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Engineer Developer

Hightstown, New Jersey, United States
January 16, 2019

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Sweetee (Simi) Manchanda

OBJECTIVE: I would like to design, build, deploy machine learning applications to solve real business problems.


1.5+ year of Machine Learning engineer.

5+ years of iOS apps development.

10+ years of experience in software engineering.


Machine Learning: Scikit, Numpy, Pandas, Keras, NLP

Languages: Objective C, Swift, Python, Javascript, SQL

Strong data structures and algorithm.


Summarize Listing on Etsy with few most important words:

Using NLP and NLTK, wrote algorithm to find the most common words and they are considered most important words. Used Tokenization, Lemmatization, Stop words, TF-IDF and normalization are part of the project.

Bank Of America / Merrill Lynch 02/13 - till date

Machine Learning Engineer – Recommendation system

Working on recommendation system to predict client behavior based on the past historical digital behavior data to serve the users with the most important contents.I am using applied data mining, machine learning and information extraction techniques in Python libraries and Keras. Training and test data is 10GB with 79 million rows and 700+ features .

iOS Developer - Merrill Lynch iOS Apps in Apple App Store.

• In Merrill Edge & Merrill Lynch App implemented Push Notification feature.

• Implemeted Application Control file feature to dynamically control the application’s different features,version management, optional/force upgrade etc.

• Integrated Livecharts in UST iPad and iPhone apps in Apple App Store.

• Implemented ‘Long Term Investment’ and ‘WhatsNew’ feature in Merrill iOS Apps.

• Maintaining stack of frameworks.

• Instrumentation, Authentication, Version Integrity, Session management, Email integration.

• Created iOS/Javascript bridge to host html apps in WebView(UIWebView and WKWebview)

• Managing internal Enterprise App Store

• Worked on critical issues raise by GIS, partner with other teams to resolve issue collectively.

• Received very positive feedback from upper management about my ‘Communication Skills’.

Moofwd 03/12 -02/13

Worked as lead iOS Developer for Moofwd. Moofwd develops framework to write apps for different mobile devices.

• Responsible for gathering requirements, designing and development of iOS framework.

• Managing subversions and Agile development is part of process.

• Successfully deployed VivoDuoc, Partners conference, chileElections, Wilkes and PennCollege in Apple App Store.

GPJ Co:07/06 – 01/10

Project Lead/Architect

GPJ Co. is a provider of event management services and web-based registration.

• I was responsible for content builder and session registration applications for premier events like Oracle openworld, Sun’s Javaworld, Intel events, Cisco events etc.

Project Title: Content builder, Demo Builder, Session Builder

• Gathered all the requirements from Product Management team, Designed and Developed “Content Builder” tool, which helps in managing Sessions and Speakers for a conference (e.g. Oracle openworld).

• Provide features to upload/download presentations communicate through emails, build a calendar schedule for the sessions and respective participants in a conference and generating complex reports.

• This application is in use by Sun, Cisco, Oracle, Remedy and Intel.

• Designed and developed Schedule Builder in J2EE. Application is used by attendees to create the day schedule at a conference. Used by Oracle, Cisco, Schwab, Sun and GSMA.

Environment: J2EE,Struts,Oracle Application server, AJAX, PL/SQL, Triggers, Materialized View


Bachelors in Computer Science .

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