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Chemical Engineering Manager, Lab Manager, Lab Employee

Vista, California, United States
January 21, 2019

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Oceanside, CA 92056

408-***-**** (mobile)


Doctorate of Philosophy in Physical Organic Chemistry • 1977

Seton Hall University

Dissertation: Mechanistic Comparison of Group VIII Metals in Olefin Hydrogenation

Master of Science in Polymers Engineering • 1988

Polytechnic Institute of New York

Master of Science in Chemistry • 1973

Northeastern Illinois University

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry • 1971

National University of Iran


• Extensive scientific expertise, production management and industrial leadership in material, chemical and semiconductor engineering, processing and micro-/nano-fabrication

• In-depth knowledge of and extensive hands on experience in chemical and materials

(gases, solids and liquids) specifically used for analytical grade formulations and for production of photosensitive material/chemicals.

• Expertise in chemicals, petroleum, fuels, and high purity materials manufacturing

• Hands on experience with Water’s UPLC GPC, HPLC with a variety of detectors, large scale purification of chemicals, synthesis of small and large molecules. Hand on knowledge of UV-Vis, IR, Rheometer, GC, GC-Mass and others.

• Competitive comparison of product integrity and scientific claims testing

• Patent and intellectual property research, analysis and reporting

• Evaluation of corporate strategic positioning based upon patent portfolios

• Excellent oral and written presentation, instruction and communication skills,


Independent Consultant Technical Direction, Engineering Business Forecasting, Engineering trends/ethics/regulations, Scientific Claims Testing and Intellectual Property • July 1988 to Present

Director and Adjunct Professor • October 2004 to January 2012

Northern California Nanotechnology Center (NCNC)/College of Engineering - University of California, Davis

•Lead a major academic and regional industrial research facility with over 25 years of experience in material and processing for Semiconductors, MEMS and advance material manufacturing,

•Worked on metal and non-metals dispersions into liquid mediums, established particle size distribution and its impact in solublization and sedimentation rate.

•Worked on variety of organic and water based material/chemical solubility, estimated solubility parameters to expedite desolution of solids and formulation of stable solutions.

•Hands on experience with Waters UPLC, HPLC and GPC systems and associated software for data accumulation and reporting. This includes mainatence of the equipment.

•Have assisted purchasing department to competively selected equipment and chemical suppliers and price negotiation.

•Managed the prototype production laboratories and facilities, including NCNC

•Introduced a number of new industrial processes to faculty and entrepreneurs

•Introduced a number of new equipment in Nano and Micro fabrication

•Principle investigator on a number of patents and articles

•Introduced two new graduate level courses in Nano and Micro fields

•Publications in MEMS, Nanotechnology and Microfabrication

•Mentored and guided a number of graduate and under graduate scholar/researchers

•Consulted for the Dean of Engineering and a number of regional and Bay Area advanced technology companies

•Developed materials for specific applications, verified reproducibility and incoming material quality control.

•Developed and delivered academic courses in Micro- and Nano-fabrications

•Synthesis of conductive polymers for sensor applications

•PhD student advisor; served on 12 doctoral engineering dissertation committees

Senior Scientist and Technical Representative on Advanced Microlithography and Materials • September1995 to September 2005

Dow Chemical/Shipley Corporation – Sunnyvale, CA

• Served as chief technical representative on advanced lithography product implementation and qualification of photo-resist for large-scale production in U.S, France, Thailand and Hong Kong. [i-line 365 nm in China, Thailand and U.S.]

• Performed patent research on competitor products and processes and prepared regional, national and global market analyses for Dow corporate design, technical, sales and executive workgroups.

• Delivered engineering design consult and expertise in markets of RHEM, MEMS, TFH, Nanoimprint and analog processes.

• Introduced KrF, i-line and BARC photo polymer material to a number of companies

with previous lack of RHEM.

•Provided customer support in theoretical and application related to Imaging Technologies, MEMS, Nanotechnology, Nanoimprint (embossing), CVD, CMP, Plasma Etch, BARC and Electroplating, Ion Milling, defect density reduction, resist and polymer removal.

•Taught quarterly 8-hour courses on high aspect ratio lithography (HARL) to engineers, lithography engineers (i-line/ KrF) and technicians working in semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

•Used Water associates UPLC, HPLC, GPC with a variety of columns and associated software and RI and UV detectors.

•Established large scale purification columns (not commercially available dimensions) for large scale purifications.

•Experince with solubility, enhancement of solubility using a variety of organic solvents to assure full dispersion of solids. Estimated solubility parameters to facilitate preparation of solutions conating organic material.

•Worked with purchasing and material suppliers to assure selection of competitive equipment.

•Established a production and laboratory safety protocol to prevent accidents and enhance work place safety.

•Established a collaborative relationship between Shipley R&D and major Universities which included; UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara and Stanford University.

•Formed a number of industrial joint engineering projects with Shipley R&D with the following Laboratories; Komag (hot embossing), Seagate (hot embossing) as guided by non-disclosure agreements.

Senior Scientist and Technical Representative on Photoresist and Microlithography • November 1994 to September 1996

Hochest Corporation – Somerville, NJ

•Collaborated and developed a large number of engineering projects with major customers such as Ink Jet Printer with HP, Corvallis, OR, 60 µm thick resist application for electroplating, HP/ Santa Rosa, CA

•Maintained accounts and a high level of visibility for major customers; consistent trouble-shooting, consulting for individualized business solutions.

• Created several marketing data packages aiming at specific products in major accounts

Senior Scientist and Technical Representative on Chemical Vapor Material Deposition

and Equipment • March 1992 to November 1996

Schumacher Chemicals – Carlsbad, CA

•Served as chief sales, customer support, technical & logistic focal point in Silicon Valley, Oregon, Idaho & Washington state.

•Oversaw all accounts and served as focal point for customer SCHUMACHER new material qualifications in the region.

•Held primary responsibility for major accounts nationwide, INTEL, NATIONAL, AMD & MICRON.

Senior Manager for Site Chemical Engineering • December 1988 to February 1992

Production Manager for Photolithography and Reactive Ion Etching • June 1996 to December 1989

Production Engineer for Photolithography and Reactive Ion Etching • July 1981 to June 1986

International Business Machines (IBM) – East Fishkill, NY

•Held overall responsibility for the quality and quantity of all chemicals utilized in the fabrication of devices site wide.

•Provided expert engineering information throughout the General Technology Division.

•Provided analytical expertise in support of manufacturing activity for state-of-the-art HPLC, GC, GC-MASS, UV, IR, trace metal analysis and gas-analyzers.

•Maintained familiarity and self-education in special analytical systems such as scanning electron microscope, rheology, octane measurement system, particle counters, refractometers for thin film thickness measurement and radioactivity multi-channel analyzers, GC-Mass, HPLC, GPC.

•Provided short courses on various aspects of safety, manufacturing engineering specifications, and in-line tests.

•Utilized strong background in proper use of personnel, line start-up for new processes/products, promotion, demotion and salary administration.

IBM HONORS AND AWARDS General Technology Division:

VLSI Cleanroom Line Implementation Award • 1987

Contamination Reduction Efforts in Plasma Tool (SI Processes Award) • 1986.

Colt A Line Qualification Award • 1987

Isolation Trench Yield Enhancement Award • 1989

Manufacturing Line Support Award • 1989

Research Scientist for Gasification Study • June 1979 to May 1981

Exxon/Texaco Oil Company – Beacon, NY

•Researched basic gasification kinetics, rheology of fuels and determined surfactants type and structures needed for fuel slurries.

•Developed various separation methods for impurity recover from gasification processes.

•Produced reverse osmosis membranes for gasification processes.

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Nuclear Radiation Center • June 1977 to June 1979

Washington State University – Pullman, WA

• Managed laboratory at Nuclear Reactor

• Researched/developed novel methods in separation of macromolecules in solid fuels

• Developed GPC, GC, and HPLC methods

• Industrial liaison for extramural industrial and academic collaborations

• Trained graduate students and researchers in all aspects of reactor operations and management

• Lecturer in Polymers, Organic Chemistry and Separation


Issued patents and industrial project reports. Patents pending not included.




Ceramic core leaching


Splikit material for industrial applications


Metal Organic silicon thin film

UC 2007-740





Drying apparatus for semiconductor devices



Pumpable fluids from solids




























Associate Professor, Materials Science

Tehran Polytechnic University – Tehran, Iran • Spring 2013 to Present

• Developed and taught semiconductor processing and fabrication courses

• Developed and taught safety protocols in laboratory and industrial settings

• Developed training manuals in semiconductor processing and fabrication

• Advise 4 PhD students and 8 MS degree students

• Dissertation supervision and committee membership in Materials Science

Affiliate Faculty, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

University of California, Davis • Fall 2006 to Spring 2012

• Developed and taught first UC system-wide graduate level Micro and Nanofabrication course

Topics: -Science and Technique in Semiconductor, nano- and microfabrication.

-Lithography using material at 436, 365, 248, and 193 nm

-Lithography equipment fundamental and advanced technique

-Contact printing and steppers

-Resolution and depth of focus consideration for advanced lithography

-Wet etch and surface cleaning

-Dry tech, plasma etch and image transfer

-High aspect ration lithography – HARL

-Plasma etch vs. wet etch and selectivity

-Chemical/Mechanical plianerization

-Copper electro-deposition of semiconductor applications

-Replication and PDMS

-Nano-lithography and nano-imprint lithography

-MEMS device manufacturing

-Contamination control and clean rooms

• Developed and taught Chemical Processing Safety course for faculty, staff, students

and visiting industrialists

Topics: -Introduction to industrial and laboratory safety in engineering

-Toxicology basics

-Hygiene basics

-Fire and explosions

-Hazard identification

-Accident investigation/lessons learned from worldwide major accidents

-Case histories

-How to initiate a safety program

Chief Scientist and Director, Northern California Nanotechnology Center

University of California, Davis • October 2004 to January 2012

• graduate supervision with scientific, career and intellectual mentoring of several masters and doctoral students in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biosystems Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemistry

• undergraduate research mentoring and pre-graduate preparation across STEM fields

• extensive faculty training

• cleanroom safety training

• staff training

• corporate visitor training

Lecturer, Chemical Engineering

Washington State University, Pullman • Fall 1997 to Spring 1999

• Developed and taught graduate and lower and upper division courses to engineering students

Topics: -Polymers

-Organic Chemistry

-Separation Technology


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