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Data Engineering

San Jose, California, United States
January 17, 2019

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UI Developer Hitachi America, Santa Clara July 2018 to Present

● Designed and developed a monitoring and control dashboards at Hitachi America R&D for Digital Solu on Pla orm Laboratory (DSPL).

● Live sensor/instruments data collec on, visualiza ons, Repor ng and Insights using Angular 6 Framework and backend REST apis/web sockets.

● Developed bunch of repor ng dashboards using Bootstrap, Material, JQuery, Node JS libraries etc.

● Live charts and moving chart visualiza on using Highchart and Google Chart Libraries.

● Knowledge of Node Package Manager ( npm ) and Git (GitLab), so ware development lifecycle.

● Deployment of the web applica ons on the Apache Tomcat Server, firewall configura ons.

● Design and development of live upda ng dashboards using secured Web Sockets, H p Rest APIs.

● Design and development of Node-RED flows for exposing backend apis.

● Well known handy char ng libraries in javascripts like HighCharts, Google Charts, D3.js, Vis.js, Chart.js, Canvas.js etc.

● Exposure of Polymer and React Js library.

Front End & Automation Engineer Stretto Oct 2014 to June -2016

● Data collec on, visualiza on, Repor ng and Insights

● Database Design with ER-Model design and Normalisa on,

● Designed and developed the repor ng dashboards using AngularJS, Node JS, JavaScript, JQuery.

● Created various services using AngularJS, JavaScript and connect to Microservices in backend

● Rendering the REST API Json data with h p service in Angular and JQuery.

● Understanding of JavaScript libraries like Bootstrap and ability to learn the new frameworks.

● Wri ng unit and func onal test cases to test features using Jasmine. Understanding of Testng.

● Crea ng Dashboards for data visualisa on, crea ng Slices and Dices of the data over the metrics, used SQL mul Join Queries in CRUD REST APIs using Node JS, Express JS .

● Op misa on of the SQL Queries by crea ng Indexes and par oning over the table,

● Running SQL Queries for repor ng, report Genera on using Crystal and Java

● Understanding of the data scaling and Big Data Technologies like Hadoop, Hive etc,

● SCADA and HMI Development, PLC Programming,

● Tes ng and Commissioning of project.

Student Engineering Project, Intern ARAI, India Jan- 2014 to July-2014 Emergency Call System

● To develop a compact, efficient and user-friendly emergency call device which will in mate the concerned people in the event of vehicle crash and can easily fit into the automobiles

● Independently powered device comprised of accelera on sensor GPS and GSM module interfaced with microcontroller ATMega644P

● Programming of microcontroller done in embedded C EDUCATION

Pune, MH, India MKSSS’s Cummins College of Engineering for women, University of Pune, India

May 2010 – May 2014

● Bachelor of Engineering in Instrumenta on and Control, May 2014. 68.8 %, First Class with Dis nc on.

● Undergraduate Coursework: Mathema cs, Digital Control, Digital Image Processing, Project Engineering and Management, Advanced Digital Signal Processing, Embedded System Design, Digital Techniques, Applica on Programming, Fundamentals of Programming Languages

● External Coursework: Web Designing, Database System; Programming Languages; JavaScripts,CSS, Angular JS, C, SQL



● Ripple effect of Shop floor events – Designed and developed a dashboard for showing ripple effects and propaga on of the errors in the various instruments like robot arm, inspec on camera, conveyer belt, loading arm, weight checker etc. Used Angular 6 framework and Live Charts using Highcharts, Moving line charts, material design, custom css badges for visualiza on of the shopfloor. Real- me updates of the status was provided by secure websockets.

● Machine Operation Tracking Dashboard – Created real- me dashboard using angular 6 which shows various tabs like Gan chart, process table, Histogram, Bar chart using Google Chart library. Used the websockets to receive the real- me updates from Elas cSearch database.

● Server process status monitoring – Designed and developed Dashboard showing current color coded running status of the various processes running on the server, it also contains the various u li es to control the processes like start, stop, show logs etc. Backend was provided by the Node-RED using REST APIs and Websockets.

● Data Acquisition and Insights System for Transmission of Captive Power Plants of VSP to APITRANSCO – Created dynamic angular web app to render the data collected from the status of sensors, with MySQL and Node Js services as backend, used the jQuery, AngularJS frameworks for dashboard design.

● Sterilization – Serum Ins tute of India Ltd, Pune Responsible for SCADA Development, Web Repor ng UI design and development in JavaScript and JQuery, Microso SQL server and Node JS as backend. Logic discussion for the URB of Steriliza on cycle in the Lyophilisa on process. PLC programming in SFC, FBD and LD as per the URB of steriliza on cycle. Batch wise Repor ng is done, data logging via Microso SQL server 2005 database and report viewing in Crystal reports.

● Paras Transducer Positioning System – Paras Engineering Co., Mumbai Responsible for SCADA Development, HMI Development, Web UI Repor ng using JavaScript/Bootstrap and Node Js as backend communica ng with Oracle database. Report and data logging via Oracle database and report viewing in Crystal reports / real me Web UI.

● API8 – Emcure Pharmaceu cal, Pune

Responsible for real me web UI design and development using AngularJS and javascript. Wrote REST APIs for communica ng with MongoDB server using NodeJS and ExpressJS. SCADA Development, PLC Programming, SCADA Repor ng and Documenta on Ac vi es of Temperature recording system of API8 Plant. Batch wise Repor ng is done, data logging via MongoDB.


● Technical Event: Won 2nd Prize in Contrap on (Theme Project) at INNOVATION 2K13 organized by Cummins College of Engineering

● Technical Event: Secured 2nd Prize in Circuit Design Compe on at ACCLIVITY 2012 organized by PVPIT. LANGUAGES AND TECHNOLOGIES

● Languages : SQL, PL/SQL VB, C, Shell Scrip ng Basics, HTML, CSS, Javascript, TypeScript, ECMAScript 6/ES6

● Frameworks/Libraries: Angular JS, Angular, JQuery, Node JS, Express JS, Bootstrap, Material

● Tools and Technologies: MySQL, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Pivot for Data Analysis, Tableau for visualisa on, Linux/Ubuntu, CouchDB, Git, GitLab, Elas cSearch, Grafana, IBM`s Node-RED, WebSockets

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