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Engineer Design & Management

Orange, California, United States
January 10, 2019

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Philip P. Morello, Mobile: 714-***-****, Email:

Post Office Box 10487

Costa Mesa, CA. 92627


Seeking a full time VP or Director of Engineering position where I am able to utilize my many years of management, electronic design and development experience in medical, commercial, aerospace or defense industries. Will manage and implement all phases of medical product development from concept, design, quality assurance, design verification and testing, report writing, FDA approval, to international master carton delivery to customers of both high and low volume products. A proven record of leadership, on time project completion, budget adherence, mentoring skills at such firms as Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Edwards Lifesciences, SensorMedics Corporation, Alcon Surgical, Newport Medical Instruments, Integrated Medical Systems, General Electric Company, Computer Peripherals, Inc. Division of Control Data Corporation. A broad range of design and product knowledge including: Diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical and life support medical instruments such as: Oximetry, Blood Gas monitors, Angioscopes, Microwave / RF Angioplasty and Antenna, Laser systems, Low noise EEG, EKG, EMG, EOG, Sleep diagnostic systems, Defibrillators, Peristaltic pumps, Electronic thermometers, Life support ventilators, Metabolic measurement systems, Ophthalmic surgical systems, Brain/Spinal fluid venting and Liquid breathing ventilation. Technical strengths include analog design, product/project/process analysis, design, development and management. A creative self starter confident professional who demonstrates high standard in achieving results.


Former "Secret Clearance" by General Electric Company. Industrial, Medical, NASA, DOD, DOE/TVA design.

HARDWARE: Microprocessors: Arm Cortex-M3,TI MSP430, AM186EM, PIC16F877, 80C51, Z80, 6502, 8088, 680XX, TMS320C25, DSP56001. TTL, CMOS, CCD, HMOS, NMOS, PAL, PLD, FPGA, D/A converters, A/D converters, DC/DC converters, DSP, OP AMP, SCR, Triac, Diac, IGBT, Servo feedback (PID), Active filters, HV power supply, Low noise ECG amplifier, Dipole antenna, Therapeutic microwave/RF generator, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc

Software: C, Assembly, Visual BASIC, Fortran IV, AHPL, Microprogramming(HEX), CPLD coding, FPGA (VHDL), ORCAD, PADS, LabView™, MathCad, CUPL, Altium Designer, Specctra® autorouter, MS Office Suite.


Jan 2009 to Oct. 2011, DeviceLab, Inc. 3002 Dow Avenue, Unit 208, Tustin, CA. 92780

Director of Electronics and Software Systems Development.

Directed our engineering teams for research, design, develop and the market launch of medical and commercial products for various companies and inventors. Hands on participation and responsible for most design task. Authored the technical, schedule, manpower, FDA compliance and budgetary proposals of more than 100 potential clients/products or projects. Wrote the proposals for and designed/developed each of the following:

Stereotactic combined mammography and biopsy system – multi axis motor control and 3D tumor position data reported for precise locating for biopsy needle.

Earbone stimulator – low cost two layer Piezo transducer for tone generation stimulator for loss of hearing diagnostic.

Eigen System – Rotational 3D Ultra Sonic robot guided prostate biopsy system.

Brain/Spinal fluid measurement and solenoid controlled venting system (Bluetooth).

Heel ulcer - pressure alert system. Developed low cost pressure sensor microcontroller and touchscreen GUI.

Tireaid wireless (Bluetooth) automated automobile /truck tire pressure measurement and inflation system.

Sept 2014 to present, Suspended Animation, Inc. 30221 Aventura, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

R&D – Project Manager / Lead Electronic Engineer, Medical Device.

Managed project and in vivo study. Designed control electronics for a Partial Liquid Ventilator for breathing liquids. Bluetooth cloud thermometer, pressure and vacuum sensors. US patent # 10046126, US publication # US20170312123.

Jan 2014 to Sept 2014, Reed Schifferman, Attorney at Law, Seattle, WA

Philip P. Morello (page 2 continued)

Medical Device Trial Investigation – Expert Witness for Electronic Medical Device.

Gave written opinion, deposition and subsequent trial testimony about the electronic aspects regarding the adequacy, safety and efficacy of sensors utilized in a surgical device, the subject of a law suit.

Mar 2013 to Nov 2013, Nordson Asymtek, 2747 Loker Avenue West, Carlsbad CA 92008.

New Product Development Division – Research and Development Engineer (Contract with Peak Technical).

Design and development of specialty high cycle flex and other cables for Gen 5 high acceleration/speed micro-position robotic dispensing system per NFPA 79, SEMI S2, S8 and Semi E33-1012.

Jun 2012 to Nov 2012, Torrey Pines Research Inc., 5973 Avenida Encinas, Suite 140, Carlsbad CA 92008

R & D Division – Research and Development Engineer (Contract Engineer).

Research and development of prototype 3D printing systems using dry powder deposition technologies. Designed 12 PCBs and cables for data acquisition and timing signal measurements of the Kodak Nexpress 2100 plus.

Nov 2011 to June 2012, St Jude Medical, Inc. 2375 Morris Avenue, Irvine, CA. 92614

Atrial Fibrillation Division - Product Development Engineer (Contract with Volt Technical).

Preparation work for FDA audit of the RF catheter ablation 1500T series generator systems. (Design History File

gap remediation). Responsible for providing guidance and technical input for compliance with the “Quality Plan” for all quality and regulatory elements related to Risk Management or Regulatory Documentation Requirements (e.g. Technical Files, IEC60101-1, FDA -Title 21 CFR §820.30, ISO 14971, ISO 13485). Also for Eipcor™ High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Ablation Control System. Windchill and Quest/Sharepoint document control.

October 2007 – Dec 2008, Cummins-Allison Corporation, 2300 Faraday Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Research, Design and Development Engineer consultant- Through projection IR sensors and Eddy Current sensor circuits.

Designed a prototype magnetic pulse and analog eddy current detection circuitry to sense metal composition of domestic and international coins for, authentication and counting at speeds up to 10,000 coins per minute.

Recommended and installed common mode and differential mode noise filters for highly sensitive magnetic test equipment and magnetic drum scanner system.

Designed 24 channel parallel output and 12 channel analog multiplexed output optical dual mode (reflected and through projection) infrared sensor for high speed denomination, authentication and counting of domestic and international currencies up to 1600 bills per minute.

Captured schematics and designed PCB 10 layer layouts using Altium and Specctra CAD tools.

2004 – 2008, Device Lab, 3002 Dow Avenue, Suite 208, Tustin, CA 92780

Research, Design and Development Engineer consultant- Eigen Artemis™, Pitch Counter, MaMoCa

Designed and built the interconnecting power and data wiring system for an Eigen Artemis™ System for 3D real-time ultrasonic rectal mapping of prostate to define edges of a tumor in preparation for diagnostic biopsy of cancer.

Designed and developed the Pitch Counter using an embedded TI MSP430 microcontroller. Used by baseball umpires to count balls and strikes and game time (a handheld battery operated scoreboard for baseball). US patent # US20070030128A1

Designed the MaMoCa motor control VB software and system power, sensor and communications wiring an automated linear track 3 meters in length with an optical target system used to calibrate special effects cameras. The one meter square target was automatically moved in 1mm steps over the 3 meter length.

Nov. 2007 - July 2008, Salter Labs, 100 W. Sycamore, Arvin, CA 93203

Research, Design and Development Engineer consultant- ThermiSense®

Analog circuitry, PCB design and sensor design of the ThermiSense® diagnostic oral/nasal airflow transducer. A battery operated thermoelectric element device that detects and filters the nasal airflow signal. Used with an oral/nasal cannula. It monitors airflow by thermal resistive technology in conjunction with nasal pressure with Salter

Philip P. Morello (page 3 continued)

Labs BiNAPS®. It incorporated circuitry to match the analog input requirements of a sleep diagnostic recorder.

Designed the tiny PCB for this device using Altium™ PCB software. Sold 20 initial cases upon introduction at the trade show. Captured schematic and designed PCB, 4 layer layouts using Altium.

March 2006 - Dec 2006, Edwards Lifesciences, One Edwards Way, Irvine, CA 92614

Design and Development Engineer consultant- StreamLink™

Designed experiments to test and troubleshoot units which resulted in analog circuit and firmware design corrections to the StreamLink™ Lightning project. A wireless (5.8 GHz) physiologic monitoring system which transmits continuous invasive patient blood pressure signals from a disposable pressure transducer to a bedside patient monitor. It utilized RFID for patient discrimination. Authored system and unit test protocols. Ushered units through RF compliance testing for the FCC. Achieved simulated use testing and market trial launch for human use.

Jan 2004 – July 2004. Salter Labs, 100 W. Sycamore, Arvin, CA 93203

Research, Design and Development Engineer consultant- BiNAPS™

Electronic design of the BiNAPS™ diagnostic nasal airflow pressure and snore transducer. A piezoelectric element device that separated or combined and filtered the analog air pressure/snore signals. It incorporated “lo” and “hi” setting for each channel to match the input requirements of a sleep diagnostic recorder. Used with an oral/nasal cannula. Captured schematic and designed PCB 4 layer layouts using Altium.

Nov. 2001 – Nov. 2003, Integrated Medical Systems, Inc., 1984 Obispo Avenue, Signal Hill, CA 90755

Research, Design and Development, Sr. Electronic Engineer – Life Support for Trauma and Transport (LSTAT model 9602B/C) for the U.S. Army.

Research and development of the Oxygen/Flow/Display Controller board. Designed in an embedded PIC16F877 microprocessor and wrote assemble language firmware to initialize oxygen flow, convert analog pressure to digital then display on the patient interface panel the onboard oxygen tank pressure and internal or external O2 tank source. Captured schematic and designed SMT PC board layout using Mentor/Innoveda/PADs software tools. Wrote PCB fabrication specification.

Made circuit and design modifications to schematics, PCB layouts, assembly drawings, fabrication specifications, receiving inspection procedures, assembly inspection and test procedures, and wrote E.O.s for the following PC boards and assemblies:

ADBX8300A006 - Primary DC-DC Converter,

ADBX7300A003 – Oxygen, ADBX8300D010 – Choke Board

ADBX8100D017 – Battery Monitor

ADBX2000D021 – CO2 Sensor

ADBXA200D005 – Signal Monitor

ADBX8300A009 – Secondary DC-DC

Battery Relay – ADBX8100D019

Ushered LSTAT through IEC601-1 Safety compliance and EMC testing for CE mark.

June 7, 1999 - July 31, 2001 Newport Medical Instruments, 760 W 16th Street, Building M, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Research and Development, Project Manager – Life Support Ventilators

Research and development of the E300/E500 human life support ventilator and Graphics Display Module (GDM). Completed Phases 2 through Phase 5 (product launch). Analog and digital electronic circuits design. Design and modifications to the following circuits:

PCB1810A Front Control Panel Board

PCB1830A DC to DC Converter Board

PCB1840A Back Panel Board

GDM PCB1910A Graphics Display Monitor and Touchscreen /LCD Interface Board.

Jan. 2, 1997 - Mar. 31, 1999. Alcon Surgical, 15800 Alton Pky., Irvine, CA 92618

Olsten Professional Tech. Services, 2400 E. Katella Ave., Suite 975, Anaheim, CA 92806

Research and Development Engineer consultant - Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments

R&D of a “Control system for a liquefaction handpiece”. Patent CA2269263A1, European patent # EP0962204 A1.

Philip P. Morello (page 4 continued)

Supported R&D new product design (prototype power amp design for AquaLase®)

Introduction and QA reliability testing for Accurus® VS400/600DS "vit/ret" surgical consoles. Diagnosed and recommended "Corrective Action" for design problems. (CAPA, Root cause analysis, NCMR)

Evaluated Accurus® phacoemulsification handpiece tips for "cut" and "stroke" and authored Accurus®

Performance Metrics.

Programmed LabView™ for solenoid drive performance testing for the prevention of "soft-eye" in human patients.

Designed and developed an automated IV Pole Tester to troubleshoot Xilinx FPGA.

June 1, 1992 - Dec. 31, 1996. SensorMedics Corp., 22705 Savi Ranch Pkwy., Yorba Linda, CA.

Sr. Project Engineer (Electronic) - Medical Diagnostic Instruments

Designed 3 versions of a non-invasive pulse oximeter (OXYSHUTTLE 2) using the Motorola 56001 DSP microprocessor and Altera EP910 / EP1810 PLD, CPLD coding (VHDL) and DSP filters.

Designed EKG, EEG low noise pre-amplifiers to amplify 10 µV. signals with CMRR typically in excess of 100dB using B.B. INA110 & 111. Designed a 32/64 channel auto re-referencing Sleep Diagnostic System (Alpha Sleep) with an embedded AMD AM186EM microprocessor and Ethernet port. 50% Analog design with multipole analog filters.

Design a digital version of above sleep diagnostic system incorporating switched capacitive filters and DSP filters.

Made design modifications to High Freq. Oscillatory Ventilator (Mod 3100) PCB.

Jan. 1990 - Oct. 1991. Baxter Healthcare Corp., 1402 E. Alton Ave., Irvine, CA.

Research and Development Engineer consultant (Acting Project Engineer)

Planned and designed from conception to final design a Microwave (2.45 GHz) Balloon Angioplasty Controller. It contained a temperature controlled analog (PID) feedback loop able to modulate the power of a magnatron from 20 to 200 watts. Maintained a therapeutic temperature of 90 C 2 C in the coronary artery of the patient. Used in conjunction with a balloon catheter. Introduced for European human clinical trials. (IEC601, UL544, TUV, GLEM) Also assisted in development of a peristaltic pump and angioscope camera. 90 % analog design.

Feb. 1989 - June 1989. Spectron Development Labs, 3535 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa, CA.

B&M Associates, 12792 Valley View Ave., #201, Garden Grove, CA.

Design and Development Engineer consultant - Avionic system, NASA.

Designed the Pressure Altitude & Temperature Control Board circuit and layout. 50% Analog design.

Coordinated the development and testing of the Discriminator/Correlator And Processor (DCAP), a laser velocimeter. A digital signal processing (DSP) application using the TMS320C25 microprocessor. Mil 1553 bus. Captured schematic and designed PCB 8 layer layouts using ORCAD.

Feb 1988 - Feb. 1989. Baxter Healthcare Corp., 1882 McGaw Ave., Irvine, CA.

Execusoft, Inc., P.O. Box 9162, Orange, CA.

Research and Development Engineer consultant - Medical instruments.

Designed analog front end electronic circuits for a six-parameter optical technology in-line in vivo Blood Gas Analyzer for the critical care and operating room environment. Analog low light level, low noise transimpedance amplifiers with resolution to 5pA with A to D conversion and interface to an 80C51 Microcontroller. ORCAD

Mar. 1986 - Sept 1986. Convergence Corporation, 1641 McGaw Ave., Irvine, CA.

Senior Electronic Design Engineer (R & D) - Video equipment.

Designed a videotape edit controller to synchronize eight, one inch tape recorders, to generate a master edited video tape. A Motorola 68000 microprocessor based "I/O Processor" board containing Megabyte of dual ported DRAM, eight RS422 serial ports and "Nit" clock synchronizer. Both VME and Multibus versions were designed.

Also designed a VME bus "RTC" board containing a Real Time Clock, Nit clock generator, SCSI port, “Hard

Philip P. Morello (page 5 continued)

drive” and “Floppy disk” drive controller.

Jan 1985. Diagnostic Retrieval Systems, Inc. 17772 E. 17th St. #208, Tustin, CA.

Main Stream Engineering, P.O. Box 2287, Costa Mesa, CA.

Electronic Design and Development Engineer consultant - US Navy sonar enhancement.

Designed a TMS320C25 digital signal processing (DSP) board for the IBM PC-XT with two parallel data ports interfacing through the ISA Bus to two Sky DSP array processor boards. ORCAD and hand wired.

Designed the A to D front-end with D to A converters, switched capacitor filters and analog multipole active filters. ORCAD and hand wired.

Designed an analog front control panel and ATR chassis. This was the first flyable IBM PC XT (ISA Bus) for the US military (P3 aircraft with Sonobuoy). ORCAD and hand wired.

July 1984 - Dec 1984, Conferex Corporation, Santa Ana, CA. (A start up company)

Consulting R & D Engineer consultant - Graphics teleconferencing.

Designed and developed a charged coupled device (CCD) camera and interface. The interface provided the signals necessary to extract the analog data from the CCD linear array and digitize it into an 8-bit byte. ORCAD

Also designed a high-speed triple ported 128K byte DRAM FIFO camera buffer memory interface to the VME and VMX busses. Extensive use of PALs/PLDs. ORCAD

Sept 1983 - June 1984, CR Technology, Irvine CA. (A start up company)

Project Engineer - Robotic vision systems.

Designed and developed the Universal Demonstration Module (UDM). It contained a Z80 microprocessor, dot addressable LED matrix display, LCD display, keyboard, and enunciators.

June 1982 - Aug 1983. Del Mar Avionics, 1601 Alton Ave., Irvine, CA.

Design and Development Engineer - Medical instruments.

Analog design of the x-y axis scan CRT deflection circuits and front control panel circuits for the "Neuroscanner 5500" four channel playback scanner. A 50% analog and 50% digital design.

Dec 1981 - April 1982. Danatron Corporation, Costa Mesa, CA.

Director of Engineering / Chief Engineer - Industrial measurement products design.

Designed new products, and design modifications to six existing Computer Numeric Control (CNC) product lines. The products consisted of a Rockwell 6502 microprocessor controlled digital measuring system for machine tools.

March 1980 - Sept 1981. General Electric Company, Space Systems Div., Valley Forge, PA. and also Re-entry Systems Div., Phila, PA. Project Engineer - Black Fox nuclear power plant control room panels.

Design Engineer (high power) - Riverbend TVA nuclear power plant control room panels.

Digital Design and Development Engineer – Automated Test Equipment (satellite).

Project Engineer - Advanced Multi-megawatt, Wind Turbine Generator.

Project head for Black Fox nuclear power plant control room panels. Designed nuclear power control room “Feedwater System” contactor circuit panels for the Riverbend TVA nuclear power plant.

Implemented ground support test equipment design changes for the Defense Satellite Communication System, Phase III (DSCSIII).

Responsible for the conceptual and preliminary microprocessor based control system design for the MOD-5A Advanced Multi-megawatt (4.5 Mw) Wind Turbine Generator. Wind power control and speed control.

Designed nuclear power control room “Feedwater System” contactor circuit panels for the Riverbend TVA nuclear power plant.

Jan. 1975 - Dec. 1977. Autosports Inc., Erdenheim, PA. (Principal in this start-up co.)

Inventor/Project Engineer. - Automotive anti-theft system.

Philip P. Morello (page 6 continued)

Responsible for C-MOS circuit design and development. Coordinated manufacturing and procured venture capital

project financing. Received U.S. Patent # US4090089.

Feb. 1974 - March 1980. Computer Peripherals, Inc., Norristown, PA.

Senior Systems Technician/Engineering Technician (Shift Leader)

Checkout technician for high speed (1600 ips.) computer tape transport drive for mainframe computers.

Mass Storage File Subsystem (MSFS). A Control Data Corporation disk to tape adapter/controller. Provided 60 trillion bytes of on line data storage for the IBM 360/370 mainframe computers.


Optics experience, fiber optics front end electronic design also former photography hobbyist.

Mechanical technician experience, 1 year at Interlake Steel Corp. prior to graduating college.

Have built 8 high performance automotive racing and truck engines. Automotive race car former hobbyist.

Founder and President (1994-96) of Wallace Area Improvement Group, a civic improvement organization.

Current Board of Directors member. Sponsored and passed Costa Mesa Ordinance 94-16 and two others.

Appointed by Costa Mesa Mayors and City Councils and elected as the Chairman by my peers and served 20 consecutive years on the Residential Redevelopment and Rehabilitation Committee and Housing and Public Grants Committee.

Elected by my peers as the current and past Chairman of the Costa Mesa (political) Assembly.

Appointed and served 8 years as the “Costa Mesa City Chairman” by a former California State Assemblyman.

Founding member of 19th to Beach, a civic improvement organization.


B.S.EET Electronic/Electrical Engineering specializing in computer design.

A.S.EET Electronic/Electrical Engineering. Both awarded from Spring Garden College, Chestnut Hill, PA.

Electronics Technology, a 2 year Certificate earned while attending high school.

DSP Without Tears ( an electronic digital signal processing seminar)

Geneva Co. earned a Business Acquisition and Development Certificate.

Orange Coast College - Entrepreneurship, Banking

Jimmy Napier- Invest In Debt certificate earned for creating, selling and discount buying of “debt instruments”.

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