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Software Engineer Computer Engineering

Chicago, Illinois, United States
January 09, 2019

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**** ***** ******* ******, *******, CO 80301 • 217-***-**** •


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Master of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering GPA: 3.80/4.0 May 2018 Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering GPA: 3.57/4.0 May 2016 RELEVANT EXPERIENCE

Ascend Analytics Boulder, CO

Software Engineer July 2018 to Present

• Create novel and efficient software solutions and maintain existing code using Python, SQL, Azure and SAS

• Write high-quality and scalable backend code and data ETL tools Honeywell Research and Development Center Shanghai Intern, Research and Development at Security Group June 2016 to September 2016

• Developed over 200 automated test cases on security system keypad using Labview

• Implemented functionality tests on user operation, interaction with sensors, LED displays and voice responses Depend Research Group University of Illinois

Intern, Research Assistant June 2015 to September 2015

• Developed virtual machine escape attack to help test the robustness of virtual machine hypervisors

• Researched on Venom vulnerability (CVE-2015-3456) and QEMU’s floppy disk driver and created a virtual machine escape attack using C that allows the attacker to run commend on the privilege of QEMU hypervisor Computer System and Programming Course Staff University of Illinois Teaching Assistant September 2015 to May 2018

• Lead labs, hold office hours, design and grade exams and homework for a computer engineering course PROJECTS

Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms on Wiki Vandalism Detection

• Compared popular machine learning algorithms (Decision Trees, Random Forest and Logistic Regression) using Python with scikit-learn on the problem of Wiki Vandalism Detection. The best algorithm scored 99% accuracy Detecting Social Circles in Ego Network

• Used python to attempt Learning Social Circles in Networks on Kaggle as a class project, successfully learned 30% of the twitter social circles, given the best result is around 40%

• Explored the relationship between graph structure and social circles, attempted several algorithms including Pagerank, K-clique and label propagation algorithm Sound Recognition Fire Alarm

• In team of 3, designed a fire alarm that can detect smoke and stop beeping when someone says the word “cooking”

• Used Python to preprocess the data, then used Mel Frequency Coefficient and dynamic time warping technique to develop voice recognition on Matlab, able to stop fire alarm by saying “cooking” at a success rate above 80%

• Implemented clap pattern recognition on Arduino using Fast Fourier Transform analysis and achieved an accuracy of over 90%

Tor Trace Obfuscation

• Generate adversarial traces to obfuscate deep-learning based (e.g. CNN & LSTM) web fingerprinting

• Used evolutionary algorithm with LSTM and distribution shifting to strategically insert noise packet Linux Kernel Project

• In team of 3, wrote a Linux kernel (implemented system calls, signals, task switching and user interface) in C and x86 Assembly


Programming Languages: Python, C, C++, SQL, MongoDB, R, SAS, MATLAB, JavaScript, Java, x86 Assembly Other Tools: Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Amazon AWS, Azure, Git, SVN, Docker, Toad, Labview, VirtualBox Python packages and frameworks: Pandas, Scikit-learn, Azure, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Celery, Tensorflow, Networkx

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