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Software Python

Walnut Creek, CA
October 04, 2018

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Bhagavath Geetha G

Phone: 408-***-****



Seasoned Professional – Worked in Software Development, Engineering Management, and Leadership positions.

Proven record of individual contribution, building and driving high-performance teams and delivering quality products within budget and time constraints using agile methodologies.

10+ Years of experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Automation, Testing and Maintenance of various stand-alone, client-server enterprise applications.

Extensive knowledge in Python, C++, C, Shell Scripting, Java, QT, Unix and Linux.

Extensive customer facing experience.

Self starter attitude to get involved and do whatever it takes to get the job done

Thorough understanding of project planning, performance reviews, hiring and maintaining the bench strength. Had at least 8 direct reports.

Lead engineering research and development initiatives – researched, introduced and customized various new technologies and new tools to meet project's needs.

Drive and lead task planning, daily stand-ups, demos and retrospectives.

Set up clear vision, create roadmaps, and goals & objectives for the teams.

Effective team player and team leader to motivate and mentor team members, go-to person for design, analysis and debugging.

Co-ordinate work from R&D teams, PMs and product managers.

Expertise knowledge of Python/C++ Objected Oriented Concepts, Standard Template Library, Smart Pointers and design patterns

Proficient in creating Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, Cursors using SQL.

Experience in multi threading, multi processing and synchronization.

Developed networking applications using TCP/IP and UDP.

Used socket programming for client/server communication.

Have Hands-on experience on ownership of code - in Python scripting, Python STL, Pylons, Django, UI and web development, Groovy Jenkins scripts, creating and maintaining docker containers.

Experience in developing GUI using QT and Java.

Front end development experience using HTML, CSS, JQuery, JSON and Javascript.

Keen on learning and adaptable to any platform.

Active Participation in full development life cycle.

Experience making software design decisions and evaluating long-term consequences.

Hands-on experience in writing and reviewing requirements, architecture documents, test plans, design documents, quality analysis and audits.

Excellent analytical, organizational and communication skills for effective interaction at all levels. TECHNICAL SKILLS

Operating Systems Unix, Linux, Solaris, Ubuntu,Windows Languages Python, C++, Java, C, SQL, Shell Scripting, Perl, QT, Groovy Database SQL SERVER, Informix, Oracle, MYSQL, Redis Internet Programming HTML, Java Script, PHP, XML,CSS,AJAX,JSON,Jquery,Web Services Software Tools

Make,GDB, DBX, Purify, Eclipse, MSVisual Studio .Net 2008, MS Visio,Valgrind Jenkins, Docker, Ansible

Version Control Tools SVN, CVS, Mercurial, CVS, Perforce, Code Collaborator WORK EXPERIENCE

Project 1: Morpho Detection LLC (Newark, CA) – Individual Contributor/Software Engineering Manager Oct’14 – till now

Morpho Detection is a leading supplier of explosives, narcotics and CBRNE threat detection systems for government, military, air and ground transportation, critical infrastructure and other high-risk organizations. It provides an extensive range of qualified and certified technology-based solutions to efficiently detect threats. Roles and Responsibilities in the project:

Implementation and design of explosive detection software test and automation systems.

Mentoring and managing a team of 8 software engineers by helping with design and architecture.

Designed and developed frameworks, development tools, packaging and reporting tools

Setup docker infrastructure for installation of Morpho’s software on various hosts.

Automated build validation process. This has bought the build validation time down by 75%.

Created reporting modules for senior management that filters intricate data and presents graphs/charts etc

Performed In-depth root cause analysis and investigation of defect found in the field and provided solutions.

Work towards new areas of systems to improve and evaluate system optimization, performance and throughput statistics.

Define and establish the software infrastructure from scratch, reuse old servers and reduce engineering costs.

Track and report project performance/status including time, man-hours and quality on various stages of software development/test life-cycle.

Drive software releases, track software issues and provide fixes. Improve software by adding rigorous automated tests, develop test strategies and execute test plans.

Define QA processes and software engineering practices

Co-ordinate release planning with PMs and product managers.

Hire, train, supervise and motivate team members, manage schedules and workflow. Environment: Python 2.7, Linux, PyUnit, PXE, Jenkins, SVN, Docker Containers, Groovy, Shell Scripting, Ansible, Redis, SQL server, Sikuli

Project 2: Technofina services Inc – Software Programmer Analyst Nov ’12– Oct ‘14 RailDOCS: It facilitates rail teams of Transportation with an easier online feature development process. It’s a technology platform that allows them to build the features where a project sponsor with a proposal and conceptual plan that provides some level of operational improvement typically initiates Communications & Signals projects. All of these go through phases of Preliminary Engineering Authorization, Detailed Engineering, Construction and Authorization. Roles and Responsibilities in the project:

Responsible for development and enhancements of all the C++/Python modules.

Lead a team of 3 software engineers and engineered stable, isolated environments.

Generated Python Django Forms to record data of online users

Managed our servers in development, testing, certification and production.

Used Linux profiler Valgrind for optimization of code.

Implemented locking mechanisms using multi threading functionality.

Used Python, Perl, CGI, JQuery, JavaScript and JSON at the front end.

Used python scripts to update content in the database and manipulate files. Environment: C++, Python 2.7, Perl, Linux, Shell Scripting, Java Script, JQuery, JSON, MySQL, GDB,Mercurial, Jira

Project 3: Applabs - Senior Software Engineer May ’10 – June '12 Global Online System (GOS): GOS is to provide game teams of EA Sports with online gaming process. It builds the features independent of users with the intention of custom implementations. It gives online gamers access to a number of off-the-shelf game features ready to be integrated into the game, which rapidly accelerates online developments. Roles and Responsibilities in the project:

Responsible for getting the teams up and running with game record features.

Manage our servers in development, testing, certification and production.

Provided APIs for Nucleus Entitlement management on the console.

Used Linux profiler Valgrind for optimization of code.

Used Python, JQuery and JSON for generation of complex graphics in the front end.

Used python scripts to update content in the database and manipulate files.

Generated Python Django Forms to record data of online users.

Created authentication modules, views, models using Django.

Used Python's modules numpy, matportlib etc. for generating complex graphical data & creation of histograms.

Used Python’s XML parser architectures (SAX) and DOM API for tracking small amounts of data without requiring the DB.

Developed widgets for GUI using Tkinter, Gtk modules of Python.

Written python automation scripts for unit testing. Used ‘nosetests’ to run the tests.

Profiled python code for optimization and memory management. Environment: C++, Java, Python 2.7, Java Script, JQuery, JSON, R-script, XML, MySQL, GDB, CVS, Bugzilla Project 3: Verizon Data Services – C++/Python Developer Mar’08 - May‘10 BAAIS Video: It is an automated system to assign provision and monitor Video signals over SONET/DWDM rings and GIGE circuits. The purpose of this project is to provide video signal from Video Hub Office to Video Service Office on GigE Networks. All VHOs are connected by high speed GigE Network and Each Hub office are used to feed the signal in different GigE Network Rings. All the GigE Network Rings inherits the basic SONET property and Equipment like Add Drop Multiplexer. BAAIS-Video System supports Optical and Electrical Networks and decides the signal flow. This is Verizon’s first automated multilayer provisioning and activation Operating Support System. It streamlines single order provisioning and activation of the data, video, voice and VOIP services. Roles and Responsibilities in the project:

Responsible for setting up networks through Design and Development.

Engineered various custom modules for integration of various types of network circuits.

Developed memory managed design patterns for various GigE networks.

Optimized the code using smart pointers, profilers and C++ Standard template library.

Designed and built an effective Baais Video customization development environment for other developers to work in.

Directly responsible for various enhancements of Equipment updates/transmission of signals on OC/STS cables.

Authored important Network APIs for Baais Video, developed user interface screens and solved customer reported software bugs or issues.

Used Purify, GDB and DBX for debugging/crash logs which helped in performance enhancement and optimization.

Used various Design Patterns in provisioning the networks.

Designed and implemented the orders for VNI, VHO, VSO, ONI etc., and their controllers as demanded for the applications design.

Web development using Python and Django: Responsibilities for creation of Database, Business Logic to display the records dynamically on template based on query, providing user permission to access particular features of the site.

Used data structures, object oriented class based inheritance features for making complex algorithms of networks.

Did Content Management through front end, live search and normal search features.

Mentored junior members of the team with the software development methodologies used in the project. Environment: C++, Linux, Python, Django, Windows, ShellScripting, MySQL Server 5.0, XML, ODM/OEM, GDB, Perforce, Code Collaborator and Jira

Project4: CMC Ltd – C++/ Java/Linux Developer Aug ’06-Mar ‘08 Tank monitoring and Leak detection System: It’s a Software Solution for Veeder-Root, a leading global supplier of automatic tank gauging and fuel management systems, which includes the Red Jacket brand of submersible pumps and pressurized line leak detectors. This Software product gets control of the fuel management services including Alarm management, Delivery Scheduling, Inventory Planning, Inventory Reconciliation, and leasing. Roles and Responsibilities in the project:

Coordinated with Design team to get the requirements for the release.

Developed back end modules using C++/Linux/Windows.

Directly responsible for development of several modules in two critical features– Tank Replacement System and Leak Notification, that helped simplify complex business environment through an integrated approach that consolidates customer setup, regulation checking and payment visibility in a single location. Performance enhancement has been from 25payments/sec to 43 payments/sec.

Designed and developed various UI screens using QT features like QWidget, QMutex, QThread, QApp etc. Environment: C++, C, Qt, Java, Linux, Windows, Shell Scripting, GDB, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008, Microsoft Visio


Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering CBIT, Osmania University, India ACHIEVEMENTS

Awarded ‘Innovation Award’ for implementing development tools at Morpho Detection in 2015.

Awarded ‘Verizon U deserve’ award for exemplary performance in 2010.

Awarded ‘Verizon U deserve’ award for exemplary performance in 2008.

Awarded ‘Pat on back’ award for best Innovation at work in 2008.

Awarded ‘CMC Excellence Award’ for the contribution to Xerox ODC in 2006.

Awarded 'National Merit Scholarship' while pursuing Engineering from 2002 to 2006.

Achieved STATE 7th Rank in 11th grade & STATE 20th Rank in 12th grade.

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