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QA Tester

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
January 22, 2019

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Vishal R. Mehta

**** * **** **, **** * Phoenix, AZ, 85014 480-***-****


A quick learner and a detail-oriented professional with great analytical skills who is also an excellent team collaborator. Looking to leverage my skills as a software engineer and my passion for automation at an organization that promotes professional and personal development. I extremely enjoy automating processes in an end-to-end fashion and give people their valuable time back.


Physics (B.S.) and Computer Systems Engineering (B.S.E.)

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ GPA: 3.71 May 2017

Recipient of the ASU Provost Scholarship

Recipient of Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship

Dean’s List


Programming: C/C++, Python, C#, Java, MATLAB, JavaScript

Frameworks/Tools: JUnit, ASP .NET, GitHub, Unity 3D, LDAP, UiPath

Certifications/Accomplishments: TMSTE TMap Suite Test Engineer, IBM Blockchain Essentials Badge


IRC Chat Client Project

oPerformed extensive research to understand network and socket communication and TCP protocols for IRC servers through Google search

oSuccessfully created an IRC chat client from scratch in C++

oSuccessfully implemented the client to an existing project

ASP .NET Services

oUsed Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to create SOAP and RESTful services in C#

oHosted web services through ASU’s server and created HTML pages for service directory

oCreated a four-tiered service oriented computing system that performed various tasks such as encryption, checking for palindromes, creating a max heap structures, etc.

Embedded Microprocessor System Projects

oAnalyzed the schematic diagrams of a microprocessor-based embedded systems to understand the functions and interactions of major components

oUsed C and MIPS assembly language to program TWR-MCF52259 development kit and FST project boards

oSuccessfully created library of functions for perform various tasks such as setting/reading states of LEDs, DIP switches, ISRs, etc.

Software Testing Projects

oUsed automated testing tools – Chromium drivers and Selenium – to write test cases and perform testing

oCarried out test driven development for complex software using testing tools such as Junit (Eclipse)

oBased on given programs, developed and executed test cases using different testing methodologies such as unit testing, functional testing, boundary testing, etc.

Algorithms and Data Structures Projects

oIdentified, constructed, defined and implemented data structures (Linked List, Heaps, Red Black Trees, etc.) and algorithms (Merge sort, Quick sort, binary search, BFS, DFS, etc.) in C++ that are useful for modeling a given problem

oDefined notions of worst-case/best-case/average-case running times of algorithms

oAnalyzed and compared different asymptotic running times of algorithms


Sogeti USA/Capgemini Inc

Software QA Analyst: Meritage Homes October 2018 – December 2018

Worked with the client to help understand business requirements

Participated in creating the business requirements documentation

Managed QA aspect of the project in an agile/scrum development process

Recommended and educated business on best QA practices, tools and methodologies

Created test cases based on testing every feature of the application

Created supplemental materials for test cases to show coverage of requirements and identify intent of test cases

Recorded and tracked bugs within the application

Worked with developers to help resolve bugs

Created training materials for reference

IT Security Analyst: Banner Health October 2017 – June 2018

Processed help desk tickets to perform CRUD operations for many applications

Trained off-shore and on-shore resources on existing processes and application

Provided quality customer service in a competitive environment

Gave recommendations to the team and project managers for automating repetitious and laborious processes

Software Engineer Intern

Kutta Technologies Inc. November 2013 – May 2017

Performed inspections, reviews, and walkthroughs of code, design and tests of large software systems

Performed pass/fail analysis by comparing the expected values to the actual output produced by large software systems

Worked in a team environment to determine the best solution for existing problems

Gave recommendations to firm’s developers and project managers for better alternatives to existing tools and procedures.

Created and modified company’s internal libraries to match the stringent requirements imposed by DO-178C

Used Unity 3D tool to create a walkthrough model of a region with various functionalities for crime scene analysis

Implemented efficient sorting and searching algorithms for optimization of a component in the software

Wrote requirements, test procedures and test scripts to certify company’s tool according to the standards imposed by DO-178C

Helped develop test automation program to greatly reduce time and effort for test results analysis.

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