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Java, Object Oriented Programming, SQL, JDBC

South San Francisco, California, United States
January 22, 2019

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Crisanto Pineda



Recent college graduate looking to start to enhance current work experience with emphasis in the technical landscape and surrounding industries. Willing and able, to work one’s way up to a software engineering position.

Work Experience

Cruise Automation Sept 2018 - Present

Autonomous Vehicle Trainer -Quality Assurance Tester of GM Cruise’s autonomous vehicles. Position involves working in two to three man teams providing feedback and testing results to engineering teams.

Responsibilities include monitoring of AV behavior and accident prevention, software monitoring and logging, troubleshooting hardware and software issues that arise on the field regarding the AV. Agape Transport, August 2011- May 2018 (Family Business) Information Systems Technician - Maintained technical stability and competency within the company mainframe. Diagnosed all hardware and connectivity issues along with software updates and installations.


Notre Dame de Namur University: 2014 – 2018

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Graduated May 05 2018 Technical Competencies

JAVA -Object Oriented Design, Annotations, Design Patterns, core Java features, Reflection, RESTful Web Services, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Spring Framework C# - Object-Oriented Design, Unity platform game development IOS App Development - Swift 4

Python - Scripting, Object Oriented Programming, Exception Handling, Data Structures FRONTEND WEB DEVELOPMENT - JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, XML DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS - MongoDB, Derby, SQL

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TOOLS- Eclipse, Unity, TextWrangler, Sublime Text, Github, MapboxJS

TEST FRAMEWORKS - JUnit, TestNG, Selenium

School Projects

Teamed up with colleagues to develop an end-to-end Interactive School Map project. Successfully delivered a product featuring comprehensive sitemaps of campus grounds and facilities. Participated as Quality Assurance Tester - DEBUGGING, TESTING, CODE MODIFICATIONS/PATCHING. Reinforced exposure to Mapbox JS, Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, and JSON. Acquired invaluable experience in teamwork, communications, and software development life cycle.

Java - Designed and developed a Spring-based application using only Java-based annotation configuration. Application purpose is for dispatching buses in a bus station using both singleton and prototype Spring beans.

Java - Developed a student grade book processing and reporting application. The application stores student IDs, names and numeric grades. The numeric grades are converted to letter grades given within the project specifications. The corresponding grade entered is between 51 and 100, inclusive, and is a whole number. The feature also allows the user to enter 'quit' or 'end' when he/she is finished entering his/her data.

Courses Taken

CIS 1130 Foundations of Computer Science

CIS 1140 Data Structure and Abstraction

CIS 2211 Algorithms and Complexity

CIS 2221 Programming Languages and Compiler

CIS 2233 Database Management Systems

CIS 2235 Computer Operating Systems and Unix Utilities CIS 2261 Object-Oriented Design and Programming

CIS 2277 Web Programming I: Client Side

CIS 2278 Web Programming II: Server Side

CIS 2341 Quality Assurance and Testing

CIS 2355 Mobile Device Programming

CIS 2885 Senior Project

Brief Descriptions of courses and curriculum can be found here at

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