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Sql Server Software Engineer

Chatham, NJ, 07928
December 28, 2018

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John P. Cloninger

*** ********* *****

Chatham, NJ 07928-3103

Phone: 908-***-****


** ***** ** ****** *** Excel VBA development. I have extensive experience writing VBA code and macros in Excel and Access, including application interoperability, user forms/interfaces and custom toolbars to support specific business requirements.

12 years of SQL Server development and system support

4 years of VB.Net development and system support

Extensive systems integration and data migration experience

Specializes in reporting interfaces that integrate Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports and similar tools. A recent project provided the user base with an extremely flexible interface, resulting in Excel PivotTables with data provided by a SQL Server database. The PivotTable interface was entirely VBA driven and automated all reporting functions required by the client.


Freelance Consultant, Chatham, NJ

Consultant (September 2011 – present)

Currently developing internal website for my condominium community. Content includes creation of central document repositories and image galleries to support decision-making within the Landscape and Covenants subcommittees. Website is developed in Microsoft Visual Studio using ASP.NET, SQL Server, VB.NET, JavaScript and T-SQL.

Consulted with a real-estate startup company in Wordpress website maintenance. Engagement involved full-stack supervision of "multi-site" Wordpress installations including mySQL database administration, monitoring changes in Wordpress plugins, and development of user training materials.

Developed personal system for recording audio streams on LXLE Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Involved UNIX shell scripting and working with the CVLC command line interface for the VLC Media Player.

GeoConcepts, Ltd., Riverdale, NJ

Applications Design Consultant (December 1997 – August 2011) Worked with clients to design, document, implement, and support custom business enhancing solutions. Primary clients were insurance and freight forwarding companies. Access, AIX, ASP.NET, Audacity, audio restoration, Automation, Banking, BI, Btrieve, Budget, Business intelligence, C, C#.NET, C++, Citrix, creative, Crystal Reports, CSS, Data mining, Data visualization, Data warehouse, DB2, Debian, documentation, DTS, DW, dynamic, enthusiatic, ETL, Excel, ExcelWriter, Finance, Forecasting, FORTRAN, Freight Forwarding, gcc, HTML, Inkscape, innovative, Insurance, Java, JavaScript, LAMP, lifecycle, Linux, Logistics, Migration, Mint, Modeling, Office, Office Compatibility, OLAP, OOP, PageMaker, Paint.NET, Pascal, Pervasive, PHP, Pivot, PivotTable, PowerPoint, Projection, Python, QA, Refactoring, Reinsurance, Sarbanes-Oxley, SDLC, SGI, SoftArtisans, Source control, SOX, SQL, SSIS, SSRS, stacks, Table, T-SQL, UAT, Ubuntu, UNIX, VB.NET, VB6, VBA, VDI, video editing, Virtual Disk, VirtualBox, Virtualization, Visio, Visual Studio, VLC, VM, WAMP, Windows, Wordpress, XML, Xubuntu


Reinsurance Savings Account – Developed a system that tracked all history of reinsurance transactions to provide business intelligence. This allowed senior management to negotiate reinsurance contracts with reinsurance brokers year after year.

Continuity Credit – Created an invaluable system that calculated dividends for policy renewals for each insured.

Office Migration – Led migration from Office 2003 to 2010, including compatibility with Excel add-ins critical to Sarbanes Oxley compliance and general ledger tool.

Premium Comparison and Forecasting – Built a system that provided Accounting with forecast written and earned premiums providing plan for future years.

Underwriting System Testing – Assured data integration with other systems including Premium Comparison and Forecasting.

Budget Variance – Maintained an existing system that tracked all employee costs and benefits, primarily focused on creating analysis and projection reports for senior management.

Freight Logistics

Systems Integration – Built systems that interfaced data from a freight forwarding company to their individual clients.

Answerbase Technologies, Inc., Summit, NJ

Software Engineer (June 1996 – November 1997)

An answerbase was an early OLAP product that allowed clients (120 banks, Microsoft, FedEx) to analyze their customer database and then build or enhance their market and product strategies.

Produced a front-end interface to make product more intuitive for users.

Led critical efforts to produce a saleable boxed product including graphic arts, user help, CD duplication, response card and box design.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

B.S. Mathematics and Computer Science (1996)


Exceptional at Excel VBA automation and SQL Server programming, writing and debugging of Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures, Access VBA applications.

Moderate experience with creating VB.NET, C#.NET applications, UNIX environments.


President, Rensselaer Club of New Jersey (July 2010 – June 2012)

Administrator, Sutton Woods Shares online message board (November 2010 – present)

Conductor, RPI Symphonic Band (December 1992 – May 1996)

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