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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
January 21, 2019

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Sarah Mann

**** ****** **** **, ********, AB T*X*A5


November 7, 2018,

Dear Sir or Madam:

I would like to be considered as a potential candidate for a Pharmacist position starting on or after January 7, 2019. I am currently a Pharmacist in Drayton Valley at Value Drug Mart and am moving to Edmonton this Christmas season. I will have 1 year of Pharmacist experience in community setting (by January 2019), 2 months experience as an Intern Pharmacist and 6 months experience as a Student Pharmacist in my PharmD rotations in Ontario both in hospital and retail environments. I am certified to administer drugs by injection and I have my additional prescribing authorization (APA). I have experience with AADL for ostomy, catheters, incontinence supplies etc. as Value Drug Mart has a lot of patients who are on the AADL program. I also am a certified compression stock fitter through Sigvaris, and have experience measuring and counselling patients on their compression socks to ensure proper usage. As well, I have experience with Methadone and Suboxone patients in daily dispense and/or carries.

As a pharmacist at Value Drug Mart I am responsible for therapeutically and technically checking medications, counselling patients, performing injections, prescribing medications with APA and doing medication reviews/follow ups. I am currently using the expanded scope daily when adapting/extending prescriptions, therapeutically interchanging and prescribing. By actively listening to patient concerns and performing CACPs/SMMAs, I can identify drug related problems and effectively communicate solutions to the patient and their primary care providers. This allows me to set realistic patient goals and expectations from their drug therapy. If I am able to adapt a prescription or issue a new one, I will do so with the patient’s permission or in collaboration with their primary care physician. I consistently follow up with patients through phone or in person conversations to ensure they are benefiting from their medications, compliant and not experiencing any troublesome side effects. From feedback given by patients, I am confident that my interaction skills can enhance wellbeing and medication management.

I believe that building robust relationships with my patients is vital to good patient care and medication management. I have successfully been able to build these relationships with my patients in Drayton Valley and I am looking forward to continuing this trend in Edmonton. I have a passion for medication management and patient well being. I am currently working on building my patient care experience to write the Canadian Diabetes Educator exam. I am looking forward to moving to Edmonton and I am keen to continue to build on my pharmacy experience with your team.

Please contact me if you have any questions; I'd be happy to provide greater detail about my skills and experience during an interview.


Sarah Mann

Sarah Mann

3078 Spence Wynd SW, Edmonton, AB T6X0A5



● Additional Prescribing Authorization

● Excellent patient communication skills proven by pharmacy work experience

● Extensive experience working with Kroll pharmacy software

● Strong attention to detail skills

● Certified to administer drugs by injection and certified compression sock fitter EDUCATION

Doctor of Pharmacy 2017, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, January 2014 – August 2017 Relevant courses:

● Geriatrics: therapeutically analyzed older adult patients medication profiles and made recommendations based on drug therapy problems

● Advanced Compounding: compounded various dosage forms such as for pediatrics or veterinary use

● Community Pharmacy Business: Learned the business aspects of community pharmacy such as inventory management, profits etc.

● Introductory Smoking Cessation course completed

● Green Shield Canada Pharmacist Health Coaching: Cardiovascular Program Bachelor of Science 2017, Honours Science, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, September 2011 – May 2013


Pharmacist, Value Drug Mart, Drayton Valley, AB, January 2018 - present

● Assessing patients medications along with their netcare profile/labs to ensure indication, efficacy, safety and compliance; provide appropriate counselling

● Adapting/therapeutically substituting prescriptions as needed independently or in collaboration with the prescriber

● Dispense/daily witness Methadone/Suboxone and counsel patients appropriately

● Communicating with the prescriber to enhance medication management through phone or fax

● Initiating new prescriptions for patients as clinically indicated

● Experience entering/adjudicating prescriptions with Kroll software, managing insurance issues and participating in the dispensing process


Pharmacy PharmD Rotations Student, Hauser’s Pharmacy, Dunnville, ON, July/2017 – August/2017

● Counseled patients on prescription and non prescription medications within the traditional pharmacy dispensary model; advising on any monitoring parameters or follow up

● Consulted with physicians in regard to medication management to solve patient medication or therapeutic problems

Pharmacy PharmD Rotations Student, Cardiology/Internal Medicine Niagara Health System Hospital, St. Catharine’s, ON, May/2017 – June/2017

● Reviewed patients medical history and profile to ensure appropriate medication usage, dosages and any interactions

● Recommended changes in person or in writing to physicians for drug therapy problems based on patient lab values, drug interactions or any contraindications

● Experience reading patients hospital charts and participating in patient rounds

● Counseled patients on discharge from the hospital on any medication changes or new medications Pharmacy PharmD Rotations Student, Simpson’s Pharmacy, Virgil, ON, March/2017 – April/2017

● Pharmacist at intake pharmacy model where I therapeutically checked and counselled patients on their prescriptions before they were passed on to the pharmacy assistant for processing and then technically checked by a Pharmacy Technician

● Built relationships with patients through medication reviews, follow up calls and interactions at the pharmacy

Pharmacy Student, Grand River Hospital, Waterloo, ON, May/2016 – August/2016

● Conducted a patient mediation review in pre-surgical clinic and advised which medications to discontinue before surgery

● Contributed as apart of an interdisciplinary team consisting of nurses, dieticians, occupational therapists and physical therapists to ensure effective and accurate patient medication management

● Audited patient’s best possible medication history, solved discrepancy problems and effectively communicated the problem and solution to the nursing team Pharmacy Student, Pharmasave, Hamilton, ON, September/2015 – December/2015

● Monitored patients medication therapy through MedsChecks and follow up calls

● Entered and adjudicated prescriptions using Kroll software

● Interacted with patients through medication counseling, OTC consults, device demonstrations and medication reviews

Drug Analyst, Manulife Financial, Kitchener, ON, January/2015 – May/2015

● Analyzed patient medication lists to ensure proper narcotic/methadone usage; monitored for continuity of care, double doctoring and abuse

● Ensured patient safety through contacting community pharmacies and physicians to advise on any inappropriate narcotic usage

● Verified prescriptions from community pharmacies and NMS record as compared to the patient profile of submitted insurance claims



School of Pharmacy Ambassador, School of Pharmacy University of Waterloo, August/2014 – March/2017

● Promoted the Waterloo School of Pharmacy at various open houses by talking to incoming students

● Managed large groups of students and parents while guiding them through the school answering questions about student life, academics and the Kitchener-Waterloo community Big Brothers/Sisters Program, School of Pharmacy University of Waterloo, September/2014 – August/2017

● Mentored younger students by providing advice and guidance throughout their time at the School of Pharmacy

● Advised on various academic courses, school/life balance, co-op placements and time management skills


● Alberta College of Pharmacists

● Canadian Pharmacists Association

● Alberta Pharmacists Association

● American Society of Consultant Pharmacists


● Traveling, rock climbing and yoga

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