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QA Manager

Medina, Ohio, United States
January 09, 2019

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Renier Geyer

Software QA Engineer








** *****


Marital Status: Married

Dependents: Two

Nationality: South African

Languages: English, Afrikaans

Contact Details: P: 706-***-****


Driver’s license: Yes


• ISTQB Foundation, Bytes Technology, 2014

• ISTQB Agile, DVT Academy, 2017


• Git Complete: The definitive, step-by-step guide to Git.

• Python Fundamentals


• Mrs. N. Du Toit – Practice Head Dynamic Visual


o +27-83-946-****


• Mr. A. Martin CIO – King Price Insurance

o +27-83-411-****


• Mr R. van Rensburg – Pilot Software

o +27-83-303-****

• Mr J. Truter MD - Computer Imaging Supplies

o +27-21-903-****

• Mr J.H.A. Lind MD - Computer Imaging Supplies

o +27-83-700-****


Renier is an ISTQB certified test professional who gained more than 11 years’ software Quality Assurance and testing experience. He was key in building a testing teams which improved the overall quality of the systems under test as well as setting-up a TCoE (Testing Centre of Excellence) for some of the clients he consulted to. Renier has very good communication skills, and is a friendly and helpful individual, who applies himself to his work in a concerted and dedicated manner. He is a self-starter who can work with no supervision, and is a team player. He is confident of his abilities to add value to any business that requires his services.

He is an ambitious individual who is keen to further his I.T. career and is looking for an opportunity where he can continue to develop his testing and management skills fully, whilst learning as much as possible at the same time. Renier is also dedicated to further develop his technical analysis and development skills. His personal development is equally important to him and he believes he can rise to any challenge that provides a high sense of achievement.


• DVT, (Multichoice), SNR Test Analyst, February 2018 – Current

• DVT, (Momentum), Test Manager, August 2017 – December 2017

• DVT, (DCM), Test Manager, March 2017 – July 2017

• King Price Insurance, Test Manager, September 2015 – December 2016

• Wipro Technologies SA (Standard Bank), Test Lead, November 2014 – August 2015

• Dynamic Testing Solutions, Technical Test Analyst, September 2010 – October 2014

• INVESTEC PRIVATE BANK, Application Specialist, June 2007 –August 2010 SKILLS MATRIX

• NIX (Sun Solaris, Red Hat, SCO Unix, Opera, Ubuntu).

• MS Office Suite



• I Series (AS400)

• Mantis/Quality Centre

• Oracle SQL Developer, TOAD, MS SQL Server Management Studio, pgAdmin 4, Postgres


• QTP Test Automation Platform

• SoapUI

• AXE Test Automation Platform

• Bugzilla

• Software Development Principles

• Smartbear - TestComplete

• Docker

• Rancher

• Bitbucket


• RabbitMQ

• Jenkis

• Microsoft Test Manager / Team Foundation Server

• C#

• Java / Java Script

• C / C++

• VB Script

• Python


Personal Selling Points

Renier is a highly motivated, conscientious and hardworking individual, and has a positive approach to life, even when under pressure. He has a good eye for detail and strives to deliver accurate work on time. He has a passion for IT and strives to solve problems in an effective and efficient manner, taking great pleasure in seeing the productive use of these. He is a fast learner and possesses strong problem solving and analytical skills. He likes working with people and has a good sense of humour. EMPLOYMENT DETAILS

DVT (Multichoice) February 2018 – Current

Role: SNR Test Analyst

Duties: • Design and implement test process.

• Design and implement technical test cases.

o Testing API’S

o Testing Exchanges and Queue’s.

o Data verification on database.

o Ensuring Docker containers are up.

• Design sanity tests to be run on an hourly basis (automated) to ensure system availability.

• Perform technical tests on current production system.

• Bug reporting and tracking.

• Take part in all Agile Scrum ceremonies.

Project Description: At Multichoice Renier worked on the MMDb project where Multichoice would senddata requests to a third-party vendor for data enrichment. This meta data would be returned via an FTP location where the files would be consumed by a queue, processed and updated to a database for the BigData team to consume.

Technologies Used: • RabbitMQ (to manage Queues and Exchanges)

• PostgreSQL (pgAdmin 4)

• Docker (Managed in Rancher)

• BitBucket

• Git (using Gitbash)


• SoapUI

• Json


• Python

• Jenkins

DVT (Momentum) August 2017 – December 2017

Role: Test Manager

Duties: • Asses current test team and environment and make recommendations accordingly.

• Design and implement Test Strategy.

• Design and implement Test Process.

• Design and implement Test Plan.

• Oversee test automation done by DVT Global Testing Centre.

• Track and manage work done on Jira.

• Report automation progress to client on a weekly basis and as required from time to time.

• Take part in all Agile Scrum ceremonies.

Project Description: At Momentum Renier worked on the mobile team. The project that he worked on was the creation of a mobile app that would track the driving 3

habits of a customer and in turn reward or penalise points to the customer based on the track record.

Technologies Used: • JIRA

• SoapUI

DVT (DCM) March 2017 – July 2017

Role: Test Manager

Duties: • Asses current testing team and environment.

• Make recommendations based on this assessment.

• Assist management in implementing Agile Scrum methodology at all levels of SDLC.

• Design and implement test process to be followed at all business levels.

• Write test process document used for testing standards.

• Design flow chart to show process.

• Set requirements for product owners to develop stories with adequate level of detail.

• Assist in and make recommendations in Sprint planning sessions.

• Take part in scrum stand up meetings.

• Research and advise on automated solution.

• Provide guidance and ensure implementation of unit testing.

• Implement test management tool. (Jira with Greenhopper plugin).

• Guide testers with testing initiative

Project Description: At DCM Group Renier was tasked with implementing the test process and methodologies where there was none.

At the time, the IT division was shifting to Agile methodology, Renier played a vital role in this transition in guiding and assisting upper management in understanding and implementing the Agile Scrum way of work.

At the same time, the company was in the process of redesigning the current system. This was a particularly difficult challenge as there was a change in methodologies happening at the same time. Renier was able to manage and guide the testing successfully through this period of change.

Technologies Used: • JIRA

• Smartbear - TestComplete

King Price Insurance September 2015 – December 2016 Role: Test Manager

Duties: • Tasked with building a testing team where there was none and improve the overall quality of the system under test and built a team of 4 members successfully.

• In January 2016 Renier was asked to join the Think Tank team in addition to his current duties, the main purpose of this team is to find new and innovative technologies and ideas that will make King Price a leading technological company of the future.

• Building a successful testing team.

• Implementing testing strategies and methods.

• Guide, upskill and advise team members on test techniques and methods.

• Mange time and schedules for individual team members for scheduled deployments.

• Ensure bugs are logged and reported to the relevant business analysts.

• Assist team members in testing of software.

• Implement automated testing.

• Implement load testing.

• Research new testing technologies.


• Reporting to management on current testing progress and issues per project.

Project Description: King Price started an initiative where they were redesigning the entire system and architecture for their customer management application. This was an enormous endeavour which required extensive testing. Renier and his team successfully tested the software, not just for bugs and errors but for quality and usability as well.

Technologies Used: • Jira

• Microsoft Test Manager

• Team Foundation Server

• Visual Studio

• Smartbear – TestComplete

• SQL – Toad

• Confluence

Wipro Technologies Insurance (Standard

Bank) November 2014 – August 2015

Role: Test Lead

Duties: • Providing test support on the Enterprise Services Bus solution, for the various testing teams and projects when new development or maintenance was done on existing systems.

• Revising Technical Information Documents received from various business units.

• Daily reporting on activities for the respective projects.

• Weekly reporting on status of the respective projects.

• Database investigation on ESB Oracle DB to determine what the cause of the failure of integration could be. This included investigation into message tracking and configuration errors.

• MQ Broker investigations on MQ system to resolve queries.

• Assign relevant issues and bugs to developers.

• Interact with developers to determine correct course of action to resolve issues.

Project Description: The project at Standardbank was for the implementation of a new ESB system. This system would receive data from various sources, enhance the data and pass it on for further processing.

Technologies Used: • SQL

• Enterprise Services Bus (ESB)

Dynamic Testing Solutions (ABSA) September 2010 – October 2014 Role: Technical Test Analyst

Duties: • Writing comprehensive and detailed test plans.

• Requirements extraction from BRD/DRD and related business specifications and documentation.

• Writing test cases for database testing.

• Writing test cases for front-end application testing.

• Test Script design.

• Writing SQL database scripts for database table creation, population and alteration as well as data extraction and manipulation.

• Managing Quality Centre requirements, test cases and defects.

• Managing and tracking of defects found in applications under test.

• Test automation with QTP on databases.

• Test automation with Axe.

• Data Warehouse testing.

• User Acceptance Testing.

• System Testing.

• Integration Testing.

• Maintenance / Operational Testing.

• Usability Testing.


• Defect Analysis and Logging.

• Test Prioritization.

• User Manual Documentation.

• Manage/Supervise junior team members.

• Daily/Weekly/Monthly reporting as required by respective client.

Project Description: As a Technical Test Analyst, Renier was placed at ABSA for his SQL and general technical skill and ability. Initially the Technical Test Analyst role required only SQL skills to compare data between old and new systems. In the time Renier spent at ABSA he identified an opportunity to add efficiency to the current test environment and incorporated QTP as a vital testing tool in the role that he fulfilled. Renier used QTP as a front- end automation solution as well as combining QTP with his SQL skills to automate the required data comparisons in the Data Migration and Data Warehousing space.

Technologies Used: • QTP

• Toad SQL

Dynamic Testing Solutions (MTN) September 2010 – October 2014 Role: Technical Test Analyst

Duties: • Running already developed test cases.

• Bug reporting and tracking.

• Test progress reporting.

Project Description: At MTN Renier was responsible for User Acceptance testing on the billing system which required test script design and execution. Renier spent very little time at MTN as he was assigned to the project to assist in testing to complete the testing effort on time. Once the testing effort was completed, he was reassigned to a new client.

Technologies Used: • MTN inhouse billing system.

Dynamic Testing Solutions (Econet Wireless) September 2010 – October 2014 Role: Technical Test Analyst

Duties: • Requirements extraction.

• Test Plan design.

• Bug reporting and tracking.

• Test progress reporting.

• Regression Testing.

• Reporting.

Project Description: At Econet Wireless Renier played a vital role in test and test-script design. Econet had no prior testing platform or basis, therefore Renier was responsible for setting up the required tests and test scripts for the newly acquired Ericsson billing system as well as Test plan design and requirement extraction from related business documentation. Renier also managed test execution, defect logging and tracking as well as retesting of fixed bugs and regression testing. Renier provided weekly reports of testing progress and outstanding defects. Technologies Used: • Bugzilla.

• Econet Internal Billing system.

Dynamic Testing Solutions (Momentum) September 2010 – October 2014 Role: Technical Test Analyst

Duties: • Create Test scripts.

• Create Test Cases.

• Create Test procedures.

• Test Plan design.


• Bug reporting and tracking.

• Test progress reporting.

• Regression Testing.

• Reporting.

Project Description: Here Renier worked on the Tanzania project where a new short-term insurance system was deployed. Renier was responsible for creating test scripts, test cases and procedures, documenting current processes, defect tracking, retesting and regression testing. Due to the nature of the existing business there was little to no business requirement documentation, Renier took the initiative to create tests based on exploratory testing and information gathered from the development team.

Technologies Used: • Momentum Internal customer management system. Dynamic Testing Solutions (Diners Club SA) September 2010 – October 2014 Role: Technical Test Analyst

Duties: • Create Test procedures.

• Test Plan design.

• Bug reporting and tracking.

• Test progress reporting.

• Regression Testing.

• Reporting.

• Test Automation.

Project Description: At Diners Club SA Renier was tasked with automated testing for the new ClubMiles website using the Axe tool. Shortly after Renier got to Diners Club he discovered that the site is not entirely ready for test automation as there was no testing methodology in place. Renier along with team members presented a TCoE (Testing Centre of Excellence) to Diners club which they accepted and proceeded with. Here Renier s main function was to do a technical analysis and document the current IT environment and all related systems and to make recommendations on how testing would proceed within the respective systems.

Technologies Used: • Selenium

• Axe Automation.

Investec Private Bank June 2007 – August 2010

Role: Application Specialist

Duties: • Technical and Telephonic User Support.

• Technical specialist for CRM system.

• Technical Analysis.

• Testing of new functionality and bug fixes.

• Investigation of defects and other issues on CRM software.

• Defect Analysis, Risk and Issue Management on integration aspects.

• Message Tracking and Monitoring (XML messaging on UNIX).

• SQL Database scripts (Reporting and Data manipulation).

• Investigation and Analysis on the Treasury system.

• Investigation and Analysis on the Card400 system.

• Investigation and Analysis on the Finance system. Project Description: Renier started at Investec as a support consultant for the CRM system, and in a short time evolved the role into a more comprehensive and effective position, taking care not only of the daily tasks and routines, but also catering for additional development and analysis efforts within the department. Renier expanded his knowledge to extend to the Treasury, Finance and Card400 systems to facilitate technical support of integration between the CRM and host systems. Renier took the responsibility for executing database scripts on the CRM application database in order to provide reports to business and ensure data integrity as well as resolve everyday queries as they were required. Renier was intimately involved with testing of new functionality and bug 7

fixes that was developed for the CRM system and was called upon frequently to test host systems and integration thereof to the CRM system.

In May 2010 Renier was assigned to the Application Specialist team as a technical specialist for the CRM system as well as Online Banking, Finance, Documentation services and Mauritius online banking. Technologies Used: • NIX (Sun Solaris, Red Hat, SCO Unix, Opera, Ubuntu)

• MS Office Suite

• MS Dos


• I Series (AS400)

• Mantis/Quality Centre

• MS SQL Server Management Studio

Imperium Franchise Holdings PTY LTD October 2006 – June 2007 Role: Technician

Duties: • Ordering of computer equipment

• Assembly of computer equipment

• Installation of computer systems and networks

• Training on the appropriate systems

• Supporting these systems after installation

Project Description: Renier’s responsibility was to order computer equipment, assemble and install all IT solutions to existing and new franchises that required computer systems or upgrades. Renier also did training on these systems and also supported these systems once the installation and training was done.

Technologies Used: • MS Office Suite

• MS Dos


• Pilot Software (Point of sale software)

Pilot Software Holdings PTY. LTD May 2003 – September 2006 Role: Support Technician / Operations Technician / Acting Branch Manager / Regional Operations Manager

Duties: • Help Desk Support Agent

• Onsite Operations

• Spur Ross Rollout Project

• Operations Manager – KZN

• Operations Manager – Gauteng

Project Description: Renier started at Pilot Software as a Help Desk Support Agent which mainly consisted of supporting customers over the phone on the various software packages the company had to offer. After only three months in the support department Renier was promoted to onsite operations. Here Renier had to install computer equipment and software for the various new and existing customers of the company. Part of the installation process is to train all staff on the software and how to use the system to best of its abilities. This role also required Renier to travel across the country and outside of the country.

The Spur franchise requested that a specific software application of Pilot Software be loaded at each one of their stores across the country in order to draw specific reports. It was at this time that the project was assigned to Renier. This required Renier to do technical analysis of the hardware and software to ascertain whether it would be viable for the installation to take place. As the stores were qualified it was Renier’s duty to go to each of the stores to install the software and then to train the staff on the new modules.

Recognizing Renier’s management skills and abilities Pilot Software management appointed him as Operations Manager for KZN and surrounding areas. Renier’s main function was to ensure that all call- outs in the region were completed on time and also to schedule, 8

arrange and coordinate all new installations. Renier also partook in the sales for the region.

As Operations Manager for the Gauteng region Renier had the same responsibility as in KZN besides for onsite support as the branch has a dedicated team for onsite support. The operational side does not only apply to Gauteng but to all provinces with exception to KZN and Western Cape where the company has satellite branches. Part of Renier’s duties was to do follow-up calls in order to maintain customer satisfaction and recognize any potential problems. Technologies Used: • MS Office Suite

• MS Dos


• Pilot Software (Point of sale software)

• Windows XP

Computer Imaging Supplies – DBN April 2002 – April 2003 Role: Support Technician / Operations Technician / Acting Branch Manager / Regional Operations Manager

Duties: • Supervising factory staff

• Laser cartridge Technician

• Printer Service Technician

• Quality Control

• In-house Computer Maintenance

Project Description: Supervising factory staff consisted of ensuring that client orders are done on time and any problems are solved. As a laser cartridge technician Renier was responsible for the remanufacturing of a wide variety of laser cartridges, also ensuring quality control so that products were manufactured to the required industry standards. Printer servicing is an integral part of the company and is one of the departments Renier was intimately involved in. Here he was responsible for the servicing and repair of a wide range of laser, inkjet and dot-matrix printers. Quality control is the most important duty Renier had to fulfill, since he believes that the products represents the company and the quality of the products represent his ability to control quality. When doing quality control, Renier had to inspect and test products to ensure they would not fail when reaching the end-user.

With Renier`s technical ability and skills, the company saw fit to delegate the computer maintenance to Renier, which includes the building of computers, formatting, loading of software, installation of hardware and setting up of printers and the respective software and networks.

Technologies Used: • MS Office Suite

• MS Dos

• Windows 98

Computer Imaging Supplies – Cape Town March 1998 – September 2001 Role: Technician

Duties: • Stock controller

• Buyer

• Store controller

• Laser Technician

• Printer Technician

Project Description: As stock controller it was Renier`s duty to ensure the correct distribution of stock to the appropriate departments and to make sure that the correct stock was ordered and that minimum stock levels were not exceeded. After the resignation of the buyer a position opened up and Renier was at the top of the list for the job. Here it was his duty to order the stock from the suppliers and to make sure that all the paperwork concerning the stock was handled correctly. Renier`s initial intention for joining the company was to be a technician on printer servicing. When a position in the laser department opened up, Renier was transferred to the factory where he was trained on printer servicing and laser cartridge manufacturing.With Renier`s technical ability and 9

skills, the company saw fit to delegate the computer maintenance to Renier, which includes the building of computers, formatting, loading of software, installation of hardware and setting up of printers and the respective software and networks.

Technologies Used: • MS Office Suite

• Windows 95

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