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Sales Chemical Engineering

Algiers, LA
December 31, 2018

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Lot ***, Cité Mihoub 3, Baraki, Algiers.

Mobile +213-***-**-**-**

E-mail :

Married, 5 kids, Born on june 23



Nationality: Algerian


To be a contributor towards organizational goals along with the ability to execute projects, give shape to my innovative ideas and creativity.

Educational Record / Degrees:

February 2010: Master degree in business management, High institute of Management and Planning (ISGP), Algiers

June 2006: Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering, National Polytechnic School, Algiers.

Thesis Title: Caracterisation of bentonite and application to depollute waters charged by heavy metals


(3 years degree) Specialty: Chemical Engineering

NATIONAL POLYTECHNIC SCHOOL (ENP)- Algiers – ALGERIA. 2001/2003: Fundamentals Sciences (ENP), Algiers, ALGERIA (2 years degree). 2000/2001: BACCALAUREAT Degree

Specialty : Mathematic Sciences.

Boudjima Secondary school, Tizi-ouzou – ALGERIA.

Professional Experience :

From January 2013:

- Working on freelance basis as broker in international commodities transactions (CDRO, CSFO, RSFO, Grains, Sugar, cement, biodiesel, Oil&Gas products, Jacob Coffee)

- Working on freelance as facilitator&negociator for Algerian investors to acquire CDRO plant, beverages plants, printing plant, Chemical plants,

- Project Funds Sourcing.

- Freelance Chemical Raw Materials distribution

From 2011: Working on my own distributing basic chemicals for different industries

(detergents&cosmetics, food, construction, packaging Main Tasks:

- Suppliers prospection

- Import and Sales Distribution of chemical raw materials

- Dealing with administration (Customs, Ministries, Taxes, Banks From October 2008- November 2010 : Business Development Consultant with DuPont de Nemours International :

Experience in Chemicals:

Basically, below I'm mentionning some details on my experience in the chemical industry

DuPont de Nemours International experience 2008-2010: Mission: my mission was to raise opportunities and develop business of different DuPont

Business Units products in Algeria market. My main tasks was:

- Direct contacts with customers to promote DuPont products

- Participating in events

- Training sessions for customers

- Reporting technical issues to related departments

- Follow up of market trends, competitors, prices, sales volumes

- Implementing distributors and cooperating with them on main projects

- Follow up with consulting bureau to specify DuPont products

- ...ect

1/ Food Industry :

Food Ingredients (Pionner seeds, Solae Soy Proteins), Packaging (Packaging polymers, Packaging Graphics, Metal Coating, Liquid Packaging, Soypolimers),

Safety (Crop Protection, Food Hygiene&Desinfectant, Bacteria Analysis, Animal Health

Solutions), Refrigerant Gases)

Main client in food industry : Meat processors (Bellat, Amor Ben Amor, Sotravip Dairy manufacturers (Trefle, Danone, Soumam Packaging manufacturers ( General Emballage, Maghreb Emballage, Sacar, Cartonnerie Moderne, Eco emballage

Beverages (SNC Rouiba, Flash Algérie, Ramy Food Company, Fruital Coca Cola, Pepsi Algérie, Institut Pasteur..

2/ Building & Construction Industry:

Products: Geosynthetics, Solide surfaces, concrete removal solutions, Asphalt modifiers...

Main Clients: Amenhyd, Infrarail, Société Algérienne d'Etudes d'Infrastructure, Alstom,

Astaldi Algérie, Dessau Maghreb, BEG group, CSCEC, Pictura, Black Stone... 3/ Mining Industry:

We developped Sodium Cyanide with ENOR

4/ Glass Laminating Solutions: We had contracts with MFG (Cevital Affiliate} regarding

PVB product

5/ Army industry:

we had contracts with the Algerian Army regarding Kevlar product 6/ Clean technology :

Product : belco used in petrol refineries for sulfur elimination 7/ painting industry &Powder coatings :

Produits : Titanium Dioxide & powder coating

Clients : Kourougli as distributor of Titanium dioxide, Sarl Elachir min ramadan for powder coatings

Chemical Distributors with whom I was dealing :

Fly Chemicals, Alliance Chimie, Orkila, Chimie Services, HCPro, Diprochim, Distrim, Black

Stone, Afitex, Profilab, World lab, Kourougli

Freelance Services for Chemicals Distributor (GETT GROUP in water treatment products 2010 -2013:

Main products developped in Water Treament industry: Caustic soda, Sodium Hypochlorite, sulfuric acid, Chlore gas, calcium hydroxide, chlorydric acid, antiscallant, Ferric


Main Clients : SEAL, SEOR, ADE Tizi-ouzou, Water & process technology, Sonalgaz,Beni-

Saf Water Company-BWC, Algerian Energy Company, Diprochim (distributor), Alliance

chimie (distributor)

Chemical raw materials distribution in my own company 2010-2014: Main products: Acetic Acid, Chlorhydric acid, Fragrances, Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium

Lauryl Ether Sulphate, Sodium Hypochlorite, Vaseline, Luvimer, Cosmetic Packaging Main Clients: Sekouti Freres, Megadem, El Bahja, Sidna, Sidhoum, Bouchekir, Brilex,

ENAD, Univers Detergents

Business Representative for the German Company Galvachem 2013-2016: Main Products: Chrome, Caustic Soda, Soda Ash, Potassium Permonganate, Perchloroethylene, Titanium dioxide...

Main clients: Sekouti Freres, Tannerie Djelfa, Maghreb Cuire, Khenifar Cuir, Nova Cuir

Tannerie, Tafna-Elamria, Tamag Rouiba,

Tannerie Jijel, Sachim, Chimie Algérie, Fly Chemicals, Girene, Chimie Services, HCPro,

from August 2006 to October 2008: Field Engineer in TOYOTA From 21 august to 23 september 2006: training by TOYOTA in Casablanca (MORROCO) :

- Toyota Way Training – Kaizen (continuous improvement)

- Total Quality Management

- Problem Solving

- Quality Control Circle

- A3 Presentation

- Inventory Control and Management

- TOYOTA Production System (TPS)

- Vehicle and Parts Logistics

- Finance

- Toyota Service Management (TSM)

- TOYOTA Way in Sales and Marketing

- On Job development and On Job Training


- Automotive Management with GNFA

(Groupe National Pour La Formation

Automobile), French institution. (Ongoing


- Toyota Technician Certificate

- Ongoing training to get master in

management at ISGP (Istitut Superieur de

Gestion et de Plannification)(Period : 2 years)

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES with TOYOTA as Field Engineer: 1. Establish Field Technical Reporting communication channel with branch and dealers.

2. Compile and analyze the Field Technical Reports (FTR) and make timely interpret FTR reporting to our principals, manufacturers and suppliers. 3. Provide technical assistance to resolve difficult technical problems and develop temporary field fixes

4. Prepare and coordinate technical campaigns, field fixes and recalls with relevant departments.

5. Conduct New Model Training for Sales Advisors.

6. Make preparation for new model introduction (SST (special service tools) order, Training Manuals etc.)

7. Set standards for Pre Delivery Service, Pre Delivery Inspection and Periodic Maintenance requirement.

8. Assist Service Marketing department to establish service packages. 9. Assist Technical Training and Education Center in developing efficient repair process and procedure.

10. Coordinate the field and technical activities with principles, suppliers and manufacturers.

11. Supervise Branches in Problem Solving Activities and Quality Control Circle


Training practice (from 01 April 2005 to 31 May 2005) in COGRAL( Campany of Greasy Substances), Algiers. (02 months)

Training practice (from 06 august 2005 to 06 September 2005) in SONATRACH

(Complex Liquified Natural Gaz (GNL1), Arzew) (01 month). Subscription to online IT training Platform Alphorm. Other Skills:

Initiator, fast adapdability in different and new domains, Sales&Technical skills, international sales development, perseverance, never say no for new challenges, international companies path track.

Language Abilities:

ARABIC : Reading; Writing; Speaking

ENGLISH: Reading; Writing; Speaking

Training from 02.02.2004 to 30.06.2005 (15 months) in HAMANI School, Algiers.

Method: New-Interchange, Program: Listening; Writing; Reading FRENCH: Reading; Writing; Speaking

Hobbies: Playing chess, internet, reading, television, sport

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