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December 28, 2018

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House # ***/**, Shohaib Zai Street, Near Play Ground Post Office Nawan Shehr,

***** ****** & District Abbottabad, K.P.K Pakistan

+92-992-****** & +92-333******* & +92-321*******


DESIRE to work in highly Competitive and Fast Paced Environment And to obtain Challenging and growth oriented job in Esteem Organization, where my Talent and Abilities are well recognized And appreciated, and also encourages me to work independently As well as Team Player to assert the role of Analytical and Decision Making.


Matric (S.Sc) Certificate from Federal Govt. High School, March, 1983.

Intermediate (F.Sc) Certificate from Govt. Postgraduate College, July, 1985.

Graduation (B.Sc.) Degree from University of Peshawar, May, 1988.

Social Work / WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) & Agriculture Diploma from University of Peshawar, December, 1987.

Computer Certification in IT from ICL Institute of Computer Languages, September, 1992.

Tourism & Hotel Management Diploma from PAITHOM Pakistan- Austrian Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management, May, 2010.

Physiotherapy Technician Diploma from PIMS Pakistan Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, May,2011.

Environmental Engineering Diploma from AIMMS Pakistan / Traccert Canada, May, 2016. EXPERIENCE:


Working as Operator / Supervisor Duty in different sections of the Maintenance Departments of Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad since February 29, 2012.

November 2013-Till Now

Working as In-charge Mechanical Room / HVAC Operator.

Fill Water Tanks on the Roof Building in Morning, Evening & Night Shifts, prior to incoming of Steam from Boiler.

Soon after indication of Steam coming from Boiler Room, Operate Hot Water Pump for Couple of minutes, in order to check Pressure Gauge Level Approximately 3.0 Kg / Cm2 Kilogram -Force per square centimeter / 42 Psi Pounds - Force per square inch.

Open up Globe Valve & Gate Valve for incoming Steam; also adjust Steam Pressure Gauge Level Approximately 2.5 Kg / Cm2 Kilogram -Force per square centimeter / 35 Psi Pounds - Force per square inch.

Raise & Check Temperature on the Thermometer Gauge i.e. 150 Fahrenheit.

Turn on Push Buttons from Control Panel in order to Operate AHU Air Handling Units for supply of steam to different wards / i .e. Cardiac, CCU, ICU, Medical, Gynae, Peads, Operation Theater, Burn Unit and Laundry.

Assure that various readings of temperature are check & observed.

Check and inspection pipes, valves, pumps and safety devices for Leakage.

Daily Check and cleaning of equipment and work areas.

Complete and maintain daily logbook and reports as well. March 2013-November 2013

Worked as STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) / WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) Operator / Supervisor.

Collects all the sewage generated within the site which is received at the screening chamber.

The sewage is lifted by sewage pumps into the oxidation ditch where aeration is induced mechanically by two cage rotors.

Water sampling is carried out and the sewage is transferred into secondary Clarifier, from where Sludge is finally pumped into Lagoon Dry beds.

Treated water is directed towards the main public sewer for disposal.

Test / adjust chemical dosing to ensure that disinfection processes meet quality standards.

Collect waste and sewage samples, test and analyze results and make adjustments to Plant Equipment and systems as required.

Clean and remove dried sludge in the form of Fertilizer /soil is ready for dump & disposal.

Patrol plant to check pumps, motors, gate valves Globe valves, cage rotors.

Equipment, monitor, to detect equipment malfunctions & ensure plant Operates in accordance with required standards.

Complete and maintain daily plant's logbook and report as well. February 2012-March 2013

Worked as Boiler Helper / Operator.


Working Part Time as Massage Attendant / Massage Therapist in Women Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences Abbottabad since January 01, 2014.

Massage and knead muscles and soft tissues of the body to provide treatment for medical conditions, injuries, or Wellness maintenance.

Administer therapy treatments to patients using hands or physical treatment aids.

Confer with clients about their medical histories and problems with stress or pain to determine how massage will be Most helpful.

Interview patients to gather medical information.

Apply finger and hand pressure to specific points of the body.

Maintain medical records.

Assess physical conditions of patients to aid in diagnosis or treatment.

Treat clients in professional settings or travel to clients' offices and homes.

Provide clients with guidance and information about techniques for postural improvement and stretching, strengthening, relaxation, and rehabilitative exercises.

Prepare and blend oils and apply the blends to clients' skin. PC PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL.

Worked in Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi as Housekeeping Attendant for 2 years (June 01, 2010 - February14, 2012).

Clean corridors, lobbies, stairways, elevators and lounges as well as guest rooms.

Organize work schedule from the room status list, arrivals and departures.

Distribute linen, towels and room supplies using wheeled carts or by hand.

Restock room supplies such as drinking glasses, soaps, shampoos, writing supplies, & mini bar.

Replace dirty linens with clean items.

Inspect and turn mattresses regularly.

Store all dirty laundry in line with company policy.

Monitor guest laundry bags.

Replace laundry bags and slips.

Check all appliances in rooms are in working order.

Respond to guest queries and requests.

Deliver any requested housekeeping items to guest rooms.

Organize and restock cart at the end of the shift.

Ensure confidentiality and security of guest rooms.

Observe and report damage of hotel property


Worked in Regency Hotel Islamabad as Laundry - Attendant / Washer Man for 4 years (April 12, 2006 – February 05, 2010).

Gives personal attention, takes personal responsibility and uses teamwork when providing guest service.

Listens, apologizes with empathy, finds a solution and follows through when resolving Guest problems.

Maintains the cleanliness of the hotel’s linen supply.

Sort laundry items prior to washing.

Pulls damaged and or stained linen prior to loading the washing.

Load washers and dryers to recommended weights.

Saves energy by setting dryers for proper heating and cooling times.

Observe and Follow all Sanitation & Safety regulations when using laundry equipment.

Informs supervisor of any equipment failures or supply shortage.

Presses and Folds linens and stores properly.

Follow to hotel policies and procedures.

Maintain the Laundry work area in a tidy and orderly manner.

Maintain Logbook record of items in the Laundry.

Performs other duties as required to provide genuine hospitality. PC PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL.

Worked Part Time in Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi as Bellman for 4 Years (February 05, 2002- October 24, 2005).

Conducting the Bell services such as luggage service upon guest's arrival and departure, Luggage storage, message service fax Delivery, parcel and mail hand-over, information Service and other related tasks.

Opening the door of the car for the guest in a professional manner at the main entrance of the Hotel and assisting to unload the Luggage if any.

Extend warm welcome and appreciation to every guest / dignitary approaching by greeting remarks "Welcome to PC Hotel”.

Greet guests as they arrive and guide them appropriately.

Assist guests with luggage when checking in / out.

Escorting guests to their rooms, explaining the room facilities.

Ensure the timely and efficient transfer of luggage to and from the guest’s room.

Be fully aware of what functions are going on in the hotel.

Assist with newspaper deliveries to the rooms.

Assist in cleaning up lobby and lounge.

Provide professional, friendly and engaging service.

Maintain professional image while on duty with well grooming hygiene & prescribed uniform.

Follow department policies, procedures and service standards, including all safety policies.

Perform other duties being assigned by the Bell Captain, Assistant Manager, Front Office Manager or other concerned Supervisor. PTCL PAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED.

Served as Computer Literate Long-Distance Telephone System Night Supervisor in International Gateway Exchange Islamabad (PTCL) for 11 years (January 21, 1996 – October 6, 2006).

VIP Service 0105

Demand Service 0102

Booking Service 102

Enquiry Service 0104

Code 11 Assistance Service C11

Operate Computerized Telephone System to connect the customers (Subscriber) Telephone Calls such as long distance calls through Demand Service 0102.

Operate Computerized VIP Console / Position to connect the state calls and Embassy Calls of VIP officials such as President, Prime Minister, Foreign, Defense, officials, Ambassador & Diplomats through VIP services 0105.

Operate Computerized Booking for non-digital customer (Subscriber) from remote areas And connect their calls through booking service 102.

Operate Computerized Directory System and provide directory assistance to the Customer (Subscriber) such as country codes, city codes, call charges, record billing Information through inquiry service 0104.

Operate Computerized System and provide assistance to the foreign operator by Connecting him to the domestic / local area Operator, also connect the overseas call by Dialing foreign operator through code 11 assistance service C11.





Served Part Time in (PHILIPS) as Pre- Board Luggage Scan Operator / System Operator at Benazir International Airport Islamabad from November 17, 1999 – 14, February 2002.

Screen the Traveling Passengers and their luggage’s before boarding aircraft to ensure no Prohibited items enter the secure area that presents a threat to Aviation.

Check /Scan luggage’s of passengers through X-RAYS, Machine (Rap scan), (Rap scan 622 XR) & (Rap scan 626 XR) at Islamabad International Airport.

Provide Professional Customer Service to Traveling Passengers.

Search carry-on or checked baggage by hand when it is suspected to contain prohibited items such as weapons.

Contact Airport Security Force directly in cases of urgent security issues, using Phones or Two-Way Radios.

Notify supervisors or other appropriate personnel when security breaches occur. PIA PAKISTAN INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE.

Served as Part Time Passenger Service Agent / Protocol Assistant / Airport Greeter in Pakistan International Airline (PIA) from July 1995 – August 1997 at Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad, Pakistan. Passenger Service Agent / Traffic Assistant:

Check in for passengers and baggage in a few minutes through DCS (Departure Control System), also Facilitates group check-in

& adjustment of Baggage weights to avoid excess Baggage & save cost for the Passenger.

Assigning seats and issuing Boarding Passes.

Assisting with Special or Fragile luggage’s.

Ensure all travel documents i.e. Visa / Work Permit are thoroughly checked prior to Passenger acceptance.

Coordinate with security officials to commence security screening on time. Protocol Assistant / Airport Greeter:

To provide Protocol to the Top Management at Airport, (Luggage Check in and Issuance of boarding pass etc.) Both for International and Domestic flights.

To deal with Immigration Authority & Air Port Security Force for Clearance of Officials On Domestic Arrivals and Departures.

To arrange the meetings with the Govt / Private officials for business Development And better coordination.

To deal & Liaison with Govt. Departments. I.e. Military, Police, Intelligence, Licensing Authority, Passport office, Embassy, Visa Section. etc., regarding official matter.

To deal in correspondence within the Group & other Govt. /Semi-Govt Departments.

Taking care of Official Guest House & administrative matters of CEO Office. HSF HAZARA SOCIAL FORESTRY.

Served in Hazara Social Forestry Project Abbottabad, Govt of NWFP as Extensionist / Greenhouse Nursery Supervisor for 4 years October 1991 - June 1995).

Social Worker / Extensionist:

Visit Assigned area, making Survey report of target areas of Social Forestry activities and Village Profile Baseline Data.

Hold meetings with Chairman and members of Defunct Local Councils, Elites and Land owners / Users of the area.

Arrange meetings for Officers with Land Owners, Progressive Farmers and other people of Community for explaining the Objectives of Social Forestry and motivating about them Forestry Activities.

Constitute Village Development Committees (VDC) of land owners for social Mobilization & Sustainability of forestry Activities.

Monitor Community Nurseries and Plantation.

Arrange Seminars / Workshops and Training Programs for Progressive Farmers, Land owners and VDC members.

Arrange Publication of Advertisement material like Banners, Posters, Stickers and Wall Chalking in order to Promote Forestry Oriented Community Development Programs.

Green House Nursery Supervisor:

Establish Nurseries, Orchards, Contour plantations and green houses for Social mobilization and sustainability of the areas, Assigned by Land owners and progressive farmers.

Manage nurseries that grow horticultural plants for sale to trade or retail customers, for display or exhibition, or for research.

Supervise the activities of workers who perform the following duties i.e. Maintain lawns, Gardens, Parks, interior plants capes and Other landscaped areas, spread topsoil and lay sod, Spray, prune, cut and remove trees and shrubs, construct landscape and Landscape structures, and plant, cultivate and harvest trees, shrubs, flowers and plants.

Inspect plant stock to determine conditions and need for spraying, weeding.

Train workers in techniques such as planting, weeding, or insect identification and in the use of Safety measures.

Estimate labor requirements for jobs and plan work schedules accordingly.

Confer with Range Officer to evaluate weather, soil conditions, to develop plans / Procedures, Such as changes in fertilizers, Herbicides or cultivating techniques.


Served as Air Craft Cleaner in Pakistan International Airline (PIA) from 5th March 1988 – 19thSeptember 1990 at Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore, Pakistan.

Vacuum carpeting baggage compartment under seat cushions & main Entrance stairs.

Basic cleanup of the aircraft galley sink ovens coffee pot and counter top.

Clean-up & sanitizing of the aircraft lavatory sink counter tops mirrors windows and toilets.

Remove and return washed dishes.

Washing the exterior of aircraft from nose to tail to remove all Dirt and grime.

Drying of aircraft exterior from nose to tail.


Basic Security in the Field-Staff, Safety, Health, Welfare, Course from UN-DSS in January 2013.

Advance Security in the Field, Course from UN-DSS in January 2013.

Stay safe - personal security from International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent

CANADA EXPLORER Program from Canadian Tourism Commission in May 2010.

NOC National Occupational Classification Learning Assessment from HRSD Canada in June 2010.

Peace Keeping Techniques Course from UNITED STATES JOINT FORCES COMMAND in August 2010.

Crowd & Riot Control Course from UNITED STATES JOINT FORCES COMMAND in August 2010.

Basic First Aid Course & Refresher from Johanniter UnFall – Hilfi on16, 17, 18 October 2006.

Attended Refresher Course of Courtesy and Basic Telephony from Regional Telecom Training School (RTTS) Islamabad on behalf of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) in July 2003.

Participated in Malakund Social Forestry Project (Govt. of Netherlands) for Training under the Supervision of Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) in November 1991, at Swat.

Participated in the in-service short course on Forestry Extension (IGPRA) in June 1993, at Peshawar.

Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) Training course from AIX Safety Canada in March 2014. LINGUISTIC SKILLS:







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