with the site construction engineers and provide assistance when requested

Assist the project manager and construction manager in resolving any discrepancies and ambiguities

Coordinate with the site subcontractors to ensure that communications exist and are maintained

Review work procedures and method statements for compliance with good work practices and the customers contract specializations

The completion of QC site instructions and coordinate their closure The review of inspection test packages during the course of construction activities.

2.Worked as an Inspection Engineer/TPI/API/Welding/Coating/Vendor/QA QC Inspector/NDT & Metallographic Technician in Emirates Industrial Laboratory (EIL) from Dec 2007 to June 2016 and coordinating with the following job :-

Major Upstream/Downstream Projects:

Project: Corrosion Conditional Monitoring (CCM Project), Nigeria.

Client: EXXONMOBIL & Mobil Producing Nigeria-JVO

Position: API Inspector (510,570,653)

Duration: April 2015 to May 2016

Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for the inspection and asset integrity assessment of top side facilities of Exxon Mobile offshore production platforms and its satellite platform installations. Responsible for close visual inspection of piping, equipments, valves and onshore tank farms. Job includes supervising of NDT teams and rope access inspection (RAT) on piping and equipments.

Project: Refurbishment of Rig AD 17, Port Khalid-Sharjah

Client: Arab Drilling Company, Contractor -Lamprell

Position: Client’s Representative- QA/QC

Duration: 5 Months (Nov 2014 to Mar 2015)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Carried out surveillance inspection for complete refurbishment activities of jack up drilling unit under ABS Class. Job involves Surveillance of day to day fabrication, piping, welding, mechanical, commissioning and erection activities on various Rig systems such as Cantilever and Pipe Rack, Sub-structure, Drill Floor and its piping, Derrick structural and its high / low Pressure piping, sponsons, Flare / Burner Boom system, Cement Manifolds, Jacking system, engines (Main & Emergency) and its necessary piping, low pressure and high pressure mud piping for Mud Pumps, steel renewals, Helideck, Cranes, Shale Shakers and its piping, etc. Survey of Rig and recommend systems with ABS Surveyor that requires refurbishment/up-gradation. Review and approve drawings against project requirements, specifications, standards and basic engineering principle.

Project: Jalilah B Development & 2014 Pipe lay Project (115 km), Dubai Offshore

Client: Dubai Petroleum Establishment (DPE), Contractor -Technip

Position: Client’s QA/QC Engineer

Duration: 8 Months (June 2014 to Oct 2014)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Monitor the implementation of Quality plan, Welding procedures, Painting procedure and coordination with contractor (Technip) QA/QC in firing line for Line pipe load out, welding and field joint coating (FJP) etc. Verify/Review inspection test reports, QA/QC dossiers and procedures for 8”, 6”,12”,18”,30” Ø pipe line fabrication & installation in vessel Global 1201(S-Lay) .

Project: Out of Service Inspection & Refurbishment of above ground storage tank, Nigeria.

Client: EXXONMOBIL & Mobil Producing Nigeria-JVO

Position: API Inspector

Duration: 8 Months (Oct2013 to May2014)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Functioned as a API Inspector for Out of Service Inspection & Refurbishment activities of 02 above ground storage tanks (200 & 100 feet Ø), carried out Visual External & Internals inspections of AST tanks as per API 653 & Fitness for services as per MPN Inspection Procedure with magnetic flux leakage, ultrasonic, non-destructive testing, and vacuum box testing and settlement surveys. By performing basic fitness for service evaluations following API-653 guidelines, Review previous inspection reports. Preparation & discussion of Final report with programmatic for evaluation of findings of anomaly.

Project: Dubai International Airport Expansion Phase-III: Concourse-IV, Dubai Flower Centre Modification

& DWC 709 Exhibition Rebuild, Jabel Ali.

Client: Dubai Civil Aviation, Consultant-Dar AL-Handasah, Contractor-Cleveland Bridge (CBEME)

Position: Third Party Inspector/Vendor Inspector

Duration: 10 Months (Dec 2012 to Sep 2013)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Functioned as Independent Testing Agency (ITA) Inspector (TPI) at Cleveland Bridge (CBEME) on behalf of DAR AL-HANDASAH (World Class Consultant for International Airport Projects),job responsibilities included were review of drawings, Specification and contract documents for Inspection requirements. Stage wise inspection (welding and painting), dimensional inspection of Gridline columns girder truss etc. Inspection of fit-up, post welding inspection, inspection for the correct use of welding consumables, final dimension and visual inspection, inspection for straightness. Inspection of Surface Preparation after Blasting, Visual Inspection, Thickness Measurement (DFT & WFT) of primer and final coating, verification of paint specification.

Project: Refurbishment & Repair of Rig Delta 22,ASRY, Bahrain

Client: Atlantic Marine Services, Contractor-ASRY Offshore Service

Position: Client’s Representative

Duration: 2 Months (Oct-Nov 2012)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Monitored and witnessed complete QC activities such as welding inspection, dimensional control, painting inspection, monitoring NDT Inspection and review reports for upgrade of the leg jacking system, installation of a new barge draft and load system, crane refurbishment and upgrade.

Project: Construction of a 60km jet fuel pipeline 20” by16”, Dubai

Client: Horizon Terminals Ltd. (HTL) & ENOC, Contractor-Punj Lloyd, Dubai

Position: Third Party Inspector

Duration: 8 Months (Feb-Sep 2012)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Monitor the implementation of Quality plan, Welding procedures, Painting procedure. Witness PQR/WQT and review of reports. Coordinate with construction supervisors in construction inspection activities. Ensure the welding activities carried out are meeting the requirements of the approved procedure and Conduct routine inspection as per the quality plan both in welding and painting. Monitoring and review reporting painting activities such as weather condition, surface preparation, coating & painting system, application, appearance and NDT. Finding Non conformances and issue Corrective action and Coordinate with the contractor for witness stage and approval.

Project: Storage tank Out of Service, Jebel Ali Termial-1,Dubai

Client: Emirates Petroleum Products Company (EPPCO)

Position: API Inspector

Duration: 2 Months (Dec 2011 to Jan 2012)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Worked as approved API Inspector to carryout out-of-service Inspection of 04 No aboveground floating roof Storage Tanks. (Tank No.:126-40 MT Ø x 18Mtr Height, Tank No 201-50 MT Ø x 17Mtr Height, Tank No.:202- 50 MT Ø x 17Mtr Height & Tank No.:203- 30 MT Ø x 16Mtr Height Internal Floating Roof Tanks, job involved Visual, External & Internal Inspection of above Ground storage Tanks, Painting, Tank Settlement, Stage Inspection of repairs including Internals.

Project: Dubai International Airport Expansion Phase-II,Concourse-III, Dubai

Client: Dar AL Handasah (World class Consultant for International Airport Projects)

Position: Third Party Inspector

Duration: 8 Months (Mar to Oct 2011)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Worked as an Independent Testing Agency (ITA) Inspector for various companies like ALEC, Cleveland Bridge Engineering Middle East, AL Abbar & Cloisell on behalf of DAR AL-HANDASAH Consultants at Dubai Airport during erection and commissioning, Job involving carried out weld inspection, Stud Inspection, Painting coating blasting inspection of structure including Cementicious and intumescent painting as per the project specification, review of Mill Certificates of materials and consumables, NDT Procedures and Welding Procedures. Review of daily inspection reports, material verification and traceability of material.

Project: FSRU TOSCANA Conversion Project, Dry Docks World Dubai.

Client: Saipem & Dry Docks World, Dubai.

Position: Pipe QC Inspector

Duration: 3months (Oct2010 to Dec 2010)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Worked as a QC Inspector for piping, in Dubai Dry Docks with job involving preparing test package for hydro testing as per the client specification, line walk with client of complete pipe system with reference to P&ID, carry out fit-up, final inspection and final releasing of pipes according to Isometric drawings

Project: Construction of Re boiler, Pig Launcher and receiver including piping spools, Abu Dhabi

Client: Abu Dhabi Oil Company (ADOC) Ltd

Position: Client’s Inspector

Duration: 5 Months (May-Sep 2010)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Witnessing of hydro test & pneumatic test activities, heat treatment. Film interpretation & dimensional Checking and NDT including painting inspection such as surface profile, humidity check and final DFT of fabricated pipe spool & structures as per standards. Monitoring of sub-contractors work activities for compliance with quality requirements. Arranging all inspection records for final compilation as test pack for submittal.

Project: Construction of wellhead platform jackets, Dubai

Client: Single Buoy Mooring (SBM) /Contractor-Dry Docks World Dubai

Position: QA/QC Inspector

Duration: 4 Months (Jan-Apr 2010)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Monitor the implementation of Quality plan, Welding procedures, Painting procedure, witnessing PQR, welder qualification tests. Monitoring and reporting fabrication activities such as dimensional control, welding performance, material inspection, and radiographs interpretation. Preparing weld history sheets for the completion of the job and obtaining clearance before the sail out. Liaise with the Client for the quality integrity verification, inspection visits and review and approval of test reports. Monitor the Painting sub contractor’s activity complies with approved procedure.

Project: Dubai Sports Complex Project

Client: Saudi Binladin Contracting Co

Position: Welding Inspector

Duration: 5 Months (Jun-Oct 2009)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Carried out welding Inspection during fabrication, erection and daily QC activities such as material identification, Surface Preparation, Visual Inspection, Welding Inspection and review of documentation.

Project: Various Projects

Client: Galadari Engineering Works, Al Quoz, DUBAI

Position: NDT Inspector

Duration: 4 Months (Dec 2008 to Mar 2009)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Carried out ultrasonic test scanning of weld joints and lamination checking on plates. Visual & MPI of various structural jobs.

Project: Various-Oil Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels, Pipe-lay Barges, Oil Rigs

Client: Dry docks World, Dubai/Shutdown /Vendor Inspection

Position: NDT & Metallographic Technician

Duration: 1year (Dec 2007 To Nov 2008)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Actively involved in various kinds of NDT and Metallurgical inspection of ship hull, boiler repair, turbo chargers, rotors, engines, exchangers, pressure vessels related to marine vessels like Oil Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels, Pipe-lay Barges and Oil Rigs etc. Insitu Metallography, Hardness Tests and Ferrite Tests on Boilers tubes and various components of numerous LNG Vessels.

Project: DGO Storage Tanks,Dubai

Client: Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC)

Position: NDT Inspector

Duration: 1Month (Nov 2007)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Storage Tanks in Jebel Ali Free zone Dimension of 56 MT Tank, Carried out Visual Testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection and Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging.

Maintenance / Shut Down projects:





Dusup -Margam Field, Dubai


November 2011

Plant Inspector

Fujairah Refinery Company Limited(FRCL)


February 2011

Plant Inspector

Qatar Petroleum shutdown phase II



Welding Inspector

Qatar Petroleum shutdown phase I


April-May 2009

NDT & Metallographic

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (GPIC)


May 2008

NDT Inspector



August 2008

NDT Inspector

DEWA Power Station Shutdown, Jabel Ali


April 2007

Metallographic Tech

GASCO - Habshan Shutdown, Abu Dhabi


Nov 2007

Metallographic Tech

3.Functioned as a Metallographic Technician from July 2006 to Nov 2007 in the Metallurgy Department of Emirates Industrial Laboratory.

Area of expertise includes Field replication (Metallography), Creep Inspection and Hardness as per client requirement and responsibilities include assisting in the mechanical testing.

4.Employed with Enercon India Limited, Daman & Diu during the period Aug 2005 to June 2006 as QC Inspector. Job involves inspection, monitoring, measuring and physical testing of parts, rotor blade manufacturing etc., in production and assembly of wind energy converters (Wind Mill).

5.Employed with Bhilai Steel Plant on contract bases during the period July 2003 to July 2005 as Technical Assistant for mechanical, erection and fabrication works of Structural, Supply & erection of mechanical and hydraulic lubrication system, Utilities etc. for Project Finishing of Longer Rails & Rail Handling Facilities .


Date of Birth : 25-02-1982

Nationality : Indian

Passport No : M 5170907

Marital Status : Married

Driving License: Valid UAE Light Vehicle License & Indian Light Vehicle License.


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