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Engineer Management

December 23, 2018

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Khalid Saqr

Supervision & Exploration Geologist

+971********* / +201********* –

An experienced Geologist (Master's Degree in Geophysics/B.Sc. Geology) with 24 years of work experience in different countries, multiple successful experiences in working with different operators and service providers. Possess strong data analysis, team performance management, onsite and office tasks and duties


An exploration geologist with rigid scientific background as achieving masters in Geophysics supported by Proficiency in widely accepted oil and gas real time, desktop applications and customized software.

24 years of experiences as hands-on geologist, performance coordinator, mentor and team leader.

Extensive knowledge of the geology of Oman & Gulf region including Saudi Arabia.

Worked in all of Oman regions.

Exceeds exploration targets by almost twice the expected percentage (up to 98% of reservoir exposure.)

Always the person on-call when emergency and critical situations.

Hands on most of the related software tools and equipment (Land Mark, Open Well, Petrel, opendtec, Teclog, Periscope, compass, Torque, Drag & Vibration analysis, different versions of LWD, Wire Line, Geological & Geophysical logging).

Effective reservoir characterization identification and evaluation.

Extensive knowledge of all the drilling technologies and techniques.

Diversified skills in Wellsite Geology / Operations Geology with exploratory deep HPHT wells, appraisal, and development and Geostreering horizontal wells.

Accustomed with rig operations, mud logging, logging while drilling, real time interpretations, reservoir characterization using core and log data.

Using Petro-physical interpretation of real time, LWD and wireline logs to pick formation tops, steer horizontal wells and define the OWC (Oil Water Contact) & GOC (Gas Oil Contact) with Safety savvy

Strong focus on project risk analysis, environmental impact and strategic planning and working in highly varied environments that has cultivated the ability to communicate effectively with team-members, subordinates and supervisors

Worked with many owners as: PDO/SHELL Oman, OCCIDENTAL Oman, BP Oman.

Duties include but not limited to:

oPerformance Development coordinator

oTechnical Support for highly advanced SDL output & Geology/On duty Service Operation coordinator

oAdvanced Mud Logging/ Geological formation interpretation Training Instructor

oGeosteering problems analysis (Geo-pilot and rotary steerable system) using Drill string vibration- formation interaction interpretation

oTenders technical support.

From January 2013 to June 2013 worked for Sperry Qatar Mud Logging Coordinator

In 2001 He transferred for short time to Halliburton Saudi Arabia as Pressure Engineer.


Sperry Drilling/Halliburton Inc – Senior Well Site/Operation Reservoir Geosteering Geologist – (October2011 – present)

Client: Occidental of Oman

Performance: Understanding the work scope and plan of exploration with experience of both HPHT &Horizontal well lead to raise the percentage of reservoir exposure from expect percentage 19-34% to 73% and maximum percentage 98%. Development wells geosteered effectively in which plenty of them duplicated the reservoir tolerance and avoided many faults and hole lost.

Sperry Drilling/Halliburton Inc – Performance Development coordinator (PDC)– (March 2008-September 2011)

Location: Halliburton Office – Muscat

PDC job done in way to eliminate the problems that faced with the clients during performing EOR(Enhanced Oil Recovery) via geological & geophysical logging that arrived to critical situation of less performance due to market beam and quit of many expertise, so the plan performed by intense training and continuous learning, QC and highly technical support for more than 200 engineers, create reactive data base. All actions leaded to client maximum satisfactory and stepped down problems from 45% to 5% plus highly qualified data statistics and analyses increased the client exploration exposure. By this way extra high tech services provided to client. Finally contracts extended for 2 years and net profit stepped up in ascending from 22% to 36% with enlarged jobs scope.

Sperry Drilling/Halliburton Inc – Senior Well Site Geologist (June 2000 – March 2007)

Client: PDO/Shell, Oman

Performance: HPHT wells performed geologically in proper ways as many of them have strata that were not picked by seismic & structural maps and by adequate performed job the stratigraphic columns were adjusted and avoided many zones of different pore pressure stages that finally lead to proper well integrity, drilling and production safely.

Sperry Drilling/Halliburton Inc – Drilling Optimization Engineer (March 2007 – March 2008)

Client: PDO/Shell, Oman

Performance: The job done in way to optimize footage/cost and performed in range 13-22% cost reduction of wells budget.

Client: BP (British Petroleum), Oman

Performance: The job done in way to optimize footage/cost and performed in range 11-13% cost reduction of wells budget.

Sperry Drilling/Halliburton Inc – Pressure Engineer(May 2001-JULY 2001)

Client: Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Performance: The job done within the rule of well integrity and safety environment in which performed drilling against H2S and kick tolerance to safe the nearer city (Qatif).

Beijing Geology Technology – Pressure engineer (January 1999 – 2000)

Client: GPC/Scimitar

HALLIBURTON Inc – Data Engineer (Jan 1996-December 1998)

Client: Qarun/Apache, Egypt

SperrySun – Logging Geologist (Jan 1993 - Dec 1995)

Client: PETROBEL Egypt



North, Central & South of Oman: Deep HPHT wells in different fields like: Great Birba cluster Fields: Alnoor, Zalzala, Harmal, Bodour, Birba, Harweel) Al bashair, Alghubar, Anbar, Burhaan, Dafiq, Dafaq, Dahaban, Faal, Futooh, Ghafeer, Haban, Habeba, Habhab, Habour, Hawqa, Hoot, Ihsan, Inaam, Jaleel, Kauther, Khaleel, Khulud, Khazzan, LAhan, Mabkhara, Makarem, Malaan, Ma’mour, Maradi, Minassa, Minha, msileh, Nafoorah, Qamar, Qaratalmilh, Qashoob, Raba, Rabab, Rabiha, Ramalatrawi, Reef, Saihnehaida, Sakhar, Sakhiya, Sarmad, Tibr, Ufuq, Zareef, Zulal, Burhaan, Zareef, Bahja, Ghubar, Hasirah, Hazar, Maurid, Qarmous, Rima, Runib, Sadad, Sayyala, Suwaihat, Thayfut, Wafra, Zauliyah, Fahud

Directional (landing and geo steering in horizontal section, utilizing LWD tools and Periscope) Exploration & development wells (Lekhwair, Natih, Qahareer, Rahab, Yibal, Qarnalam, Nimr, Marmul, Musallim, Habour, Ghaba, Dulima, Safah, Reham, Wadi Rafash, Aneima, Saqr, Wadi Haitham, Khamila )

Musallim Field different wells (Drilling optimization: Musallim-49, Musallim-50, Musallim-58, Musallim-60, and Musallim-63,Burhaan field: Burhaan-2

Saudi Arabia

Qatif Field


Suez Gulf, Western Desert


Online TSX (May 1995)

Advanced Well Logging with Sperry (March-1998)

FID Gas Detection Training with Sperry Dubai (Jan 1999)

Online Data Drill system (networking) (Aug 2000)

Online Insite System (Dec 2000)

EWS Course (Early Warning System) (2001)

Formation Evaluation Pressure/Hydraulic with Sperry Dubai (April 2001)

Course for AUTO-CAD (May 2005)

Field training for DD job (Sep 2005)

Halliburton course for electric logs quality control and petro physics (May 2007)

Halliburton online Petroleum system course(September 2007)

ADT Optimization +Drilsaver School (September 2007)

Drill String Integrity & Hydraulic Management (DOE) (Dubai 2008)

Pore pressure /FG course (Egypt June 2008)

Assessor’s training for competency development and assessment program course October-08 (Halliburton Oman).

Academic courses for pre-Master degree including Electrical logging, Petroleum Geology, Seismic and system tract, Gravity, Hydrology, Statistical study ( 2015)

Seismic Attribute using OpendTec Software Dec 2016

Geological Reservoir Characterization ( Well log) using TecLog Software Jan 2017


Anti-Collision General Awareness Guide 09/05/2009



Drillstring Dynamics - Online Examination – Modules 04/04/2008

FEF01 - Physical Geology 03/18/2009

FEF02 - Petroleum Geology 03/18/2009

FEF03 - Rock and Fluid Properties 04/19/2009

FEF04 - Exploration Methods 03/16/2009

FEF05 - Evaluation Tools 03/16/2009

FEF06 - Logs and Presentations 04/19/2009

Global PASQ - Halliburton Management System 04/20/2014

Global PASQ - Management of Change Part 2 - MOC System Instructions 02/25/2015

Hydraulics Management - Online Examination - Modules - Hydraulic Principles 04/02/2008

Hydraulics Management - Online Examination - Modules - The Circulatory System 06/10/2008

Hydraulics Management - Online Examination - Modules - Hole Cleaning Management 06/11/2008



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