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Software Developer Sql Server

Brooklyn, NY
December 23, 2018

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Software developer, proficient in business analysis, designing data models, creation and support of complex IT systems, as well as in creating functional and technical design documentation, testing, and quality assurance; implementing and supporting end-user applications in hands-on and supervisory lead capacities; looking to obtain a challenging position in business intelligence, database warehousing, and systems integration fields utilizing over 18 years of experience in analytical design and software development.

SOFTWARE: Microsoft OS, SQL Server and Office tools, MS Visual Studio,

MDaemon, ISA, IIS 5.0-7.0, Javascript, HTML, XML, T-SQL,

VB, VB Script, VBA


ABC All Consulting, Inc., New York, NY

CTO 10/2004 - Present

Analyzed business requirements and produced technical specifications for various projects.

Built store procedures and UDFs to construct dynamic ASP pages for company content, reporting and managing clients and in-house web sites.

Designed and implemented new extensions for “Catalogs Subscription System” (CatSubs), a web based system which provides the ability for internal staff to manage clients, client subscription and orders.

Designed administration utilities to govern internal users’ roles and data access rights.

Tuned-up database performance of the SQL Server analyzing execution plans.

VNSNY, New York, NY

Senior Applications Programmer 01/2011 - 06/2017

Responsible for development and management database design, optimization, maintenance and back ups.

Involving in emergency data recovery plans.

Scheduling ETL processes and synchronization with third-party applications (i.e. ADP) for payroll and HR needs. Synchronization data between Oracle DB and MS SQL server.

Creating reports for users in HR, Marketing, Sales and Payroll departments.

Writing stored procedures, user defined functions, views for the best performance.

Building and maintaining Intake database for clients’ history.

Implementing business rules in terms of different compliances and HIPAA.

Creating automated alert system using Stored Procedures, Jobs and Database Mail., New York, NY

Senior Database/Software Developer 07/2002 - 09/2004

Solely responsible for database design, coding and administration of SQL Server 2000.

Designed and maintained robust scalable database architecture to build white label websites. Implementation utilized SQL Server for building dynamic ASP pages.

Integrated imported geographical data into SQL tables, relationships, and views.

Built store procedures and UDFs to construct dynamic ASP pages for company content, reporting and managing web sites.

Developed custom error handling using IIS features for specific HTTP requests.

Designed and developed Administrative Web Interfaces for dynamic management of website’s content, vendors’ data entry and usage reports.

Created a library of display widgets to separate reusable components., New York, NY

Web/Database Developer 04/2000 - 06/2002

Analyzed and defined technical requirements and specifications based on business requirements.

Modified database structure to improve scalability and maintenance of store procedures and user data.

Coded server-side infrastructure, service, and data objects consisting of shopping cart (multi-vendors e-commerce), survey tool, online planner and other web based tools.

Created dynamic web site using Active Server Pages within the MS Interdev environment that generated HTML, DHTML and JavaScript with Client Side validation functionality.

Created database structures including tables, relationships, views and stored procedures.

Designed and developed stand-alone applications in VB6 to support web site: “Email Notifications” and “HTML reader” (custom web spider)., New York, NY

Web/Database Developer 06/1999 - 04/2000

Designed and developed server-side web applications using ASP 2.0 and Visual Interdev 6.0.

Coded server-side infrastructure, service, and data objects consisting of shopping basket, shop comparison tool, real-time online booking system.

Created database structure including tables, relationships, views and stored procedures.

Tuned performance of the SQL Server by indexing database.

SQL Server integration of user registration, user validation, etc.

Designed and developed the stand-alone application “Custom E-Mail Server” written in VB6 using Internet technologies (Winsock programming, POP3, SMTP).


Electro-Mechanical City College Moscow, Russia

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