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Data Analyst Software Developer

Franklin Square, NY
December 23, 2018

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Gerald Kahn



Long Island, NY


Computers: Visual FoxPro, SQL Server, data analysis, report writing, Excel Automation, Excel VBA, object-modeling, desktop support, Oracle, MySQL, Crystal Reports, SEO, Omnis, Clipper, C++

Applications: Many (Excel, Salesforce, Target Process, VSS, SCSM, Irfanview, Dreamweaver, etc.)

Foreign Languages: Hebrew, Spanish NYS Certified Coach: Baseball, football, basketball, soccer

Editor for Talent In Motion magazine (2004-Present)

Plays sports Writes, performs comedy Active in Society for American Baseball Research


Graduate School: Pace University (Object Oriented Programming)

College: University at Albany (Communication, BA)

AppDev: Visual FoxPro

C# training


20 years of experience as a data analyst and programmer

Self-starter, who can be handed tasks and relied upon to complete them

Saves huge amounts of money and time, and eliminates errors, by writing programs to automate reports

Excellent communication skills, from backgrounds in broadcast and print journalism, and performing on stage

Numbers whiz, who also loves solving puzzles

Loves to work with data

Expert in SQL

Uses Excel Automation to customize reports, with pivot tables, color-coding, pictures, hyperlinks, error-checking, and many worksheets

Proficient in object-oriented programming, data normalization, object-modeling, and code efficiency

Great at data manipulation, data cleansing, data formatting, and data matching, even from very bad datasets

Figures out creative solutions, even doing things that Microsoft says cannot be done; believes that problems are only obstacles, not walls

Learns new skills and languages quickly, and immediately adapts them to the tasks at-hand

Knowledgeable in desktop support and printer issues

2016-2018 COMPUSMART SOLUTIONS/CARCO/CISIVE (Holtsville, NY) – Senior Software Developer

Reason for Leaving: Team was disbanded and position was eliminated.

Debug software problems in Visual FoxPro and SQL Server

Develop programs, forms, reports, and queries in Visual FoxPro and SQL Server

Handle trouble tickets in Salesforce and Target Process, using Visual FoxPro and SQL to remedy the issues

Trained to program in C#

2015-2016 CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS (Stamford, CT) - Data Analyst (Consultant)

Reason for Leaving: Temporary role.

Create custom reports and datasets for executives using Oracle, MS Access, Excel, and Benthic Golden

Develop software in Excel to accept user input, verify its accuracy, gather requested data, match it against other datasets, put results into a new worksheet, and format it for readability

Enhance existing reports to make them more user-friendly and to gather data that was missed by the original versions, enabling the company to save money

Build queries that overcome end users’ inconsistencies and typos

2012-2015 PENTLAND BRANDS (New Hyde Park, NY) - Data Analyst

Reason for Leaving: Office closed down, and jobs were moved overseas.

Create an entire reporting system from scratch, that cut processing time by 99.7% (reports that took hours or days now take seconds or minutes)

Build program to compute which reports need to run, automatically launch the programs that generate them, error-check the reports, and send them to the intended recipients, without human intervention

Write programs using Visual FoxPro, Excel VBA, and Excel Automation, that build over 150 reports, including Illustrated Available To Sell reports, Chargeback reports, Credit Order Book reports, Buy Analysis reports, EDI logs, Invoice logs, Shipping reports, custom reports for business partners, Accounts Payable reports, Accounts Receivable reports, and much, much more

Teach myself Excel VBA, and use it to build and maintain logs that are used by people in numerous departments

Provide desktop support when network administrator is short-staffed or overworked

Use Microsoft SCSM to log tickets, and help the company track IT department performance

Is the go-to person for Excel problems

Begin to teach myself Android Studio programming

2011-2012 LE VIAN (Great Neck, NY) - Application Developer

Reason for Leaving: Found new job that offered benefits.

Design and create scanable plastic cards to replace traditional jewelry certificates

Fix bugs and add features to company’s internal software, using Visual FoxPro

Assist network administrator with hardware and user issues

Save company over $1000 in printer and supply costs

Create Visual FoxPro report with both portrait & landscape pages, despite Microsoft’s claim that it cannot be done

2009-2011 JZANUS (Floral Park, NY)- Software Developer/Data Analyst

Reason for Leaving: During recession, company reduced workforce significantly.

Create, upgrade, maintain, and debug company software using Visual FoxPro and FoxPro 2.6

Develop and modify SQL queries

Build and modify reports for company executives and clients using Visual FoxPro and Excel object-modeling

Set up, handle, and automate data imports from external clients; cut time for some from 30 minutes to minute

Build reports for external clients and create system to generate them; cut time from 1 week to under 2 hours

Build sample SSRS reports

Convert parts of system from FoxPro 2.6 to Visual FoxPro

Maintain automated payment processing system

Troubleshoot network and user problems, including viruses, hardware, connectivity, and problems with the server

Help interview programmer and IT job applicants and offer input about candidates

Create flowcharts for executives and owners to display company business plans using Word

Assist boss with writing instructions for using new features

2008-2009 COMPETITRACK (Queens, NY) - Software Developer/Data Analyst/Report Writer

Reason for Leaving: Due to recession, company had multiple rounds of layoffs and salary cuts.

Create, maintain, and fix bugs in company software, using Omnis and Oracle

Build and modify reports for clients and for internal use

Manage the data export department when boss on maternity leave

Design SQL queries in Oracle to replace inefficient data gathering in legacy code

Handle requests from account managers and executives

Convert database diagnostics program from Omnis to Oracle

Check for data integrity using Aqua and SQL Plus

Document new and modified reports for end users

2005-2008 MEDICAL DIRECTOR/AMEDICA (Pelham, NY) - Software Developer

Reason for Leaving: Found new job shortly before this company went out of business.

Co-design company software, including user interface, database, programmatic structure, logic, and all components

Create and debug company software using Visual FoxPro and MySQL

Build parent classes for software structure and future modifications

Assist in Website design to ensure search engine optimization, user friendliness, readability, and proper diction


Create and edit forms in company software in Visual FoxPro

Write Visual FoxPro programs to create vital marketing reports, pull data from many tables, and output many types of data into spreadsheets, cut time from 4 hours per report to 30 min. for all 1550 reports, and allow customization

Create forms for data entry and data retrieval

Edit and debug screens, classes, and programs in Visual FoxPro

Debug printer/hardware problems

1999-2001 PROGRAMMED SOLUTIONS/PRINTCAFE (Norwalk, CT)- Software Developer

Reason for Leaving: Company was acquired, and office was closed down.

Create, edit, and debug screens, classes, and programs in Visual FoxPro

Write and debug stored procedures in SQL Server

Create and debug reports in Visual FoxPro and Crystal Reports

1997-1999 FOREST LABS (New York, NY) - Programmer/Analyst

Reason for Leaving: New job offered over 40% pay raise.

Write FoxPro, SQL programs to compute commissions, build databases from atomic data, set sales goals, match tables, and find targets

Maintain national databases of doctors, hospitals, and sales territories

Create detailed reports for upper management and sales force

1993-1997 NELSON INFORMATION (Port Chester, NY)- Database Analyst

Reason for Leaving: New job offered 50% pay raise.

Maintain database logs, extensive work with databases, including normalization, matching, and conversion for clients

Write FoxPro, Clipper, and DOS programs and run error reports: helped to achieve company's first error-free product

In charge of data transfer, setting up files, manipulating data, support, troubleshooting, and sending data by disk, BBS (sysop), uploads, FTP

Supervise data collection department

Saved $2000 per year in data conversion costs

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